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#Illuminati for most people

By HANS GAARDER - 27. 10. 2010

More and more people become aware of the meaning of Illuminati, not just historical, but also today. Illuminati means the enlightened. There is no need to be a member of an Illuminati organization to be illuminated. The news mirror gives you an insightful introduction to Illuminati: Illuminati for most people! Illuminati literally means "the enlightened". Who is so Illuminati? The highest Illuminati have in common that they descend from Illuminati's 13 bloodlines. Illuminati manages centuries-old knowledge that is kept hidden from the public.


Illuminati uses the pyramid as its symbol and fits well with the organization. A pyramid consists of levels - at each level of the Illuminati pyramid, there are people - who have in common that they have access to more information - they are more illuminated - than the people under them in the pyramid. The higher up, the fewer people and the more information, the lower the level, the more people and the less information.

What is focused on in the higher layers of the Illuminati pyramid is unknown to the lower levels. Many may prefer to live in ignorance, although it is not very "illuminated" to lead to ordering from above without having a clear idea of what it means. This also applies to the many Norwegian deputies of Illuminati; "It's typically Norwegian to be naive".

There is no organization called "Illuminati". Illuminati is active in society in many ways through a variety of organizations, including organizations known as brand names like Disney, World Bank or Red Cross.

Illuminati's many facades outwardly have the common belief that they consist of good citizens of the community who carry out worthy activities (charity is the favourite), without knowing which giant leakage the individual is a small part of. The invisible composite Illuminati empire consists of a multitude of different companies and organizations.

Illuminati's power lies in the occult (magical rituals) and in economics - money gives power. Illuminati owns the international banks, the most powerful companies, they infiltrate politics and religion and they control most governments.

Illuminati has now become a brand name - the logo with the pyramid with the eye on the top is easily recognizable. Illuminati's main goal is to create a world government known as the New World Order (NWO) with a small elite on top that will rule over the rest of the world, including the people of Western European countries slaves.3

Illuminati has roots that pass hundreds of years back, probably back to ancient Babylon. Some believe that their well-managed wisdom is written back to Atlantis.

Illuminati Mode Operator (Methods)

Illuminati is good at doing things with finesse. Deceit (amount) is basically the main formula since Illuminati is good at creating illusions as they make most people believe. This is due in part to the fact that the mainstream media have long served as Illuminati's most useful idiots by uncritically transmitting information that Illuminati wishes to spread for a purpose.

One of the artefacts that have been perfected over the centuries is what Illuminati calls for make-believe (translated: "get to believe"), mao. to force the masses to believe in something that does not have to be true, by creating illusions in the consciousness of the individual and to the masses. This can also be seen as pulling a filter down in front of the eyes of the individual that prevents the view of the real world.

Illuminati is the masters of make-believe. An example of this is that large parts of the world still believe that the World Trade Center towers in New York collapsed and became dust in a few seconds because they were "hit by hijacked passenger aeroplanes". That this is a physical-technical impossibility does not matter as long as the illusion that it is so has been planted in the individual's consciousness, by means of clever make-believe finesse.


911 is an elevator in the illusion crew's make-believe story: "The towers fell because you saw a plane on your TV." Would people believe in the robbery story if there were no pictures of aeroplanes on TV before the towers were turned into dust?
Now that we live in the information society, Illuminati has managed to exploit to create unprecedented make-believe, both by the fine control of Western media and by directing events and planting information in mass media with a spin that gives the desired effect to the masses.

Here are some examples of Illuminati's Mode Operator:

A good reason and the real reason. In many cases, there are at least two reasons for an invention: A good reason to be known and the real reason that is kept hidden.
The climate case is the case: "The good reason" for controlling CO2 emissions (that CO2 emissions cause global warming is a lie) is to prevent global warming, while the real reason is that "CO2 control" is thought to be used as a means of power, in fact, one of the cornerstones, for the planned NWO regime to intervene and override the lives of communities and individuals.

Another case is the "HPV vaccine" Gardasil (which consists of 3 different injections) now given to young girls in western countries including Norway. The good reason for this invention is "to prevent cervical cancer" (despite the fact that it has not been proven that the HPV virus can cause cancer of the cervix ...). The real reason is probably about eugenics (racial hygiene through DNA manipulation) and/or depopulation, by Gardasil sterilizing all or some of the recipients, in accordance with the UN Decree Agenda21, which prescribes drastic depopulation of the earth. For information about Gardasil, see for example. here.

To play on all horses. This is a trick that seems to be successful every time.
A typical example is so-called democratic elections in the West where the choice is between candidates who are picked out and placed in the position of Illuminati.

Examples of this are the presidential election in the United States in 2004, where the electorate had the choice of George W. Bush (member of the Illuminati company Skull and Bones and son of Skull and Bones member George HW Bush) and John Kerry (member of Skull and Bones).

At the 2009 parliamentary elections, the electorate had the choice of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Bilderberg participant and son of Bilderberg participant Thorvald Stoltenberg) and Bilderberg participant Siv Jensen.

By Britain's choice in 2010, the choice was between Gordon Brown and David Cameron, who are both "the puppets" (executive agents/strains) for hidden power.

For more about "democratic elections" without real choices, see, for example. here.

The Strategy of tension

The strategy of tension is an "upgraded" version of playing on both horses. This involves establishing conflict conditions, such as verbal hostility or even war between two actors, both controlled by Illuminati. Second World War is an example of this. How hidden power used capital and technology from the United States to equip Germany (before and during World War II) and the Soviet Union (during and after World War II) include known from Antony Sutton's books.

The Cold War was the strategy of the tension of time, made possible through a massive transfer of technology (production equipment and nuclear technology, etc.) and US-Soviet capital. That the United States helped the Soviet to get a powerful enemy that could wipe out the United States itself is not so easy to understand if the United States is perceived as a democracy and not as a piece in a short and long-term power game.

False flag operations

False flag operations are based on the fact that a country initiates a military attack on itself, after which this is used as a pretext for aggressive warfare against other countries. This is also a trick that seems to be successful every time. In fact, the vast majority of wars that the United States has participated in due to various forms of false flag operations.

Here are some fake flag operations under the auspices of the United States:

1898: The Navy USS Maine was lowered at the port of Havana. Spain, like
was completely innocent in the sinking was owed and the United States went to war on Spain.

1915: The passenger ship Lusitania was loaded with military explosives and sent
to Europe with the intention that it would be attacked by Germany, which
also happened so that the United States received a pretext to join the war.

1941: The attack on Pearl Harbor was wanted and provoked by
US President FDR Roosevelt, as a pretext for bringing America to the war.

1964: US media reported an "attack # 2" against American
naval vessels in the Tonkin Bay. This was mediocre lying and
make-believe that was used as a pretext for the United States to launch the long-standing Vietnam war.

2001: Three high-rise buildings in New York City blast and military explosives are sent
through the air and hit the Pentagon, all done by american
citizens with high-security clearance. This was used as a pretext to
attack Afghanistan military, a military operation as well as Norway
armed forces now participate in.

To hide things in all openness (hiding it out in the open)

To hide things in all openness; «Hiding it out in the open«, is another finesse used. This reflects the recognition expressed by Illuminati insider George Orwell (who has written the NWO Vision 1984, for example): "Seeing what's the end of one's nose requires constant effort."

An example of this is the many unfortunate and badly camouflaged symbolic messages from pop artist Lady Gaga, known as "The Illuminati doll", which has been described by Symbolic analyst Vigilant Citizen:

"The symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga is so blatant that one might wonder if it's all a sick joke. Illuminati symbolism is becoming so clear that analyses like this one become a simple exercise of pointing out the obvious. "See


Hiding it out in the open 1: Illuminati artist Lady Gaga visualizes the Illuminati ritual blood sacrifice on stage during the MTV VMA show in 2009

Hiding it out in the open 2: The 1-dollar bill is packed with symbolism including the Illuminati logo. The dollar's decor has been the way since it was introduced by President FDR in the 1930s, but it is only in recent years that parts of the audience have become aware of the importance of this design. The theme of this article is the organizational structure of the outer Illuminati, the many facades individually and jointly controlled in the hidden via the same command structure.


The numerical codes used here are some kind of "archive keys" as the organizational units mentioned within each category here are just a small selection of all ultimately controlled by Illuminati.

100 Bank and Money The Illuminati insider Carroll Quigley told about this in the 1960s:

"Quigley further confirms that the far-reaching goal of this network" is nothing less than creating a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. The system was to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. "

Carroll Quigley Tragedy and Hope, A History of the World in Our Time. p. 324 See

101 Central Banks

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the finance and Illuminati dynasty Rothschild expressed himself in the 1700s:

«Give me control over a nation's currency, and I care not who makes the laws«.

The validity of Rothschild's words has been demonstrated in all years. This is also a mindset for the many who openly express that they are followers of a world currency and one global central bank. Control over the world currency will be such a source of power that "with a penile smoke" will be able to make the majority of the citizens of the earth slaves overnight. See also.

The national central banks are the basic elements of the monetary system. Many decades ago, a large number of central banks gathered in a collaboration under the Illuminati umbrella. This is BIS - Bank for International Settlements, which is based in Basel, Switzerland.

On the paper, BIS is owned by the various central bank participants (Norway owns a stake in BIS managed by Norges Bank, which participates in the BIS cooperation). In practice, BIS press is the Rothschild Empire Illuminati in the big financial game that is taking place around the world.

BIS is also called the "central bank central bank" and plays a crucial role in the functioning of the world's money and credit system as it does today.

Specifically, what the national central bank's current account balance with BIS consists of and how it evolves over time is sheltered for every view from the outside world. No country or agency has access to the books of BIS, not even the BIS participants/owners. One of the elements of the planned NWO project is a common world currency in which BIS is intended to be a key role. Moreover, the BIS employees are subject to strict secrecy provisions.

102 International Money Centers (Money Center Banks) Today's credit-based money system is basically a gigantic scam plot. The most obvious sign of this is how money is created.

Money (so-called fiat money) is created by the central banks and is distributed through the money banks. The money in a loan that is given occurs only when they are on the borrower's account as a borrowed amount.

Once the money has been thrown out by the bank / central bank, the fraudster (the bank) earns his benefit by receiving interest payments on the borrowed amount of money that was created out of nothing and manifested itself as some numbers in a computer.

The definition of a money-centre bank is that it is a global bank that participates in "wholesale banking" in the interbank market, where smaller banks and large companies form part of the customer base.

(With this definition, for example, DnB NOR is a money centre bank, while OBOS Loans & Savings is not.)

103 The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has as an official goal to "help" needy nations by lending them money. Over and over again, however, it has been found that the recipients of IMF loans have not gotten any better from accepting the IMF's "outstretched hand", but have fallen deeper into a debt mire that has resulted in increased borrowing, increased interest payments and sales of the country's real values to foreign NWO companies such as Bechtel or Halliburton.

The IMF's late-som-money (fiat money) is called SDR - Special Drawing Rights. This article describes SDR and focuses on the BIS / IMF / NWO plans for introducing a new world currency based on fiat money.

Here you can read about "Bancor", a new global common currency proposed by the IMF.

104 World Bank

The World Bank has a better reputation than the IMF, including because many recipients of loans from the bank proved to be better.

The World Bank is equally an understatement of Illuminati, although it exhibits a little more lamb and a little smaller wolf. An indication of this is that the World Bank's top leader is appointed by the United States (Illuminati-ruled) president. This resulted in that Paul Wolfowitz, one of the chief architects of the United States Iraq invasion in 2003 (which caused ruin in Iraq and resulted in more than 1 million dead) in 2005 was appointed the new head of the World Bank, a highly provocative and unpleasant appointment.

The World Bank's top managers have long been accustomed to attend the top secret Bilderberg meetings, as evidenced by the overall participant overview for all Bilderberg meetings. Both Wolfowitz, his predecessor James Wolfensohn and his successor Robert Zoellick are picture savers.


"And if all the military pulled out of Afghanistan and the money was spent on civilian projects, 170 million people could benefit from the projects and then without having to pay back interest rates ...!" The World Bank is propagating with Afghanistan's occupation from its online front page. That the poor countries, the main target of which the World Bank wants to "help", is poured into debt that was created and received as fiat money, "created out of thin air," is not published on the World Bank website.

105 foundations

Foundations have its origins in the United States, which has a special statute for its foundations. The key is tax exemption. For rich people who are not particularly happy in paying taxes, foundation establishment is a golden opportunity. Foundations have virtually tax exemptions because they are established for such "noble" charity purposes, such as "helping others," and is a way that helps the rich to keep control of their funds. Very much given in the form of "donations" from foundations is, in fact, investments, seen in a slightly larger perspective.

A foundation decides what it will use its resources, and investment thinking often falls very naturally for those who have earned a fortune by making foreseen investments. Even the noblest, non-profit and human-loving gifts from a foundation can be regarded as "an investment"; Whether it's in reputation and increased goodwill, the Rockefeller dynasty has bought a lot of in the United States and elsewhere through its Foundation.

105 A Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation is also known as the CIA philanthropic facade. That Henry Ford supported virtually any totalitarian project in the world including Nazi Germany, both before and after the Ford Foundation was established in 1936, is another fact. See

105 B Carnegie Foundation During the Cold War, the Carnegie Foundation used large amounts to support communist movements in different countries, in a classical strategy of tension style, for example, see.

"Assistance" from the Carnegie Foundation also laid the foundation for the drug studies in the United States, the 100th anniversary of the pharmaceutical industry, by the Flexner report.

105 C Rockefeller Foundation Rockefeller Foundation was the real "baker" for the order of the Flexner report. As the Rockefeller Group was already involved in allopathic medicine (Pharma), Carnegie was hired as a buffer and faced the occasion.

"Assistance" from Rockefeller Foundation has also contributed to the design of Norwegian health policy. This includes caused pharma dysfunction is the dominant form of treatment within the Norwegian public health system, even in hospitals.

The Norwegian state has received and receives significant amounts from the Rockefeller Foundation. The price for this is increased morbidity and increased drug use among the population. The renowned Stavanger doctor Allan Fjellstrup has found that "Norwegian hospitals have an obvious ability to produce chronicles". Chronicles are, as a known, permanent sick, those who have not been healed by the medical treatment they have received. The chronicles are the best and most profitable customers of the pharmaceutical industry ...

A rule of thumb may be that receiving a "health" ruler from Rockefeller today gives public additional expenses on the hourly rate tomorrow: "Do you accept the little finger from Rockefeller - they are wearing all your hand ..."

For more information about Rockefeller Foundation, see, for example. here.

105 B Gates Foundation

The last grant in the Foundation's Snake Basket is Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Data maker and multimillionaire Bill "Microsoft" Gates has found a way to avoid treasure on its great fortune and secure lasting global goodwill shine by stepping into Rockefeller's footsteps, like a rich cake that celebrates its time and fortune for "mercy."

Curiously, Gates has succeeded in entering into a partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation in record time. Curiously, the cooperation is on Norwegian soil, cheery enough, no prior information and debate has been made about this in Norwegian publicity, and unfortunately the global GMO monster Monsanto is invited to participate. It is about the seed store in Svalbard known as "the doomsday vault" (Judgment Day vault).

Even more cheeky is the fact that the Gates Foundation has announced a billion bet on vaccines!

"We are committed to research on new vaccines, and the delivery of existing and future vaccines to those who need them", see.

Vaccines are known as the core of the Rockefeller bands. Are we hiring a new strawman, a new facade for the purpose, something about the Carnegie and Flexner report? How gruesome is the ongoing Gates Foundation vaccine project, if even Rockefeller Foundation wishes to distance itself from it?

Perhaps it's a sob, and maybe that's the truth 'hidden out in the open'. Regardless, Bill Gates has stated that he believes that vaccines could help reduce the population of the world by 10-15%. You can see and hear Gate's pronunciation this.

106 Multinational companies

Multinational corporations are in many ways the backbone of modern industrial prosperity. But multinationals also gives power, and with power follows opportunities for abuse.

That multinational corporations have good technical capabilities to relieve tax in the countries they operate is known, among other things. through so-called internal pricing. But there are also other examples of how multinational corporations deal with the countries they operate by violating local laws and overthrowing local authorities in various ways to fool or force through the NWO agenda.

The use of private armies is now a growing trend within NWO self-employment on foreign grounds. The use of private armies is known from the NWO USA's hair-raging cheeky theft of all over Iraq, including Iraq's rich oil deposits, which were carried out both by the United States (and Britain) armed forces and using the blackmail firm Blackwater (now "Xe").

The chemical and agricultural giant Syngenta has now gone a step further by using private armies to protect fields planted with life-threatening and environmentally damaging GMO crops. This includes took place in Brazil, which has still managed to keep GMO free to a large extent, including thanks to engaging and enlightened land workers. Syngenta's agricultural worker strike in Brazil is featured here.

How should it be interpreted that the food sample Monsanto has entered into a lease with Xe - the former Blackwater? Should new GMO land now be occupied and "won" with weapons in hand? Nevertheless, the fertile lands of Iraq, once known as Mesopotamia, fell now in the GMO monster Monsanto's claws. Occupation of Iraqi cultured countries had Monsanto's agreement on the already invasion of Iraq in 2003. As a "help" to Monsanto's agenda, Iraq's well-preserved seedlings, containing valuable biomass developed over the centuries, were destroyed:
«To ensure that Iraq would not have a native agriculture, the national seed bank, located at Abu Ghraib, was looted and set on fire.» See

Some multinational companies, such as Bechtel and Bertelsmann, have such a character that they list on lists of secret companies, see for example. here.

The peculiarity of the multinational chemistry group DuPont is that it is the name of one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Can DuPont illuminative association help explain why there are small doses of toxic substances in so many modern consumer products, from teflon frying pans to food packaging?

200 Secret Societies

President John F. Kennedy - who came from the Illuminati family Kennedy - had an in-depth knowledge of the secret companies' activities, and was aware of the burden of cancer in society.

Kennedy did something so "unheard of" turning to "his own" Illuminati by using the presidency to take a fight against the monster illuminator Illuminati, including the Vatican and the Maltese Order.


President Kennedy took MAO. party with their own people and opposed the Illuminati conspiracy. Everyone knows how it ended. The very few are aware of the fact that the way Kennedy's assassination was performed - onward with direct TV transmission - is an Illuminati ritual called The Killing of the King.

A true hero: President Kennedy asks the American press leaders for assistance to reveal the threat that hidden companies and hidden power make up in society. The press did not meet the challenge, as it is itself controlled by Illuminati. What is the situation for Norwegian press today?

In his speech to American media's editors and management as newly elected president in April 1961, Kennedy raided the secret companies:

"The very word 'secrecy' is disgusting in a free and open society, and we are as a people traditionally and historically opponents of a secret society, for secret and secret procedures. We long ago decided that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted confusion of relevant facts far exceeded the dangers given to justify it. "

[Original text: "The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; og vi er som folk folkeligt og historically opposed to secret societies, to secret secrets and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. "]

All Kennedy's languages can be read here and listened to here.

The characteristics of secret companies include strengthen your (oaths) of faithfulness to the order.

Strict silence.

An exclusive management that often operates according to instructions from abroad without this being known.

Membership works as a kind of "audition", where the individual is considered for discreet recruitment for tasks in or outside the company.


An internal pyramid structure for social climbing and sought after advancement, where the higher levels determine who will be chosen for promotion.

Many secret companies have occult undertones (rituals) without the members aware of the meaning of this (eg, the Freemasonry Order).

201 Freemasonry

For a freemason, the Freemasonry always has higher rank for the individual than any other oath, including the oath of the United States presidency or the eden as the Norwegian Supreme Court Justice

201 Freemasonry

For a freemason, the Freemasonry always has a higher rank for the individual than any other oath, including the oath of the United States presidency or the oath as the Norwegian Supreme Court Judge for that matter.

The main masonry orders are:

201 A Scottish Rite

Most US presidents who have been freemasons have had high degrees in The Scottish Rite. A very high proportion of US presidents have been Freemasons, as explained here. The highest official degree within Scottish Rite is Grade 33. Masters of 33rd degree get information about the real story, such as discusses how masonry rigging in different countries has contributed to creating events and influencing developments.

A current 33th-degree mason is the United States "Special Mission" for Central Asia, Richard Holbrooke, who is also Bilderberger. It is noteworthy that Holbrooke went from the Bush administration to the Obama administration as a natural thing of the world. The main task of Holbrook is to rely on NWO-US warfare in Central Asia, which, in addition to Afghanistan, now also includes Pakistan, and forms part of a "historical project" (with masonry involvement).

A list of powerful 33rd-degree masons is located here.

201 B York Rite

York Rite ("American Rite") is a lesser known but very traditional and powerful order.
Scottish Rite and York Rite: Freemasonry as climbers to hidden power

201 C Prince Hall

Prince Hall is the coloured freemasonry system, named after the Prince District Prince Hall (1735-1807). Common Masonic orders are so racist that coloured ones do not have access, now that time. President Barack Obama is Prince Hall Freemason of the 32nd Degree, a fact he has a good reputation for publicly.

201 D Swedish Rite

The Norwegian Freemasons are subject to the British Grand Lodge of the England Network (a fact, which has been demonstrated by the author Erik Rudstrøm in his books "Freemasonry and the hidden powers of power"). The Norwegian Freemasonry is part of the Swedish Freemasonry (hence the name) and uses the so-called rectified Scottish Rite system, which contains some explicit Christian elements. The rites of Norway's Freemasons are secretly approved by the Pope himself. This is cheeky, taken into consideration that the Vatican in the outside is "Freemasonry", such as, for example, is explained in Wikipedia:

"International masonry systems are in contradiction with the Catholic Church, which has certainly been mutual since the 14th century."

This can be explained as traditional Jesuit misconduct and strategy of tension:

«The Swedish rite is part of Scandinavian Freemasonry a Christian fundamentalist fraternity secretly linked with the Vatican and the Jesuits.» See

201 E Grand Orient

The French Freemason's Leopard Grand Orient still appears under the French Revolution, so hilarious motto:

"Liberté - Fraternité - Egalité (Freedom - Equality - Brotherhood)"
as shown in the accommodation's own website.

According to Wikipedia, the Freemasonry Lions played an important role in the French Revolution in 1789. At this time, the Bavarian Illuminati was in full infiltration and taking over control of Freemasonry in Europe.

202 Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is a secret men's club meeting in the northern California forest a few weeks every summer. The attendance lists are top secret and guarded "top secret". Participants are top executives in politics, business, education, media and the military-industrial complex. The news game has previously published this article about life in Bohemian Grove.

The Bohemian Grove collections consist of three elements:

Social gathering, including good food, drinking and amateur theatre, Business, Networking, Practical Politics and High-Level Political Planning. Occult rituals, see eg. "Illuminati brings together for satanic rituals," (written by Illuminati expert Henry Makow (author of, among others, the books "Illuminati - The Cult that Hijacked the World" and "Illuminati2 - Deceit and Seduction").

203 Bilderberg

The top secret Bilderberg meetings, where European and American politicians and top leaders meet secretly every year is also called "the secret world government".

Norwegian key politicians and business leaders have flown to Bilderberg ever since the first meeting at Bilderberg hotel in Holland in 1954. These include Gro Harlem Brundtland, Thorvald Stoltenberg, Kristin Clemet and Jens Stoltenberg.

During the meetings, each participant is conducted with only "compartmentalized information", mao. limited information - so the larger image will not be visible. Bilderberg meetings have executive status, mao. that the individual participant is required to return to his own country from the meeting in order to have a decision that is formulated as the meeting in the most non-democratic manner. This is among other things confirmed by Bilderberger and former NATO chief executive Willy Claes.

An example of practical Bilderberg policy is the central bank manager Svein Gjedrem's sale of Norges Bank's (total) gold reserves of some-thirds, which took place after he attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2003. Other European countries have also sold their armour. On order from who ...?

The news mirror has previously published this article about the Bilderberg meeting in 2009 and this article on the Bilderberg meeting in 2010.

Perennial Bilderberg participant Kristin Clement is the Right Politician and has been co-editor of the book "In defence of privacy". Clement is opposed to the Data Storage Directive. Can Clement be a victim of compartmentalized information, since Bilderberg is one of the premier driving forces behind the Data Warehousing Directive, which will constitute an important building block in the long-planned Big Brother community called NWO ...?


Bilderberger Kristin Clement (along with his husband's parliamentary politician for Right Michael Tetzschner) participates in the DLD (DLD) directive in front of the Storting spring 2010. Did not Clement get that DLD is a result of the Bilderberg agenda and is part of Illuminati's NWO plan?

204 B'nai B'rith

B'nai B'rith is a very powerful Jewish company based in the United States. Much indicates that there are Zionists (Satanic Jews who confess to Talmud and Kabbalah) who administer B'Nai B'rith. It is said that "Illuminati is traditionally Jewish enemy." This taste of a classic strategy of tension, with the proviso that many true Jews are the worst enemies of the Zionists. As the Zionist B'nai B'rith is part of Illuminati, it is natural that it is against Jews with spine enough to speak the Zionists and Illuminati in the opposite. An example is here.

205 The Order of Skull and Bones

The Order of Skull and Bones 322 was the original "The Brotherhood of Death", a name the members still use. The Skull and Bones "Order" runs out of Yale University and was founded in 1832. Each year, 15 carefully selected and newly graduated Yale candidates are taken up as members. The rituals are bizarre, including collective yelling of the order's peptic cry with the reflexed "Death is death!" During the shooting rite, the candidate is laid naked in a chest, with a loop attached to the genitals while telling the most intimate details of his sex life.

The Skull and Bones members have in common that they end up being placed in powerful positions in the American community, ranging from media to politics. Thus they constitute a conspirative network within the larger Illuminati network. One outcome of this is Washington Post's planned disclosure of the state-owned drug trafficking by the Mena Airport in Arkansas. If the article had come to light, it would have put President Clinton and George Bush on. in a particular doubtful light that could have resulted in criminal prosecution and disgrace as the American drug victims of the times.

The story ended in Washington Post's archives after it was stopped at the last minute by Washington Posts editor Bob Kaiser, who was a member of Skull and Bones, similar to George Bush sr., Which the article would have scandalized. Kaiser makes no grounds for his decision to drop the publication of the article, which you can read here.

In the presidential election in 2004, the voters were assured of ending with a president who was Skull and Bones member, as the election was between George W. Bush and John Kerry.

This was featured on CNN and in this video, Bush and Kerry are being broadcast on live TV, confronted with being members of Skull and Bones.

By the way, the skulls used in the rituals will belong
Apache chief Geronimo. This petition has now been brought in to court by the descendants of Geronimo having been prosecuted against Yale University with a claim that the skull should be returned to be held for worthy rest.

For a brief introduction to Skull and Bones, see, for example. here.

The respected researcher and author Antony Sutton has also talked about Skull and Bones, a. is discussed here.

The consequences of the Skull and Bones cult are like many subtle rings in the water, spread over the American community. This is among other things described here.

206 RTD (Ordo Templi Orientis)

OTO is an occult company that was established in its present form by the well-known occultist Aleister Crowley.

OTO practices different forms of rituals.

RTDs include linked to the secret masonry rite The Palladium Rite.
The content of the rituals defined by Crowley for the various higher degrees is described here.

Here it also appears that there is disagreement internally about what should be the content of the upper degree, degree XI. This is because many of the male members have expressed reluctance to perform the actions that Crowley prescribed for Grade XI.

Information about the Norwegian Department of OTO can be found here.

The Norwegian satanist researcher Asbjørn Dyrendal has linked the OTO both to satanism and to the secret company "The Golden Dawn" (another Crowley affair) and to The Church of Satan, see.

207 Maltese Order - SMOM

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) is a very powerful network officially the Vatican military (!) Army.

In fact, SMOM controls most of the world intelligence services (including the CIA, which has largely been built and led by SMOM members). The CIA also controls the world's drug traffic, which means that SMOM is also the world's top drug pyramid.

SMOM has - as a military army - traditionally been engaged in "modern crusade activities" for the Vatican as war and terror. As a curiosity, it can be mentioned that it was SMOM who performed September 11 the terrorist attacks in the United States as a well-organized military operation, see.

A non-complete overview of many powerful SMOM members is here.

208 The Royal Order of the Garter

The Order of the Garter is the oldest and most prestigious British knight order (chivalric order). Behind the beautiful royal façade, The Order of the Garter is one of the elite groups within Illuminati, which includes appearing from this description.

According to the Hoseband Order Order, King Harald has been a member since 2001. Considering that the vast majority of words contain you for loyalty and silence is a natural habilitation question if King Harald today has his foremost loyalty to the Norwegian people or to Illuminati through the Hoseband order.

Other Garter members are Picture Berries Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, King Juan Carlos of Spain and James Carrington ("Lord Carrington"). King Harald is himself a Bilderberger from 1984. Queen Margrethe of Denmark and King Kong Carl Gustaf are also Garter members (the Swedish King is also a member of the Bohemian Grove, as shown here).

For more information about the large and largely unknown "iceberg" that secret companies make up, see for example. here.


One of Illuminati's many achievements in the field of make-believe is that the people of western countries have been brainwashed to believe they live in "democracies", mao. that they have real people's government, also in national and foreign policy. In reality, Western countries like Sweden and Norway are practically ruled out of hand by virtue of almost invisible threads, which has become "a habit" with the EU and the EEA (SNE).

This happens in that key politicians participate in supranational organizations such as Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. Per-Aslak Ertresvåg's book "The Power of Power", published in 2006, described the top of the hidden power's iceberg for the Norwegian audience.


Despite the book in a very concrete way, he described what he diplomatically described as "Norwegians with unclear loyalty" and to book sales well, the important power-back-power themed was met with deafening silence, not just from a political team, but also from the press. If Norway were indeed an open democracy with a free press, this would hardly have happened, then all cards would have been opened openly on the table, not least to reveal who should derive from his political positions of power because of. clean and cut incompatibility.

The news mirror has published an interview with Per-Aslak Ertresvåg, located here.

On the question

  • What do you want to say to Norwegian politicians and responsible government officials? Ertresvåg answers:

"It is worrying that so much has happened here in Norway, which clearly shows the feel of outside control, without it having come as much as a mouse pointer from them.

Who really controls Norway? The people through their people elected to the Storting or "The Power of Power" ...? The author Per-Aslak Ertresvåg has not yet received an honest answer to the question from the responsible political team.

301 Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral Commission - TC is the sister organization of Bilderberg. TC has a much more relaxed relationship with the outside world and is surrounded by less secretion. Blue. the member directory of the Trilateral Commission is freely available on the TC's own website.

TC was founded in 1973, with 1/3 members from the United States, 1/3 members from Europe and 1/3 members from Japan.

As stated by TC's own website, TC aims to contribute to the most intertwined world of concentrated power, also known as globalization / a New World Order, as TC itself expresses:

"The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by private citizens of Japan, Europe (European Union countries), and North America (The United States and Canada) to foster closer cooperation among these core industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system. De "groenen interdependentie" data zo imponerende de oprichters van de Trilateral Commissie in de vroege jaren 1970 heeft verdiept in "globalising."

Norway's Prime Minister's father Thorvald Stoltenberg is today the Honorary Member of the Trilateral Commission, has been one of the founders when the commission was established in 1973, the same year that Thorvald attended his first Bilderberg meeting.


Founder of the Trilateral Commission. From v. David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Thorvald Stoltenberg.

According to the updated membership overview (2010), the following Norwegians are now members of the Trilateral Commission (in addition to honorary member T. Stoltenberg who is no longer active):

Defense Minister Grete Faremo

Storting's representative Helga Hernes

F. dir. for the Norwegian Shipowners' Association Marianne Lie

F. dir. NHO Elsbeth Tronstad

Industrial man and picture maker Jens Ulltveit-Moe

Both principally and not least in view of the fact that TC at its meeting in Ireland in May 2010 faced war against Iran, it is necessary to establish that Faremo is flagrantly unable to hold the post of Defense Minister:

_"By James P. Tucker, Jr. DUBLIN, Ireland
Trilateral Commission (TC) members, angry about their failure to establish a world government and the economic crisis they generated, called for war with Iran when they gathered behind closed doors here in Dublin, Ireland May 7-10. "_See

In addition, Faremo's NWO-loyal war in Afghanistan is entirely in line with Trilateral founder Brzezinski's plans to roll over Muslim Asia (Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran) military as he has presented the plans hidden in plain sight in his book "The Grand Chessboard ".

Norway's Afghanistan war is based on lies and sludge related to September 11, 2001, and has gradually become propaganda-adjusted to "Norway kills and is killed in Afghanistan for Afghan women to get better", Mao. classical illuminative make-believe and "a good reason - the real reason".

Part of the real reason why the NWO NATO war in Afghanistan is that it is part of Illuminati's priority and the long-term goal of disturbing and, if necessary, destroying countries where religion is still strong among the people. Norway is participating in Mao. in a rigged crusade war where the veiled goal is "The War Against God" (!)

Trilateral member Helga Hernes is the head of the EOS Committee, which is the Storting's Control Committee for Intelligence, Monitoring and Security Services. This is a job that is both flagrant and practical in terms of membership of the Trilateral Commission. It is natural informal contact between Trilateral members and for example. CIA members, as they constitute elements in the same command structure.

How can anyone believe that Trilateral-Hernes will be able to clean up the crumbs from the Norwegian intelligence device if she gets a contract from TC that she wished to see another way?

302 Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)

The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) was established in 1921 and has for many decades been known as the level of US government. Examples of this are that newly appointed presidents are suddenly surrounded by CFR advisors. CFR also has important words in the team when new presidential candidates are selected. Many CFR members are also Bohemian Grove participants.

CFR - who considers itself highly elevated over nations and their laws - has its own plans for what should be done with the globe and the people who live on it, without necessarily consulting national democracies or venting its plans in public.

Such an invention is so-called "geoengineering" - also known as climate engineering - mao. manipulation of the very living conditions of the earth. In this CFR document, entitled "Workshop on Unilateral Planetary-Scale Geo-Engineering", a plan for "geoengineering" is described, ie land reclamation and its ecosystems.

The document says:
"Add small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere". This is among other things placed in context here and is known as aerosol emissions from aeroplanes, popularly called chemtrails. This has been going on for over 10 years in the United States and more than 4 years in Norway now without a public debate and political decision behind this environmental disorder.

Besides, many CFR members are also members of the Trilateral Commission.

For more information on CFR, see, for example. here or here (video).

303 Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), currently known as Chatham House, was the origin of CFR and was established in London in 1920, the year before the CFR. The purpose is the same, to exercise power in secret, or as Chatham House itself expresses:

«Chatham House, home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is a world-leading institute for the debate and analysis of international issues.» See


304 NATO

NATO was established in 1949, officially to protect Western countries against the Illuminati foundations known as Communism before the planned Cold War had begun in the typical strategy of tension style.

A secret claim imposed on all countries that would join NATO was that a "secret police" unit had to be created, mao. a terror cell as it is called nowadays. This inner enemy was named Gladio.

In Norway, the Gladio network is known as Stay Behind or ROC. The existence of NATO's Gladio units was known to prime ministers, defence ministers and foreign ministers, but not to the Storting.


Gladio is also called Illuminati's private army and has long served as an infrastructure for political monitoring, liquidation and terror against the host country's own citizens.

Gladio was deliberately used as a weapon in a strategy of tension. Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra has described Gladio's task like this:

«You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force ... the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security. »See

Especially Italy was heavily affected by Gladio terror in the 1970s and 1980s, with the bombing of Bologna train station in August 1980 as the macabre peak. In the autumn of 1990, Italy's Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti admitted the existence of Gladio, so that the Illuminati-NATO's secret terrorist army became known for the first time, see, for example, here. The Italian community then underwent a violent Gladio dish, after which Gladio was discontinued and Italy again became terror-free.

Norway has not had any Gladio disclosure, except for the puzzling attempt by the name of the Lund Commission (which failed to mention the word "Gladio", nor did it show that all NATO countries have had their own Gladio / Stay behind structure since start). It is therefore natural to assume that Gladio avd. Norway survived the Lund Commission (which delivered its report in 1995) and is operative today, under "good reason-really reason" the term "occupational preparedness". Moreover, the Lund report focused only on the question of illegal surveillance and failed to fully immerse itself in the terrorist part of Stay Behind / Gladio.

A few months before the Bologna bomb, in March 1980, the Norwegian oil platform Alexander Kielland crashed after the D4 strike had been blown. This shocking tragedy, which Norwegian politicians, authorities and the media in common have worked hard to keep the truth hidden, have clear evidence of a Gladio operation carried out by the Stay Behind / Rock / Osvald group (do not iron it out appropriate). For more information about the truth about the Kielland blast, see, for example. here.

1980 was NATO-Gladio's great terrorist year: The Bologna bomb in August took 85 lives, the explosion of the Kielland platform in March took 123 lives.
Order killings in 1999 also have many "smoking gun" indications of having been a NATO plot: Insufficient police follow-up, retention of evidence, soap opera coverage of the trial, justice words, etc. The goal of "elimination" as it is called on The NATO language was Anne Orderud Paust, who had been secretary of three defence ministers and thus "knew too much" about parts of NATO's smelly internal organs. NATO executions of three defenceless Norwegians at Orderud Farm in Sørum occurred after Anne Orderud Paust had first been subjected to two killing attempts at the centre of Oslo; a bomb trial and an attempt at assassination.

For more information on Illuminati's NATO Army Gladio / Stay Behind, see, for example. here, here or there.

The tasks that NATO today safeguards can hardly be called "defending Norwegians against outer enemies". This is illuminative make-believe, which is left in the public theme from the strategy of the tension era called the Cold War. NATO undermines yours and my freedom and security is a more precise description with anchoring in real life. The fact that the vast majority of Norwegians are brainwashed not even able to grasp such a claim does not change the actual circumstances.

NATO is today a military spearhead to force through NWO in countries that do not voluntarily submit to the iron heels of NWO-Illuminati, as was the case with Yugoslavia. That NATO and Norway reported by Trilateral-Faremo now wars in Central Asia to fulfil Trilateral-Brzezinski's "Grand Chessboard" visions were directly expressed in a closed NATO forum in Norway:

"Asmus's point is that NATO is still an extremely relevant organization. Not as a defence alliance of western territory - primarily European - but as a democratization project for the whole of the Middle East ... The new paradigm involves nothing less than the transformation of the communities in an enlarged Middle East. "See

Priority NATO tasks: Drugs and chemtrails-spraying. NATO presence in Afghanistan has an important opium element, not least related to the transport of drugs. NATO's military airports are well suited for drug trafficking as well as the basis for the criminal chemtrails spraying across Norway and other NATO countries.

305 The European Union - EU

In Alden Hatch's biography of Prince Bernhard, he insists that Bilderberg (founded in 1954) was the cradle of the EU community. This is because both Retinger and Bernhard were promoters of the European League for Economic Cooperation, the predecessor of today's EU Union. It is also fair at the time that the Rome Treaty, the first EU document, came to light in 1957.

At the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954, "European integration" was one of the main points on the agenda. At the Bilderberg meeting in 1955, plans for a single European currency unit were discussed. See

Given the evolution of European countries until today's EU Union, much suggests that Bilderberg, governed by SMOM, has been a kind of "bright path" that has paved the way for today's EU. The fact that the key issues (from Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, etc.) that have helped bring the EU to where the Union is today also participated in Bilderberg meetings in secret is another indication that Bilderberg has been "the invisible iron hand", which has completed today's EU organization, mao. that today's EU is virtually not a result of popular activity known as democracy.

Another element of the development of the EU is the secret, undemocratic and obsolete goals that the EU architects have had. This means that the purpose is to let EU citizens remain in ignorance, such as, for example, was expressed by Jean Monnet, one of the founders of the EU:

"Europe's nations should be ruled against a super state without their citizens understanding what's going on. This can be accomplished by means of small steps, where each element becomes camouflaged by its economic purpose, but which gradually and irreversibly will lead to a federation. "See

306 National Heads of State

An Illuminati insider has expressed it as the European leather democracies: "THEY - Illuminati - control the key people". There are many ways to achieve loyalty from elected people at the expense of the electoral loyalty of their voters: Prospects for career, pressure, extortion and, not least, membership in a secret company, be it Bilderberg, Skull & Bones, Freemasonry, Maltese Order, Bohemian Grove etc.

Bilderbergers, who have been government leaders and have participated in Bilderberg meetings as opposition politicians, include Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Lionel Jospin (France), Felipe Gonzales (Spain), Gro Harlem Brundtland, Kåre Willoch, Fredrik Reinfeldt (Sweden) and Jens Stoltenberg.

US presidents have had this "corporate affiliation" in recent times:

- Richard Nixon: Bohemian Grove
- Gerald Ford: Bohemian Grove
- Ronald Reagan: Maltese Order (SMOM)
- George H. W. Bush: Skull and Bones, SMOM
- Bill Clinton: CFR, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission
- George W. Bush: Skull and Bones
- Barack Obama: Freemasons

The significance of bloodlines should also not be evaluated for those who are placed in a position to act as nikkedocks for Illuminati.

Vs. it is very unlikely that George W. Bush could have become president of the United States unless his father had been the CIA chief, vice president and president. George H. W. Bush - had the way his CV reflects - very good connections in the higher hidden powers of to have had Illuminati Henry "the power monster" Kissinger as his mentor.

George Bush junior in Bohemian Grove in 1995, together with his father. Bush junior sees no way out to be ready to become president of the United States. But it's the case with having a father who can pull into powerful threads ... One of the reasons why offspring are often recruited is the desire for control, as George W. Bush is probably the best example. Junior Bush did as he was told by his bakers, including his father, who had also placed his long-standing close colleague Dick Cheney by the Bush junior as vice president.

So what about today's Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg?

As mentioned, Jens Stoltenberg's father, Thorvald Stoltenberg, had become hot within Illuminati's power agencies Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission already in 1973, ie while Jens was still at youth school.

Based on the hidden power mode operandi (bloodline focus, etc.) and what Jens Stoltenberg has actually done in his adult life, it is most natural to assume that Jens was already elected to fill important positions in Norway in early age. Why? Blue. because of. the said desire for control. Thorvald Stoltenberg has for many years been Illuminati's man within the power of Norway.

Jens has experienced downturns that could have parked significantly more gifted political spirits than himself from political peak times indefinitely.

** AUF scandal **

Jens Stoltenberg was a member of the Central Board of the AUF in 1979-1989 and runs 1985-1989. Jens left the headquarters in the AUF a few years before it was found that gross membership was found.

The fraud with member numbers detected (falsification of members to raise government grants) led to four AUF members being charged with gross fraud and sentenced to jail. When the member's sake became known in 1995, Jens's first statement was that "member sickness was common in the AUF". Then Jens became more wool in his statements until he, under oath, explained in Oslo Tingrett that he was not at all familiar with artificially inflated membership figures:

"On March 2, 1995, the case became known through the World Walk (VG), and twelve days later, Stoltenberg and former AUF leader Turid Birkeland admitted that this practice was common and accepted at the time they were active in the organization. On March 17, Stoltenberg was asked to give his explanation on the matter, and explained oath in Oslo district court that he was not familiar with this practice in the AUF, nor under his leadership. "See

Could it have been so easy to escape the exposure of serious lack of character in all publicity without prejudice to his political career unless someone held his protective hand over Jens?

308 Club of Rome

The Club of Rome is an intermediary between a think tank and an organization type Trilateral Commission. The members are chosen to be influential in their home country.

The "good reason" for the Club of Rome was established is stated here.

The real reason is here.

"The Illuminati front organization known as the" Club of Rome ":

«The Club of Rome calls for urgent action to prevent the growing risk of catastrophic climate change ...» See

The main task of the Club of Rome is to help spread and maintain the climate change (the claim that CO2 emissions cause global warming). Climate change is an important part of the NWO framework to deprive countries and citizens of rights and to accept global overruns.


The intelligence service is called the secret services, and acts naturally as a flyer for hidden power: Imagine being able to promote hidden agendas with public funds, public personnel, public safeguards against prosecution and without public access.

For many decades, secret services have gone to bed in the secret of secret companies. A good rule of thumb for this organization is that military intelligence (for example, the United States DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency and UK MI5 / MI6; MI stands for Military Intelligence) is virtually under the control of the Freemasons, while "civil intelligence" such as the CIA (USA), DCRI (France), SISDE (Italy) etc. are under the control of the Maltese regime.

The simplest form of control is that the leaders in the various intelligence units are elected members of the relevant companies. For example, is George Tenet, who was the CIA chief on September 11, 2001, a member of the Maltese Order - who played the key role in the execution of times of terror.

The secret correlation between intelligence and secret companies is created to promote the agenda for NWO globalization by unpunished breaking laws and striving for citizens' rights in the process.

It should, for example, is considered a real possibility that Torbjørn Jagland had his disillusionment on his way to work in January 2002 after being attacked by a so-called "non-lethal weapon" under the auspices of the Secret Services / Stay Behind / Occupational Reform. The design? Most likely, "someone" wanted Jagland to surrender the powerful party leader in the Labor Party to the great election leader Jens Stoltenberg ...

A lot of masonries and intelligence crud were discovered when a part of the Stay Behind network was rolled up in Norway:

"The Stay-Back Network, by Alf Martens Meyer, had connections with the English MI 5 and CIA representatives at the US Embassy. Stay-hold depots were laid out in open terrain for use by the organized entities. They contained federal equipment, clothing, explosives, weapons, ammunition, warfare and tobacco. The equipment came from Alf Martens Meyer's office and the equipment and the financing came from England and the United States. In a masonry box, Meyer IX had a degree in the log "St. Olaus to the three pillars "in Oslo, where he was in charge of First Guarding Brother.

Finn Sjue and Ronald Bye, in the book "Norway's secret army" stated that Stay-behind at its disposal disposed of 1-2000 men in Norway and sorted it under the intelligence service. "See

In 2003, the then Secretary of State in the Justice Department announced Jørn Holme that "Globalization critics threaten the nation's security".

Per-Aslak Ertresvåg demonstrates NWO Norway's in the making: Shortly after the statement that "Globalization Critics threaten the nation's security," Jørn Holme was appointed Head of PST. Not long after, Jørn Holme was appointed the head of the PST Police Security Service.

Is PST still a useful idiot for NWO? The key lies in whether PST "collaborates with", it receives orders from CIA or ei. Any PST little finger stretched out to the CIA may be believed to serve Illuminati's interests at the expense of the interests of Norway's citizens.

401 CIA

The CIA was built in the wake of World War II, mainly by former Nazis and SMOM knights (members of the Maltese Order).

The execution of unethical actions against US citizens became an early activity of the CIA, popularly called the "Dirty tricks department".

For many decades, the CIA has been a rotter for criminal activity, which has largely been in line with the NWO agenda. There are mentioned attacks against democratically elected presidents in South America (Jaime Roldos in Ecuador - Death 1981 and Omar Torrijos in Panama - Death 1981). The many strings that NWO-CIA has played against many countries include accounted for in the former agent John Perkin's books "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" and "The Secret History of the American Empire".

You can see and hear John Perkins himself tell here:

One of CIA's hidden focus areas has for many years been so-called Mind Control (mind control - ie ways to control and control other people's behaviour, an important NWO concern). There is extensive information about the extensive MK Ultra project online, something a few Google search will confirm. Information about MK Ultra in Norway includes: on Facebook.

Mind control is one of Illuminati's desirable focus areas, and certain methods used to traumatize children have branched into occultism, something former writer Arizona Wilder has described in detail, including: here.

Joseph Mengele, the so-called "Death Angel of Auschwitz", who received a well-organized welcome from the OSS / CIA after fled from his Nazi crimes in 1945, is the pioneer in modern mind control. Mengele was also Arizona Wilder's "Trader", ie, Mind Control Programmer.

The secret services also have good opportunities for obtaining black budgets, which are used for black projects (black projects). The most important source of income is drug traffic across national borders, which has been undergoing state protection from the United States since the Vietnam War. The news mirror has previously featured this business, including here and here.

402 MI5 / MI6

MI5 and MI6 are British military intelligence, infiltrated by freemasons practically from floor to ceiling.

MI5's logo: Freemasons will be able to draw attention to up to several elements:

MI5 and MI6 are known to operate more subtly than the CIA with its bulldozer methods. It does not mean that the agents are sitting in peace and drinking tea.

MI5 and MI6 are also heavily in mind control by using the available mind control methodology on their employees and targets, as needed.

Various insider revelations from whistleblowers give both the backward and the hake lipstick a matt feeling of "But how can it be possible now?"

Illuminati researcher Henry Makow describes material he has reviewed as follows:
"Blogs by people claiming to be former MI-5 and MI-6 agents paint a sordid picture of state terrorism, rape, torture, mind control, murder and paedophilia in the service of the Illuminati." See

403 Drug cartels

Any proper drug business has its backers. This also applies to drug traffic conducted by world intelligence (with some assistance on the logistics protection side of NATO from time to time, especially in Afghanistan where NATO is heavily in).

Since the superior of the CIA is the Vatican Military Army SMOM (Maltese Order), it is natural that the world's despicable drug traffickers are among the members of the Maltese Rule, which has the great practical advantage that they are equipped with diplomatic passports, ie they are immune to prosecution for any crime in any country on the planet, whether it's terrorist crime or drug crime.

Several independent sources "in the know" have appointed a SMOM member as head of the world's drug. This is the Spanish King Juan Carlos.


He looks like a mafioso as well: The world's drug king No. 1 - Juan Carlos of Spain
The world's drug cartels, not least the South American cocaine cartels, form part of the hidden network. In several countries in South America, the Freemasons have important roles, including to make sure that the police are looking another way and let el nachcotráfico go their way, and by making sure that the courts ensure that the real bakers go free.

404 Mafia and organized crime

The film success "Godfather" with Marlon Brando as Godfather Don Vito Corleone and Al Pacino as godfather successor Michael Corleone gave the Mafia; Cosa Nostra a face. Many - not least Italians - had long known about the existence of mafia, as the majority denied - almost the same as the vast majority of brainwashed western countries deny Illuminati's existence today.

The relationship between Mafia and Illuminati can be expressed as follows: "Everyone is fearing the mafia, except Illuminati. Even the mafia only fears Illuminati ". The modern mafia was created by Illuminati, as a new variant of "playing on all horses". The tallest mafiosi has traditionally been Illuminati.

Illuminati is itself a Giga mafia, to such an extent that most people fail to grasp it, even faced with facts. Undoubtedly, Illuminati holds large amounts of fabric that would give excellent films and series a la Sopranos.

The mafia is the street level deployment of drugs brought into the country (US) on public aircraft under public supervision and protection.

For more information about the historical intercourse between Illuminati and the Mafia, see, for example. here or there.

405 FBI

The Detective and all sorts of crime films and series will end up well when the FBI - US federal police - enter the scene and arrest the bad guys. This is a form of mental conditioning (ie brainwashing with subtle methods) to create beautiful facades for the invisible power in the minds of the audience.

The FBI is also woven into the spider web of Illuminati. The manifestations of this are many. The FBI's contribution to eviction and neglected investigation of the September 11 terrorist attacks. And when demands were made in Congress to launch 911 investigations outside the FBI's control, President Bush refused to agree to it ...

Top leaders in the FBI participate in the Satanic Bohemian Grove collections, which are an annual crime scene, mao. crime scene. While top leaders in the FBI are unharmed Bohemian participants, "guarding" (primarily consisting in robbing and arresting unauthorized, mao. "Spies" without invitation) is occupied by The Grove by agents from the FBI and CIA. This effectively ensures that any criminal activity that takes place inside the Grove is undisturbed and without any kind of effort.

Violence and killing in Bohemian Grove are some of the flaws the FBI knows, covers and may participate in. The FBI's presence on the crime scene neglects mao. Its most elementary duties do not act as a police by effectively preventing such actions and arresting any criminals in the scene observed on a decent offence.

Two important FBI whistleblowers are Michael Ruppert and Ted Gunderson (7 parts with English speech)

FBI activities

Here Gunderson describes that the explosive used in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was provided by the FBI for the purpose and that Timothy McVeigh, who participated in the fake flag terror in Oklahoma City in 1995, was an MK Ultra programmed agent who worked for the CIA. According to Gunderson, the Murray building in Oklahoma City was blown by a so-called barometric bomb, not a "fertilizer bomb", which was the robbery story that was brought to the world by the Western media without technical opposites as an explanation of the tragedy.

Michael Ruppert was a drug researcher at LAPD (Los Angeles Police) until he discovered that parts of the US government are behind drug trafficking. When he picked up this internally in the chamber he was forced to quit. A Michael Ruppert lecture is here.

In this precious video clip, Michael Ruppert CIA confronts director John Deutch on live television about CIA's involvement in drug traffic.

Ted Gunderson spent 27 years in the FBI and among his most important findings, he emphasizes the satanic elements that permeate the American community on different levels (smells of Illuminati ...).

The scandalous investigation of the Anthrax terrorist attacks in the US in autumn 2001, which was used to provoke the adoption of the NWO The Patriot Act by the Congress, was signed by the FBI. After the source of the anthrax used had been located (a state-owned bio-weapon laboratory near Washington DC), the FBI even committed the scandalous failure to not call anyone who had contact with or knowledge of the used anthrax bacteria for routine questioning.

The person like the FBI in 2008 - 7 years after the lethal anthrax terror - designated as the "guilty", an employee of the bioscope laboratory Fort Detrick was most likely taken days a day after being designated the "only guilty" through so-called "Suiciding" (killing camouflage as suicide). The screaming media reports about his "suicide" after he was dead and before he was placed in the grave are also clear indications that the FBI wanted to "bury" this unpleasant thing for good. The news mirror has published an article about the anthrax terrorist found here.

Summarized, it's a subtle and well-hidden collaboration between the Mafia, the FBI and the CIA. The "glue" that binds them together is the drug traffic and the Illuminati association. The latter is good only known for the absolute top management within each of the organizations.

406 Interpol

Interpol is, by many, not a state but a private organization. Interpol cooperates with more than 100 countries, which makes Interpol's agents an unobtrusively easy access to confidential personal information from around the world. A brief description of Interpol is available here.

Interpol is Rotschild and Illuminati's private police force.

One of Illuminati's Modus Operators is to be in a position to investigate their own crimes (for example, that SMOM member Henry Kissinger, one of the architects behind the September 11 terrorist was appointed chairman of the commission for 911 investigations, terrorism) so that they can lay their own crimes and dictate innocent sinks just as it suits them.

The forms of crime covered by Interpol largely coincide with Illuminati's core business:
"The organization's work is primarily aimed at security and terrorism, organized crime, drug production and trafficking, arms smuggling, trafficking in human beings, money laundering, child pornography, economic crime, high tech crime and corruption."

500 Media and entertainment

Western communities are dared and brainwashed to believe that they have honest media with uncensored editorial freedom revealing critical conditions in society that they should get acquainted with. This is not the case.

The news mirror has previously published three TABU overviews (located here, here and here).


«TABU poster»: Norsk presses main weather, careful poster ...? The TABU overview is a review of important social topics that the Norwegian press chooses to relinquish, despite the fact that they have the full opportunity to do their own investigations and publish their conclusions in the form of promotional shock releases. But the Norwegian press is talking about virtually any NWO theme.

Some of the brainwashing in communities with sleeping citizens and silent journalists is that the public is in good faith that they do not have to care for themselves - because if something criticism had come for the day it had been revealed by the (mainstream) media and then become followed up and given proper treatment in political bodies. This is far from the case.

A recent trend is that Illuminati also controls a large proportion of alternative media and alternative media productions. An example of this is the alternative film success "Zeitgeist". Zeitgeist follows a classic desinfo strategy that presents some parts of truth - to gain trust. But one of Zeitgeist's main messages is actually so doubted about Jesus Christ was much more than a random person who has gained undeserved attention. Undermining the foundation of Christianity and Christianity is a typical Illuminati mode operand. People who liked the Zeitgeist films, not least because Zeitgeist is highly critical of both The Fed and the official 911 story were invited to participate in The Zeitgeist Movement. And there is a new Illuminati organization established with a large majority of participants who were originally anti-Illuminati ...

501 Western newspapers and magazines

The list of Illuminati-controlled newspapers and news magazines is long. Clear examples are the Financial Times and The Economist, who are present as "referrers" from Bilderberg meetings year after year without ever mentioning the content of the meetings with a word.

Magazines like Time and Newsweek and "leading" (sic) newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal are also in the fold. The same applies to news agencies like Reuters and Associated Press (AP), which provides censored and organized "spin-info", which is uncritically copied and distributed by Norwegian newspapers, not least local newspapers.

Illuminati association hidden in the open: Time Magazine
There were representatives from 16 press agencies at the Bilderberg meeting in 2010, also from countries like Turkey. It is probably easier to ask the question which media are not controlled by the NWO agenda. The Norwegian newspaper Freedom was a fresh breath for a long time, but then they also lost pressure. Could it have been the price to practice real freedom of the press in Norway?

502 Tavistock Institute

The Tavistock Institute was originally established in 1922 by RIIA. The mission as founder Major John Rawlings Reese, a British Army technician, was given to organize the world's largest brainwashing unit.

This task, which Tavistock has been successful in for almost 100 years, also shines through Tavistock's own description of its own business, "applying social science to relevant topics and problems".

"The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a not-for-profit organization that applies social science to contemporary issues and problems." See

Tavistock has carried out brainwashing in the Western world for 90 years. Of whom? By you and me - not least through mass media ... Tavistock worked closely with the CIA in the 1960s in the field of mass communication (mass manipulation), as the drug culture and popular music culture was introduced simultaneously to the western countries as an element of the long-term Illuminati- the project of breaking down traditional values including religion and family.

The assignment distribution wasp. a. so that Tavistock found and promoted music groups that they believed would have the desired impact (including the British groups The Beatles and The Rolling Stones), while the CIA stood for the drug distribution where the youth met, such as on Woodstock Festival, where "someone" shared free LSD to festival participants who were tempted to get "something more" out of their concert experience.

It was Tavistock who organized the Beatles USA tour in the mid-1960s and made sure young girls were transported by buses to the airport and received payment to stand and shout when the plane with The Beatles had landed. This was reported as "Beatlemania". Tavistock also ensured that The Beatles performed at the popular and Illuminati-controlled Ed Sullivan show, which was featured on national American television.

In the fall of 1980, the Beatles member John Lennon appeared in a rich interview with the Playboy Magazine, where the ever-frantic Lennon said that it was:
"We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD. That's what people forget. Everything is the opposite of what it is, is not it, Harry? So get out the bottle, boy - and relax. They invented LSD to control people and what they did was give us freedom. "

John Lennon said, "We must always remember to thank CIA for LSD. They found LSD to control people but what they did was give us freedom. "A few months later, Lennon was dead.
Probably it was this lunchtime - that there is a criminal and hidden agenda for taxpayers' money - which cost Lennon life a few months later. Lennon was killed by an MK Ultra mind controlled Manchurian candidate named Mark David Chapman. For many decades, CIA and Tavistock have been heavily involved in minor control activities - even at the individual level.

503 Music industry

The music industry is a key to affect the young generations and thus help shape the future, something Illuminati has been conscious of utilizing. It is almost expressed that modern popular music (rock, country, pop, etc.) has been developed by Illuminati. The industry and the artists' space in the public's consciousness would in any case not be the same without their rigging in the scenes.

The news mirror has previously published articles about Illuminati's influence in the music industry, including here (Lady Gaga) and here.

In the article "Top 13 of the Illuminists" (last mentioned by the three), Illuminati has influenced behavior and / or the artistic expression of artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Shakira, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Lady Gaga and Madonna.

504 film companies

The film is another powerful instrument that is used for impact through mass communication in many ways. One of Illuminati's film features is to "advertise the future" through action on the canvas. This is called "predictive programming".

The 2009 "Knowing" movie with Illuminati actor Nicolas Cage shows an accident on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico (which, incidentally, had nothing to do with the film's action), practically similar to the disaster that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010.

In the 1990's "Total Recall" movie with Bohemian Grove participant Arnold Schwarzenegger, elements from a planned future community have been added, such as: shows the use of vaccines with completely different purposes than disease prevention and scanning of passengers at airports with frequencies and purposes, which is something other than simple security check (see Illuminati Modus Operator: "A good reason and the real reason".

As said during this YouTube clip:

"How much information they gave to us back then, to us it was just a movie, now it is becoming a reality!"

The Disney group has had Illuminati affiliation from the start, including through the Illuminati Disney bloodline to the founder Walt Disney, who also was 33th-degree masonry. Disney movies have been culture-bearing for more than half a century through their big appeal to children and adolescents. These are movies that look innocent at first glance, but as in a closer, review will reveal the amount of "planted" hidden symbolism that is inserted into the actions.


  • Oh no, not Mickey Mouse too! Disney character Mickey Mouse demonstrates cozy occultism: Magic to believe ... For more info about the satanist Disney group, see, for example. here, here or here.

The filmmaker Stanley Kubrick had inside information from Illuminati and attempted to show some of Illuminati's inner lives in the form of secret rituals where society's best-burgers participate hidden behind masks in the Eyes Wide Shut movie.

This was Kubrick's latest movie. Kubrick died for mysterious reasons while he was sleeping before the movie had premiered, mao. Kubrick died with "Eyes wide shut", which can be recognized as a symbolic signal from Illuminati.

Hidden out in the open: Illuminati symbol on film. Starring Illuminati actor no. 1 Nicolas Cage.

600 Organizations

As most Illuminati does, organizations also fill many functions. Sending messages that affect the audience and the media is such a feature. Social control by incorporating people who have the power and influence in their communities is another. Strong social communities are an important reason why many choose to participate for years. In addition, organizations such as Lions and Rotary act as "listeners", which capture what's happening in communities and discreetly reports this up in the organization.

Illuminati is very true for social trends and has the motto "Working without seeming", an art that has been practically practised to perfection.

601 Odd Fellow Orders

Odd Fellow sounds like a Norwegian name but is global like so many other Illuminati facades. Odd Fellow Orders (The Independent Order Of Odd Fellows - I.O.O.F.) was founded in the United States already in 1819. The name is probably derived from Oath Fellows-born brothers.

The Independent Norwegians of Odd Fellow is an international association of people who have committed to following certain rules and arrangements in their membership.

Female Odd Fellow members are called Rebekka sisters. They are organized in the Rebekk Institution, an integrated and equal part of the Order. See

602 Rotary

Rotary has much in common with clubs like Lions but is based on occupational membership. By having many different professions represented at the meetings, a fairly good overview of what is happening in the (local) community occurs. Many members also experience this "cross-cutting" as a fruitful form of social intercourse and networking, since it goes beyond the individual's (vocational) box.

Kozeklubben Rotary is so much more than for example. Tvedestrand Rotary which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year.

Rotary was established in the United States in 1905 with the official reasoning "developing communities" and has long been global.

Rotary played a key role in establishing the UN, something Norwegian Rotarians are proud of today:

"A total of 49 Rotarians participated in the preparation of the UN Charter in San Francisco in 1945. Of fifty national delegations, twenty of them had Rotarians in their staff and several were led by Rotarians." See

In essence, it does not matter about any of the four gentlemen Edward Stettinius Jr., Alger Hiss, John Foster Dulles and W. Averell Harriman who came together in an "extra meeting" during the drafting of the UN Charter in San Francisco for to plot the atomic bombing of Japan were Rotarians or, as described in paragraph 307 UN. They were ruled from higher teams of Illuminati / NWO, similar to the "Rotarians" present.

Rotary International has issued a document called "Essenials for an Enduring World Order ..." See

Is it so difficult to spell lice in the hallway, though the vast majority of low-ranking Rotary members do not have the slightest idea of what is happening on the highest levels of the Rotary Pyramid?

Rotary has its own United Nations Representation, and considers itself as a "close partner" with the Illuminati body UN, such as, for example, can be found on Rotary International's own website:

"Today, Rotary holds the highest consultative status possible with the United Nations as a non-governmental organization." See

In 1949, the UN Secretary-General, the Norwegian Trygve Lie, said in a speech on Rotary's Forty Convention: "I would like to personally thank all Rotarians for their understanding of the UN and the help they have given to our work. The sympathy and cooperation with Rotarians have always been an inspiration and I am very pleased that the UN and RI have such close relations. "

The Rotary Club in New York, where the UN stands, is led by an Illuminati insider, such as the Italian Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, who is a member of Illuminati's P2 lover, who, among other things, directed a large part of Italy's Gladio terror a few decades ago, including the assassination of Prime Minister Aldo Moro.

Norwegian Rotary clubs, in particular Gimle Rotary Club, have gathered places for powerful men known as "Gutteklubben Grei". A sad scratch in the reputation of Gimle Rotary, who has just completed 60 years, is that the club has been an important base for the Norwegian society's demand-winning Stay Behind. This is among other things described in detail in Ronald Bye and Finn Seven's book "Norway's Secret Army - The History of Stay Behind" (pp. 176-177), available here.

Up to today, Gimle Rotary has been ruled by top masonry, image makers, top politicians and business leaders in such a way that it reminds us of Norway's response to the P2 lodge, as the historical president's review is witnessing.

603 World Peace Council

World Peace Council ("World Peace Council") is one of Illuminati's many "supper" councils with NWO goals:

«The WORLD PEACE COUNCIL (WPC) is an anti-imperialist, democratic, independent and non-aligned international movement of mass action.»

604 Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust)

Lucis / Lucifer Trust was founded by the "New Age" gurus Alice Bailey and Foster Bailey in order to publish writings of "enlightened" thinkers like Madame Blavatsky
and Alice Bailey.

Lucifer means "The Light Bringer", which is reflected in the "illuminated" objective of Lucis Trust on the Foundation's own website:

"... International nonprofit dedicated to fostering enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue ..." See

Lucis Trust has over 6,000 active members with headquarters in the United States, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland. For more information about Lucis Trust, see, for example. here or there.

605 Rand Corporation

Rand Corporation is one of many Illuminati-based "think tanks" that has been highly influenced by development and politics for decades.

Rand Corporation defines its objectives as:
"The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis." For more information about Rand, see, for example, here.

606 Anti-Defamation League

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was established in 1913 by the Zionist organization B'nai B'rith (see paragraph 204). In short, ADL acts as a noisy cuckoo that comes out and shouts "anti-Semitism! anti-Semitism! "When any of the dubious activities of the Illuminati Zionists are critically reviewed or Jesuit-controlled activities carried out by Jewish / Zionist frontmen are criticized. For more information about ADL, see, for example. News article's article here or Educate Yourself here.

607 WHO

WHO is the United Nations Agency for Health. For some reason, the WHO has apparently been obsessed with vaccination (which provides cash for the Rockefeller's pharmaceutical industry, those of the United Nations "benefactors") for the more intense focuses such as healthy nutrition, food without antifouling additives and control with EM radiation around the world.

Vaccines contain a number of mildly dubious ingredients such as aluminium and diluted viruses and should have been put "on hold" by the WHO if the body is what it seems to be - a body to improve public health around the world - which is not. (A proof of this is that somewhere else in the UN system circulates an NWO plan for the deterioration of nutrition worldwide called the Codex Alimentarius.

It is for example not known that WHO has so much as once opposed the content of Codex A. and said that: "Listen here - we can not introduce such nutritional restrictions as Codex adds to - it will lead to increased sickness and reduced life expectancy ... "

Before and during the global psy-ops fraud for mass vaccination against swine flu in 2009, the WHO performed unclean trot in several coarse ways, including by changing the criteria for "pandemic" after it was found that the swine flu virus was far less severe than initially thought, actually milder than the usual influenza virus. The news mirror has previously described this plot as "The Report of a Planned Pandemic", see.


UNICEF is the most touching of all UN agencies, thinking of an organization that cares for all the world's children. It has many advantages to display pictures of poor and/or happy children in their marketing material.

But, like the WHO, UNICEF has "shorted" in so many of its efforts by believing that the best that poor children in poor countries can get are vaccines. Many children who suffer from malnutrition or malnutrition have weakened immune systems, which makes them less able to receive vaccines without compromising health. (The body's immune system attacks the content of vaccines as if it were any foreign matter that has nothing to do in the body). Development of AIDS-like symptoms is an example of the combination of malnutrition / impaired immune system/vaccination.

UN / Illuminati has an Agenda for Depopulation, ie population reduction on Earth. This is among other things described in the UN document Agenda21: "Agenda 21 is evidence that the New World Order is a sick plan adopted by almost all world governments."

One way to reduce the world's population is through sterilization. This has often been attempted through vaccines, also in UNICEF:

"UNICEF Nigerian Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Sterilizing Agents Scientist Finds" See

This video is about the UNICEF scandal in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010
UNICEF is - like the Red Cross - masters of marketing, branding and make-believe creation of attitudes to the public. What is the role of UNICEF's agenda in the hiding when FC Barcelona - the world's best football team - its players run around the track with suits on UNICEF?

609 United World Federalists

United World Federalists - Citizens for Global Solutions is one of many "grassroots organizations" (camouflage because they are invisibly controlled from high level) who want a federal world-mao. a world government. It is unclear whether the Norwegian organization One World is a part of "United World Federalists".

Several Norwegian parliamentarians (as well as Bilderberg-Trilateralist Thorvald Stoltenberg) are members of one world, including has as its goal:

"Work for an orderly and controlled transition to a world-based community based on international law."

At the request of the Storting, it appears that the Storting does not lead a (h) register of indigenous peoples with an overview of the various electorate's membership in various NWO associations that actively work for the eradication of Norway as an independent nation - which is, in fact, contrary to Norway's Basic Law. It is known that the right politicians Inge Salon and Jan Tore Sanner are members, as well as former Justice Minister Odd Einar "Snake in sheep's clothes" Dørum.

Politicians who are members of one world: From Jan Tore Sanner, Inge Salon and Thorvald Stoltenberg

610 World Federalist Movement

World Federalist Movement (WFM) / Institute for Global Policy is probably a soup for a world government, with goals that are known as:

"WFM is a global movement dedicated to the realization of global justice, peace and sustainable prosperity through the development of democratic ..." See

Or as WFM itself says:

"An advocate for global governance and United Nations reform along federalist principles ..."

It is unclear whether Norwegian politicians' own organization "UN reform" forms part of the "World Federalist Movement".

Things indicate that the "UN Reform" is caused with "One World" and that the confusion around the different names can help to confuse the facts so that questions of the kind are not so easily asked:

"How can you, as a democratic Norwegian electorate, be a member of a non-democratic organization that works for the closure of democracy in Norway, washing the nation of Norway and surrender of the majority of Norwegian citizens to NWO-controlled slavery?

611 Fabian Society

Fabian Society is a British company founded in 1884 to work for an NWO community (socialist-Marxist, by gradually reducing the rights of the citizen and a gradually more dominant state) using the bit-by-bit method:

"1884 - The Fabian Society is founded to promote socialism. The Fabian Society takes its name from the Roman General Fabius Maximus, who fought Hannibal's army in small debilitating skirmishes, rather than attempting one decisive battle. "See
For more information about the "Fabians" see for example. here or there.

612 World Affairs Council

The World Affairs Council is another food counsel for globalization, which is easily recognizable in terms of objectives:

"A non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes greater understanding of global affairs ..." See

"The World Affairs Council is a membership-based nonprofit dedicated to providing all opportunities to practice global citizenship." See

613 Red Cross

Red Cross is the actual sausage-rosin among the organizations. As a facade and brand, the Red Cross achieves top marks on all points. Just getting out to suggest something negative about the Red Cross as an organization raises reluctance on an unconscious level. Every time a disaster occurs somewhere in the world, the Red Cross experiences that the organization receives half of the total donations.

The Red Cross is now a pyramid structure in the global spider network, and its location is among other things. defined as:

«The Red Cross is an Illuminati KnightsTemplar front organization« .Se

An interesting Red Cross experience occurred in the United States in the wake of the September 11 terror. Volumes of citizens, who were in shock and grief, went out of the house to give blood and donate money to the Red Cross. And the Red Cross, for its part, accepted and accepted.

But through - what was the purpose of all blood donation? It was practically not survivors pulled from the ruins. The many who have suffered from smoke and/or building dust in the lungs needed to change the air, not the bloodstream.

Afterwards, questions were raised about how the Red Cross really had used the millions of millions received, and it turned out that most of the money was unused. The same thing happened after the Katrina disaster in 2005. It was shown that the Red Cross was using money donated to rescue work for the "fight against terror" ...?!?!

This Red Cross scandal is described as "The Red Double Cross" (fraud) and is among others. described as:

"It's been a challenging three months for one of America's best-known charities, the 120-year-old American Red Cross. In de wake, van de terroristische aanvallen van 11 September, Amerikanen reageren snel en met verbluffende generositeit. Charities have raised an unprecedented $ 1.4 billion for victims of September 11. Nearly half of the money has been raised by the Red Cross, which also collects which also collected hundreds of thousands of blood donations. This story, of blood and money, has brought controversy and scrutiny to the well-regarded $ 3 billion a year charity.

Blood banking has become one of the evilest and consequential genocidal practices in the world today. To understand why the global blood "banksters" have selected this vehicle for effecting "population control" and conducting "spiritual warfare ..." See here and here.

The leadership of the Norwegian Red Cross is worth a study.

Former Secretary-General of the Norwegian Red Cross Odd Grann is Norwegian Freemason of the XI degree, which is the highest official degree in the Norwegian Freemasonry System. A flag with a red cross crosses the entrance of the Freemasonry. This is hardly a coincidence, Illuminati is known as the symbolism rather than someone.

Thorvald Stoltenberg has been president of the Norwegian Red Cross. It is rumoured by enlightened Norwegians that Thorvald Stoltenberg is also Freemasonry, which is not confirmed by the rich member reviews published by TV2. In the great Freemason pyramid higher up in the article, it appears that there is a higher degree of The York Rite called "Order of The Red Cross". One possible explanation is, therefore, that Stoltenberg the elder is higher grade Freemasonry within the York rite in a foreign lion.

Can this also be the case of former Red Cross chief and current Norwegian "chief globalist" Jonas Gahr Støre, and former topjeg will only build up my global network before returning as a top politician "Politician for the Right, Current Red Cross Chief Executive Officer Børge" Brenda?

614 Lions Club

Lions Club is considered to be among the lower levels of the pyramid:

"The Lion's Club is considered to be a low-level Illuminati feeder organization or front". See

Lions Club arranges used bookshops in competition with school classes and sports teams, but what are they doing now with the money that comes in and is now all the effort worth the trouble?

What would happen if, for example? The members of Lions Club Holmestrand, who have suffered during the massive chemtrails spray over Vestfold for several years now, decided to initiate community-friendly activities in the form of protest actions against climate, environmental and health disruptive chemtrails spraying over members' neighbourhoods?

This could, for example, attempted in the form of information work and/or fundraising or is the purpose of the next "Red Feather" campaign.

615 Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an example of a grassroots organization that started with a commitment to grassroots and best intentions but was gradually taken over (co-opted-buyers) by them.

Greenpeace has, for example, proved to be a useful instrument to trick the audience into believing Rockefeller, CFR and the Club of Rome's climate-lie, something Greenpeace itself has been forced to admit:

"Greenpeace Leader Admits Organization Put Out Fake Global Warming Data.
Greenpeace leader Gerd Leipold has been forced to admit that his organization issued misleading and exaggerated information when it claimed that Arctic ice would disappear completely by 2030, in a crushing blow for the man-made global warming movement.

In an interview with the BBC's Stephen Sackur on the "Hardtalk" program, Leipold initially attempted to evade the question but was ultimately forced to admit that Greenpeace had made a "mistake" when it said Arctic ice would disappear completely in 20 years.

The claim stems from a July 15 (2009) Greenpeace press release entitled "Urgent Action Needed As Arctic Ice Melts," in which it is stated that global warming will lead to an ice-free Arctic by 2030. "See

If Greenpeace had checked data, they would have found that global warming stopped around 1998 and that the earth is now entering a cooling-off period, see.
616 World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has a goal that most people end up on; to cherish the wild wildlife of the world.

Among the founders of WWF, we find people high up in the pyramid, among other things. Britain's Queen-Man Prince Philip and the Dutch Prince Bernhard, who was also one of the founders of Bilderberg meetings.

Like so many other facade associations, it may be timely with a little critical review of what the organization does and does not and not just what they say:

  • Did WWF Norway actually protest before and during the big snatch massacre in Nord-Trøndelag a few years ago? - Has WWF been firmly against the fact that in 2009/2010 a total of 18 bears were killed in Norway, 9 of which were publicly admitted - the highest number of dead bears since 1915? See

Or that in recent years has the highest "Lynx reduction" since the 19th century?
And what about all the wolves in Hedmark with official approval, even of wolves?
What role does WWF do, as long as people think that they are doing what they get money to do? How many of the heavy Norwegian charity organizations are in fact based on illuminative make-believe?


Illuminati not only brings its prisoners beyond the western world - but all over the world. Organized religion has acted as a tool for leading the masses (churches) on the paths and away from God for centuries. The infiltration of the many religions has also been done because the struggle against God is one of Illuminati's most important and best-camouflaged goals.

Many who have tried to understand Illuminati have focused on politics or finance and overlooked the important fact that Illuminati is basically a religious movement. The big difference is that Illuminati neither worship Allah nor Yahweh or Jesus Christ. For Illuminati, demons like Lucifer and Satan are the most real entities that achieve communication and interaction with various occult rituals. For more info on Illuminati as a religious movement, see, for example. here.

Illuminati prioritizes to infiltrate various religious groups by jesus to break them down from the inside, including by replacing traditional religious content and rituals with Illuminati's own messages, agendas and rituals. Not least in the United States, a number of different religious groups have been infiltrated and taken over by Illuminati, not least within traditional church communities.

701 Sufi Illuminati

Illuminati's influence is not limited to the western world, and goes back centuries, significantly longer than to the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, who operated in Bavaria in the 1770s and is known as the founder of Illuminati.

701 A Rawshaniyya

Rawshaniyya is a Sufi movement propagated in the Pashtun homeland (today's Afghanistan) in the 17th and 17th century.

Sufi author Idries Shah goes so far as claiming that Illuminati is a sufi movement ... (!) For an analysis of this, see.

701 B Fethullah Gülen

Fethullah Gülen is a Sufi movement that also exercises political power today.
The Turkish Fethullah Gülen, operating from the United States, is an important part of Turkey's secret government, operating with support from the US government in general and the CIA in particular, see.

702 Theosophy

Theosophy is an international religious and philosophical movement that was created in New York in 1875. Theosophical Society presents a system of knowledge about man and the universe, theosophy, which was designed by society's founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, known as Madame Blavatsky.

703 Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower)

Jehovah's Witnesses, also known as the Watchtower Society, were founded by Charles Taze Russell. Russell was 33-degree friars and belonged to the Russell bloodline, which is one of Illuminati's 13 main bloodlines.

According to The Forbidden Knowledge, a lot of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) has been reported internally in the Watchtower community in the United States, a confirmation that the Jehovah's Witnesses / Watchtower is Illuminati-controlled:

"På ground av mange problem ide congregation of Jehovahs Witness med Satanic Ritual Abuse (S.R.A.), The Watchtower Society slog ut en Artikel I October. 8, 1991 issue of the magazine. Lee-Waters or Bethel Headquarters kept a file on his computer or Jehovah's Witnesses who were reported to be victims of SRA. It is possible headquarters told him to delete the file. En and man som var på hovedkvarteret, som nu er trodden på samfundet, var også got informer om SRA bland de menigheter i Jehovas Vidner. In fact, two J.W.s who had actually been in the Illuminati while J.W.s but had broken free confronted the Governing Body and headquarters with their evidence of the Illuminati operating within the membership of Jehovah's Witnesses. "See

An analysis of parts of the symbolism of the Watchtower can be found here.

704 Mormon church

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, was 33th-degree masonry. Fritz Springmeier, one of the world's foremost Illuminati researchers, has revealed in his book "Be wise as serpents" how the founder of the Mormon Church belongs to one of the 13 bloodlines.

In this article, Springmeier describes certain rituals practiced in the Mormon church and as he expresses it:

"In this part we will explain seal rituals. I'm doing this so that Christians can understand who a Keeper of Seals is, and also so that Christians can understand that Mormonism is closer to Satanism than it is to Christianity. "

705 Baha'í

Baha'i faith - as many consider to be an "outgrowth" of Islam, has a New World Order as its goal, as expressed by Shoghi Effendi, the long-standing headache of Baha'í:

"Deter strukturen i hans nye verdensordre, nu stirrer han i livets vederlag eller de administrative institutioner, som han selv har skabt, som vil tjene både som et mønster og et kerne af verdenssamvigdommen, som er det sure, den uundgåelige bestemmelse af folket and nations of the earth. "Shoghi Effendi, The Promised Day is Come, p. 122 Se

For information about Baha'i and Freemasonry, Baha'i and New World Order, m.v. see for example here.

706 New Age
The purpose of establishing the New Age movement, dating back to Madame Blavatsky in the 19th century, was to lead society into a Luciferian way of thinking. This is described, among other things, here.

As a curiosity, it is mentioned that Oprah Winfrey, who has led America's most popular talk show for more than 10 years, is believed to propagate a New Age message, see, for example, here or there.

707 Wicca (New Age)

Wicca pursues magic and witchcraft, a kind of proper version of Harry Potter, see for example.

A so-called Wicca board (or ouija board) can be used spiritually to get in touch with spirits or other entities like angels or demons.

708 World Council of Churches / Ecumenical

The Ecumenical Movement and Inter-Religious Dialogue is a smoke blanket for the Vatican, which from the scenes again wants to rule all over the world by controlling other religions, be it Protestant or Orthodox Christianity or Islam and Buddhism.
The "inter-religious dialogue" is mentioned, for example. here and here.

Some keywords from the "ecumenical" website:

  • International Eugenic Peace Convocation - Prayer Week for Christian Unity / Unity

709 Christian Science

Christian science ("Christian science") is linked to the Freemasonry and Jehovah's Witnesses, see, for example. here.

710 Hare Krishna

The Hare Krishna movement is the religious environments that have "woken up" and discovered that they have been affected by Illuminati infiltration. This is evident, for example. of their own websites.

The forces in the Hare Krishna environment have initiated rewards to free themselves from the degrading Illuminati influence, among other things. through chanting:
"Chants to clean the Illuminati brainwashing" and in other ways.

711 Lamaism

Lamaism, which has the Dalai Lama as a front figure, is not just "peace and humility" such as the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, the Dalai Lama likes to appear. Lamaism's Illuminati connections include been determined by German researchers. The Dalai Lama has naturally surrounded people such as German Nazis from the previous war and today not particularly peace-promoting Western leaders like George W. Bush and Barack Obama are also indications that the Dalai Lama is one of THEY's many sympathetic faces.
For more info about the lamaism / Dalai Lama and Illuminati, see for example. here, here or there.

The top layer of the Illuminati pyramid


This organizational review has not been so much more than a cover of the Illuminati iceberg's more visible parts. The use of numbers in the group division is that other groups than those mentioned here can be numbered and placed within their respective main categories.

Higher up in the Illuminati pyramid, the organization becomes more unclear - like a mountain sheltered in eternal fog. Certainly, occult activities (rituals with or without demon invocation) are becoming increasingly prominent.

Two high-ranking Illuminati whistleblowers have outlined the top of the pyramid's "Top of the Top": Italian Leo Zagami and American John Todd Collins (R.I.P) who died in 2007 at a psychiatric hospital in the United States.

It is common for high-ranking Illuminati hikers who "sing like songbirds" to be exposed to violent disinformation and detention campaigns through various media and in various ways in their privacy, including psychiatric abuse. This in order for the audience not to trust the apparently incredible information regarding Illuminati's inner conveniences.

Both Zagami and Todd Collins have been hit hard by such campaigns.

712 The Roman Catholic Church (Vatican City)

Leo Zagami claims that the Vatican - who in secret tries to gain control of all established religions, including through the "ecumenical" project - constitutes the top map of Illuminati and is in the lead for the evil NWO project.

It is the Jesuits who rule in the Vatican, thus controlling the entire Roman Catholic Church. The Jesuit chief commander is the Jesuit Genre (the title general is because the Jesuit word is a military order that has the task of conducting war) called the Black Pope. The Black Pope exercises near dictatorial power over the Vatican including the "White" Pope himself.

The rulers of the "Temple of Satan" The Vatican: The White Pope Ratzinger and the Black Pope Nicolas Pachon. Are the two now ready to complete the NWO project - the worst project of history - using the Illuminati empire and the Jesuit intrigues from the scenes?
Today's official Jesuit family is Spanish Adolfo Nicolás Pachón. However, he works closely with his long-standing predecessor Peter-Hans Kolvenbach.

Kolvenbach returned to the Jesuit power shortly after he left. At the age of almost 82, he works in two teams with Nicolás Pachón in what is called the era of two generals.

«The era of two generals»: At the top of the human command structure, the black popes Nicolas Pachon (to v.) And Kolvenbach (to h.). Kolvenbach is described from the inside as "devil's best friend." Most likely, Kolvenbach still has a key role in the Vatican's current contract with the demon world. According to well-informed sources, Kolvenbach will not consider his call and his life as completed before he has succeeded in kicking off the long-planned World War II. This could be done using the Jesuits' well-considered intrigues from the scenes with the help of the Illuminati empire's many useful idiots with Western media in the lead.

713 Grand Druid Council of 13

According to John Todd Collins, the ruler and occult dynasty Rothschild is on the top of Illuminati. He claimed that Rothschild controls Illuminati through the occult top body "The Grand Druid Council of 13". This council meets 8 times a year on so-called "witches sabbaths" (of which Halloween is one) to perform various occult rituals.

Jeff Rense describes Todd Collin's review of Illuminati's power and deeds like this:

"He casts the Illuminati as a solid, highly-organized and powerful occult conspiracy that holds mankind in a satanic vice." See

Zagami and Todd Collins have agreed that the human top layer in Illuminati has its superiors in the demon world, "their demonic handlers".

Considering the enormous power exerted by Illuminati, as this review shows, the real rulers of the earth today are demon entities (jinns) like Satan / Lucifer.

This is a fact that the majority of the world's population is brainwashed to believe that cannot be possible, among other things. because true spiritual knowledge is kept well hidden in the secret companies, where it is abused by the few insiders at the expense of the vast majority who are outsiders: "If you are not inside the Illuminati - you are outside!"

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