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16 year old girl in Germany "PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!"/amp

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_FRIE ORD Stein Lohrman 21 February 2018_

16 år gammel tysk jente ber om hjelp – «Dere har ødelagt mitt land»

_Av Redaksjonen · januar 22, 2016 · Kilde:Breitbart ❯ English version - TYSKLAND_

En video som er lagt ut på nettet vekker oppsikt. Det er en 16 år gammel tysk jente som har laget en video hvor hun forteller om den frykten hun lever med daglig. Hun forteller om hvordan hun blir trakassert når hun gå på kjøpesenteret eller på gaten på sommeren i en t-skjorte. Hun forteller om hvordan hun ikke forstår hvordan politikerne har åpnet landets grenser og prøver å totalt forandre det. - Vær så snill å beskytt oss, vær så snill å beskytt deres kvinner og deres barn, bønnfaller hun i videoen.

– Vær så snill, hjelp oss! Det er…veldig hardt….å leve dag til dag som en kvinne», sier 16 år gamle Bibi Wilhailm, en tysk jente som har lastet opp sine personlige erfaringer med arabiske og muslimske innvandrere i en ny video som noen påstår har blitt sensurert på Facebook, under nettsidens retningslinjer for «hat» og «rasisme».

Hun forteller om hvordan hun på sommeren har opplevd at muslimske menn kommer opp til henne og kaller henne for en «hore», fordi hun har på seg en t-skjorte.

– Ja, vi går med t-skjorter. Det er sommer!

Hun forteller hvordan hun ikke kan gå ut klokken 18 på kvelden til det lokale kjøpesenteret uten å bli glodd på og fulgt etter. Hvordan hun frykter for sitt liv når hun skal gå alene hjem, med alle de utenlandske mennene som følger med henne. Snakker bak hennes rygg.

Hun forteller om hvordan hun stadig leser på internett om seksuelle overgrep og voldtekter i landet sitt. Hun leser om angrep og vold mot både barn og unge. – Hvorfor skal vi, barn, måtte vokse opp med så mye frykt?

– Jeg kan ikke forstå hvorfor de gjør dette. Men jeg kan ikke – og ennå viktigere – forstå hvorfor Tyskland ikke gjør noe! Hvorfor Tyskland sitter på sidelinjen og ser på? Vær så snill å forklar hvorfor.

– Politikerne lever i sine villaer og drikker sin cocktailer, og gjør ingenting. Ingenting! Jeg vet ikke hva slags verden de lever i, men vær så snill mennesker, hjelp oss! Vær så snill å gjør noe!

Her er hele oversettelsen på engelsk

##16-year-old girl in Germany "PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!"

Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany. I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment.

And I am so scared everywhere. For example, if my family and I go out together, or if I see a movie with my friends. Usually, I stay at home, but sometimes I stay out until 6 pm in winter, and it is so scary. It is just very hard to live day-to-day life as a woman.

I just want to say that I am not a racist. But one day, a terrible thing happened at the supermarket. I ran all the way home. I was so frightened for my life. There’s no other way to describe it.

My aunt and her friend have said you have to grow up. Why should we, children, have to grow up in such fear? It’s not just me, my friends too. You can see on Facebook, a 17-year-old attacked, a 15 year old attacked, two 12-year olds attacked, so many. It is really so sad that this is happening … because of YOU PEOPLE. 🙁

I cannot understand why they do this. But more importantly, I cannot understand why Germany is doing nothing! Why is Germany standing by, watching, and then doing nothing? Please explain, why. Men of Germany, these people are killing your children, they are killing your women. We need your protection. We are so scared, we don’t want to be frightened to go to the grocery store alone after sunset.

The politicians live alone in their villas, drink their cocktails, and do nothing. They do nothing! I do not know what world they live in, but please, people, please help us! Please, do something! I cannot understand why this is happening. One day, my friend and I were walking down the street, and a group of Arabs were protesting and demonstrating. They shouted, “Allah! Allah! Allah is the one, God! Kill those infidels! Allah Allah!” What should I do? Should I wear a burka? Why should I have to convert to Islam?

It’s fine if you believe in Allah, but why do you want to make everyone else believe in Allah too? I just think it would be better if there were no religion. Stop trying to make everyone else believe in your God when they do not want to.

Please, people of Germany. Do something!

When I try to tell the authorities about what has happened, they hold their hand up towards me and they say it is a problem and then ignore it. and they laugh. It is unfair. They laugh at us. They say we are dumb. They think this not only of me but of the entire state of Germany. They don’t care about our fear. Please help us. This is an emergency! There are more and more of them.

One time in summer, the Muslims said we were sluts for walking outside in a t-shirt.

Yes, we were wearing t-shirts. It’s summer!

Another day, I was wearing this. My friend and I purchased it while shopping hehe. If we feel like wearing it, we will wear it! And you Muslims have no right to physically assault or rape us for it! God willing, never in my life. You have no right to attack us because we are wearing t-shirts. You also have no right to rape.

The life of Germany has changed because these people cannot integrate. We give them so much help. We support them financially and they do not have to work. But they only want more babies and more welfare and more money. Men of Germany, please, patrol the streets and protect us. Do this for your women and your children. If you do that, I believe that we will have a chance.

This sort of action would be wonderful. We would be so grateful and thankful. So many thanks, if steadily, more men would come to protect us. We are so scared.

I am so upset about what Merkel has done.

Thank you, Angela Merkel, for killing Germany! I have no more respect for you, Merkel. I do not think you know what you have done. You do not see how our lives have changed. Open your eyes! Is this normal? Should I, a 16-year old who is almost 17, be so scared to walk outside my house? No, it is not normal. You have killed Germany!

This is the truth. We are no longer allowed to walk outside. We are no longer allowed to wear our clothes. We are no longer allowed to live the German life. This is the sad truth.

I think it’s about time to end this video. I believe I have given a full account from a normal person. I hope others can see this and understand.

I only want to end with one message: Men, please, help your women. Help your children. I am so scared. My friends have the same fear. We are shocked that this has happened. I hope this video can convince you, and that these terrible events can stop.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.



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