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I've been doing some research on topics relevant to our current election and wanted to share what I've found to help raise awareness. Most of us realize that we are in a battle for the very sanctity of democracy. What some may not realize is that the stakes are much, much higher than just our governmental integrity. You might some of what is written here to be conspiratorial or far-fetched. That's ok, scepticism is healthy. Read this, do a little research on your own and keep it in mind, especially while we focus on digging through the Wikileaks which continue to drop.

I. Introduction

Before delving into current events it is important to take a step back and view things from a bird’s eye view. The end of the 20th Century saw the termination of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR, beginning its transformation from Soviet Socialist state to the current federalized system it is under Vladimir Putin. Though the United States prevailed on the surface in this conflict it has been suffering the after effects of it ever since. In a 1984 television piece on KGB propaganda and psyops efforts within the United States, KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explained his role in KGB efforts that helped foster the birth of radical leftist Marxist, feminist and social justice (SJW or Social Justice Warriors) groups which have pervaded many sectors of American society. These efforts worked beyond the wildest dreams of the KGB. Bezmenov warned Americans of the dangers such movements posed to their society, and this was in 1984. The danger is far more dire today. One example of how society has been affected by these movements might be the ease with which Americans are cowed into obedience, as they have been during tragedies like 9/11.

Another is the fact that radical feminism has created a “weaponized womb” phenomena where birth rates in the West have fallen drastically due to the erosion of the family unit and the overuse and over-promotion of birth control and abortion. It perhaps sounds sexist to speak on the subject in this way (it is by no means intended to be chauvinistic though), but if an entity controls the minds of a society’s women, they by default control that society.

There are actually studies linking individuals who hold these radical views with frontal lobe brain damage, but one need not delve too deeply to psychological pronouncements to see a physical manifestation of their dysfunction: the social upheaval they are causing as they begin to turn on each other and their opponents to obtain the status of most underprivileged in society. Wikileaks emails have shown us that various generations of feminist groups are beginning to quibble, and one need only to look at the Tumblr-sphere to see more evidence of growing contention between these groups. Racial groups like Black Lives Matter are beginning to turn on their white supporters and anyone else who does not fit the label of being a proper “person of colour” while trying to "un-Americanize" black Americans. The rot planted in this country during the Cold War is beginning to reach a point where we must either remove it or die because of it.

At the same time, American policies of supporting proxy groups around the globe have made these groups so successful that they are beginning to pose serious threats against their benefactors. Islamic jihadist groups are a primary example of this. The “old-world order” is beginning to fade away as a new generation arises and recent leaps in technological and scientific advances usher in a new age, and its death throes are going to cause serious repercussions globally.


II. ISIS and the West

A. ISIS, its obsession with Dabiq and the imminent threat it poses to the West

Groups like ISIS clearly see this and are working to take advantage of the growing chaos in Europe and the United States. Most people do not understand the scope of the danger that ISIS poses to the West in general. ISIS centralizes its ideology around the Islamic prophecies of the Apocalyptic battle of Dabiq, Syria. The prophecy discusses a battle in the tiny hamlet of less than 3,000 people where an army of “Romans” will fight an army of Mujahideen. A third of these fighters will perish in the battle, another third will flee and yet another third will move on to prevail against the Roman army. The last part of this prophecy should very much concern Americans and Europeans. ISIS has large numbers of Western fighters in their ranks and there is ample evidence they have been relocating huge numbers of them back to their homelands to stage large scale attacks.

According to official sources there are roughly 1.3 million refugees in Europe that have fled the conflicts in Syria and other areas of the Middle East. Most concerning is the fact that over 72% of these refugees are male, and this number represents the official statistics that may be doctored to hide the fact that the reality is even worse. EU politicians do not take actions to prevent the migrant wave from damaging European interests for a variety of reasons. One being that as a result of feminist and extreme leftist policies European populations are declined. The widespread infiltration of SJW political ideologies in the West has weakened any resolve that might have existed to put up spirited resistance. More amusingly, sources have speculated that the involvement of certain EU politicians in cuckolding sex clubs has affected their judgment in dealing with the crisis.

While this sounds far fetched, it is important to remember that Brussels has a history of sex club scandals, most notably the Pink Ballet pedophile scandals which resulted in the largest mass protests in Belgium’s history: the infamous White March (spurred by public indignation over the failure to properly prosecute pedophile serial killer Marc Dutroux). It is now a well known fact that ISIS has used the refugee crisis to sneak in large numbers of their operatives, and US military and intelligence sources have expressed fear that they are recruiting other males from the refugee population.

The refugee crisis is helping ISIS relocate an entire fighting force of militants into the US and Europe. SJW groups in Europe and the US have provided ISIS cells with great opportunities to embed and infiltrate Western society, as “refugees welcome” organizations get in bed with the newcomers (in more ways than one). Their fighters are largely moving into place, all they require are weapons and command figures (which are currently being moved into position as well). One need only look at the conflicting statements made by the US, Russia and media about the status of leaders such as Omar Al-Shishani to see examples of ISIS commanders possibly being relocated from the battlefields in Syria and Iraq (Note how ISIS' claim was the only real confirmation that Shishani was dead).

B. How ISIS is infiltrating our society and preparing for an imminent strike against the West with help from the Western Media

Infiltration, Intelligence Gathering and an explanation of ISIS terror attack patterns
It is also fairly easy to track where ISIS fighters are locating to once they reach the West. In Europe one need only look to the growing “no go zones” and refugee camps in various parts of the continent to find ideal locations for ISIS operatives to hide out and begin to create staging areas for a large scale attack. In the US it is slightly harder, but looking to areas where mosques are located, and knowing that it would be very easy for ISIS to work with Black Islamic groups in the US can give you some ideas about where they might be trying to locate to. When ISIS forces begin to mobilize for an attack, they will likely attempt to maximize destruction and (especially in the EU) even move between “no go zones” and attempt to link them in a bid to capture and hold, territory in Western cities and states. The idea that ISIS may actually be seeking to go beyond simply causing massive damage and actually take and hold ground in Europe is very distressing.

Anyone incredulous at their capacity to do this need only study the way in which they have already once infiltrated areas and led a blitzkrieg through Syria and Iraq to capture and hold territory in Syria and Iraq. Theoretically, they have sufficient numbers amongst Syrian refugees to make such an attempt. Having gotten their assets into place, ISIS has already begun staging probe attacks to test Western security and gather intel on how they respond to attacks. The Paris terror attacks represented what just one ISIS cell could achieve with an attack, and gave them valuable knowledge about how French security will respond to them. The changing nature of their attacks also shows how they are testing out ways to inflict the maximum amount of carnage. Attacks such as the Nice truck incident and the New York and New Jersey pressure cooker attacks gave them an idea of how bystanders and rescue workers will act in the future. The only question that remains is how long ISIS will continue to stage small-scale attacks to gather information and sew fear amongst the populace before moving forward with their larger doomsday scheme.

ISIS’ plans to enact their version of Dabiq is in full swing, and they have already been gathering intelligence and resources to carry it out. The public should be very concerned about this. ISIS has a habit of staging their biggest operations during the Islamic month of Safar. In the Islamic Calendar, the month of Safar is typically when Muslims leave their houses to participate Jihad. In 2015 Safar fell on November-early December which was the when the Islamic State carried out the deadly Paris attacks. In 2016 Safar falls squarely on the entire month of November. All indications show that ISIS is preparing for a huge attack across the Western world, and their preference for staging these attacks during the Islamic month of Safar indicates such an attack could potentially happen sometime as early as next month.

Western Media’s collusion in covering up evidence of ISIS attacks

The media gives ISIS a perfect cover as they move into the West and begin probing attacks to plan for a major terror incident. Mainstream Media (MSM) has by and large engaged in a campaign of covering up news about terror attacks in both the EU and the United States, with the support and in some cases at the direction of the government. Media reports commonly conceal the identity of perpetrators that carry out attacks or are apprehended by security forces who have become frantic with worry at their lack of ability to control the situation. Bomb attacks are concealed as "gas leaks,” “transformers” blowing and even “fireworks accidents.” This kind of behaviour is known as creating a “supplement narrative” or pushing a fake explanation of an occurrence that people will find easier to mentally accept than the reality of the situation. There have also been a number of incidents that were initially reported as attacks in local media as attacks, only to later be denied by larger media organizations and law enforcement, were minimized in importance after the fact or were quietly acknowledged and then promptly dropped from the news cycle. The sheer number of these incidents, especially in Europe leads one to believe that these are in fact attempts by the media to prevent the public from learning just how widespread ISIS cells and operatives are in the West.

A major example of this is the recent Kim Kardashian Paris incident. There is some evidence that Kardashian’s recent encounter with “robbers” in Paris was, in fact, a kidnapping attempt by ISIS covered up by French security and authorities to prevent embarrassment. French police claim there is no footage of the incident, despite the fact that the Hotel Pourtales is a high-end hotel requiring registered accounts to even book a room and it is EXTREMELY unlikely that such an establishment would not be equipped with an inexpensive security camera system. Images that have been floating around purporting to show the perpetrators were actually 5-10 years old. Reports from sources close to Aaron Cohen, the Israeli Special Forces operative hired by Kardashian after the incident has reported that her attackers spoke Arabic and claimed allegiance to ISIS. Audio captured from the phone of a staffer of Kardashian’s who was reportedly killed in the attack (another fact denied by French security, possibly covered up by the announcement that Kanye was “firing” 30 staffers days after the Paris incident) revealed the attackers referred to Kardashian as the “whore of the West” in Arabic.

Though it is unknown why the attackers did not take Kardashian with them when they left, the fact that a piece of the jewelry stolen was found outside the Hotel Pourtales a few days after the incident indicates the kidnappers might have had to flee prematurely, or dropped the jewelry after making a show of fleeing on bikes before making their actual getaway in another vehicle. In the aftermath of the attack, Kardashian has uncharacteristically kept a low profile on social media, considered buying an armoured car and is spending more than her current income on security. Not something one does after a run of the mill robbery. By giving brief coverage to incidents such as these and then largely dropping them from the news cycle, the MSM ensures that a majority of viewers will not become suspicious or investigate incidents themselves.

In addition to concealing information that would cause public anger at authorities for their mishandling of security operations against terrorists in Europe and the US the media has been engaging in misinformation campaigns to distract the public from other, more important occurrence around the globe. One need only look at the multiple incidents of sudden news happenings popping up around the time damaging revelations from Wikileaks and other groups concerning Hillary Clinton’s corruption case were leaked to identify just one potential reason that the MSM would stoop to this kind of behavior.

Case Study: London Bridges Falling Down

The reason ISIS’ attacks are likely to succeed is that they have so completely infiltrated various administrative organizations in our countries (the Minnesota Mall Attacker, for example, was reported by CNN as wearing a private security firm outfit). One of the most mind-boggling examples of this is the installation of Sadiq Khan as the Mayor of London. Mr Khan has promoted organizations that advocate violence against women, has made enemies in Parliament who accuse him of spreading anti-Semitism and homophobia and most damningly held events that include extremist groups brazenly flying the black flag of Jihad in the UK. Khan’s former brother in law is an active supporter of extremist organizations in Europe and the UK. How an individual was able to win an election for a leadership position in a city so at risk of terror beggars belief.

Mr Khan’s connections are even more disturbing because recent evidence indicates there is a massive terror attack being planned in the city. Indian news sources recently reported the confiscation of the largest ever recorded of NATO weaponry from the hands of extremists by Pakistani police in the city of Karachi. The police stated that the cache had been slated to be shipped to London. Observers have also noted that many of London’s bridges have recently undergone refurbishments and expressed concerns that these repairs may have provided an opportunity for jihadist affiliated operatives to gain access to the bridge in preparation for attacks that might result in their destruction to cut London off from the rest of the country in the event of an attack.

Even more concerning, news sources gave barely any media coverage to a recent incident in London Heathrow where over 500 people had to be evacuated because of a chemical attack labeled an “incident” and buried to prevent public awareness about it despite a subsequent report that crew on a plane leaving Heathrow had to be hospitalized in Canada post-flight. The concerns with London’s mayor and reports of covert weapons shipments to the city amid increasing reports of terror events occurring recently serve as merely one example of a situation that is playing out all over Europe. Not only would there be a tragically large loss of life in such a large-scale terror event, it would give larger state actors such as the UN or EU an opportunity to intervene and tip balances of power that have remained largely unchanged in Europe since the Second World War.


III. George Soros’ Global Destabilization Efforts

A. Soros’ role in destabilization of the West

What makes George Soros so important this election? Many are aware of Soros and his financial support of Democratic political interests and Hillary Clinton in particular. Some may even know about Soros’ enrichment in WWII from confiscating Jewish property during participation in the Judenrat and the story about how he turned his own father into the Gestapo. But his involvement goes far, far deeper than a sordid past and financial involvement with American politicians. George Soros uses his pro-globalism conglomerate to engage in a widespread effort to destabilize and destroy the West at large.


Military Intervention.

By far the most troubling way Soros acts to influence political events around the globe is his willingness to engage with Private Military Corporations to carry out destabilization operations. Soros actually owns groups like Pmc Sierra Inc. and was exposed during the Panama Papers leaks to be connected financially to the Carlyle Group, a firm involved in the acquisition of weapons manufacturing and intelligence corporations. The Carlyle Group may sound familiar because it is also partially owned by the notorious Bin Ladin family of Saudi Arabia. Soros uses his connections to groups like the ones listed above as well as his financial ties to major politicians with control over their state's’ security forces to engage in covert operations around the globe. His financial ties are so numerous and complex it is nearly impossible to follow all the threads in the web he weaves globally.

Soros involvement in the Ukraine Civil War and conflict with Russia.

Soros operations are global in scope and have a common theme of attempts to provoke major powers into conflict with each other. Soros was involved in the power struggle in Ukraine, where his operatives were involved in a power struggle with former leader Viktor Yanukovych and have helped to foment both the Maidan protests and subsequent civil war. Yanukovych was likely a target of Soros’ due to his opposition of Soros’ oriented economic groups within Ukraine. Soros’ involvement in Ukraine is part of a larger struggle he is engaged in with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who has expelled Soros affiliated organizations from Russia. His forces have even been reported as responsible for the actions that lead to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, which was subsequently blamed on Russia.

Soros is one of the primary reasons for current tensions with Russia. Through his financial support of American politicians like the Clintons and Barack Obama (who, ironically, he regrets supporting) Soros has led Russia and the West on a crash course to conflict. It is amazing that Soros would want to instigate a world war in this manner, but that seems to be exactly what his goal is. The American public is already being conditioned to mentally accept the idea of war with Russia, as evidenced by the pieces run by media about an imminent CIA cyber attack on Russia and Obama’s directive to prepare for warfare involving what appears to be some kind of weather control weapons as well as more conventional methods like ICBM launched EMP strikes.

B. Destabilization in the Middle East

Soros has been reported to also have connections to the faction that recently led the coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğanin in Turkey. Destabilizing Turkey is the final step in Soros’ larger plot to upend the entire Middle East with the goal of inundating Europe with refugees fleeing the various conflicts there. This fits in with his overall goal of destabilizing and destroying the West politically and culturally. Hillary Clinton has assisted him in destabilizing the Middle East with her interventions in Libya and Syria, both of which have put pressure on Turkey. With the “buffer states” of Turkey and Syria toppled and reduced to the same state of chaos as Libya, there would be no way for Europe to prevent even larger numbers of refugees and migrants from streaming in. PMC groups working for Soros have been active in Syria for the entirety of the civil war there.

Their recent goal has seemed to be to provoke the United States and Russia, placing them on edge and making the possibility of an armed confrontation between the two world powers more likely. In September of this year, US Special Forces were forced to withdraw from the battlefield after coming into contact with a PMC group while supporting FSA troops against ISIS forces. The presence of PMC forces in the area was not broadcast, and if FSA fighters had not mockingly filmed US forces departing the story would not have reached the public eye at all. In an era where it is now the norm for states to militarily involve themselves in conflicts without publicly acknowledging their participation, Soros-affiliated PMCs are able to blend into the chaos of conflicts such as Syria without attracting much attention. Their presence in Syria has also allowed Soros to assist and facilitate the rise of ISIS and make it easier for them to infiltrate the West due to his support for pro immigration interest groups. Keep in mind that while all this has been going on, ISIS supporting Saudi Arabia has been quietly acquiring or has already acquired nuclear weapons from Pakistan, whose nuclear program they paid for and supplemented.

C. Aggravating India-Pakistan Tensions

Soros also has recently been accused of working to deteriorating ties between India and Pakistan, even going so far as to use PMC groups to create provocations that might lead the two states to engage in open war. Soros has previously attacked China and Hong Kong economically, and a war between India and Pakistan would be consistent with this policy because China is likely to become involved in any conflict involving India.


D. Destabilization of the United States

Support for Progressive Extremist Groups

Soros helps to exploit the weakness of the West by financially funding extremist groups that seek to cause disruption and chaos in Western countries and especially the US. Soros was one of the main financial backers of the Ferguson protests, helping to bus in protesters from around the country to instigate violence and acts of destruction. By supporting extremist groups that will push for change through social unrest and violence Soros hopes to create opportunities for not just political control, but attacks on US soil by groups such as the Islamic State. ISIS has previously stated their intent to utilize the chaos created by Black Lives Matter to recruit operatives from among the African American community. It should be assumed that such efforts have, at least in part, been successful.
Not only does proliferation of politically progressive ideas and groups help mentally demoralize and weaken a population, it has created a fertile ground for ISIS to infiltrate and attack the West (as has been previously discussed).

This is also related to Soros’ overall goal of destroying the West as a political power. Though Soros’ does not directly control ISIS, he has been able to assist its growth and proliferation through his expansive network of organizations around the world as well as by utilizing PMC groups and weapons manufacturers which he owns or has large stakes in. Soros' Open Society Foundation is against the concept of legal immigration and has supported and fostered illegal undocumented migration that could be easily utilized by ISIS to enter regions such as the United States.


Control of Political Bodies

Soros ensures that political leaders around the globe cooperate with his initiatives by buying them through campaign finance, donations and other means. It is well known that Soros has financially supported leftist politicians such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (though ironically, Soros regrets supporting Obama and the two have since fallen out) as well as exerting political control through the UN. Through his financial ties to electronic vote counting corporations such as Smartmatic which are contracted to help with national elections, Soros is able to influence not just elections in the United States but around the world.

Financial control over politicians allows Soros to ensure various plans of his will succeed from behind the scenes, and help him to exert elements of control over some groups he does not directly lead or influence. Though buying power has its limits: since Soros has fallen out with Obama, the UN and US Department of Homeland Security have become increasingly at odds as Obama tried to hedge out any UN oversight of the upcoming US election. Overt financial control is just merely one of the more public ways that Soros controls American politics.

FBI documents released recently from their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server have revealed the existence of a “shadow government” organization within the State Department known as the 7th Floor Group. This group has been linked by independent freelance researchers here and on /pol/ to Soros’ Open Society Foundation, as well as a host of other public and private bodies within the US and abroad. Control over organizations like these, which are not publicly acknowledged and wield large amounts of power gives individuals like Soros the ability to pursue private objectives, again from behind the scenes and out of the public eye.

Soros' global levels of control are truly alarming, he represents one of the cancers which we must remove from our country to make it safe again.

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