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Short overview of ´The Father of EU`


Practical Idealism - English Translation I The Return of Sol


Practical Idealism is heroism; practical materialism is hedonism. Who does not believe in an Ideal has no reason to act perfect, or to fight for ideals and to suffer. This is because he knows and recognizes only a single value: the desire, just one evil: the Pain. Heroism is to believe and commit to an ideal: the belief that there are higher Values rather than greater evils such as pleasure and pain. This contradiction runs through the whole of human history, it is the antithesis of Epicureans and Stoics. This contrast is much deeper than that between theists and Atheists: for there were Epicureans, who believed in gods, as Epicurus himself, and there was Idealists who were atheists, like Buddha. So this is not about belief in gods - but the belief in values. Materialism is without presupposition - but unimaginative and uncreative. Idealism is always problematic and often becomes entangled in nonsense and madness: yet Humanity owes to it their greatest works and deeds.

Heroism aristocracy of spirit

Heroism is the aristocratic ideal related to materialism with the democratic [III] tables. Democracy also believes in number as a value, more to luck than to size.

So political democracy can be fruitful and creative only if the Pseudo-aristocracy of the name and of gold are smashed, to be replaced by a new Aristocracy of mind and spirit to ever give birth again. The ultimate meaning of political democracy is spiritual aristocracy, she wants to Create both the materialists enjoyment and the idealists power. The leader should take the place of the ruler - the noble sense of the place of the noble name - The rich heart in place of the rich pocket.

This is the meaning of development, which is called democratic. Any other meaning would be cultural suicide. It is no coincidence that Plato who is the prophet of the spiritual aristocracy and the socialist economy was also the father of idealist philosophy. This is because both aristocracy and socialism are: practical idealism. The ascetic idealism of the South manifested itself as a religion, the heroic idealism of the North as art. For, the nature of the North was a challenge to the people. Other tribes submitted to it, while the Europeans took up the challenge and fought. He fought until he was strong enough to subdue the earth. He fought until nature itself that had been challenged, was forced into his service. This fight demanded heroism and heroism was witnessed. So the hero was for what Europe the heating-celled for Asia was, and the hero worship added the veneration of saints. The active Ideal took the place of the quiet, and it was greater an ideal to fight than to suffer. The point of this heroic world mission Europe has until the modern times quite grasped, because only with the modern technological age, his war of liberation against the winter has begun. This technological age is also the age of the work. The worker is the hero of our time; the opposite is not the other citizens - but the parasite. The aim of the worker is -Creation, the parasite - Enjoyment. That is why the modern-day technology and the heroism Arbeider is the practical idealist.

The political and social problems of the 20th Century:

The technological progress of the 19 th has been obtained. This demand of the time is made more difficult by the fact that the development of technology without a break in the rapid pace takes as the development of human and Humanity. This danger can be averted either by the humanity technical progress slows, or by accelerating social progress. Otherwise she loses her balance and overturns. The World War was a warning. Thus, Technology to people with the choice: suicide or understanding! Therefore, the development of the world in the coming decades will be unprecedented. The Today disproportion of technical and social organization will either lead to devastating disasters - or to a political progress, the rapidity and thoroughness of all historical models behind leaves and opens a new page in human history.

Since the technique of human impact force and the heroism is groundbreaking, begins the War play his historical role in the consciousness of mankind. His legacy is the Work. Humanity will organize a day to put together all the earth wrest what she still denies it today. Once this view by struggling to be any war be a civil war, and every murder a murder. The age of war is then also seem barbaric, as now, the age of cannibalism. This development will come when we believe in and fight for them, if we not are so short-sighted to lose the main lines of development of the eyes - even the farsighted, the practical obstacles and ways to overlook that between us and our objectives are: if we are clear-eyed and clear know about the upcoming fights and difficulties connected with the heroic will to overcome it. Only this optimism of the will shall complement the pessimism of knowledge and defeat. Instead to remain in the shackles of outmoded present and passively from better Opportunities to dream, so we want to take an active part in the development of world by practical idealism.

Vienna, Nov., 1925.


ADEL 1920 - The memory of my father, in reverence and gratitude.




Country and City are the two poles of human existence. Country and city testify their special types of people: the rustic and urban people. Urban Rustic man and man are psychological antipodes. Farmers of different Areas resemble each other more often emotionally as the citizens of the neighboring city. Between country and country, town and city is the space - between city and country time. Among European Rustic people living representatives of all ages: from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages, while only the world cities of the West, the ekstremsten the Urban type have produced, are representatives of modern civilization. As separate Centuries, often millennia, a city of flat land that surrounds them. The Urban Man thinks differently, judges differently, feels differently, acts differently than the Rustic man. The city life is abstract, mechanical, rational - the country life concretely organic, irrational. The city dweller is rationalistic, skeptical, unbelieving - the farmer emotionalistisch, religious, superstitious. [9]

All thoughts and feelings of the farmer crystallized by nature, he lives in symbiosis with the animal, the living creature of God is united with its landscape, depending on weather and season. Focal point of urban soul, however, is the company: it lives in symbiosis with the machine, the dead creature of man makes it through to the city of man as independent of time and space, season and climate. The country man believes in the power of nature over man - man believes in the city the power of man over nature. The Rustic Man is a natural product, the Urban human social product, one sees the purpose, amount and top of the world in the cosmos, the other in humanity.

The Rustic man is conservative as nature - the Urban man advanced as the Society. All progress at all comes from cities and city dwellers. The Man About Town itself is mostly the product of a revolution within a rural race, with the its rustic tradition broke, moved to the big city and there a life on a new basis began. The city robbed its residents enjoy the natural beauty, as compensation offers providing them with art. Theater, concerts, galleries are surrogates for the eternal and changing Beauty of the landscape. After a full day's work ugliness that art institutions offer the townspeople beauty in concentrated form. I n the country they are easily dispensable. - Nature is the extensive, intensive art manifestation of beauty. The ratio of urban to nature to him missing, is dominated by the longing, while the continuous nature of the rustic people Fulfillment. Therefore, she feels the townspeople mainly romantic, the classic country man. The social (Christian) morality is an urban phenomenon because it is a function of the human coexistence in society. The typical city dweller connects Christian Morality with irreligious skepticism, materialism and mechanistic rationalist atheism. The world view that results from this is socialism: the modern Urban religion.

Christianity is for the rustic barbarians of Europe little more than a reprint of the Pagan mythology with modified and new superstitions;-is a true religion Belief in the nature of the force of fate. Urban and rural people do not know each other, distrust it and they misunderstand each other and live in veiled or outright hostility. There are many different tags, among which this basic opposition hides: Red and Green International, industrialism and Agrarianism, progress and reaction, J udaism and anti-Semitism.

All cities derive their powers from the land, all the land draws its culture from the city. The country is the soil from which the cities renew, is the source that feeds it, and the Root from which they flourish. Cities grow and die: the land is eternal. [11]

2 Junker - writer

Rustic Flower of people is the country aristocrats, the Junkers. Urban is the flower of the people

Intellectuals, the writer. Country and city have both witnessed their specific type of needle: needle is facing will Mental nobility noble blood into brain nobility. The typical J unker combines the maximum character with a minimum of intellect - the typical literary intellect with a maximum Minimum of character. Not always and everywhere lacked the landed gentry in mind, the city nobility of character, as England in modern times was the minstrels time of blood nobility in Germany a excellent cultural element, while on the other hand, the Catholic nobility of spirit and J esuit the Chinese intellectual aristocracy of the mandarins in their heyday as much character as spirit proved, j unker and writers culminate in the contrasts of rustic and urban people. Typical Occupation of the J unker caste is the officer Occupation: typical profession of literary caste of Job journalists. [12]

The Junker officer remained, mentally and spiritually, at the stage of the knight. Hard on himself and others, dutiful, energetic, steadfast, conservative and limited, he lives in a world dynastic, militaristic, national and social prejudices. With a deep distrust against all things modern, against city, democracy, socialism, internationalism, he combines an equally deep faith in his blood, his honor, and the belief of his fathers. Fie despises the townspeople, especially the J ewish writers and journalists. The writer rushes ahead of his time; prejudice he represents modern ideas in politics, art, Economy. He is progressive, skeptical, witty, versatile, changeable, is Eudamonist, Rationalist, socialist, materialist. He overestimated the mind, body and character underestimated: and therefore despised the J unkers as backward barbarians. Nature of the J unkers rigidity of the will - is the essence of literary agility of mind.

Junker and writer are born rivals and enemies: where the J unker caste prevails, must mind yield to force; reactionary in such times is the political influence of intellectuals eliminated or at least limited. There is the literary caste violence has the Soft spirit: democracy triumphs over feudalism, socialism over militarism. Rooted hatred of the aristocracy and the will of the aristocracy of intellect Germany against each other the misunderstanding. Each sees only the dark side and the other is blind to their Benefits. The psyche of the J unkers, the rustic people, even high-literary remains forever closed; while almost all Junkers, the soul of the intellectuals, the urban people, remains a stranger. Instead of the other learn to look the youngest lieutenant with disdain on the leading spirits in modern Literature down during the last angle journalist only superior for outstanding officers Feels contempt.

Through this double misunderstanding foreign mentality has only the militaristic Germany the resistance of the urban masses against the war underestimated, then the revolutionary Germany the resistance of the masses rustic against the revolution. The country's leaders misjudged the psyche of the city and its inclination pacifism - the leaders of cities misjudged the psyche of the country people and their inclination to the reaction: so Germany has only lost the war, then the revolution. The contrast of the J unkers and the writer is due to the fact that these two types Extreme, are not high points of blood and nobility of mind. Because the highest kind nobility of blood is the grand seigneur, the nobility of the spirit genius. These two aristocrats are not only compatible: they are related. Caesar, the completion of the grand seigneur was the ingenious Romans; Goethe, the summit of genius, was of all German poets most Grand seigneur. Here, as everywhere, the Intermediate remove the most, while the Summit touch. The consummate aristocrat aristocrat is both the will and the mind, but neither J unker another writer. He combines vision with willpower. Judgment with vigor, spirit with Character. The absence of such synthetic personalities, so should the divergent [14] Complement aristocrats of the will and spirit to each other, rather than fight. I n Egypt, India, Chaldea once ruled priests and kings (intellectuals and warriors) together. The Priest bowed before the power of the will, the kings before the power of the Spirit: brains reported the targets arms paved the way. [15]


3 GENTLEMAN - bohemian

Blood and spirit nobility of Europe created their specific types: the noble blood of England Gentleman, the French nobility bohemian spirit. Gentleman and bohemians come together in an effort philistine the dreary ugliness To escape existence: the gentleman she overcomes by style, by Bohemiene Temperament. The gentleman is the formlessness of life form - the bohemians of the Drabness of life against color. The gentleman brings order into the disorder of human relationships - the bohemian in their freedom, freedom. The beauty of the ideal gentleman is based on form, style, harmony: it is static, classic, Apollonian. The beauty of the bohemian-ideal based on temperament, freedom, vitality: they are dynamic, romantic, Dionysian. The gentleman idealized and stylized his wealth - the bohemian idealized and stylized his poverty. The gentleman is set to tradition, the bohemian to protest: the essence of the gentleman conservative [16] the essence of bohemian revolutionary.

Mother of the ideal gentleman is England, most conservative country in Europe. Boheme is the cradle of France, the most revolutionary country Europe. The gentleman's ideal is the life of a caste - the bohemians-ideal form of life Personalities. The gentleman has ideal beyond England back to Roman Stoicism -the bohemians-ideal outside of France has returned to the Greek agora. The Roman statesmen approached the gentleman type, the Greek philosophers the Bohemientypus: Caesar and Seneca were gentlemen, Socrates and Diogenes bohemians. The focus of the gentleman is in the Physical and Mental * the bohemian in spirit: the gentleman may fool the bohemian may be criminal. Both ideals are human crystallization phenomena: as the crystal only in non-rigid Environment can be formed so that both owe their existence to ideals of the English and French freedom. In imperial Germany lacked the atmosphere for crystallization Personal awareness: therefore could not develop equal rank ideal. A gentleman of the German style, lacked the bohemian temperament to both grace and suppleness. Since he had no reasonable him life in its reality, the German sought in his poetry for ideal incarnations German character: and found mental than physical Ideally the young Siegfried, as the old spiritual ideal fist. Both ideals were romantically anachronistic: in the distortion of reality froze the romantic [17]

Siegfried Ideal for Prussian officer, a lieutenant - the romantic Fist Ideal for German scholar, Professor.

In place of organic ideals were mechanical: the officer representing the Mechanization of the psyche: the frozen Siegfried, professor of the mechanization of Intellectual: the frozen fist. I n none of his classes Wilhelmine Germany was proud of than its officers and Professors. I n them she saw the flower of the nation, like England in its political leaders, the Latin peoples in their artists. Will the German people higher development, it must revise his ideals: his energy must beyond the military bias and wide to politically-human versatility: his spirit must go beyond the purely scientific narrowness and wide for the synthesis of Poet-thinker. The nineteenth century was the German people paid two men style greatest, the these demands higher embodied Germanness: Bismarck, the hero of the fact; Goethe, the Fleros of mind. Bismarck renewed, deepened and enlivened the kitschy become Siegfried Ideal - Goethe renewed deepens and enlivens the dusty Fist ideal.

Bismarck had the good qualities of the German officer - without its faults; Goethe had the good qualities of the German scholars - without its faults. In Bismarck overcomes the superiority of the statesman, the narrowness of the officer - in Goethe overcomes the superiority of the poet-thinker, the narrowness of the scholars, in both The organic personality ideal, the Mechanical, man, the puppet. Through his exemplary personality Bismarck more for the development of Germanness as done by his Empire; through its Olympic existence, the German Goethe Gifted by people richer than his own: for Faust, as Goetz, Werther, masters and Tasso, Goethe's only a fragment of humanity. Germany but should be careful not to verkitschen his two living role models and pull down: from Bismarck a sergeant, from Goethe to make a schoolmaster. At the follow-up of these two peaks German Germany humanity could grow and healthy, it can learn from them active and contemplative size, drive and wisdom. Because Bismarck and Goethe are the two focal points around which a new German Could make lifestyle that would be the equal of Western ideals. [19]

4 Inbreeding - INTERSECTION

Most Rustic human inbreeding is the product of the Urban human hybrid. Parents and ancestors of the farmers usually come from the same, sparsely populated Area, the nobleman from the same thin layer. In both cases, the ancestors to each other by blood and therefore usually physically, mentally, spiritually similar. As a result, they inherit their common traits, tendencies will, passions, Prejudices, inhibitions, to an even greater degree on their children and descendants. The Traits that result from this breeding are: loyalty, filial piety, a sense of family, caste, Resistance, stubbornness, energy limitations, power of prejudice, lack of objectivity, Close the horizon. Here is a variation of the previous generation did not, but simply the repetition: the place of development occurs conservation.

In the city itself peoples races, stalls encounter. In general, the Urban Man Mixed Breed from different social and national elements. In it, lift the opposite character
ties, prejudices, inhibitions, will tendencies and beliefs of his parents and Ancestors from at least on or weaken each other. The result is that many hybrids Lack of character, lack of restraint, weakness of will, instability, and irreverence Faithlessness with objectivity, versatility, mental activity, freedom from prejudice and Length connecting the horizon. Breeds always differ from their parents and Progenitors, each generation is a variation of the previous one, either in the meaning of the Evolution or degeneration. The inbred man is Einseelenmensch - the mongrel More human soul.

In any Individual life his ancestors continue as elements of his soul: they resemble each other, so it is uniform, monotonous; seek them apart, so man is diverse, complicated, differentiated. The size of a mind lies in its extensity, which is in its ability to capture everything and to include, the size of a character is its intensity, which is in its ability to strong, focused and want proof. Thus, in a sense, wisdom and energy Contradictions. The more pronounced the ability and inclination of a people, as a sage of all things Sites to see and to face prejudice in any position - usually the weaker his volitional impulse to act out harmless after a certain direction: for every Motive face opposing motives contrary, any faith skepticism, every act insight into their cosmic Redeutungslosigkeit. Can be determined only limited, one-sided man.

There is not merely an unconscious, [21] naive: there is also a conscious, heroic limitations. The heroic limited - and this type include all truly great men of action - sometimes voluntarily switched all pages his being made up on the one that determines its action. Objective, critical, skeptical, he can consider his actions before or after his: while the fact that it is subjective, religious, onesided, unfair. Inhibit vigor wisdom - wisdom vigor denied. The strongest will is ineffective, if he is directionless; also a weak will trigger the strongest effect when he unilaterally. There is no life without fact wrong, error, fault: who shy away from this stigma to wear, the stay in the realm of thought, of contemplation, of passivity. -Truthful People are always silent: because every claim is, in a sense, a lie; People are always inactive pure heart: for every act is, in a sense, wrong.

Brave but to talk to lie on the risk is, to act, to the danger, To do wrong. I nbreeding strengthens the character, weakens the mind - crossing weakens the character and strengthens the Spirit. Where inbreeding and crossbreeding meet under happy auspices, they witness the highest type of human being the strongest character connects with the sharpest mind. Where in unfortunate auspices of inbreeding and mix meet, they create degeneration types with a weak character, dull mind. The man of the distant future will be hybrid. Today's races and the boxes are increasing [22] the overcoming of space, time and Prejudice fall victim.

The Eurasian-Negroid Future race, externally similar to the ancient Egyptian, the diversity of peoples with a will Replace diversity of personalities. For, according to the laws of inheritance increases with the Diversity of the ancestral diversity, the uniformity of the ancestors Uniformity of the offspring. I n inbred families a child is like the other: for every represent a common type of family. Mix in families differ the children more of each other: each is a novel variation of the divergent parental and ancestral elements. Inbreeding creates characteristic types - crossing creates original personalities. Precursor of the planetary people of the future is in modern Europe as the Russian-slawischtatarisch Finnish Mix, because he, of all European nations, the least race has, he is the more typical human soul with the wide ranging, encompassing soul. Its antipode is the strongest insular Briton, highly bred Einseelenmensch whose force in Character is in the will, the one-sided, typical. It owes to modern Europe most closed, perfect type: the gentleman. [23]


Two forms of soul struggle for world domination: Paganism and Christianity. With the Denominations that bear this name, have that soul forms very external Relationships.

Will be the focus of Dogmatic into the ethical, from the mythological Psychological installed, then converts to Buddhism Ultra-Christianity, while Amerikanismus as modernized paganism appears. The Orient is the main carrier of Christian, the Occident main carrier pagan mentality: the "heathen” Chinese are better Christians as the "Christian” Germans. Paganism is energy, love Christianity to the forefront of ethical value scale. Christian Ideal is the loving saints, pagan ideal of conquering hero. Christianity wants the homo ferus convert into a homo clomesticus, the predator man in the pet man during Paganism umschaffen wants man to superman. Christianity wants to Tiger Cats tame - increase Paganism cats tigers. Hauptverkunder modern Christianity was tolstoi; Hauptverkunder modern paganism Nietzsche. The Germanic Edda religion was pure paganism. They continued to live under Christian mask: in the Middle Ages as a chivalrous, in modern times as an imperialist and militarist Worldview. Officers, J unker colonizers. Captains of industry are the leading Representatives of modern paganism.

Energy, bravery, size, freedom, power, fame and Honor: these are the ideals of paganism: while love, gentleness, humility, compassion, and Self-denial are Christian ideals. The antithesis: Pagan Christianity coincides neither the antithesis: Urban Rustic Man-man, yet with: inbred crossing. Undoubtedly Rustic but favor the development of pagan barbarism and inbreeding Urban civilization mixture and the development of Christian mentality. Eligible pagan individualism is generally possible only in sparsely populated Erdstrichen, where the individual can assert themselves and develop ruthless, without equal in contrast to to get his fellow man. In overpopulated areas where man comes to man, must the socialist principle of mutual support the individualistic principle of Complement the struggle for existence, and, in part, displace. Christianity and socialism are international metropolis products. Christianity took over as World Religion his output from the faceless world city of Rome, the socialism of the nationally mixed industrial cities of the West. Both utterances Christian mentality are based on internationalism.

The resistance against Christianity went from the Rural population [25]

(Pagani), just as it is today the country people, the realization of the socialist Life form the strongest resistance opposes. Always been sparsely populated, northern parts of pagan centers will, tightly populated southern regions hotbeds Christian feeling. Unlike today where the Eastern and Western spiritual life is mentioned, most of which is not understood as that contrast between the people of the South and the North. The J apanese, the most northern Oriental culture, often approaches the Occidentals, while the mentality of Suditalieners is oriental and South American.

For the states of the soul of latitude seems to be more important than the degree of longitude. Not only the geographical position: the historical development has to determine the Soul of a people. The Chinese and the J ewish people therefore feel Christian as the Germanic, because their cultural past is older. The Teuton is the time Wild closer than the Chinese or J ew, these two ancient civilizations were able to thoroughly emancipate themselves from the pagan natural philosophy of life, because it at least three Millennia longer had time to. - Paganism is a symptom of cultural youth Christianity a symptom of cultural age. Three peoples: Greeks, Romans, Jews, captured each in his own way the ancient culture of the world. Only the aesthetic-philosophical people of the Greeks in the Hellenistic period, then the practical political People of the Romans in the Roman Empire eventually ethical-religious people of Jews in Christianity.

Christianity, ethics of Jewish Essenes (John), of Jewish spiritual Prepared Alexandrians (Philo), was regenerated J udaism. As far as Europe is Christian, it is (I n the ethical and spiritual sense) J ewish, as far as Europe is morally, it is J ewish. Almost all the European ethics rooted in J udaism. All champion of a religious or irreligious Christian morality, from Augustine to Rousseau, Kant and Tolstoy, election Jews were spiritual sense, Nietzsche is the only non-J ewish, the only pagan ethics Europe. The most prominent and the foremost proponents of Christian ideas in their modern Rebirth hot pacifism and socialism, are J ews.

In the east, the Chinese people is the ethical par excellence (in contrast to the asthetischheroischen J apanese and the religious and speculative Indians) - the Jews in the West. God was Head of state of the ancient J ews, their moral law, civil code, sin was Crime. The theocratic idea of the identification of politics and ethics,Judaism is in the change of Thousands remained true. Christianity and socialism are both experiments, a kingdom to build. Two millennia ago, the Christians, not the Pharisees and Sadducees were Heirs and innovator Mosaic tradition, but today there are neither the Zionists nor the Christians, but the J ewish leaders of socialism because they also want the highest Self-denial redeem the original sin of capitalism, the people from injustice, violence and Bondage redeem and transform the world into a paradise entsuhnte. [27]

These Jewish prophets of the present, preparing for a new world era, is in all the Ethical Primary: in politics, religion, philosophy and art. Was from Moses to Weininger Ethics Jewish philosophy major problem. Is this ethical attitude towards the world a unique root of the size of the J ewish people - but also the danger that J ews who lose their faith in the ethics sink to the cynical egoists: while people of other mentality, even after losing their ethical attitude, a wealth of chivalric Values and prejudices (man of honor, gentleman, cavalier etc.) left over, which they before Protect the values fall into chaos. What the J ews of the average city dwellers differs mainly is that they I nbred people. Strength of character combined with mental acuity predestined the Jews his most outstanding specimens to guide urban humanity, such as the wrong genuine spirit of capitalism as the protagonist aristocrats of the revolution. [28]




Our democratic age is a miserable interlude between two great aristocratic eras: the feudal aristocracy of the sword and the social aristocracy of the mind. The feudal aristocracy is in decline, the aristocracy of intellect in the making. The Meanwhile, calls itself democratic, but in reality dominated by the pseudo-Aristocracy of money. In the Middle Ages in Europe there was a rustic knight on the urban citizens, pagan Mentality about Christian, cerebral blood aristocracy nobility. The superiority of the knight on the Citizens based on body and strength of character on strength and courage. Two inventions have conquered the Middle Ages, opened the modern era: the invention of the Powder meant the end of the Knights reign, the invention of printing, the advent of Mental domination. Physical strength and courage lost by the introduction of their Feuerwafle crucial importance in the struggle for existence: mind, was in the struggle for power and freedom, the decisive weapon. [31]

The printing press gave a spirit of power of unlimited scope, adjusted the write humanity at the center of the reading and rose as the writer to the spiritual leader of the masses. Gutenberg gave the springs the power that the Black Had taken swords. Using the printer's ink Luther has a bigger empire all captured as German emperors. In the era of enlightened despotism rulers and statesmen obeyed the ideas derived from thinkers. The writers of that time formed an intellectual aristocracy Europe. The victory of absolutism, feudalism meant the first victory of the city over the country and also the first stage in the winning run nobility of spirit, in the fall of The warrior class. I n place of the medieval dictatorship in the country over the city joined the dictatorship of the modern city of the country.

With the French Revolution, which broke with the privileges of the nobility of blood, began the second Era of emancipating the mind. Democracy is based on the optimistic assumption, a spiritual nobility could be identified and selected by the majority of the people. Now we are on the threshold of the third epoch of the modern era: socialism. Fie also supports is revolutionary to the urban class of industrial workers, led by the aristocracy Writer. Decreases the influence of the blood nobility, the growing influence of the Spirit nobility. This development, and thus the chaos of modern politics, one end will only find until a spiritual revival occurs.[32]

The aristocracy of power of society: tears powder, gold, ink printer itself and used for the benefit of the public. A crucial step towards this goal is the Russian Bolshevism, where a small Crowd of communist spirit and conscious aristocracy ruled the country with the plutocratic Democracy breaks that dominates the rest of the world today. The struggle between capitalism and communism to the legacy of the defeated aristocracy blood a fratricidal war the victorious brain nobility, a fight between individualistic and socialist, selfish and altruistic, pagan and Christian spirit. The General Staff of both parties recruited from the spiritual leader race in Europe: J udaism. Capitalism and communism are both rational, both mechanistically, both abstract, both urban. The main criticism has finally played out. The effect of the mind, the power of Spirit, the belief in the mind, the hope of the mind grows: and with them a new Nobility. [33]


In the course of the modern era of blood through the needle farm was - atmosphere, the noble spirit by capitalism poisoned. Since the end of the age of chivalry is the nobility of Continental Europe, with sparse Exceptions, in a state of progressive decadence. He has his by its urbanization lost physical and mental benefits. At the time of feudalism, the nobility of blood was called to his country against enemy attacks and to protect encroachments of the sovereign. The nobleman was freely and confidently to Subordinates, equals, Higher Asked; king on his land, he was able to chivalric principles of his personality develop freely. Absolutism changed this situation: the opposition nobility, who, free, proud and brave, to its historical rights existed, was, as far as it went extinct and the remainder was to the court pulled and pushed there in a shiny bondage.

This court nobility was unfree, dependent he had his best characteristics [34],the whims of the ruler and his clique losing companies: character, desire for freedom, pride, leadership. To the character and thus to break the resistance of the French nobility, lured him to Louis XIV Versailles, the great revolution was subject to the completion of his work: it has the Nobility, who had surrendered and lost its merits, taking his survived privileges. True only in those countries of Europe where the nobility, his chivalrous mission leaders and Champion of the national opposition to monarchical despotism and foreign rule remained a noble leader type received: in England, Hungary, Poland, Italy. Since the transformation of European culture from a chivalrous and rustic in a bourgeois urban remained Blutadel mental-cultural point behind the middle. War,Policy and the management of his estates took him so much claim that his mental Skills and interests often stunted. These historical causes of modern nobility were still twilight by physiological reinforced. In place of the hard, medieval military service modern times brought the nobility mostly jobless good life; from the most threatened status was the nobility by his Erbreichtum gradually to gesichertsten; addition, almost the degenerative effects excessive inbreeding, which the English nobility by frequent mixing with civil blood escaped.

Through the interaction of these circumstances fell the physical, psychological and mental type of erstwhile nobility. The brain nobility could not replace the nobility of blood, because he also is one in a crisis, State of decay [35] is. Democracy arose from embarrassment, not because people no nobility wanted to, but because they found no nobility. Once a new, genuine nobility constituted democracy will disappear by itself. Because England has genuine nobility, remained it, despite its democratic constitution, aristocratic. The academic brain nobility of Germany, a century ago, leaders of the opposition Absolutism and feudalism, pioneer of modern and liberal ideas today is to Mainstay of the response, sunk to the main opponents of intellectual and political renewal. This pseudo-intellectual aristocracy of Germany was at war advocate of militarism in the Revolution defender of capitalism. His mottos: nationalism, militarism, Anti-Semitism, alcoholism, are also the watchwords in the fight against the Spirit. Their responsible rich mission: to replace the feudal nobility and prepare the mind, has disregarded the academic intelligence, denied, betrayed. Also the journalistic intelligentsia has betrayed its mission leader. She, who had called spiritual, To be a leader and teacher of the masses to complement and enhance what a has failed and perpetrated backward school system - humbled in their immense Majority of the slave of capital, to Verbildnerin of political and artistic Taste.

Her character broke under the pressure, instead of its own foreign convictions represent and defend - their spirit flattened by the overproduction of the their profession they forces. As the orator of antiquity, as is the journalist of [36] Modern times in the center of the state machine: it moves voters, voters Members who MPs, ministers. So the journalist falls the ultimate responsibility for all political Done: and he just, as a typical representative of urban spinelessness, feels mostly free from any obligation and responsibility. School and the press are the two points from which the world is bloodless, without violence refine and renew could. The school nurtures or poisons the soul of the child, and the Press nourished or poisoned the soul of adults. School and are both now in the press Hands of a non-spiritual intelligence: they return them in the hands of the mind, would be the highest duty of every ideal policy, each ideal revolution.

The ruling dynasties of Europe have come down through inbreeding, the Plutokratendynastien by good life. The Blutadel degenerated because he was servant of the monarchy, the nobility of mind degenerated because he was servant of capital. Both aristocracies had forgotten that, and with every advantage, with each award Exceptional position of responsibility is associated with. They have the motto of all true nobility unlearned: 'noblesse oblige "They wanted to enjoy the fruits of their privileged position without their! Carry obligations; felt as lords and superiors, not as leaders and role models to their Others. I nstead of the people have new goals to pave new ways they could be of Abuse rulers and capitalists tools to their interests: to live well, Honors and money, they sold their souls, their blood and brain. [37]

The old nobility of the blood and of the brain has lost the right to continue even as the aristocracy to apply, because it lacks the characters all genuine nobility: Character, freedom, Responsibility. The threads that bound them to their peoples, they have cut: by Snobbery on the one hand, education conceit on the other side. It is in the sense of historical nemesis, that the great deluge, the output of Russia their takes on the world cleans bloody or bloodless way of the usurpers, their Want to maintain preferred positions, while one whose long term conditions have lost. [38]

8 Plutocracy

In the depression of blood and nobility of mind, it was not surprising that a third Provisional class people the power tore itself: the plutocracy. The constitutional form The form of plutocratic rule, feudalism and absolutism replaced, was democratic. Today democracy facade of plutocracy: because the people will not tolerate naked plutocracy would give them the nominal power is left, while the actual power was in the hands the plutocrats rests. In republican and monarchical democracies are the Statesmen puppets capitalist manipulators: they dictate the guidelines of the policy, they rule through the purchase of public opinion, voters, by business and social relations, the ministers. In place of the feudal structure of society, the plutocracy has come: no more Birth is decisive for the social position, but the income. The plutocracy of today is more powerful than the aristocracy of yesterday because no one is above it as the State her tool and accomplice is. When there were true nobility of blood, the system of was Birth the aristocracy, just as today the money aristocracy: for at that time had the ruling caste sense of responsibility, culture, tradition during the class today there, feeling all responsibility, all culture and tradition is bar. Partly Exceptions do not alter this fact.

While the ideology of feudalism was heroic and religious, knows the plutocratic Society no higher values than money and good life: the validity of a person prized by what he has, not according to what he is. Nevertheless, in some sense constitute the leader of the plutocracy, an aristocracy, an elite: because the Erraffung large assets are a number of excellent properties necessary: Energy, prudence, prudence, prudence, presence of mind, initiative, boldness and Generosity. Because of these advantages, the successful big business as legitimate modern conquerors natures, their superior will and mental power them through the mass inferior competitors brought victory. However, this superiority of the plutocrats is only valid within the acquiring class of people - it disappears immediately when those outstanding money earners are measured at the outstanding representatives of ideal professions.

So it's just that a capable industrialist or Kauftnann materially and socially rises higher than his incompetent colleagues - is unjust but is that a social power and prestige is higher than that of an artist, scholar, Politician, author, teacher, judge, doctor, who is just as capable in his profession as those whose skills but more ideal and more social objectives serve: ie that the present system of society, the selfish, materialistic mentality awarded against an altruistic ideal. Add this selfish drive preference towards altruistic, materialistic against idealistic is the fundamental evil of the capitalist social structure, while the true aristocrats of the mind and heart: the wise and the Benevolent, in poverty and Powerlessness live usurp power selfish people the leader position to which appointed those would.

Thus plutocracy is energetic and intellectually aristocracy - in an ethical and spiritually pseudo-aristocracy of the working classes within aristocracy - to more ideal professions measured pseudo-aristocracy. As the aristocracy of blood and the Spirit, as is also that of money currently in a period of decay. The sons and grandsons of those great entrepreneurs whose Will, steeled by hardship and labor, they had carried up from nothing to power, limp mostly in good living and inaction. Only rarely inherited the paternal Drive or sublimated to more spiritual and idealerem work. The Plutokratengeschlechtern lacks that tradition and belief, that conservatively-rustic Spirit that had once housed the nobility for centuries before degeneration. Feeble imitators take over the power of inheritance of their fathers without the gifts of the Spirit and Mind, by which it had been bereft. Power and efficiency come into conflict: and thus undermining the inner justification of capitalism. The historical development of these has natural [41] Decline accelerated.

Carried aloft by the boom of the war begins a new Slide-plutocracy to decompose the plutocracy-old entrepreneur and repress. During increases with the enrichment of the national wealth of the entrepreneur, it decreases with the Enrichment of the slide. The entrepreneurs are the business leaders - the slide whose Parasites: entrepreneurship is productive - Schiebertum unproductive capitalism. The current boom facilitates ruthless, unscrupulous and unprincipled People making money. For speculative profits and slide are lucky and Recklessness as indispensable shares outstanding will and intellect. So represents the modern slide-Kakistokratie a plutocracy rather than a character Aristocracy of ability. Due to the increasing blurring of the boundaries between Entrepreneurship and Schiebertum is capitalism before the forum of mind and Compromised public and drawn down. No aristocracy can compete continuously without moral authority.

Once the ruling class ceases to be a symbol of ethical and aesthetic values, their fall unstoppable. The plutocracy is, compared to other aristocracies, poor in aesthetic values. It meets the political functions of an aristocracy, without the cultural values of nobility to offer. Wealth is tolerable only in dress but the beauty, just as a carrier of an aesthetic culture justified. Meanwhile, the new plutocracy wrapped in dreary vulgarity and [42] intrusive ugliness: their wealth is barren and forbidding. The European plutocracy neglected in contrast to their American-ethical Mission as much as their aesthetic: social benefactor grand scale are as sparse as Patrons. To behold instead of its raison d'etre in the social capitalism, in which Summary of fragmented national wealth to generous creative works Humanity - the plutocrats erdruchenden feel justified in their majority, their good life irresponsible to build mass misery. Instead of humanity they are good traders Exploiters, rather than leaders deceiver. This lack of aesthetic and ethical culture, the plutocracy attracts not only the Hatred, but also the contempt for public opinion and their spiritual leaders: because they did not understand it, to be noble, they must fall.

The Russian revolution mean for the plutocratic period of history from the beginning End. Even if Lenin subject, his shadow is also the twentieth century dominate, as the French Revolution, despite its collapse, the development of nineteenth has determined: never had in continental Europe feudalism and absolutism abdicated voluntarily - if not for fear of a repeat of J acobin terror ago the end of the French nobility and king. So it is the sword of Damocles Bolshevik terror succeed faster, to soften the hearts of the plutocrats and
make available to social demands than two millennia, the gospel of Christ. [43]



Nobility is based on physical, mental, spiritual beauty, beauty in perfect harmony and increased vitality: who is dominated his contemporaries, is an aristocrat. The old aristocratic type is dying, and the new not yet constituted, our Meanwhile, is destitute of great personalities: on beautiful people, of fine People, to show people. Meanwhile usurp epigones of the sunken nobility of the dead Former aristocracy forms and fill them with the contents of their miserable bourgeois. The strong abundance of life erstwhile nobility is passed to upstarts: but lack its shapes, its grandeur, its beauty. However, the time to the idea of nobility, a nobility of the future need not despair. Will humanity move forward, they need leaders, teachers, signpost: fulfillments of what it wants to be; precursor of its future survey to higher spheres. Without needle no evolution. Eudaemonistic policy can democratically - evolutionist policy must his aristocratic. To ascend, to go forward targets are needed; to achieve goals, people are necessary, set the goals that lead to goals: aristocrats. The aristocrat as a leader is a political term, and the nobles as a role model is an aesthetic Ideal. Highest requirement demands that aristocracy nobility, leaders coincides with model:that perfect man falls to the leadership.

The quantity of European humanity that believes only the mass of the number, stand out two quality races from: blood aristocracy and J udaism. Divorced from one another, they both hold firmly the faith of their higher mission, to better their blood to human differences in rank. In these two heterogeneous preference breeds is the core of the future European nobility: in feudal nobility of blood, if he is not from the court, the J ewish brain needle, unless it is could corrupt the capital. As a guarantee of a better future remains a small residual morally upstanding Rustic nobility and a small group of revolutionary struggle intelligence. Here the community between Lenin, the man from rural gentry growing, and Trotsky, the Jewish writers, the symbol: here reconcile the opposites of Character and spirit of J unker and man of letters, of rustic and urban, pagan and Christian people for creative synthesis of revolutionary aristocracy.

A step forward in the spiritual would be enough to get the best elements of the blood nobility, on the the land of their physical and moral health from the effects of depraving Have preserved court atmosphere to provide the service of the new human liberation. Because, at the Predestines their opinion [45] traditional courage, their anti-bourgeois and anti-capitalist mentality, their Sense of responsibility, their contempt for material benefit, their stoic training of the will, their Integrity, their idealism. Directed into more spiritual and more free tracks, which could be strong noble energies that were previously supporting the reaction to regenerate new heights and Natural leaders testify, the inflexibility of will with magnanimity and selflessness connect, and rather than exponents of the middle class (which is contrary to them at heart) to serve capitalist interests in a number contact the representatives of the tapered Nobility of mind to liberation and refinement of mankind. Policy was in Europe for centuries privilege of the nobility. The nobility formed an international political caste, were grown in the diplomatic talents. For many generations, lives of European nobility of blood in a political atmosphere of the bourgeoisie with Intent was kept. On his estates, the nobility learned the art of governance, Human treatment - the leading government positions at home and abroad, the art of Peoples treatment.

Politics is art, not science, it focuses more on instinct as in the mind, in the subconscious more than the conscious. Political talent can be awaken and train never learn. Genius by breaking all the rules: in political talent but the needle is richer than the middle class. Because in order to acquire knowledge, a sufficient Single life: to breed instincts, it requires the cooperation of many generations. I n the sciences and fine arts projects beyond the middle of talent the aristocracy: the Politics is the relationship reversed. Therefore [46] it happens that the democracies of Europe its foreign policy often their descendants Nobility trust, because it is in the national interest, the gene pool of political talent, that the needle has accumulated over the centuries to make available to the public. The political skills of the nobility, not least on its strong mixture of blood due. Because these national miscegenation often expands its horizons and so paralyzed the evil consequences of simultaneous Box inbreeding.

The vast majority of poor Aristocrats combines the disadvantages of the mixture with those of inbreeding: lack of character with Mental poverty, while modern in the rare highlights the advantages of high nobility both encounter: Character with spirit. Intellectually, now gapes between the extreme right (conservative Nobility of blood) and the extreme left (revolutionary spirit nobility) a huge level difference while in the character of these apparent extremes meet. But it is all intellectuals, Deliberate on the surface - all characteristic, unconscious in the depth of personality. I nsights and opinions are easier to form and re-form as a character properties and directions of the will.

Lenin and Ludendorff are in their political ideals, antagonists: in their setting will Brothers. Ludendorff would be raised in the Russian revolutionary milieu Studententums; would he, like Lenin, in his early youth the execution of his brother by imperial executioner experience: we would likely see him at the top of the red Russia. While Lenin raised in a Prussian cadet school, perhaps an over-Ludendorff would have been. What separates these two related natures, their intellectual level. Lenin Boundedness seems heroic-conscious of being Ludendorff boundedness naively unconscious. Lenin is not just leaders - he is also Spiritual, as it were, a spiritualized Ludendorff. The same parallels can be drawn between two other representatives of the extreme left and Right: Friedrich Adler and Count Arco. Both were murderers of idealism, its martyrs Conviction. Had eagle in militaristic reactionary milieu German blood nobility, Arco in socialist-revolutionary milieu Austrian nobility of mind had grown up, so probably, the ball Arcos Sturgkh the Prime Minister, the ball the eagle Prime Minister Eisner made.

After all, they are brothers, separated by the heroischselbstlosen difference anerzogener prejudice, linked by the community Character. Again, the difference lies in the spiritual level (Adler Spirit man), not in the purity of the spirit. The character of the One who praises, should the not reduce the Other - as happens from both sides every day. Where potentiated life force, there is the future. The flowering of the peasantry, the landed gentry, has (If he was healthy) into a thousand years of symbiosis with the living and life-giving nature accumulated a wealth of vital forces and accumulated. Succeed in a modern education to sublimate a part of this increased energy into the spiritual life: could then, perhaps, the nobility of the past take a decisive role in building the nobility of the future. [48]


Main support of the corrupt nobility as a man of integrity brain: capitalism, journalism and iteratentums are J ews *. The superiority of their spirit predestines them to a The driver of future nobility. A look at the history of the J ewish people explains its lead in the struggle for Human leadership. Two millennia ago, J udaism was a religious community, composed of ethical religious predisposed individuals of all nations of the ancient Cultural group, with a nationally-Hebrew center in Palestine. At that time was already the J oint, Primary Unifying and not the nation, but religion.

During the first millennium of our era came into this community of faith proselyte of all peoples, a, last king, nobility and people of the Mongolian Khazars, the men Southern Russia. From then on, only the J ewish religious community joined to an artificial Volks-community together and against all other nations from *. By unspeakable persecutions tried for a millennium Christian Europe the exterminate J ewish people. The result was that all the Jews, the weak-willed, ruthless, were opportunistic or skeptical, they were baptized, thereby the endless torment To escape persecution. On the other hand, were frequently under these difficult Living conditions, were all j ews based not sent clever and inventive enough the struggle for existence to exist in this form difficult.

So finally went out all these persecutions, a small community out, steeled by ertragenes a heroic martyrdom for the idea and purged of all weak-willed and poor mental elements. Instead of destroying J udaism, it has Europe against their will by refined those artificial selection process and trained to guide a nation's future. Not a Wonder, then, that this people, the ghetto prison sprung, to a spiritual nobility Europe developed. Thus, a benevolent providence Europe at the moment, as the feudal nobility lapsed, given by the J ewish emancipation, a new breed of noble spirit graces.

The first typical representative of this nascent future nobility was the revolutionary noble J ew Lassalle, of the highly physical beauty with nobility of character, and sharpness Spirit united: aristocrat in the highest and truest sense of the word, he was a born Leader and guide of his tent.

See: The essence of anti-Semitism, "by Dr. Henry Coudenhove-Kalergi (II Edition, Pan-Verlag, Vienna).

Not: Judaism is the new nobility: but: J udaism is the womb from which a new, spiritual nobility of Europe shows, the core around which are grouped a new, spiritual nobility. A spiritual master race in urban education: idealists, witty and finely tuned, just and conviction loyal, brave as the feudal nobility in his best days, the death and persecution, Hatred and contempt gladly take upon himself to mankind moral, spiritual, happy to make. The Jewish heroes and martyrs of the Central and Eastern European revolution are in courage, Perseverance and idealism of the non-J ewish heroes of World War 11 in nothing - while they the same spirit in many cases surpass. The essence of these men and women who try it, to redeem mankind and to regenerate, is a peculiar synthesis of religious and political elements: of heroic martyrdom and intellectual propaganda, revolutionary Energy and social love, of justice and compassion.

These traits that they once used to Creators have made the Christian world movement, they now make up to the top of socialist. With these two experiments spiritual and moral redemption origin of J udaism, the disinherited masses of Europe rich endowed than any other nation. As also the Modern J udaism by its percentage of eminent men all other peoples exceeds: barely a century after its liberation is this small nation today with Einstein at the forefront of modern science, with Mahler at the head of modern music, with Bergson the pinnacle of modern philosophy, with Trotsky on top [51] modern politics. The prominent position occupied by the Jews today, it owes Only his mental superiority, which enables it over an immense superiority preferred, spiteful, envious rivals in intellectual competition to win. The modern Anti-Semitism is one of the many manifestations of the reaction against the mediocre Excellent, is a modern form of ostracism applied against a whole people.

As a people, the J ews experienced the eternal struggle of quantity against quality, inferior groups against hoherrvertige individuals, inferior majorities against higher value minorities. The main roots of anti-Semitism are limitedness and envy: in Beschranktheid Religious or scientific; envy in the spiritual or accounts. The fact that they made an international religious community, not from a local breed have emerged, the J ews are the people of the strongest blood mixture; fact that they complete for a millennium against the other nations, they are the nation's strongest inbreeding. To unite, as with the high nobility, the elect among them with willpower Mental acuity, while another part of the J ews, the defects of inbreeding with the shortcomings of Blood mixture Connects: lack of character with limitations. Here we find sacred Self-sacrifice next most restricted selfishness, pure idealism next krassestem Materialism.

Are ever mixed a people, the more dissimilar: Here, too, confirms the rule its representatives among themselves, the more impossible it is, to a unit type, construct,Where there is much light, there is plenty of shade. Ingenious families have a higher percentage Lunatics and criminals than mediocre, which is true of nations. Not only the revolutionary spirit of aristocracy tomorrow - the plutocratic slide Kakistokratie Today is recruited mainly from J ews and so sharpen the weapons of agitational Anti-Semitism. Millennial slavery to the J ews, with rare exceptions, the gesture of the Master Race reference. Permanent suppression inhibits personal development: and thus takes a The main element of the aesthetic ideal of nobility. Suffer from this deficiency, physically and mentally, a large part of Judaism, this deficiency is the main cause that the European instinct on the other hand refuses to recognize J udaism as a noble race.

The resentment with which the suppression has burdened the J ews, it is much vital Voltage: takes him for a lot of elegant harmony. Excessive inbreeding, coupled with the Hyperurbanitat the ghetto past, had many traits of physical and psychological Decadence in the aftermath. What won the Head of the J ews, often her body has lost, and what her brain won their nervous system has lost. Thus J udaism suffers from a hypertrophy of the brain and is thus in contrast to noble call harmonious development of personality. The physical and nervous Weakness of many Jews spiritually superior zeitigt a lack of physical courage (often in Together with the highest moral courage) and an uncertainty of occurrence: Properties still appear incompatible with the chivalrous ideal of noble people. Thus the spiritual master race of the J ews has to suffer the slave trains people to him has stamped its historical development: still wearing many Jewish Leaders and entertainment personalities gesture of the unfree, oppressed people. In their Gestures are often debased aristocracy aristocratic J ews as outstanding.

These deficiencies of J udaism, created by the development, through the development will again disappear. The Rustikalisierung of J udaism (a main goal of Zionism), coupled with sports education, the J udaism of the ghetto rest, which it still bears today in themselves, free. That this is possible is shown by the development of American J ewry. The real freedom and power that has won J udaism, the same consciousness, the consciousness gradually posture and gesture of the free, powerful people to follow. Not only that J udaism will change in the direction of the Western ideal of nobility - and the Western noble ideal will undergo a transformation that J udaism halfway comes to meet. I n a more peaceful Europe of the future of the needle is his warrior Strip with a character and mentally -swap priest. A pazifiziertes and socialized Occident is not lord and ruler need more - only leaders, Educators, role models. In an oriental Europe of the future will be more a aristocrat Brahmin and Mandarin same as a knight. [54]


The noble man of the future is neither feudal nor J ewish, neither civil nor proletarian: he will be synthetic. The races and classes in the modern sense disappear, remain the personalities. Only when coupled with the best blood of citizens are the viable elements former feudal nobility wrestle up to new heights, only by association with the peaks Europeanness is not J ewish, the J ewish element of the future nobility to the full development reach. The chosen people of the future may be a physically highly bred Rustic gestures and nobility perfect body, a mentally-educated urban nobility spiritualized Physiognomies durchseelte eyes and hands give. The nobility of the past was based on quantity: the feudal to the number of ancestors, and the plutocratic on the number of millions. The nobility of the future will be based on quality: on personal value, personal perfection, to perfection of the body, the soul, the Spirit. Today, on the threshold of a new age, occurs at the site of the former hereditary nobility Random nobility: instead nobility noble race individuals: people whose random blood composition to model types rises.

For this random nobility of today will be the new international and inter-racial social
aristocracy of tomorrow emerge. Excellent everything in beauty, strength, energy and spirit will recognize and unite for the secret laws of erotic attraction. Are only once like artificial barriers between feudalism and capitalism People have built - then automatically the most important men the most Women fall, the most prominent women's most direct full men. The more perfect then in the physical, mental, spiritual man will be - the greater the number of women under which he can choose. Only the finest men is the connection with the free-standing noble women and vice versa - the inferior are with the Must be inferior satisfied. Then the erotic life is Be substandard and mediocre free love, the elect: Free marriage. Thus, the new breeding nobility of the future does not emerge from the artificial standards of human Caste, but from the divine laws erotic eugenics. The natural hierarchy of human perfection is to replace the artificial Ranking: feudalism and capitalism occurred. The socialism that with the abolition of the nobility, the leveling of mankind began, in the breeding of the nobility, culminating in the differentiation of mankind. Here, in social eugenics, is its highest historical mission he does not yet recognize today: from unjust inequality above par to lead to equitable inequality, over the ruins of all the pseudo-aristocracy to true, a new needle. [57]


Motto: Ethics is the soul of our culture -Her body art: mens sana in corpore sanol



Culture has turned Europe into a prison and the majority of its residents in Forced laborers. - The modern civilized man lives a life elenderes than any beast of the wilderness: the only Beings who are still pathetic when he, his pets - because they are still unfree are. The existence of a buffalo in the primeval forest, a condor of the Andes, a shark in the ocean is incomparably beautiful, free and happier than a European factory worker who, Chained day, hours and hours to his machine, inorganic handles required to do in order not to starve. Man, too, was once a happy beings in ancient times: a happy animal.

There lived he at liberty, as part of a tropical nature that nurtured him and warmed. His life was in the satisfaction of his instincts, he enjoyed it, to hit him a natural or violent death. He was free; lived in nature - instead of in the state; played - instead of working: so he was nice and happy. His courage and his life [61] joy were stronger than any pain that hit him and when all the dangers that threatened him. Over the millennia, man has lost this delicious, free existence. The Europeans who thinks he is the pinnacle of civilization, lives in unnatural and ugly cities unnatural, ugly, unfree, unhealthy, unorganized life. With stunted He breathes instincts and weakened health in dark rooms tainted air, and the organized society, the state, robbing him of any movement and freedom of action, while a harsh climate work forces him to life imprisonment. The freedom he once had, the man has lost: and with it the luck. -


Ultimate goal of all earthly existence is unfolding: the rock will crystallize, the plant grow and bloom, the beast and the man himself live. The pleasure that only humans and Animals is known, does not own, but only symptomatic value: the animal satisfies not his instincts, because it feels like it - but it feels like, because it's Instincts satisfied.
Development means growth according to the laws of their own inside: growth in freedom. Each external pressure and coercion inhibits the freedom of development. In a deterministic world Freedom has no meaning other than: dependence of internal laws, during bondage means that depending on external conditions. The crystal does not have the freedom, a any stereometric shape to [62] choose: the bud does not have the freedom to unfold to any flower: but the Freedom of the rock is that it is the crystal, the freedom of the bud, that it to Bloom is.

The unfree rock remains amorphous or crystalline - stunted the unfree bloom. In both cases, the external force is stronger than the internal strength. The product of human Freedom is the man unfolded, the product of human freedom: the stunted Person. Because the free man can evolve, it is beautiful and happy. The free, unfolded Man is the goal of all evolution and the measure of all human values. Man has lost its former freedom: that was his sin. So he became a ungluchlichen, imperfect creature. All wild animals are beautiful - while most People are ugly. There is much more perfect tigers, elephants, eagles, fish, Insects than people: because man is stunted by the loss of his freedom and degenerate. The legend of the lost paradise of old proclaims the truth that man is a Is banished from the realm of the freedom of leisure and nature-life,still lives the fauna of the jungle and among the people of today, some South Sea Islanders are still the closest. Paradise Lost is the time of the human-animal life in the tropics, since there no cities, no states and no work was. - [63]

3 Overpopulation AND NORTHERN WALK

Two things have the people driven out of his paradise: overpopulation and the Hike in colder zones. -

Due to the overpopulation man has lost the freedom of space: everywhere he stumbles its people and their interests - he was a slave society. By emigration to North man has lost the freedom of time: the leisure. Because the harsh climate forcing him to involuntary labor to earn a living, so he was a slave to the Nordic nature. The culture has destroyed the three forms of beauty that the existence of human nature transfigured: freedom, leisure, nature, in its place, it has the State, the work and the city placed. The culture of the South Europeans is a banished man, an exile of nature. -


The two despots of Culture Europeans read: society and environment. The social bondage reached its peak in the modern city, because here scrum and overpopulation are greatest. Since people are not only living together, but layered, immured in artificial stone blocks (houses): constantly guarded and distrusted by Bodies of the company, they need to without being asked a myriad of laws and regulations add, if they violate the same, they are years from their fellow martyred (locked) or killed (executed). - Is less oppressive than in the cities social freedom in the country, the least oppressive in sparsely populated areas, such as North America, Greenland, Mongolia and Arabia. There is still the man can unfold in space without coming into conflict with society equally, where there are Residues social freedom. The climate is most oppressive slavery in the civilized countries of the North. There must be the Man a sunless ground during the short summer months, the food for the wrest the year and at the same time and by obtaining clothing, housing Protect heater before the winter frost. He struggles against this forced labor, he must starve or freeze to death.

So it forces the Nordic climate restless, exhausting, strenuous forced labor. - More freedom granted nature in temperate zones, where the Man only one tyrant: the hunger must serve, while the second, the frost, is vanquished by the sun. The freest man is the tropical fruits and because there Nuts also feed him without work. Only for even climatic freedom. Europe is an overcrowded strip of land north and at the same time: that is why the Europeans unfree man, the slave of society and nature. Society and nature drive each other to their victims: the person who made the city into the Wilderness escapes, [65] order to seek shelter from the hustle of the society sees itself threatened by merciless climate, hunger and frost. The man who is in front of the forces of nature, the Flees town and there looking at his fellow Protection - sees itself threatened by the ruthless society that exploits and tramples him. -


World history is composed of liberation of man from the prison experiments the Company and the exile of the North. The four main ways in which people tried to the lost paradise of freedom and return home of leisure, were as follows:

I. The Way ruckwartst (emigration): back to loneliness and to the sun. With this Goals hike has always been people and nations of densely populated Erdstrichen in sparsely populated, from colder to warmer zones. Almost all migrations and a large part of war to engage in this initial urge for freedom of movement and sun traced. -II The way to the top (power) up from the crowds in the solitude, freedom and leisure of the top ten thousand! This cry was heard, as a result of overpopulation power Precondition of freedom - and due to the climatic conditions of the power condition Leisure was. Because only the Almighty can unfold without his fellow men.

Need to take into consideration - only the Almighty can free himself from the labor constraint by he allows others to work for you. I n overpopulated countries the individual is faced with the choice either to climb on the heads of his fellow man or his own head of them to be master or servant, robber or beggar to have occurred. - This general desire for Power was the father of wars, revolutions and fights between people. -III. The path to the inside (ethics): away from the crowd outside the inner solitude of the external work to the internal harmony! Pluman liberation through self-control, Seibstbeschrankung and selflessness; frugality as protection need; cut back the rights to leisure and freedom until they meet those minimum that provide an overpopulated society and a harsh climate. - On this drive, replace the to seek external bondage and work in freedom and peace of mind of the heart, all religious movements back. -IV The way forward (technology): out of the era of slavery, a new Age of freedom and leisure by the victory of the human spirit over the forces of nature! Overcome the overpopulation by increasing production of human Slave labor by enslaving forces of nature. - In this quest by conquering the Nature to break their tyranny, the technical and scientific progress due. - [67]


The fateful question of European culture is: "How is it possible to narrow the Space of a cold and barren Erdteiles huddled humanity from hunger, cold, To protect manslaughter and overexertion and to give her the freedom and leisure, through the they can reach happiness and beauty once? " The answer is: "By the development of ethics and technology." - Ethics can the Europeans through school, press, and religion from a predator in a Pet transform and thereby make him ripe for the free community - the technique can by increasing the production and transformation of the human forced labor in Machine work the Europeans give the free time and manpower to expand it a Culture needs. Ethics solves the social question from the inside - outside of technology.

In Europe, only two classes of people have the prerequisites to happiness: the rich, the
do anything and can have what they want - and the Saints, [68] who no longer want to do and have, as granted them their fate. The rich conquer an objective freedom through their power, others and the forces of nature into organs of its will transform - the Saints conquer a subjective freedom by the indifference with they face the earthly goods. The rich can unfold outwards - the Holy inwards. All other Europeans are slaves of nature and society: forced labor and Prisoners. -


It is the ideal of ethics, to make Europe a community of saints, it is the ideal the art to make Europe a community of rich. The ethics aims to Abolish greed, so that people no longer feel poor - the technology wants Not abolish, so that people are no longer poor. The policy is not in a position to make the people happy, yet rich. Therefore have their unauthorized attempts to solve the social question fail. Only in the service of Ethics and Technology policy can contribute to the solution of the social question. In the present state of ethics and technology would be the most that could reach policy the generalization of the lack of freedom, poverty and forced labor. You could this evil only balance, do not cancel; might from Europe penitentiary equal forced laborers make - but no Paradise. The citizens of the social ideal state would be less free than the meek and South Sea Islanders in the state of nature: the cultural history would be the history of a fatal deception in humans. -


As long as the ethics is too weak to protect people from his fellows, and the technology too undeveloped to pass on their workload to the forces of nature, - examines the Mankind fend off the damage of overpopulation by the state, the dangers of Climate by working. The state protects the people against the arbitrariness of the others - the work from the arbitrariness the forces of nature.

The State forced organized granted under certain conditions the people of his Freedom waived the protection of person and property against the murder and robbery cravings of his fellow men - organized forced labor granted in the northern regions People who renounces his time and labor, protection from starvation and Freeze. - These two institutions pardon the Europeans, who by nature as supernumerary death would have fallen to hard labor for life, to eke for his life, he has his freedom indulge. As a citizen, he is imprisoned in the narrow cage of his rights and obligations -as Forced labor, he is clamped into the hard yoke of his job performance. Declines [70] he was against the State for - as he faces the gallows, he rebels against the work - so threatened with starvation. -


State and Labor enter both pretend to be ideals, they require their victims awe and Love her. But they are not ideal: they are difficult to bear social and climatic Needs. Since there are states, dreams, the longing of the people from anarchy, from the ideal state of Statelessness - since there is work, dreams, the longing of the people of leisure from Ideal State of free time. Anarchy and idleness are ideals - not government and labor. Anarchy is in a densely populated society that is not on high ethical level, impracticable. Their realization would have the last bit of freedom and life opportunity reserved to the state to its citizens, destroy. In the general panic colliding Egoism people would crush each other. Instead of freedom would have anarchy worst slavery cause. In general leisure would in a northern part of the world within months, the majority of People starve or freeze to death. Poverty and misery would reach its peak. - Hermit anarchy prevail in deserts and snow fields under Eskimos and Bedouins; Leisure prevails in sparsely populated and fertile southerners. - [71]


State coercion and forced labor, both protector and oppressor of human culture, can be eliminated by a political revolution only by ethics and technology. Before not ethics has overcome the compulsion State, means anarchy general murder and robbery - not before technology has overcome the forced labor, starvation and general means leisure Freezing to death. Only ethics, the residents overpopulated countries from the tyranny of the Company redeem only by technology, can the inhabitants of colder zones from the tyranny of Forces of Nature redeem. The mission of the State is to make by promoting ethics itself superfluous and eventually lead to anarchy - the mission of the work, by promoting technology themselves to make unnecessary and ultimately lead to leisure.

Not the voluntary human community is both a curse - but only the forced state, not the voluntary work is curse - but only the forced labor. Licentiousness is not ideal but Freedom: Idleness is not ideal - but leisure. State coercion and forced labor are things that need to be overcome: but they can not be overcome by anarchy and leisure before and not ethics Technology are mature, to get to there, man must remove the coercive state to promote ethics - Remove the forced labor to promote the technology. [72]

The road to ethical anarchy leads to government coercion, the path leads to technical leisure on forced labor. The curve of the culture spiral of the past from Paradise to Paradise Future results, assumes the following double run: Nature anarchy -overpopulation - Forced State - Ethics - Cultural anarchy: NaturmuGe - Migration to the North - Forced labor - Technology - KulturmuBe. We are now in the middle of these curves, a far cry from two paradises: therefore our misery. The modern average European is not human nature - but not yet Civilized man, nothing more animals - but not human, not more part of nature - but still not the master of nature. -


Ethics and Technology are sisters: Ethics dominates the forces of nature in us, mastered technology the forces of nature around us. Both seek to subdue nature through formative mind. Ethics seeks to redeem the people through heroic negation: by resignation - Technology by heroic affirmation: by deed. Ethics reverses the will to power of the mind inwards: they want to conquer the microcosm. - Technology reverses the will to power of the mind to the outside: it wants to conquer the macrocosm. Neither ethics nor technology alone can redeem the Nordic people: for an ailing and freezing humanity can be saturated by either ethics [73] still be heated, an evil and humanity through art covetous neither right be protected even yet satisfied.

What benefits people all morality, if they starve and freeze to death like? And what benefits people of all technical progress, where they abuse him, to each other kill and maim? Culture Asia suffers more than overpopulation of frost: it was therefore easier to technology refrain, and its ethical development indulge as Europe, where ethics and technology must complement each other. - [74]


Asia's greatness lies in his ethics - Europe's size in his technique. Asia is the teacher of the world in which self-control. - Europe is the teacher of the world in the domination of nature. In Asia, the focus of social issue in overpopulation - in Europe in climate. Asia had mainly try to achieve peaceful coexistence among a majority of To enable people: it is only through education could the people for selflessness and self-control, by ethics. Europe had mainly try to capture the horrors of hunger and cold, the its inhabitants constantly threatened: it could only work and invention, by Art. -There are two basic values of life: harmony and energy, they are on all other values due. Asia size based on harmony and beauty. [75]

Europe's size and beauty is based on energy: Asia lives in space: his mind is intro-spective, introverted, quiet and closed, it is female, plant-like, static, Apollonian, classic, idyllic Europe lives in time: his mind is active, outward, moving and determined, it is Male, animal-like, dynamic, Dionysian, romantic, heroic.

Asia symbol is the all-encompassing sea, the circle - Europe's symbol is the go-ahead electricity, the straight line. Here is revealed the deepest meaning the cosmic symbol Alpha and Omega. In sign language, it gives us that mystical, recurring polarity of force and form, of time and space, Man and the cosmos, which is behind the soul of Europe and Asia: the big Omega, the circle, the wide gate to open to the cosmos - is a symbol of divine harmony of Asia; the large alpha, an upwardly facing acute angle, which pierces the Omega - is a Symbol of human activity and determination of Europe, with the eternal rest of Asia breaks. A and ’ft are also in the Freudian sense unmistakable symbols of the male and female sex: the union of these characters means procreation and life and reveals the eternal dualism of the world. The same symbolism is probably also the Digits 1 and 0 based on: the finite one as a protest against the infinite zero -Yes to No. - [76]


The soul of Asia and Europe emerged from the Asian and European climate. Asia's cultural centers are warm - Europe's cultural centers in cold climates. This resulted in their contrasting attitudes towards nature: while the southerners as a child and friend may feel his generous giving nature - the northern countries is forced into a hard struggle everything he needs to live in wresting a stingy soil, he is faced with the choice: to be either master or servant of nature - but in any case their opponents. I n the south, the conflict between man and nature was peaceful and harmonious - in North it was martial-heroic.

Europe's dynamics can be explained by the fact that it is the cultural center of the northern world. Since tens of thousands of years provide cold and barrenness of the soil to Europeans before the election:

"Work or Die” Who does not want to work or could, had to starve or freeze to death. Through many generations of the Nordic winter systematically eradicated the weak, passive, sluggish and contemplative Europeans and bred as a hard working, heroic Of people. Since prehistoric times, the white, nor the longer blonde humanity struggles with the winter, the she bleached, but at the same time tempered. This prehistoric Resilience has allowed the Europeans to Thanks, that he his health and vigor through all his sins through culture today has preserved. [77]

The white man is a son of winter, the Sun distance: to overcome the cold, He had tense muscles and mind to excel and create new suns himself; had to overcome the ever-hostile nature, umschaffen, subdue. Under this forced to choose between death and indeed, on the northern edge of each culture was their strongest, heroischster type: in Europe, the Teuton (Nor [d] manne), in Asia the J apanese, in America the Aztec. - The heat forces the people to limit his activity to a minimum - the cold compels him to increase his activity to a maximum.

Always the active, heroic man of the North defeated the passive harmonic south and conquered: then the more civilized south it has assimilated the barbaric Northmen and civilized - until he finally conquered even by a new north, and barbarized was regenerated. Most military conquests in the history of northern peoples go out and directed against the south - most spiritual - religious disturbances are of the Sudvolkern and turn against the North. Europe is religious of J ews - was militarily erobrert of Germans: in Asia won the Religions of India and Arabia: - during its political supremacy J apan. The active peoples warmer zones (Araber. Turks, Tartars, Mongols) come from deserts or steppes: here was the place of the northern winter, the dryness of the soil their taskmasters: but also took place here [78] necessarily the victory of the heroic people of the lovely, active on the passive, the hungry on the rich. -


India's heat, which paralyzes any activity that created the contemplative mentality: Europe's cold, which forces them to activity, created its active mentality: China's average temperature that a harmonious alternation of activity and tranquility demands created its harmonious mentality. These three temperatures have three basic types witnessed the contemplative religious, heroic and harmonic type.

The heroic religion and ethics of the North is expressed in the Edda and in the Philosophy of European and Japanese chivalry, and experienced their resurrection in the teaching of Nietzsche. Their highest virtues are courage and energy, their ideal is the Fight and the hero Siegfried. The peaceful religion and ethics of the South finds its Completion in Buddhism. Their highest virtues are austerity and gentleness, their ideal is the Peace and the Holy: Lord Buddha. The harmonious religion and ethics the middle unfolded in the West in Hellas, in the east China. It demands neither asceticism nor the renunciation of the struggle. She is optimistic and the other: their ideal is the noble man: the way Confucius, the artist Apollo. The Greek ideal of Apollonian man stands in the middle between the Germanic hero Siegfried and the Indian holy Buddha. - All religious and ethical structures are combinations of these three basic types. Each Religion, which spreads must adapt to these climatic demands. Thus approaches the Oriental Christianity Sudreligion that means the Catholic religion, the northern Protestant religion. The same is true of Buddhism in Ceylon, China and J apan. - Christianity has our culture transmits the values of the South Asian and the Renaissance has provided us with the ancient values of the center: chivalry has sent us the values of the North Germanic. -


Europe's cultural values are mixed - mainly nordic his mind. In goodness and wisdom of the Oriental is superior to the Europeans - is to drive and wisdom it after him. The European honor is a heroic value - the oriental Would a more harmonious. Constant battle hardened, lasting peace softens the heart. Therefore, the Oriental is milder and gentler than the Europeans. Moreover, that the social history of the Indians, Chinese,Japanese and Jews is many times older than that of the Germans, who in even 2000 years ago Anarchy lived: as the Asians were able to develop their social virtues better and longer than the Europeans. [80]

The goodness of the heart corresponds to the wisdom of the Spirit. Wisdom based on harmony - Wisdom on sharpness of mind. Wisdom is also a fruit of the mature South, which is rare in the north. Even the Philosophers of Europe are rarely wise, its ethicists rarely kind. Nor was the ancient culture richer in wise men, whose whole personality was the stamp clarified spirituality - during this type in modern Europe (among Christians) is almost extinct. Also related to the cultural and youth of the Germans together with the passion of European spirit. Moreover, that in the Christian Middle Ages the monasteries in the middle of a war and make the world the only asylums were for contemplative wisdom: there progressively withdrew the sages and died as victims of chastity vow of.

The European images of Christ look serious and sad during the Buddha statues smile. The thinkers of Europe are deeply serious - while the wise smile of Asia: because they live in Harmony with themselves, society and nature, not in battle, any reform to begin , instead of others and act as more by example than by books. Beyond the Thinking they will find their childishness again - during early European thinkers senile. And yet, Europe is on its way as great as Asia but its size is not in the Quality nor in the wisdom - but in the vigor and inventiveness. Europe is the hero of the earth, on every battlefront of mankind is at the forefront of Nations in hunting, war and technology has the Europeans done more than any historical or cultural people from beside him. He has almost all dangerous animals extinct in his lands; defeated almost all dark colored peoples and subject, and finally through invention and work through a Science and Technology such power over nature gained as never was and never before thought possible. Asia's world mission is the redemption of humanity through ethics - Europe is the World Mission Liberation of mankind through technology. Europe's icon is not the way, not the saint, not the martyrs - but the hero, the Fighter, champion and liberator.



With modern times, the great civilizing mission of Europe begins. The essence of Europe is the will to change the world through deeds and erbessern. Europe consciously sought this and from the present to the future, it is in a state of constant Emancipation, reformation, revolution, renewal, it is addictive, skeptical, irreverent and wrestles with its customs and traditions. I n J ewish mythology this European Spirit corresponds to Lucifer - in Greek Prometheus the light bringer, which carries the divine spark to earth and who rebels against the heavenly Asian harmony, against the divine order, the prince of this world, the Father of the struggle of technology, education and progress, the leader of the people in his struggle against nature. The spirit of Europe has broken the political despotism and tyranny of the Forces of nature. The Europeans knows that's not his fate to fall, but seeks it through action and by mastering his mind: as an activist and as a rationalist.


The Hellas was the forerunner of Europe, it first felt the essential difference between itself and Asia and discovered its activist-rationalist soul. His Olympus was not a paradise of peace - but a site of struggle, his supreme god was an irreverent rebel. Hellas dethroned his kings and gods - and put in their place the state of the citizen and the Religion of the people. This European Period of Greece began with the overthrow of the tyrant, and concluded with an Asiatic despotism of Alexander; the Diadochi, was a short continuation in Republican Rome which lost itself to the Roman Empire. Alexander the Great, the Hellenistic kings and Roman emperors were the heirs of the Asian idea of GroBkdnigtums. The Roman Empire differed in no material respects from the Oriental despotisms of China, Mesopotamia, India and Persia. In the Middle Ages, Europe was a spiritual and cultural province of Asia. It was dominated by the Asian religion of Christ. Asia was its religious culture, its mystical Mood, its monarchical form of government and the dualism of popes and emperors, Monks and knights. Only with the emancipation of Europe from Christianity, which began in the Renaissance and Reformation, continued in the Enlightenment, and culminated in Nietzsche - Europe came back to himself and separated spiritually from Asia.

European culture is the culture of modern times.


The world Philip II does not in any material respect a culture of progress towards World of Hammurabi: Neither in art nor in science, nor in politics, nor in the judiciary, still in administration. Three and a half centuries, and between us Philip lie, the world has changed thoroughly than in the previous three and a half Millennia. It was the technique
that Europe out of its Asian slumber of the Middle Ages aroused. She has chivalry and feudalism by the invention of the firearm - and Papacy Superstition defeated by invention of printing; has compass and marine engineering they opened the Europeans, the foreign parts of the world, which they then, with the help of the powder captured, has. The progress of modern science is not about the development of the technology Disconnect: without a telescope there would be no modern astronomy, without any microscope bacteriology. The modern art is closely connection with the art: modern Instrumental music, modern architecture, modern theater to rest partially on technical basis. The effect of photography on portraiture is also increase: because, as the photograph in Reproduction of facial shapes is unsurpassable, they will force the painting to her withdraw very own field and capture the essence, the soul of man. - A effect similar to the photograph on the painting could the cinematography to the Theater exercise. The modern strategy has changed thoroughly under the influence of technology. From a psychological science has become mainly a technical art of war. The today's war methods differ from those of the medieval important than the struggle, the indigenous peoples. The whole policy of presence is marked by the technical development: democracy, Nationalism and popular education can be traced back to the invention of printing: Industrialism and colonial imperialism. Capitalism and socialism are Consequences of technical and Vortschrittes imposed by him changing the World economy. As of a patriarchal agriculture, craft an individualistic Creates mentality - that creates the common, organized I ndustiearbeit the socialist Mentality: the technical organization of the work is reflected in the socialist organization of the workers. Finally, technological progress has changed the Europeans themselves: he is hasty, nervous, volatile, more alert, quick-witted, rationalist, active, practical and wiser become. We emphasize from these sequelae of the art of our culture, is what remains, in any way higher than the ancient Egyptian and ancient Babylonian culture -in some respects even deeper. [86]

Of the art, Europe owes its lead over all other cultures. It was through her it was the Lord and leader of the world. Europe is a function of the equipment. America has the highest increase in Europe. -


The technological age in Europe is a world-historical event whose importance to the Invention of the furnace in human prehistory is to be compared. With the invention of Fire began the history of human culture, the incarnation of the started Beastmen. All of the following material and spiritual progress of mankind build on the discovery of the original Europeans Prometheus. The technique represents a similar turning point in human history as the Fire. I n tens of thousands of years of history will be divided into a pre - the technical and one for - technical era. The Europeans - the longest so far will be extinct - is that the future of humanity as the Father of technical Weltenwende be praised as a savior. The potential impact of the technological age, at the beginning we are standing, obvious. It creates the material basis for all the cultures that are are distinguished by their altered significantly from all previous base. All previous cultures of the ancient Egyptian and Chinese to that of the Middle Ages, were each in their sequence and in their development as similar as they rested on the same technical conditions. From the earliest times to the Egyptian End of the Middle Ages, the technology has made no significant progress. The culture that will emerge from the technological age, is as far above the ancient and medieval are - like this about the cultures of the Stone Age. -


Europe is not a culture - it is a culture tangent: tangent to the large circle over the
Oriental cultures that emerged, flourished and passed to younger elsewhere to rise again. This culture circuit Europe has blown up and worn a path in the direction that unknown life forms will receive. Within the oriental cultures of the East and the West was all been there: the technical culture of Europe but is something Niedagewesenes, something truly new. Europe is a transition between the self-contained complex of all previous historic cultures and the culture of the future. An age in importance and dynamics is the European equivalent, the traces but we have lost, have the altbabvlonischen, ancient Chinese and ancient Egyptian culture have preceded. This prehistoric ago - Europe has the Created the foundation for all cultures of the past millennia, as modern Europe it was a culture tangent that had detached itself from the circuit during the on-prehistoric cultures. The end of the great world history is made up of Asian culture cycles and European cultural tangents. Without these tangents (the only spiritual, not in are European geographical sense) there would be only development, not development. After a long period of maturity dissolves again an ingenious people out of the darkness of the times, beyond the natural growing process and highlights the humanity to a higher level. Inventions, not seals or religions call this the Staten Culture Lung escaped: the invention of bronze, of iron, of electricity. These inventions form the eternal legacy of an age to all the cultures. Is of ancient nothing left - during the modern era, the culture enriched by the conquest of the Electricity and other forces of nature: these inventions will survive the fist Divine Comedy and the Iliad.

With the medieval castle of the culture of Iron - the modern age begins with the culture the machine: here does not begin a new culture - but a new era. Creator of this technological age is the ingenious people of Promethiden-Germanized Europeans. On their ingenuity as well as the modern culture is based on the ethics of J ews, the art of the Greeks and the Romans policy. - [89]


At the beginning of the technological age have two great Europeans what Europe anticipated: Leonardo da Vinci and Bacon of Verulam. Leonardo was devoted to technical Tasks with the same passion and artistic. His favorite was the problem Human flight, the solution of our time has witnessed in amazement. I n I ndia, there should be J oghis which cancel by ethics and asceticism, the gravity and the Can float air; Europe beat the ingenuity of engineers and its Materialization: the airplane, the force of gravity by technical means. Levitation and Flight technique symbolically represent the Asian and European path to power and freedom. -

Bacon was the creator of the bold technological utopia "New Atlantis". Your technical Character it differs significantly from all previous utopias, from Plato to Norus. The transformation of medieval Asian-European thinking in a latter day expressed From the contrast of Morus Ethical-political "Utopia” and Bacon's scientific technically "New Atlantis”. Morus still sees in social - ethical reforms the lever Improving the World - Bacon technical inventions. Morus was still Christian - Bacon Europeans already. - [90]


The contemplative man lives in peace with its environment - operating in the continuous State of war. To get to enforce and it must constantly develop foreign and enemy forces repel, destroy, enslave.

The struggle is a struggle for freedom and power. Win means to enforce his will.

Therefore, only the winner is free, only the winner powerful. Between freedom and power can be do not draw a line: the full enjoyment of their own freedom violated foreign interests: is power the only assurance of uninhibited freedom. The struggle of humanity for freedom coincides with their struggle for power. I n the Course she has conquered the world and subdued: the animal kingdom by hunting and animal husbandry - the Plant kingdom by agriculture - the mineral kingdom through mining -the forces of nature through technology. From an unassuming, weak animals, man is the Lord of the earth soared. - [97]


The first phase of the human struggle was the era of hunting. I n hundreds of thousands of years-long struggles of man has dominion over the Wildlife won. This victorious struggle of the people against all relatively weak extinct and extant species is larger and wilder in its magnificence compare with the conquest of the ancient world through the small village of Latin Rome. Man triumphed over all horns and teeth, paws and claws its better physically armed rivals only by the weapon of his superior intellect, which is in the course this battle has constantly honed. The objectives of the human struggle against its enemies were animal defensive and offensive: Defense and enslavement. First, the man was content to make the enemy harmless animals by Defense and extermination, and he later began to tame them and make use of them. He transformed wolves into dogs, buffalo in cattle, wild elephants, camels, reindeer, donkeys, horses, Llamas, goats, sheep and cats tame. So he threw himself from the family of prehistoric Rival an army of animal slaves, an arsenal of living machines in his service worked and fought, his freedom and his power multiplied. -


To maintain and enhance the acquired power, the man proceeded to his Fellow human beingsusing the same methods to fight like the animal world. The era of hunting was transformed in an age of war. The man wrestled with the man to the distribution of the Wildlife conquered Earth. Defended the weaker from the stronger, destroyed or enslaved: War was a special form of hunting, slavery, a specialized form of animal husbandry. I n the struggle for Power and Freedom won the stronger, bolder and wiser man over the weaker, feigeren, stupider. The war sharpened the human spirit, steeled the man power. -


In the long run neither hunting nor war alone could feed the people: he had again make a change of front, and take up the fight against the lifeless nature. The Age of the work began. Yet brought wars and hunting adventure fame and sensations - but the focus of life shifted after work, because they only him the food brought it needed for its preservation. The work was a special type of war - the technology a special form of slavery: instead Human nature forces were defeated and enslaved. By working man fighting hunger: he threw himself to the ground and the Crops and earned their income. By working man fought the winter frost: built houses, wove fabrics, felled wood. He protected himself by working from the enemy Forces of nature. - [93]


Hunting, war, work went into each other in so many ways that it is impossible for them chronologically to separate from each other. Earlier the age of hunting ran parallel with the thousands of years the war - as now, the age of war runs parallel with the work, but the Focus of the battle front shifted and shifted constantly. While originally the Hunt stood at the center of human activity occurred in the aftermath of the war and in its place last work. The war, which was once essential and necessary for the progress of civilization, has this meaning lost and has become a dangerous pest culture. Today not call wars the stages of progress - but inventions. The decisive battles of human freedom and power to play today at the front the work from. I n a time when the world war is interested only historians, our Turn of the century stand as glorious birth of human flight. How was the age of the war, the hunt as an anachronism - that gets in the age the work of the war as an anachronism. But in this era every war Civil War, because it is directed against militants and the J oint Labor Front confused. I n the age of the glorification of work Kriges is as outdated as the War era, the glory of the hunt.

Originally, the Dragon and lion slayer of the hero, and then it was the commander, and finally there is the inventor.

Lavoisier has done more for human development, as Robespierre and Bonaparte together. How prevailed in the era of hunters hunting in the war era of the warrior - that is in the age the work of the workers prevail. -


The age of the work falls into the of agriculture and technology. As a farmer, man against nature is primarily defensive - as a technician offensively. The methods of work are similar to those of war and hunting: Defence and enslavement. The era of agriculture is limited to ward off hunger and cold - while the Technology is transitioning to enslave the formerly hostile forces of nature. The man has power Today, steam and electricity, and a slave army of machines. With them he defends not only against cold and hunger, natural disasters and disease - but it even takes to tackle the barriers of space, time and gravity. Its Struggle for freedom from the forces of nature turns into a struggle for power over the forces of nature. -

Technology is the practical application of science to control nature; technique for the broader sense includes chemistry as nuclear technology and medicine as organic technology. Spiritualized art work: thus [95] it reduces the workload increases and they return to work. Technique is based on heroic, aktivistisher attitude to nature, they do not want the will of natural forces add, but dominate it. The will to power is the driving force behind of technical progress. I n the forces of nature provides the technician tyrant to topple the, Opponents to defeat those beasts are tame. - The technique is a child of the European mind. -VI. THE CAMPAIGN OF TECHNOLOGY


Due to the increase in population, the situation of Europeans will increasingly desperate and, despite the recent advances in technology, it is still in a rather pitiful state. The specters of hunger and freezing to death, he has pushed back - but at the price of his Freedom and its leisure. The terrible forced labor begins for the Europeans in the age of seven with the School Constraints and usually ends only with death. His childhood is poisoned by the Preparation for life struggle which in the following decades his whole time and Personality, his vitality and joy of life devours. At leisure is the death penalty, and the assets less average European has the choice: either to exhaustion to work or starve with her children. The whip hunger drives him on, despite Exhaustion, disgust and bitterness continue working. The peoples of Europe have undertaken two policy experiments, this wretched To improve state: colonialism and socialism. - [97]


The first form of colonialism is the conquest and colonization of sparsely populated Erdstriche by nations that suffer from overpopulation. Emigration is actually save capable of over-population countries and people, which the European crowd intolerable is to ensure a free and dignified existence. The emigration offers still many millions of people a way out of hell and should therefore extend to the European any way be encouraged.

  • The second form of colonial policy based on exploitation warmer Erdstriche and colored Peoples. People south breeds by European guns and rifles from their roused golden leisure and forced to work in the service of Europe. The poorer, but more systematically plundering the richer north south but weaker, he robs him Wealth, freedom and leisure, and used this robbery for the increase of their own wealth, their own freedom and their own leisure. This aids the robbery, exploitation and slavery, some European Nations owe part of their prosperity, they put in a position, the lot of their local workers to improve. - I n the long run this tool must fail: because its inevitable result is a tremendous slave revolt, which sweep the Europeans from the colored colonies and thus Europe's tropical culture base will fall. - [98]

Also, the emigration is only a temporary aids: already are some colonies just as crowded as their mother countries and nourish the same misery. The time must come when there will be no more deserted areas on earth. Until then, new means must be found to the European doom counter. -


The second attempt to alleviate the European mass misery, takes socialism. Socialism wants ban by the European hell even distribution of Workload and labor income. There is no doubt that lot, the European masses significantly improve common-sense reforms could. However, if the social progress is not being worn by a recovery of the art, it can the social Only relieve misery, do not fix it. Because the work load that is necessary for feeding and warming the much too many Europeans, large, the working income that the rough and not enough fertile in Europe also intensive utilization yields relatively small, so that even when most fair distribution on each Europeans lot of work and very little pay would fall. Would at the present state of the art dissolve the life in a socialist Europe to the dual action: working to eat and eat to work. The ideal of equality would be achieved but of freedom, leisure and Culture would be [99]

Europe further than ever. To liberate people, Europe is on the one hand to barbaric, on the other hand poor. The assets of the wealthy few, spread over all, would trace disappear: the poverty would not be abolished, but generalized. Socialism alone is unable Europe from his bondage and his misery Lead to freedom and prosperity. Neither ballots nor may the shares Collier compensate for the fact that he has to spend his life in caves and shafts. Most Slaves of oriental despots are freer than the free laborers of a socialized work. Socialism fails the European problem, if he does in the unfair distribution Fundamental evil of the European economy looks instead to the insufficient production.

The root the European misery is the necessity of forced labor not in the I njustice of their distribution. Socialism is wrong to capitalism in the last Cause of the deadly forced labor does, groaning under the Europe, for in truth only flows a very small part of the European labor power to the capitalists and their luxury: the vast majority of this work is used in a barren part of the world to a fruitful transform, to get a cold to a warm and on it a number of people, which he attributed to naturally could not feed. The winter and the overpopulation of Europe are harder and more cruel despot, as all Capitalists: but do not lead the European politicians [100]

Revolution against these ruthless tyrant - but the inventor.


The colonial imperialism, as well as socialism are palliative, not remedy the European disease, they can relieve the distress, not banish; postpone the disaster, not using contraception. Europe will have to decide either to decimate its population and to commit suicide - or by generous increase production and Vervollkomnung to recover the art. Because only this way can the Europeans to prosperity, Leisure and culture lead, while the social and colonial finally escape routes in Dead-end lead. Europe must also be clear that technical progress a war of liberation Stiles is greatest against the toughest, most brutal and ruthless tyrants: the Nordic nature.

Of the outputs of this technical world revolution depends on whether humanity which once in eons possible opportunity: to become the mistress of nature - benefits, or whether this Opportunity, perhaps for ever, lets go unused over. - A hundred years ago as Europe opened the offensive against the overpowering nature, against which had until then only defended. It was not content more so, at the mercy of Forces of nature to live: but it began to enslave his enemies. [101]

Technology has begun to supplement the slave army of pets and the army of slaves Difficult to replace workers with machines that are operated by natural forces. -


Europe (and with it, America) has the greatest on this most momentous of wars and Globe mobilized. On the frontlines of the global labor army against the arbitrariness of the natural forces fights, the industrial workers, their officers, engineers, contractors, directors, their General Staff are the inventors, their train farmers and farm workers, their artillery Machines, their trenches, mines, factories, their forts. With this army, whose reserves he takes all parts of the world, the white man hopes To break the tyranny of nature, to subdue their forces to the human spirit, and so the People to finally liberate. -


The technical army has suffered its first decisive victory over one of the oldest Enemies of the human race: the flash. Has always been the spark of electricity as lightning threatened the people, wounded, killed, has its Burned houses and killed his cattle. This treacherous enemies, who never in it any helped a manner that the person was surrendered by hundreds of thousands of years to Benjamin Franklin by invention [102] lightning rod of his reign of terror over the people broke. The electric spark as a scourge of humanity was thus averted. But the white man was not content with this save Wins: he went on the offensive and reached it in a century this enemy into a slave, this dangerous predator in its to convert most useful pet.

Today, the electric spark that once our forefathers met with horror lit, our Room, cooking our tea, ironed our clothes, our heated room, ringing our bells, carried our letters (telegrams), pulls cars and wagons, machinery drives - So, with In a word, our messenger, postman, porter, cook, heaters, lighting, workers, Porters and even become our executioner. What today is the electric spark in Europe and America does in the service of the people, would be even a doubling of the human Working hours are not removed to replace. Like these formerly hostile force of nature not only was repulsed, but in has become the most indispensable and useful servant of the people -that will one day the waters of the sea and the gluten of the sun, storms and floods from Enemies of the people are slaves. From poisons to cure deadly germs from Vaccinations. As the man of primitive times has tamed wild animals and subjected - as tames and modern man subjecting wild forces of nature. By such victories, the Nordic man [103] is once freedom, leisure and culture conquer: not by depopulation or renunciation, not by War and revolution - but through invention and work through spirit and deed. -


In our era of European history inventor is a major benefactor of mankind as the Holy One. The inventor of the automobile has done more good for the horses and saves them more suffering as all animal welfare organizations in the world. The car is small in terms of thousands of East Asian coolies from their Zugtierdasein to redeem. The inventor of diphtheria - and Blatter serum have saved more children's lives than any Nurseries. The galley slaves owed their liberation of modern marine technology, while by the introduction of modern technology Petroleumfeuerung the stoker from their Hell occupations begins to redeem. The inventor who, for instance by nuclear fragmentation, creates a practical carbon replacement - is done more for humanity than the most successful social reformer, for he is redeem the millions of coal miners from their inhuman existence, a large Part of the human workload pay off - while today it no communist dictator could avoid condemning people to that underground mine life. The chemist, who manages to wood consumption [104] make that would free mankind from the Sklavenjoche of hunger, and the longer they suppressed cruel than any human tyranny. - Neither ethics nor art, nor religion, nor politics will repay the heavenly curse - but art. The organic technology, medicine, it is reserved for the Erbfluch the To banish wife, thou shalt bring forth children in pain Your", the inorganic Technology is subject to banish the Erbfluch the man: "I n the sweat of thy brow shalt You eat your bread.

In many ways our Zeitarter similar to the beginning of the Roman Empire. Then hoped the World of redemption by the Kingdom of Peace of the Pax Romana. The hoped-for world change came - but from a completely different source: not from the outside - but inside, not by politics - but by Religion, not by Caesar Augustus - but through J esus Christ. Also, we are facing a turning world; humanity today expects from the socialist Era, the dawn of the golden age. The hoped-for world is turning, perhaps, are: but not by politics - but by technique: not a revolutionary - but by an inventor: not by Lenin - but by a man who may already somewhere nameless lives and one day it will be possible through new development, unimagined energy sources to save humanity from hunger, cold and forced labor. -[105]


Any previous culture was founded on slavery: slaves on the ancient, the medieval of serfs, on the modern proletarians. - The importance of slaves based on the fact that they by their lack of freedom and more working space provide for the freedom and leisure of a ruling class that is a prerequisite of any culture education. Because it is not possible that the same people are doing the tremendous physical work, the need for food, clothing and shelter of her generation - and at the same time immense mental work that is needed to create and sustain a culture. Everywhere there is division of labor so that the brain can think, have the guts digest, without their roots burrow in the earth, no plant can bloom to the sky. Support people of every culture are developed. Development is impossible without an atmosphere of freedom and leisure: and the rock can only be in liquid, free state crystallize, where it is included unfree, it must remain amorphous.

The visual culture of freedom and Leisure [106] less could only be created by slavery and revision of many. In northern and crowded bars was the divine existence of thousands and always built around an animal existence of hundreds of thousands. The modern age with their Christian, social ideas was faced with the alternative: either culture sacrifices - or maintain slavery. Spoke against the first contingency aesthetic - from the second ethical concerns: the first was repugnant to the taste, the second sense. Western Europe opted for the second solution: the rest of his bourgeois culture receive, it retained the industrial proletariat in masked form of slavery in - while Russia gets ready to grab the first solution: it frees its proletarian, but brings this emancipation of slaves his whole culture to the victim. Both solutions are unbearable in their consequence. The human spirit must go to a Way out of this dilemma are searching to find him in the art. You alone can at the same time Break slavery and save the culture.


Ultimate goal of the technique is replacement of slave labor by machine labor; survey of Total humanity to a ruling caste, in the service of an army of forces in nature Machinery working shape. [107]

We are on the way to this goal: previously had almost all of the technical energy generated by human or animal muscle - today they are often by steam power, Electricity and motor power replaced. More and more people fall to the role of a regulator of energies - instead of a producer. Yesterday moved to the coolie workers as the culture forward - tomorrow he will be their chauffeur who observes, thinks, and directs, instead of running and sweat. The machine is the liberation of the people from the yoke of slavery. They can through afford a more brain work and create more values as a million poor. The machine is materialized spirit people, frozen mathematics, the grateful creature of man, begotten from the mental power of the inventor, born of the muscle strength of the workers. The machine has a dual mission: to increase the production and work reduce and simplify.

By increase of his production the machine will break down the emergency - by reducing the labor slavery. Today the workers must be human only in the lowest part - because for the most part he Machine must be: in the future, the machine is the Machine that the Mechanical Work and let the people take the human, the organic. So opened the machine's view of spirituality and individualization of human work: their free and creative component will grow over the auto matically-mechanical - the spiritual over the material. Only then will the work cease to depersonalize the people to mechanize, to degrade, then only the work of the game, the sport and the free creative activity are similar. It is not, as now, be a hostage who suppressed all human - but a tool against boredom, a distraction and a physical or mental exercise to develop of all abilities. This work, which will make the human brain as his machine and on Rule is founded, is blunt rather stimulate, depress raise instead. -


Besides these two tasks: relieve the suffering of increasing production and reducing slavery by reduction and individualization of labor - the machine has still a third culture mission: the resolution of the modern city and the recycling of the Man in nature. - The origins of the modern city comes at a time when the horse is the fastest Transport was and there was no telephones. At that time it was necessary that the People in close proximity to their places of work and, consequently, to a confined space lived crammed together. Technology has changed these conditions: train, car, bicycle and telephone allow the workers today, many miles away from his office to residential. For the Construction [109]and the accumulation of tenements is no longer necessary. In the future, the People have the opportunity to live side by side instead of one above the other, in gardens to breathe healthy air, bright and spacious rooms in a healthy, clean-looking, to lead decent lives. Electric and gas stoves (without the trouble of Protect heating and procure the fuel material) from the winter chill, electric Lamps before the long winter nights.

The human spirit will triumph over the winter and make the northern residential zone as well as the moderate. The development of the garden city has already begun: the rich leave the centers of the Cities they inhabited before, and settle on the periphery or in the Environment. The newly emerging industrial cities stretch into the distance instead of the height. - At a higher level, the cities of the future in the system will have some similarity with those of the Middle Ages grouped as there is a huge cathedral, the low public house were - that are at once a giant skyscraper (of all public and private Bureaus and include its goods and eating house is), the low houses and wide Gardens in the garden city expand. I n factory towns, the factory is that central cathedral of the His work: the devotion of the people in these cathedrals of future work for the His community. Who will not be professionally tied to the city, will live in the country, through the Transmission lines and wireless connections to the conveniences, Activities and distractions of the city will participate.

A time will come when people will not understand how it once was possible to live in the stone labyrinths, which we now know as modern cities. Their Ruins will then be admired, as now, the dwellings of the cave dwellers. The Doctors will rack their brains as ever from the hygienic point of view was possible that people in such seclusion of nature, freedom, light and air, such an atmosphere of soot, smoke, dust and dirt live and prosper at all could. - The coming degradation of the city as a result of the upswing of traffic engineering is a necessary precondition of real culture. Because in the unnatural and unhealthy Atmosphere of today's big city people are systematically in body, mind and spirit poisoned and crippled. The city culture is a marsh plant: because it is supported by degenerate, morbid and decadent people who voluntarily or involuntarily in this Dead ends of life are advised.


The technique is able to modern man more happiness and To promote opportunities for the last time their princes and kings. To be sure, today, at the beginning of the technical world-period, the number of those who are Inventions of modern times unlimited available, low. A modern dollar millionaire can with all the luxury, all comfort, all art and all Surrounded by beauty that offers the earth. He can enjoy all the fruits of nature and culture, may, without work, live where and how he pleases. He may, by telephone and car Be optionally connected to the world or divorced her, he can as a hermit in the Big city life or in society at his country seat; needs neither under the climate still suffer from overpopulation, hunger and frost are unknown to him, by his Aeroplane he is the master of the air through his yacht Lord of the seas. I n many ways, he is free and powerful than Napoleon and Caesar. They could only dominate people - but not Flying over oceans and continents speak. He, however, is Lord of nature.

Forces of nature use it as an invisible, powerful servant and spirits. With their help, he can quickly and fly higher than a bird, about the Earth at a speed faster than a gazelle and live under water like a fish. He is free through these abilities and powers, even as the natives of the South Pacific and has overcome the curse of paradise. I n a roundabout way about the culture he is a more perfect paradise returned. - The basis for such perfect life has created the technology. For a select few has made from the Nordic forests and swamps cultural havens. I n this Lucky children can see a man of destiny promise to his children's children. They are the vanguard of humanity on their way in the Eden of the Future. What is the exception today, may, with further technological advances will rule. Technology has broken the gates of Paradise: through the narrow entrance are so far only paced a few: but the road is open and can once through diligence and spirit all Humanity follow those lucky children. Humans need not despair: he was never his goals as close as today.

A few centuries ago was the possession of a glass window, a mirror, a clock, of Sugar soap or a great luxury: the technical production has these once rare goods over the masses scattered. As everyone now carries a clock and has a mirror -this could perhaps in a century everyone a car, his villa and have his telephone. The Prosperity must increase more rapidly and more generally, the faster the Production figures to rise in proportion to the population numbers. It is the culture of the target Technology to offer once all the people living ways through which those millionaires today . feature Against, not against wealth - why fight the technology against the need Bondage - not against domination. Your goal is generalization of the wealth, power, of leisure, beauty and happiness: not proletarianization, but the aristocratization Humanity [113]



The paradise of the future can not sneak through coups - it only can be achieved by Conquer work. The spirit of the technological age is heroic pacifist: heroic, because Art of war with a changed object is - because his pacifist struggle is not against People oriented, but against forces of nature. - The technical heroism is bloodless: the technical hero works, thinks, acts, and dares tolerate, not to seek for his fellow man for life, but to them from the Yoke of slavery to redeem from hunger, cold, poverty and forced labor. The hero of the technological age is a peaceful hero of the work and the spirit. - The work of the technical age is asceticism: self-control and self-denial. In their present form and its present proportions it is not a pleasure, but a hard sacrifice, we offer up our neighbors and descendants. [114]

Asceticism is exercise: it is the Greek term for what is called in English training: by this translation of the term asceticism loses his pessimistic character and is optimistic-heroic. The optimistic, life-affirming asceticism of the technological age is preparing a kingdom of God on earth before: it clears the earth to paradise, and for this purpose they move mountains, rivers and lakes, wrapped the world in cable and rails, creates Urvaldern plantations from Steppes farmland. As a supernatural being, man changed the earth's surface his needs.


In the era of work and technology there is no greater vice than inertia - as in the age the war is no greater vice than cowardice. Overcoming inertia is the main task of technical heroism. Where life manifests as energy - is the inertia of the signs of death. The Struggle of life against death is a battle against the inertia of the breath. The victory of the Death over life is a triumph of inertia about the energy. The messengers of death are age and disease: in them gaining power over the inertia of the energy of life: trains, limbs, Movements become limp and drooping, vitality, courage and vitality decrease, everything tends to the earth, is tired and sluggish - to the man who no longer go forward and [115]can not keep upright, falls a victim to the inertia in the grave: the triumphs there Inertia about life. All young flowers strive against gravity, to the sun: drop all ripe fruits of overcome the force of gravity to Earth. - Symbol of victory over the technical gravity of the triumphant human will and Human spirit over the inertia of matter is the flying man. Few things are as sublime and as beautiful as he. Here, truth and fiction, romance, and marry Technology, the myths of Daedalus and Wieland with the visions of Leonardo and Goethe, through Deeds of technicians are the most daring poet dreams reality: on wings that have Spirit and his will have excited, man about space, time and gravity rises, over land and sea. -


Anyone still doubting the value of beauty of the art, must in the face of the flying People fall silent. But not only the aircraft gives us new beauty: also Automotive, motor, express locomotive, dynamo activity and are Motion of its own, specific beauty. But because this beauty is dynamic, can they do not like the static beauty of the landscape of brush, pen and chisel held be: therefore it does not exist for people without original sense of beauty, the art require as Wegweiserin in the maze of beauty. [116]

One thing is beautiful by the ideals of harmony and vitality, and it gives us the Impulses that it gives us in these directions. Thus, each culture creates its own Symbols of power and beauty the Greeks increased its own harmony of statues and temples; the Romans increased his strength and courage to fight the circus and its predators Gladiators; the medieval Christian deepened and glorified his soul through empathy with the passion in Sacrifice of the Mass and sacraments of the altar; the citizens of the modern era grew to the heroes of his novels and theater; The Japanese learned grace, grace and fate Serge yellowing of its flowers. - I n a time of restless progress of the beauty ideal had to be dynamic - and with it its symbol. The man of the technological age is a student of the machine he created: he learns of her tireless work and gathered strength. The machine as Creature and temple of the Holy Spirit symbolized people overcoming of matter through the Spirit, by the movement of the stare, by the force of inertia: the Explore Rub in the service of the idea that humanity was liberated by the act. - The technique has the next Zeitaltet given a new form of expression: the cinema. The Cinema is on the point, the theater of today, the Church of yesterday, circus and amphitheater from yesterday to replace and to play a leading role in the work culture of the future state.

In all his artistic shortcomings today begins the film, a new gospel unconsciously to wear the masses: the gospel of strength and beauty. He announces beyond good and evil, the triumph of man's strongest and most beautiful woman - whether the Man who towers over his rivals of body, will and mind power, adventurer or hero, Criminal or detective, and whether the woman sexy or noble, graceful or selfless is than the other, or courtesan mother. To preach the canvas in a thousand variations of the Men: "Be strong!" the women: "Be nice!” This massive educational mission that lies dormant in the cinema to purify, and expand a the largest and the most important aspects of today's artists: for the cinema of the Future is unquestionably on the proletarian culture have a greater influence than the theater on the bourgeois. -


The cult of the technological age is a worship of power. For the development of harmony lack of time and leisure. In their character the golden age of culture is used to stand, the will follow the iron age work. Indicative of the dynamic adjustment of our era it is male -European Character. The male-European Nietzsche's ethics is the protest against our age the female-Asian morality of Christianity. Also, the emancipation of women is a sym-ptom for the masculinization of our world, because it does not lead the female human type to power - but the male. While previously the female woman by their influence on Men participated in the world domination - swing today men of both sexes the scepter of economic and political power. The emancipation of women is the Triumph of virago about the real, feminine woman, it does not lead to victory - but the abolition of the woman. The lady is already dying out: the woman should follow her. -

By emancipation is the female sex, which was previously dismissed in part, for mobilized the technical War and queued in the army of labor. - The emancipation of Asians taking place under the same conditions as the Emancipation of women, it is a symptom of the Europeanization of our world, for they does not lead the oriental type to victory - but the European. Whereas previously the oriental spirit by Christianity dominated Europe -share and white today colored Europeans in world domination. The so-called awakening of the Orient means the Triumph of the yellow Europeans about the true Orientals, it does not lead to victory - but the destruction of the oriental culture. Where in East Asia, the blood wins, he wins with the Spirit of Europe: the male, tough, dynamic, ambitious, energetic, rationalist spirit. To participate in the progress, Asia needs its harmonious soul and culture against European-vital interchange. - The emancipation of Asians is their entry into the Euro-[ 119]

American army of labor and their mobilization for technical war. After its triumphant termination Asia is again the woman be feminine again can: Asia and then the woman will educate the world purer harmony. But until then Asians have to wear the uniform European - the women, the male. -


Who understands cultural harmony with nature, must call our barbaric era - who understands cultural engagement with nature, the specific needs, male European Worthy shape our culture. The Christian Oriental origin of the European ethics made them fail to recognize the ethical value of technological progress, only appears heroic ascetic struggle from the perspective of technical Nietzsche Age to salvation through spirit and drive as good and noble. The virtues of the technological age are mainly: energy, endurance, bravery, Renunciation, self-control and solidarity. These properties toughen the soul bloodless, hard struggle of social work. - The ethics of work is linked to the chivalrous ethic of struggle in: both male, both Nordic. Only these ethics will adapt to the new circumstances and the place of survived chivalry set a new working honor. The new concept of honor is based on work - The new shame [120] to laziness. The lazy man is considered a deserter from the labor front and despised are. The objects of the new hero worship will be an inventor, instead of generals: Values-Creator-destroyer instead of values. From the Christian moral ethics of the work the spirit of pacifism and is Socialism accept: because only the peace-productive for the technical development - the War is destructive and only because of the social spirit of cooperation among all professionals to may lead technical victories over nature. -


Each passivistische and hostile propaganda against the technical and industrial development depends - is treason in the work of army in Europe: for it is Call to retreat and desertion during the decisive battle. - Tolstoyans and neo-Buddhists make this cultural transgression guilty: they call the white Humanity to surrender shortly before their final victory for nature, the art of the conquered grounds to vacate voluntarily and primitiveness of agriculture and animal husbandry return. Tired of the fight they want Europe to continue his humble nature in a impoverished, childlike existence eking out - instead of by the highest exertion of the mind, Will and victorious muscles to create a new world. What is viable and able to cope with life even in Europe, rejects this cultural suicide from: it feels the [121] Uniqueness of his situation and his responsibility to the future of humanity. One Capitulation of the art would reflect the world in Asian culture circuit. Hard in front of their goals would the world of technology revolution that Europe is collapsing, and one of the greatest humanity buried hopes.

The North Country Europe that of his heroic work lives, must fend off the enervating spirit of Buddhism. J apan has, according more industrialized it to move away from Buddhism internally, as would Europe, the more it inwardly Buddhism surrenders, neglect its technical mission and betrayed. Buddhism is a wonderful culmination of mature cultures - but a dangerous poison for expectant cultures. His belief is good for the age, for the fall - like religion Nietzsche for youth and spring - the belief Goethe for the bloom of summer. - Buddhism would stifle the technology - and with it the spirit of Europe. - Europe is to remain true to its mission and never deny the roots of his being: Heroism and rationalism will Germanic and Hellenic spirit. Because the miracle Europe arose only from the marriage of these two elements. The blind thirst for action northern barbarians was seeing and fruitful by the touch of the Mediterranean Spiritual culture: so were warriors from thinkers, inventors of heroes. The mysticism of Asia in Europe threatens mental clarity - the passivism Asia threatened [ 122 ] his masculine energy. Only when Europe resists these temptations and dangers and be conscious of their own Hellenic and Germanic ideals - it will fight to the technical Can fight end to once to redeem themselves and the world. - [123]



Stinnes is the leader of the capitalist economy in Germany - the leader of the Krasin communist economy of Russia. In the following, they are regarded as exponents of capitalist and communist production, not as individuals. - Since the collapse of the three major European military monarchies there is in our Only parts of the world economy countries: economic issues are at the center of the inner and foreign policy: Mercury rules the world, as the heir of Mars - as a precursor to Apollo. The conversion from military to economic state government is the political expression of the fact that instead the war front, the labor front has moved to the forefront of the story. The age of war corresponded military states - correspond to the age of the work States economy. The capitalist state as the Communist countries are working: no more [124]

War states - not yet civilized states. Both are dominated by the production and technical progress. Both controlled by the producers, as once the military states by the military: the Communist of the leaders of the industrial workers - of the capitalist the leaders of the industrialists. Capitalism and communism are equally congenial to how Catholicism and
Protestantism, which maintained for centuries by extreme contrasts and with all Agents fought bloody. Not their differences, but their relationship is the Cause of the bitter hatred with which they follow each other. As long as capitalists and communists are on the point of view, it is permissible and necessary Kill or starve because they represent different economic principles people - Both are virtually at a very low level of ethical development. Theoretically, however, the requirements and objectives of communism are ethical than the Capitalism because they are based on objective and fair criteria. But are not relevant for technological progress ethical considerations: here is the Crucial question whether capitalist or communist system more efficient and is suitable to perform the technical liberation struggle against the forces of nature. -


The success speaks for Stinnes, against Krasin, capitalist economy is flourishing, while the communicate [125] nist razed to the ground. From this finding on the value of the two systems to close would be easy but unfair. For it must not be overlooked, under what Circumstances of communism took over and led the Russian economy: important for a military, political and social collapse, after loss Industrial areas in the fight against the whole world, under the pressure of years of blockade,long civil war and the passive resistance of the peasants, the citizens and the intelligentsia: plus joined the catastrophic crop failure. When all these circumstances, and the lower one organizational talent and education of the Russian people into account draws - so you can just baffled that the remains of a Russian industry have received.

The failures of communism five years under these aggravating circumstances to the Want to measure success of mature capitalism would be as unjust as a compare newborn child with an adult man, and then determine the child was an idiot - while, perhaps, a nascent genius lies dormant in him. - Even when Communism collapsed in Russia, it would be equally naive to the social Revolution thus to declare dismissed - as after the collapse of the Hussite Movement would have been foolish to hold the Reformation done: because after a few Luther appeared decades and led many of the Hussite ideas to victory. - [


The main advantage of the capitalist economy lies in its experience. It dominates all methods of organization and production, all strategic secrets in battle between man and nature and has a staff of trained officers industry. The Communism, however is forced to a lack of general staff and Officers to design new war plans, new organizational and production methods try. Stinnes can penetrate forward to retracted tracks - while Krasin Scouts must be in the jungle of the economic revolution. - By competition, profit and risk capitalism uses an unsurpassable Engine which receives the economic apparatus in constant motion: egoism. Everyone Entrepreneur, inventor, engineer and worker feels compelled the capitalist state, to harness his powers to the utmost, to avoid being overrun by the competition and to perish. The soldiers and officers of the labor army must advance, not to come under the wheels. I n the free initiative of the company is another advantage of capitalism, the Technology has a lot to thank. One of the most difficult problems of communism lies in the Avoid the economic bureaucracy, of which he is constantly threatened.

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Editor's note

In my travels across the Internet, I have not found an English translation of an important work by a man many consider to be the Father of Modern day Europe entitled Practical Idealism. This book was written by Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi about the direction that modern Europe should take.

When reading this work, there are several things that you should note. This work was translated using Google Translate which produced fairly good results. Needless to say,the reader should at least be able to understand the point that Kalergi makes in the book. A problem has been encountered in the translation of the more archaic phrasing of the book which has left these phrases and certain words in German. This does not affect the overall readability of the text and even in places where this is the case, this is not too big of an issue.

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