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The Norwegian society is on its way to total breakdown/amp

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The Norwegian society is on its way to total breakdown


Still more Europeans have seen it with their own eyes: Despite the fact that single-minded individual Muslims can possess brilliant qualities, there is nothing beneficial to Muslim mass immigration.

Muslim mass immigration, on the contrary, means total breakdown, ranging from public security and public finances to deteriorating local environments (ghettos) and inferior relations with indigenous citizens.

####The increasing impact of the immigration of young Muslim men poses a threat to the social stability itself in several countries in Europe.

I have great sympathy for Sylvi Listhaug

The media, NRK and Nytt på Nyttgängen enjoy themselves when they have a little "chatter" about Sylvi Listhaug. It just says something about how tragically bad they do their job. I and many with me do not think Sylvi is as many media wants to make her; numb, cold and lacking empathy and genuine compassion for the immigrants. On the contrary. I actually think Sylvi is a real person who is really keen to help most people to a better life. And I think she is really concerned with how we want our society in Norway to be for ethnic Norwegians in 50 years to come.

Norway is a small country with a good welfare model that we have built up through generations. People have done their duty working, paid taxes, everything in the spirit of "doing your duty - claim your right." It has taken generations to build our interconnected society, large and small, with shops, business and more or less urban infrastructure. But it takes only a few decades of uncontrolled immigration to destroy the amazing country we have built. This, Sylvi and many others have understood.


We now have a people where more and more no longer trust that today's authorities and media unions are able to exert the state's first, largest and strictest single duty: to safeguard citizens' safety - not only now but also in 50 years and further into the future. KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide believes Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) is a major problem for integration owing to the cash support she now opens to remove.

Hareide does not understand at all, that many immigrant women are well paid to stay at home with their children. They may be in a situation where women can not speak our language, do not get into the labour market, and then cash support becomes an obstacle to better integration. Besides, the children stay at home with their mother and do not learn the Norwegian language and Norwegian culture. For more of these women, the situation is also that they get many children in a row, thus staying home for many years and living on state support.

The Media know-how´s join forces with most of the politicians in the Storting to trick and ridicule Sylvi Listhaug. She is in my eyes the minister who works absolutely best for Norway's future. She is the only one who has a clear speech, shows responsibility, calls a spade for a spade, is future-oriented and active in terms of immigration.


Of the media, NRK is, unfortunately, the worst. They invited Listhaug for debate - where she was alone against seven opponents as well as the program leader, but Sylvi performed well - in my eyes.

Immigration consists mainly of young Muslim men who leave their homeland in search of a comfortable life with us. According to Imams and the Quran, Islam will eventually take world domination and form a world society with Sharia-Muslim laws. Says the Imams themselves. These young Muslim men are mainly men who kill us Europeans by public transport, at football matches or at a concert. And it's mainly young Muslim men who rape and tear into the groups of women among us - although #METOO gets all the attention for the time. Terror, car fires, rape and violence increase and confirm once and for all that Islam does not mean peace, just trouble for Europe, and lasting change of Europe.

It should not have been necessary with so many confirmations. Just look what's going on in Sweden, the UK, France and Germany. But this is something which is left out on NRK. It is absolutely amazing what self-deception and what explanations the politicians and the media have made, not to see the obvious.


More and more Europeans have now seen it with their own eyes: Despite the fact that single individual Muslims can possess good qualities, there is nothing beneficial to Muslim mass immigration. Muslim mass immigration, on the contrary, means a lot of discomforts, ranging from public security and public finances to deteriorating local environments (ghettos) and inferior relations with the indigenous citizens. The increasing impact of the immigration of young Muslim men poses a threat to the social stability itself in several countries in Europe.

Women disappear now from the street scene in the hilly towns of Sweden, Britain and France's largest cities Paris and Lyon. Collections of men from Arab and African countries dominate both streets and cafes. They refuse to let women in or let them stay there, and they make the women's normal travels uncomfortable. This is reported daily from immigrant suburbs in Sweden. While Women's rights organizations in Arab countries have for years stated that sexual harassment or general wickedness of women on the open street is a known and widespread strategy that men in these countries use to chase women away from the street scene and thus suppress them and make them invisible in the public space.


When 80-90% of immigrants are Islamic young men, the conclusion should be obvious, but the media and politicians do not understand this, so far, - unless there is a hidden agenda behind globalism which common people do not get any information about? There is a lot of naivity, denials and corruption within the politicians and media communities.

Sylvi Listhaug is one of the few that both sees and says in capital letters: THE TRUTH.

The Police Security Service (PST) sets a new threat assessment to establish that the most serious terrorist threat to Norway and Norwegian interests this year (2017) is linked to the terrorist group IS and Al Qaeda. But the media only write about "METOO, Listhaug, Trump and Russian data hacking in Norway? PST also points out that terrorist attacks in other Western countries will be able to inspire people in Norway to perform similar actions here.


All history shows that Islam brings poverty, oppression and violence wherever in the world they establish themselves. Also in their poor and scarce country. And they fail to create jobs for their own Muslims in their own countries - all they can do is make many children for import to the West. It is the few Muslims in a REAL position that creates problems.

Should Europe survive as a prosperous and peaceful society, Islam must be forfeited and all mosques should be closed. People who move to Norway must follow Norwegian laws. Those who do not want to comply with Norwegian laws should be returned to countries that follow Sharia lovers - namely Muslim countries. Norway now needs better and more knowledgeable people in the media and in the Storting. The majority of today's Storting promotes a policy that weakens Norway. Very many of the upright in Europe have now finally understood that Muslim immigration is the EU's biggest challenge.

There is no shortage of proposals for what is needed to stop immigration, but it lacks common action, understanding and solidarity. In North Africa, an estimated 300,000-1,000,000 people are waiting for an opportunity to cross to Europe. Malta, which currently holds the presidency of the EU, says the number of migrants and refugees is expected to be a record high on this smuggling route this year. Migrants come from many African countries, especially sub-Saharan, and Libya acts as a transit country on the journey to Italy. The Austrian president says that there is the dozen of 15 million immigrants to Europe for the next 4 years. That means disaster. The overall goal must be to reduce the influx of Muslim migrants to Europe. One of the more controversial proposals that have been launched is sending the migrants back to camps in Africa, under the supervision of UN organizations. From there they should be able to apply for asylum.


Humanitarian organizations naturally object to this. Liberal and leftist politicians believe it is inhuman and cynical. In Libya's chaos, criminal smuggling networks can operate with their billionaire industry. Plans to return migrants to "safe places" may conflict with the EU's international obligations. People will not be sent back to live threat. EU stands ahead of demanding negotiations. They have not even agreed on how to distribute the burdens. The border controls are now in the process of being restored in boundless Schengen. Italy and Greece are sitting almost alone with responsibility for hundreds of thousands of people in need.


It is a little talked about the fact that the population increase here on Mother Earth is explosive. We will be 76-80 million more per. a year and in about 85 years we have increased from 2 billion to 7.54 billion people. Negative consequences of the increase in the population cause: More than 1 billion people starve directly every day. About 1.1 billion people now live for $ 1 per person. Today, and 2.7 billion live for $ 2 per day. Of all townspeople in the world today, approximately 40% in clean slums.

This is "unworthy" life, with high crime due to the resolution of family ties, poor water supply, poor sanitation, lack of food and a low order of education. With the increase of the world's population, today's problems will only escalate! Is it supposed that everyone should have their own job, own house, transport, enough food and clean water every day? Who is responsible for this infrastructure in the future? The question must be asked for politicians, media dissidents, individual family father/mother and management in individual nations. People know little about this because no media or politician will talk about this. Or is such that people do not care? The underlying cause of this population is a combination of biology and brutal selfishness. Biology is the inherent propagation of all species. Historically, it has always been produced more offspring than there is the capacity to grow up. We all know how strong this sex drive is.

The coarse egoism is that we humans demand that everyone get as much offspring as they want and that nature (the environment) must adapt to all the demands that this leads to - because, as politicians and leaders like Erdogan says: We are entitled to and claim because we are human beings. In this way, we behave as very ignorant, untrained ignorant egoists. I give my full support to Sylvi Listhaug, which I think is doing an incredibly good job as Minister for Justice and Immigration, and which I think should have been defended more by his colleagues in government. is very sad to see how media and left-wing elements in society are free to attack Listhaug almost daily without any kind of reactions from her colleagues in the government.

It seems that the press here in the country has lost all contact with the world of reality and that they are therefore unable to distinguish what is constructive criticism of the policy Listhaug is set to implement in society and what can only be regarded as personal attacks on her as a person.


Has Norway ever had a more sensible, responsible, forward-looking and courageous politician with regard to the cruel thought that threatens the country's future inhabitants, our descendants, most? Sylvi dares to stand up against horrible, grotesque, visiting Iranians who support the staining of women and gays. Sylvi dares to stand up against politicians and media niggers who call "Norwegian Islam" for peaceful.

The media critics instead criticize our great minister, who is the only politician who dares to tell the truth about Islam's practices - as well as asking relevant, clear questions to such imams. We shall not have tolerance for the wickedness and the culture that follows Islam. If you do not know anything about this, you must read the Quran and Islam's history !! Cultural relativism is reprehensible. Genital mutilation, forced marriages, childbirths, honour killings, sharia laws and all the dangers are things we shall have absolutely zero tolerance for. That this is the "right" culture in Muslim parts of the world is irrelevant. For us in Europe - the West - this is totally unacceptable and we will never have a tangle of tolerance for Islam. Such Islamic culture is inferior, and yes, we live a much better life than them.

Much better - with freedoms - like freedom of thought, freedom of expression, gender equality and much more. We have brought the love command from Christianity and the golden message - you will do to others you want others to do to you. And we are not allowed - legally - to lie. A Muslim can lie to us infidelity in 6 different ways - Taqiyya.Sylvi Listhaug also addresses the problem of perpetrators and preaches how they should be treated, and abusers should not be stretched after their backs. She is clearly opposed to politicians and media dissidents who seem sorrier for the criminals than on the victims of the perpetrators and their nearers. It is also beautiful that she fights against the "monsters" who rape, destroy and kill children to satisfy their animal and disgusting lusts.

We collectively give Sylvi Listhaug our support by going to her facebook page and leaving a nice comment.

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Stein Lohrmann's post in 'We support Sylvi Listhaug as Prime Minister` 06 February 2018

Comment / Responsible from Steffen Hauerbach 06 Feb. 2018

Frp has voted for Norway to join the EU and backed the intent of day 1. The FRP still supports the intention, because they are for the dynamic EEA agreement, as the directive for directives makes us a non-voting EU report. This means that Frp is among the most important EU doctrines: Multiculturalism by migration to remove national peculiarities and nationalism that prevents the people from becoming good citizens of the European empire. Limitless free flow across open borders without regulation and limitation. One of the reasons for this is to make the multicultural transformation of Europe as efficient and fast as possible. When Sylvi Listhaug tries to obscure and smash the party's actual agenda, it becomes hypocritical, lying and full of self-contradiction.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.

Admin Commentary:

Stein Lohrmann has written an excellent article in today's FB under'We support Siv Listhaug as Prime Minister 'and has taken the liberty to reproduce the article in the Human-Synthesis blog. Hope it's ok for Lohrmann. The Bottom Line of his article is that the global elite, or, let's all leaving the fate of proper name, Illuminati, many years ago, had planned to wipe out humanity in its present form, instead creating a new, slave-like race without human rights, democracy, national or family affiliation, adapted to their utopian New World Order.

Their very effective weapons were organized mass intrusion by an unsuitable Muslim religion and the human race that exploited the Western world's mercy and human rights laws to accept this giant Trojan horse into our western world with catastrophic consequences. Illuminati also controls the world's banks, the media, Hollywood, the UN, and countless other organizations that all share the same goal, to create chaos and war among the people of the western countries to remove their attention to what's really going on.

Steven Hauerbach has much right in what he says, except his comment about Sylvi Listhaug. Also believe that the main role of this fraud is being held by Høyres Erna Solberg, who has clearly stated that she is following full EU membership with the subsequent control of the Global Elite - Illuminati through their Utopian NWO. What FRP is working as a partner, I think Siv Jensen is so pleased in the chair as a finance minister that she only hates after 'without resistance or meaning.

Sylvi Listhaug, on the other hand, is a bit of a' conundrum ', which probably is not at this stage, is willing to show her true face but awaits the political time, for the probable decay of the government, to turn out to be a "saving angel" for our country and people. As everyone has noticed, Sylvi has concentrated on completely other non-political things and does not believe he has made some special remarks about the government's foot on the accelerator pedal with increasing speed into the EU's binding and complicated network.


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