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The above picture from the film and TV industry is a good reminder that copying is stealing, and that the act of stealing as they see it is a form of piracy – AND THEY SHOULD KNOW, because they themselves are parts of the biggest piracy system in the world, known as the New World Order, Bilderberg group run by the biggest banking and business families in the world.

These run the whole fabric of western society’s political and economic systems in THEIR FAVOR, using the maritime law to override the Law of the Land (in Norway’s case Grunnlov) in every country they reside. Maritime Law is PIRACY. Maritime Law as a political system is called Parliamentarism, put together to control a country by so-called elected lawmaking politicians, a government assembled from that system, and a judicial system that on paper is supposed to PROTECT the citizens of a country, but instead serve private interests, ensuring THEIR interests come above those of the people.This is because the judicial system in the parliamentary model is based on the Law of the Sea, which again is PIRACY and NOTHING BUT PIRACY and is bad news for a country’s population.

Are you aware that your country has been turned into a corporation, a rogue state in your country in order to steal your country’s valuable resources from you, which is PIRACY? The creation of rogue states within a country is part of a Ponzi scheme of mammoth proportions put in place by the puppet pirates in parliamentarism (politicians), run by the banking system, Bilderberg group and freemasonry behind the peoples’ back in your own country, who also control the judiciary system. Combined, this is THE parliamentary PIRACY system running your lives, behind the scenes.

These systems, working interdependent of each other, work towards one and the same goal: plundering the people of their country’s valuables through the fabrication of false laws, a monetary system based on thin air and politicians’ use of differing manifestos, like different masks, when behind the scenes, they are ONE party with many names and faces pretending to be opponents and pretending to be working the for people, while selling out their countries bigtime to their corporate owners. The Norwegian Parliament is set up as a private company, as is the Norwegian Prime Minister’s office and the country itself, the STATE of Norway, which is NOT the country of Norway, because the COUNTRY OF NORWAY belongs to the Norwegian people following Law of the Land, whereas the pirates reside under the flag OF PIRACY – the law of the Sea.

The traitor pirate politicians have stolen their country’s natural resources as well as profit from the sales of these, by establishing private companies, owned largely by themselves and their masters, and then launching them on the Stock Exchange, to enable them to SELL (=STEAL) the population-owned resources to their Bilderberg friends AND THEMSELVES. HOW ABOUT THAT FOR PIRACY?

Yes, your Parliament, Norwegians, is a PRIVATE owned company, owned by your politicians AND THEIR FREEMASONRY FRIENDS, who turned your country into a private-owned CORPORATION in 1946, when they agreed to the terms of the Bretton Wood agreement, signed by YOUR KING. At the same time your National (Norges) Bank which is NOT A NATIONAL BANK, but a privately owned bank, and part of the Federal Reserve System, rid itself i.e. gave away its gold reserves, and introduced today’s complete false fractional banking system based on hocus pocus millions-out-of-thin-air system – WORTH NOTHING. You see the international banking system is not built upon real values – IT IS BUILT UPON STEALING REAL VALUES – FROM YOU! They have nothing of any real value in their bank vaults! They are ALL fraudulent companies, all of them! IS THIS NOT PIRACY?

The matrix of parliamentarism, the world of commerce and banking and the judicial system are all parts of this PIRACY system (SCAM) – whose combined intention is to rob your country of its valuables and take away your rights to ownership, so you become dependent upon them on survival, which is a form of slavery – which again is a typical thing for criminals like these PIRATES.

People in Norway think that one party works especially for the young, the rich, the poor, the environment etc and use slightly differing, lying manifestos to make YOU believe they have different agendas, when they ALL agree to the SAME agenda behind your backs, (rob and plunder you) just serving you the illusion of choice to keep you voting for them, unaware that each time you vote for these lying, murdering and deceiving pirates, you extend another 3-4 years of their tyranny and suppression AGAINST YOU, because YOUR VOTE = your approval and ACCEPTANCE to 3 or 4 more years of tyranny FROM YOU PARLIAMENTARY POLITICAL PARTIES towards yourself.

Don’t you know that whenever you vote for a political party, you give them carte blanche to do what THEY WANT with your permission, even when what they do is TO ROB YOU? And you cannot complain because you agreed to be robbed by these pirates, by voting for them. So thank yourself for the situation. Why do you keep voting for continued tyranny when you could vote for yourself, your family, your country and the way YOU want your country to SERVE YOU best by choosing Direct Peoples’ Democracy over piracy.

The vast majority of people are not aware that politics and parliamentarism is an illusion of fabricated lies and therefore continue to vote for their pirates = politicians, who in turn work in Parliament (building) = PIRATE SHIP, and lead by a Captain (Prime Minister or President)= Captain of the pirates’ ship, whose sole goal is to plunder their country’s peoples of their rights and ownership of their country as explained above. Your politicians STOLE YOUR COUNTRY by turning it into a criminal state, by setting up a parallel system of fictitious laws with a fictitious monetary system backed by a media system helping them in suppressing the truth from the public.

Most people have no idea that the name State is not the same as YOUR COUNTRY. The STATE is the vehicle through which YOUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM YOU, and is called NORWAY PLC (Norge A/S). All of your politicians work for this private company, set up to ROB YOU. Your parliament (Stortinget) is a private company, so is your Prime Minister’s office (Statsministerens kontor) – and every single entity of what you consider state is nothing but a private company WHOSE ONLY FOCUS IS TO MAKE MONEY FOR THEM AND THEIR MASTERS, NOT YOU!

Your judges are corrupt and do not have their papers in order, which they don’t have to when they do not represent Grunnloven and instead represent Pirates Law = Law of the Sea. They use these false laws to trap and rob you through the use of the illegal I.D. number (personnummer) imposing trumped up charges, like your road tolls, which go straight into the Freemasons’ pockets, and assist their friends who own private companies whereof some try to enforce smart meters on you, to kill you for profit. This way, their friends in politics, key Norwegian politicians and their families, who own 55% of WHO, the criminal World Health Organisation, can sit back and enjoy you all getting ill, so THEY make huge profits from medication and treatments designed to keep you ill to keep ripping you off – FOR GIANT PROFIT!

Your criminal politicians started imposing these false laws as far back as in 1946, and ALL your laws on your Lovdata.no are fake because they are fraudulent - and rigged up up A/S Norge, the State Norway as opposed to your COUNTRY OF NORWAY. When they established the State of Norway, they removed the Law of the land (Norway’s Grunnloven), replacing it with laws of the State of Norway = invented piracy laws to rob you and protect themselves from their own criminal actions and to avoid prosecution. But fear not, Norwegians, your Grunnlov still exists as long as YOU DO NOT USE A PERSONNUMMER (I.D. number) as Grunnloven states clearly THAT THIS LAW CANNOT BE ALTERED by anyone. So share this article to educate as many people as possible!

The State of Norway is a corporation called A/S Norge (Norway PLC). A/S Norge is the holding company of Stortinget and the Prime minister´s office, and all the other departments (departementer), advisory offices (kontorer), councils (råd), Protection services (-vern og -tilsyn) to name just a few; ALL are subsidiary private companies which unsuspecting Norwegians believe represent Norway, but is the occupying politically run state of Norway who SERVE THEIR OWN INTERESTS over those of the people and country.

NORWEGIANS, YOUR COUNTRY IS RUN BY PIRATES – like most other countries in the western world, only the condition in your country is much, much worse as the radiation levels planned for your peoples from smart technology is set much, much higher than is accepted in other countries, as you are intended to die for profit so the Bilderberg group can rob your country openly of its enormous hidden resources in the mountains north and parallel to Trondheim all the way up to North Cape (Nordkapp), which of course you are not to know anything about. . . You should «Just die, die so WE can make our profits!»

Politics and parliamentarism is a MASSIVE deception built upon and presented to the peoples of the world as «democracy», when in reality politics is one long-running variety show in which the actors are all playing the same role, but wearing masks to represent different parties, whilst the theme and motive of the show is always the same: to rob and plunder the peoples of the specific country whilst lying through their teeth, to steal your country from you and strip you of your rights in service to their puppet masters in the New World Order.

Whether left, right or centre, ALL POLITICIANS AND ALL PARLIAMENTARY POLITICAL parties work, in secret, towards this goal, while outwardly proclaiming that their party’s manifesto is DIFFERENT from the next party, so when you vote, you choose another party. This is called controlled opposition, BUT this opposition is as fake as the system itself because it secretly has the very same goal as the previous party you voted for = rob and plunder you.

In Norway, the politicians chosen to lead the country are chosen by how ruthless they are willing to lie to and treat the people, and by what length they will go to despise everything Norwegian to front their masters’ agendas for One World government run by THEM, whilst still claiming they are there for the people. Once in a while, they make a goodwill gesture to keep the people in their delusion of democracy, to ensure you keep voting.
Know this, Norwegians: Politics, the legal system and the banking system ARE TOGETHER THE BIGGEST SCAMS ON EARTH, only seconded perhaps by the creation of religions – also to control the people of the world.

The banks lend you money based on the money YOU LEND THEM, through what you PAY them, their fake laws only apply to YOU, the people – NOT THEM. Yet today, these old and obsolete systems no longer need to be followed, they are as old and cranky as the men and women in their 90s and even over 100 who still run these. But YOU no longer have to vote for liars, suppressors, murderers and the like who run your criminals’ states for these old people. Each and every citizen of the world deserves to decide for themselves through the establishment of Peoples’ Direct Democracy, using an Open Source system, in the spirit of Robert David Steele, which allows all and everyone too, at all times, be able to see the documentation with regards to proposals made by the people, to be voted upon within the polling are of the Peoples’ Service System.

We need a service system that SERVES THE PEOPLE – where they live, with what they need, adaptable per community, whether village, town, county, national or even international. The Service System will be an Open Source system, interactive and dynamic - allowing it to evolve according to peoples’ needs. Necessary projects in local communities in counties and cities will be decided locally by a majority vote of at least 55% for or against new projects necessary or desired by local residents in those applicable places. The expert run Service System will then contact the local communities in question and start planning and preparing for building and delivering the necessities and desires of each community, as by the community’s choice.

The SERVICE SYSTEM will completely replace today’s PIRACY system. The people of the world will become their own government locally where they live in their country. Political parties will cease to exist. Without politicians, the Service System ALWAYS SERVES the people, in contrast to today’s parliamentarism, which is PIRACY AT WAR WITH THE PEOPLE.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.



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