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22/05/2020 EINAR FLYDAL

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The paths ICNIRP is making way for 5G with new slants, values – are incompatible with our knowledge.

In april the foundation ICNIRP published their new guidelines for the determination of limit values.

In a 44-page memo analyzes Else Nordhagen (ICT, physics, biology), Odd Magne Hjortland (electrical engineering, instrumentation) and I (political scientist, Telekom strategy) the new guidelines. Our assessment is clear:

ICNIRP new guidelines for radiation protection are based on professional scientific documentation, allows for stronger exposure, weakens the government and consumer controls, and legitimizes a more health - and environment wireless infrastructure. The new policy, which automatically is a Norwegian regulation, look as if they are made as a pure legitimising of5G.

The note concludes that adding such guidelines to the reason for the nrpa boundaries up against the criminals – as regards both health and the environment. .In summary, it is called, among other things:

"The new guidelines (ICNIRP 2020) is in the initially reprehensible of use to radiation protection: Every conceivable negative effects that can't be traced back to the acute heating damages, is set aside or affected by proof demand it is not possible to fulfil. We have nevertheless reviewed the guidelines to assess their applicability, how the guidelines have changed since the previous version and how the guidelines are built up and justified.

New with ICNIRP 2020 is first and foremost that the limits be made slants, and makes the manufacturers and operators of wireless technology uncontrollable. This gives the stakeholders a very large scope. They can increase the power of the ray from the transmitters substantially in relation to the current limits, without that it will appear as increased when the exposure is calculated.

The calculating methods indicated in the ICNIRP 2020, is worded in such a way that the limits, difficult to measure in real situations, even by experienced measuring technicals. This weakens the public administration control and ability to action, creates legal challenges, and lowers the population's access to information in their own situation and the control of their own lives.

The control moves in the practice over to the product vendors and sites by ICNIRP 2020 articulates the limits on this way, It will with the ICNIRP 2020 will be far more difficult – if not impossible – for authorities and independent actors to verify whether or not the products are, in practice, comply with the limits. We must expect that promoters want to take advantage of the large scope as a radiation protection based on the industry's self-monitoring provides, as we have seen in other industries.

The authorities who choose to follow ICNIRP guidelines from 2020, exclude the possibilities to drive a proactive radiation protection based on the statutory precautionary principle, and transfers de facto the executive power to owners and network operators.

It is our opinion that adding the ICNIRP guidelines from 2020 due to the regulations of a country's radiation protection authority, is not only a powerful strike against the environment and public health, but also against the public's right to access and relevant environmental information. It borders on a criminal act."

We claim that the ICNIRP leading politicians, government and opinion behind the light, as part of a strategy to the benefit of the ekom-industrial complex, network operatorsand stakeholders. We analyze in great detail how this branch defence is built up in the ICNIRP new guidelines and provided a seemingly scientific suit, and an authority through the WHO. Our note joins in the sequence of the warnings from experts internationally against the organization of the current radiation protection and the professional obsolete the foundation ICNIRP his role.

In the note you will find descriptions of the failing academic prerequisites as the ICNIRP new guidelines build on, and analyses that show the systematic one-sidedness in the research literature are applied. You can also find our description of what makes it possible for this little foundation to have an important role as a foundation for the nrpa in so many countries.

You can download the document, share it with others, quote from it and use it as you wish.

Download: ICNIRP 2020-criticism

Our note is already in the process of getting a role outside the borders of Norway, like several other notes we have been translated. The note is, therefore, under translation to English. The translation is carried out professionally and cost 20 000 NOK, which is money we don't have and we have no income or cashier. If you want to contribute to the financing, you can send 100 ENOUGH to account for all types of translation work, the Association for the EMF reform, account no. 1813 32 68916.

When the amount is reached, the call to splice in the translation will be removed. The 200 who then has paid into, join in the raffle of a painting of a significant Norwegian (deceased) painter, Knut it is also possible. Chance of winning is 1/200. So remember to write clearly address! Image and winner will be announced here on the blog.

Do you have critical comments to our note, we will be happy to have your opinion!

Einar Flydal, the 22. may 2020

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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