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No Time for Subtleties; the New World Order is Rolling Out Their Depopulation Agenda in Our Faces [videos]


A few years ago when smart, observant people were showing us the signs that something grotesque was in the works in America, many of us didn’t take it as seriously as they hoped we would.

I hardly know where to begin connecting the dots, but begin I must after watching/listening to so many videos about the blatant and latent indicators that the NWO is ramping up their plan for eliminating Humans from Earth.

If you listened to the Goldfish Report with Jim Fetzer, you heard him say he warned us about Operation: Jade Helm and as a result of his article and disagreement with Editor-in-Chief Gordon Duff about the veracity of the military documents, was fired from Veterans Today.

Duff ridiculed we Truthers until we bled, claiming Jade Helm was a hoax. Later on he took credit for “stopping Jade Helm” and I had a very bad feeling about his treatment of the whole operation—and him.

We saw the map of all the tunnels in America from coast to coast, border to border, saw the footage of the massive entrances and semi trucks carrying all manner of supplies, and heard the testimony of at least one trucker.

Many Wal-Marts closed very suddenly “over plumbing issues”, we were told, and we even heard they were gutted and connected to some of the tunnels.

Some researchers noted there were always ponds or depressions next to Wal-Marts, and they had big shipping containers within their fenced enclosures.

We heard about the requisition of billions of rounds of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security.

We learned of the building of countless FEMA camps across the nation, and that they might be “re-education camps” for those who weren’t murdered with the guillotines on train cars equipped with shackles.

Many have told the stories of fields of stockpiled disposable grave or casket liners that would hold several adult cadavers.

Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura investigated many of these claims himself and verified them on television. No action was taken that we know of to take the shadow government to task for these apparent strategies to do their worst.

Americans have had several hurricanes sicced on them now, and no government agency made much effort to provide assistance in any way. In fact, they purposely stood in the way of benevolent people—even from out of state—who arrived with supplies to help the victims.

That tactic was repeated again and again in Haiti, New Orleans, New York/New Jersey, Florida and Houston. Similar death tolls were recorded in many countries from “frankenstorms” for the purpose of “ethnic cleansing”.

There is substantial evidence that these most recent (and possibly earlier) storms were man-made and inflicted on specific areas as a weapon with multiple agendas.

Hurricane Harvey was steered directly over to Houston and parked where it would drop unheard-of amounts of rain, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they soon thereafter released reservoirs and flooded more neighbourhoods without warnings to the residents and many died.

Then there was an alleged chemical leak in Crosby, allegedly as a result of flooding from Harvey and residents were told to remain indoors with the air conditioning off.

To top it off, aircraft sprayed deadly Naled over Houston areas to kill mosquitoes, was the claim, carrying Zika virus. Outrageous.

Accounts from many told us that homeless people have been targeted in various cities inf America. Fines were levied on good samaritans—even a priest in Florida—who dared feed them. And then—they began to go missing altogether.

Government statistics stated the homeless numbers were significantly lower. Now we know why. It appears they’re culling the herd.

In Houston, the homeless were segregated from the other victims of Hurricane Harvey. Those without a permanent address were not permitted in shelters with the rest of local Texans. They were told they would have food, shelter, clothing and a bed elsewhere, and were bussed away to at least one Wal-Mart on Tidwell Road in Houston. No one has seen them since.

Former Reverend Kevin Annett of the ITCCS asked Houston Police where the homeless were taken and they refused to answer. They were not permitted to say. Something is dreadfully wrong here, folks.

Some wonder if the homeless weren’t removed from Wal-Mart via a tunnel and we don’t even want to entertain what their fate may have been.

Prison barges—there is no other term more appropriate—arrived magically off the coast of Houston right on cue and were soon given the name, “FEMA Death Ships”. Those who enter will never leave, they said. Kind of like Hotel California. Even one shelter in Houston was said to prevent refugees from leaving unless someone came to pick them up.

Does this sound like humanitarian work to you?

It seems as though Hurricane Harvey may be the very unfortunate tip-off to a substantial number of Americans that the tin-foil hat Illuminati conspiracy theorists weren’t mad hatters after all.

Many citizen journalists are using their phones to record what is really happening out there, and America isn’t liking what they’re seeing and hearing. The natives are restless. There is a tinge of unease on the wind and regular folks are finding it more difficult to dismiss the news and views on YouTube.

Are people in shelters being forcibly microchipped? Vaccinated? Incarcerated in tunnels beneath the earth? Incinerated in the hundreds of morbid caskets we’ve seen from the air and up close and personal from brave truthers in their videos?

The news from witnesses that the Red Cross was stealing supplies donated to help victims, and that money from all over never reaches disaster victims rings true every time. The psychopaths are stealing from victims. Does that bother enough people that it would be addressed?

Do I keep asking: What will it take? What will it take for people in North America—or across the planet—to realize that the tales of horror we hear aren’t the ravings of lunatics with nothing better to do? They aren’t ghost stories told around a campfire.

They are warnings that it IS happening on American soil and that soon they’ll be coming for the rest.

The Jade Helm map indicated Texas was hostile territory. They went for them first. Utah was the other “red” area on the map. What do the people of Utah think about what just happened in Texas? Are they concerned at all?

There are other dots that may not yet be connected, but probably soon will be.

For example, why did NASA have students release “bacteria-filled balloons” along the path of totality of the solar eclipse in August? I know it had nothing to do with Mars research. They made a very big deal about the eclipse months in advance and clearly encouraged as many Americans as possible to go outside and watch.

Videos have now surfaced about pets suddenly getting sick and dying, and they shared some interesting symptoms, like puss in the eyes. These deaths have been linked to a fungus. What WAS in those balloons, some are asking?

The Illuminati agenda has been publicized so many times by so many people for so long. The satanic aspect of their cult is readily apparent, yet most don’t take it seriously. How else can one explain what has been unfolding on this planet?

Humans are prey. It’s that simple. How much longer will people refuse to accept what is right in front of their faces, with hundreds of researchers and insiders screaming the reality at them? Will Hurricane Harvey be the tipping point—because we need one badly?

How can people miss the chemtrails, the sudden uptick in bigger and deadlier tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, sinkholes, water disappearing, lightning bolts out of rainless skies, auroras where there never used to be any, weekly meteorites and UFOs… nothing is normal anymore.

I have been sharing this information for more than five years and I still see the same blank stares when I talk about what is happening face-to-face with many people. There must be a lot more synthetics on this planet than we can count. We’re just not getting through.

Since we have covered most of these topics for years, a search on a couple of keywords in the search box on any page of this blog should yield results.

Please share the following videos, as disturbing as they are. There are plenty more like this. You’ll see them. There is no time left to allow people a comfort zone. They need to be jolted awake. Houston was another Ground Zero. How many more do there have to be?

The planet is in crisis. Nothing is normal. None of it. ~ BP

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An updated summary of strange happenings, helping to complete the Illuminati jig-saw puzzle.

Not asking you to believe it all, just take note and keep it at the back of your head when other odd things start to happen.

Their plans made centuries ago, certainly are playing out as forecast.