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Cristina Martín - CATALONIA - The woman who un-masked Club Bilderberg/amp

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Woman who debunked Club Bilderberg: "If Rajoy is not Freemason, he behaves as such"

[**Cristina Martín argues that globalist powers have declared World War III**](https://gloria.tv/article/kj3xmQU9Pk6T2V118NZA6tPAW)

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Cristina Martin Jimenez

#####Cristina Martín argues that globalist powers have declared World War III so that supranational institution, such as the UN, WHO, IMF or the EU [European Union] enforce the laws of all citizens of the planet._

Since 1954, a series of world figures from high politics, finance and royalty have held an annual meeting, which the press has no access to. In this reserved club, which had its first meeting convened by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, and which was funded by David Rockefeller, are decided global strategies that influence governments, laws and, ultimately, people.

Cristina Martín Jiménez (Seville, 1974) spent more than thirteen years investigating the Bilderberg Club and published eight books, some of which became best-sellers in several countries around the world. She is a PhD in Communication, cum laude, with a thesis on the interrelationships between the Bilderberg Club, the global media and other productive sectors.

The Bilderberg phenomenon is a very serious issue that should have a critical analysis in the media. But the global media are owned by the members of the Bilderberg, as Martin demonstrates in his thesis, with which little or nothing will tell him about his projects and decisions. On the contrary, Power with capital uses the means to control the population.

You say we are in World War III. Explain to us.

I have been analyzing and exposing the model of World War III since my first book (2005), I was the first journalist in the world to denounce the new mechanics of war conflicts and the global era. Years later, in 2014, Pope Francis confirmed it, and then the King of Jordan and the President of the Russian Duma, but none of them dissected it as I did.

The model of World War III is not only the bible of the contemporary world but the key issue to understand what is happening in our country today and what will happen in the future on our planet.

How did this War come about? Who planned it?


It originated in the Cold War and its chief architect was a founding member of the Bilderberg meetings, General Charles Douglas Jackson, chief of President Eisenhower's psychological warfare cabinet and CIA agent. Jackson's paradigm was that he was also Vice President of Time Inc. and director of Time, Life and Fortune magazines. He was at the head of one of the largest news conglomerates in the United States, which assumes control of fashions, thoughts, emotions, and social behaviours.

The psychological warfare program was coordinated by the State Department, the CIA, the Rockefeller Foundation and other directors of major media outlets.

What were their goals?

Psychological warfare at that time, as now, sought to win over public opinion, since people's way of thinking determines the values and laws upon which societies are based.

It controls the mind, controls people's behaviour and, as Eisenhower said, "Our goal in the Cold War is not to conquer territory or force it. Our purpose is more useful, more penetrating, more complete. We are trying, by peaceful means, that the world creates the truth. "

It's a struggle to achieve power ...

Today the war is against the old world order of historical national states, which have a very old cultural tradition, that is, against the decision-making power of individuals. The aim is for supranational institutions such as the UN, WHO, IMF and EU to enforce the laws of all citizens on the planet. We are moving towards a totalitarian global government, and this is very dangerous for people.

How many Soros are there in the Bilderberg?

In addition to Soros [George], there are other more powerful entities that also belong to the elitist Bilderberg Club, such as the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Its president, Arthur Brooks, strolled and was photographed with Puigdemont [politician and Spanish journalist] in Catalan institutions, but the citizens did not know that it was a Bilderberg.

What role does the media play in all of this?

The mainstream media of global reach are the property of the Bilderberg globocrats, as I show in my thesis, and they perfectly fulfil their function in this struggle. We see, for example, the question posed by the English newspaper The Guardian to its readers: What do you think about Democracy in Catalonian? [free translation: "What do you think about Democracy in Catalonia?"]. It is a trick question, formulated after circulating around the world images of police officers beating demonstrators in the newspaper does not analyze in depth what is happening, it does not interest it, it is not objective, it is not independent, because it is in the hands of the power, that has a clear interest in Spain and Catalonia. He succeeds in persuading the British to take a stand against Spain because before, he told them that it is an oppressive state, similar to the Franco regime, as the official propaganda they are spreading around the world. Puigdemont's interview on national television of Israel is a masterful type of propaganda.

As a scientist in the field of Communication, I see these actions clearly. To live in a democracy, the independence of the press is essential, but since it is in the hands of the big funds, banks, financiers and investors, we citizens have to be trained observers. The big media do not explain this manipulation, citizens do not see or understand it. For many years, propaganda and fear were the main instruments of power with a capital letter. But when a person burns, he learns not to get too close to the fire. The global crisis they declared to rob us has awakened many citizens. It is no longer so easy to fool everyone. So much is happening, and there are so many open proceedings on the table and so many potential deviations that it is overwhelming.

But the most dangerous thing is that they have appropriated the free press as well as the main Internet search engines and networks. As Milan Kundela said: [...] "it is the war, itinerant and perpetual, that promotes and guarantees this long-dreamed unity of humanity. The unity of humanity means: no one can escape to any corner. " But there are still many cards to be played on the table.


The game is not over. However, people have to know what is happening to play their cards with mastery. Who are the "globocrats" of whom you speak? The new oligarchy that intends to share the world with one another? They are a superclass with a global vision, with interests and businesses spread all over the world and with the intention to govern the entire planet. They are the ones that have been meeting in the Bilderberg since 1954. It wants to say that the owners of the world are no longer the United States and Russia - the Cold War blocs - but the "evil and conspiranoic millionaires" like Soros, Bill Gates, Rockefeller, According to some sources, the bourgeoisie, who already had the money and wanted to take power, was the driving force behind the French, American and other revolutions of the late nineteenth century.

The 21st-century globocrats have money, they have power, but they want all the power in the world because they never have enough. They are millionaires blinded by greed and, in fact, this turns them into very dangerous conspiratory rogues. They have existed in all ages, but in this, it is more difficult to perceive them, for they hide and use many masks. And Freemasonry? Freemasonry is the hidden net where the main powers are articulated: the financial, political, cultural, educational and the means of communication.


The great Bilderbergs are masons, like Obama, the Clintons, Kissinger, or the kings and aristocrats of Europe. They do not wear aprons or meet in stores because this folklore is for the lower echelons, who do not know who they work for and who is at the top of the pyramid.

My last book, The Masters of the World Are Lurking, begins with a synthetic chapter in which I deal with the origins of Freemasonry and its ties to contemporary power. [President of the Government of Spain] is a Mason? If not, behave as such. It relies on too much in the European Union, which is controlled by Freemasons. The ERC [Republican Left of Catalonia] has a Masonic tradition (Companys, Maciá), and it is now said that Junqueras is Freemason and Catholic.

Anyone who has studied Freemasonry knows that one can not be a Freemason and a Catholic. Not only by papal order but because they are essentially contradictory and defend opposing worlds. An observer initiated on this subject clearly warns how Freemasonry is within the Catholic Church and how Bishops and priests are infiltrated, Masons. Regarding Catalonia, we can see the hand of Freemasonry throughout the process, both in the project, which coincides with that of the Masons of the European Union and in their characters. In the Catalan crisis, we speak of Freemasonry and power groups. Freemasonry or Bilderberg? It is the same ... Politicians repeat the word "democracy" until it empties its content.

Do we live in freedom or is it an illusion? If we do not fight for freedom, it is lost. In the last decades, we lost a lot of freedom while implanting what I call a "unique feeling". Without him, there is no hatred, and without hatred, there are no wars. Hence come slavery, tyranny and totalitarianism. Globalization has had a setback (Trump, Brexit, the "no" against FARC's false peace in Colombia ...). Real opposition or controlled descent? It is a real opposition against globalist totalitarianism.

Is it a danger to democracy, by imposing its cultural agenda (pro-abortion, LGBT) on sovereign countries? It is not a danger to democracy, it is a danger to people, to life on the planet.France and Germany are Islamized ... There are countries where they have been able to create weak societies that do not seem to have resistance to control.

There is a plan to generate a great war between countries of Christian tradition and those of Islamic tradition. According to predict, in this future war, they will suffer the old ones: the people. And they will win the old ones: those who control the process. But what they consider control can get out of control. As the military says: it is known how the war begins, but it is unknown how it ends. Who plays with fire ends up burning.

Does Europe commit suicide by renouncing its Christian roots? Europe's Christian roots did not arise from one day to the next, but from a long process that lasted for centuries. In the year 313, the then king of the world, Emperor Constantine, adopted Christianity as an official religion. It is a huge cultural revolution that must still go through a long period to ferment throughout the empire.


What globocrats now want is to bring about a similar cultural revolution across the globe. For this, they created a religion of laboratory, that I explain with all the details in the Masters of the world are in the lurk. To control the feelings of the entire planet, his plan is to replace Christianity with this new religion. And here is where the greatest danger of all appears, even greater than the political one because if they can change people's faith and commit them to their project, humanity will be lost.

This new cultural revolution is a suicide not only for Europe but a suicide for the whole world. Viktor Orban and the Polish government seem like anti-globalization bastions against world ... Will they be swept away by the establishment? It is not the first totalitarianism that Europe faces. Humanity will react, perhaps late, as it has on other occasions, but life will again open the way to the absurdity that threatens us. It is possible with the existing means to change the situation or control by the elite about the future of the world is unstoppable

"They have more weapons, but humanity possesses true force, and with it, it resurfaces like a phoenix." Bilderberg, Cristina Martín Jiménez, Church and Masonry, ecclesiastical freemasonry.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >


The most pathetic of all are the many participants who imagine they are part of the so-called ´global elite´ to rule the world, are so far down the pyramid that the Devil will reject them as soon as he has no more use for them. Here there is no gratitude for what happened in the past, just for the moment.

Have you not mused at the many victims of the previously so popular ´Sales Pyramids´, and how many invested more than they could afford, hoping they would become millionaires. They only managed to sell a little to family and friends before they realized they had no sales talent and gave up. Only those on the very top got something out of it. YOUR sales efforts in THIS pyramid is your LIFE !! So do not rejoice too early !!





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