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Part 3: Origin of the Order of Illuminati


_Illuminati: The Controller of All MasonsGoals of the Illuminati_

_Inside a Grand Lodge of Illuminati in Paris_

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1. Illuminati: The Controller of All Masons

In 1776, Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Catholic Church Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria (Germany), founded the Order of Illuminati (Lucifer light bearers). Although trained as a Catholic Priest, he believed in Satanism and humanism. Humanism taught that a person could attain great power like unto God with help from demons. He spent about five years writing on methods of world revolution under orders and pay from the Rothschild Dynasty with the aim of establishing One World Government. He called this government "The Novus Ordo Seculorum" (New Age or New World Order), which is also the title of his book published on May 1, 1776. This Latin phrase is printed on the reverse side of the one-dollar bill together with the year 1776 in Roman numeral at the bottom of the Masonic pyramid. On top of the pyramid is the eye of Lucifer with the inscription "Annuit Coeptis" which means he (Lucifer) has smiled on our undertakings. Most persons believe that the date 1776 honours the Birth of the U.S. No, it honours Weishaupt's One World for Satan.

In 1785, a member of the order named Lanze, who was carrying the secret documents to the Grand Orient of the Illuminati in Paris (France), was struck by lightning at Ratisbon. The documents on his body were seized by the Bavarian government and now may be seen in the archives in Munich. They reveal the Illuminati activities not only in the French revolution but also the destruction of all Kings and religions, except Jewry. The timetable for the 1789 French Revolution was fulfilled exactly as planned in the captured documents. Although the Illuminati order was independent in the beginning, it was grafted, at selected points, onto Freemasonry, like a fungus. Then on July 16, 1782, at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, Germany, the order was given the reign of control over Freemasonry on a world-wide scale.

The oath of submission is taken by the candidate for the membership as follows:

"...I bind myself to perpetual silence and unshaken loyalty and submission to the Order, in the persons of my Superiors; here making a faithful and complete surrender of my private judgement, my own will, and every narrow-minded employment of my power and influence. I pledge myself to account the good of the Order, as my own and am ready to serve it with my fortune, my honour, and my blood. Should I, through omission, neglect, passion, or wickedness, behave contrary to this good of the Order, I subject myself to what reproof or punishment my Superiors shall enjoin. The friends and the enemies of my Order shall be my friends and enemies; and with respect to both, I will conduct myself as directed by the Order, and am ready, in every lawful way, to devote myself to its increase and promotion, and therein to employ all my ability. All this I promise, and protest, without secret reservation, according to the intention of the Society which requires from me this engagement. This I do as I am, and as I hope to continue, a Man of Honor."

[John Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy, 1798, pp. 66-67, available from Emissary Publications, 9205 SE Clackamas Road, #1776, Clackamas, OR 97015, (503) 824-2050].

2. Goals of the Illuminati
The Illuminati follow 7 main goals:
Abolition of all national governments.
Abolition of all religions except Satanism.
Abolition of the family.
Abolition of private property.
Abolition of inheritance by high inheritance taxes.
Abolition of patriotism.
Creation of the world government under the United Nations controlled by the Illuminati.

3.Inside a Grand Lodge of Illuminati in Paris

The following provides a short summary of the book From A Nymph of Satan to a Bride of Christ, by Brother Vincent de Paul of the Immaculate, Heart, T.O.S.F., 1987, published by Third Order, P.O. Box 712, St. Louis, MO 63188.


Clotilde Bersone was a ravishingly beautiful girl at 17, who was an honour student and could speak six languages. Her father was a Freemason. He lost 60,000 litres (about $700) in gambling and agreed to sell Clotilde to the Grand Lodge of the Illuminati in Istanbul, Turkey in exchange for the payment of this debt. This Turkish Lodge was connected to 6 other Grand Lodges of the Illuminati throughout the world. Bersone rose from the rank of "Nymph of the Night" to "Nymph Initiated to Secrets", "Illuminati", "Sovereign Grand Master Nymph", and then "Bride of Lucifer" or "Queen of the Illuminati".

The initial setting was in Turkey in December 1874, but it was moved to Paris, France where in the beginning she was raped by the Grand Orient of the Supreme Lodge of Illuminati of France, the American General James Abram Garfield, and became his mistress. Garfield was elected to the House of Representatives while still a General fighting the Civil War. He was a hero of Shilo and promoted to Major General. He was the youngest General (30) in the Civil War. He became Grand Orient of the French Illuminati in secret and spent as much time in Europe as in America.

In December 1863, at the request of President Abraham Lincoln, Garfield resigned as General and ran for Congress. He was a congressman for 17 years, rising to the position of Republican House Leader. He was married in 1858 to Miss Lucretia Rudolph and had 2 daughters and 3 sons. He was elected to the Senate in January 1880 but never served in that office. He was always absent in Paris on Masonic business.

Illuminati Lodges wanted him to win the presidency. Garfield was elected President of the U.S. in March 1881 and was shot on July 2, 1881, by Charles Guiteau of France at the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Station in Washington D.C. Garfield was expected to fully recover after being dismissed from the hospital. On August 11, while recuperating in a seaside cottage he wrote to his mother that he was recovering well and growing stronger every day. He signed it "Your loving son". He died mysteriously on September 19, 1881.

Clotilde, full of hatred for everyone in the Masonic Lodges, was determined to learn all secrets about the Illuminati, to rise through the ranks, and eventually to reveal these secrets to the world in order to take revenge against those who had violated her womanhood and brought her immeasurable misery and horror.

The original UNPUBLISHED manuscript of her diary was in Italian. It was translated into French and then German in 1931. It was translated into English in 1984 by a holy Jesuit Lithuanian Priest, Father Jonas Gaudze (died in 1985), who was the Superior of the Holy Seer, Portavoz, Mother Conchita, of the Franciscan Minims of Mexico City, Mexico.
Inside the Grand Lodge of the Illuminati of France First, to become a member of the Order, Klotilde had to take a dreadful oath. In making the oath, Klotilde had to kneel down with her head bent backwards, as though offering her throat to a dagger, and to swear the following oath:

"I swear blindly to obey all orders of the Masonic Lodge, without questioning the reason for it.
"I swear to not belong to any other religion except the Masons.
"I swear to not give in to any influence and to break any opposition (resistance) against the aim (goal) of the Masonic Lodge.
"Should I become ever unfaithful to this oath, then may all daggers pierce me, which are now drawn against my throat."

Clotilde discovered a death chapel where 18 skulls were laid on tables and altars. There was a white marble beast with 7 heads, which the masons call "Dragon Hydra". It looked terrible, with some beauty. Some heads looked like lions, some resemble panthers. Some had one horn, while others had several horns. The body was one of a leopard with black stripes. The short strong legs had powerful claws. The Grand Orient (General James Garfield, before he became U.S. President in March 1881) frequently invoked Satan to animate the marble beast. Here is his prayer of adoration:

"I recognize you as the highest Being, which enlightens our minds and our actions. You also enlighten me especially, and you lead my arm. You have the supremacy of the Universe, and you move it because all is your creation (sic).
"Heaven and earth belong to you, which are fulfilled with your glory, which is images of your greatness, and superiority. You are the light, strength and power. Show your might, which if wanted, can subject heart and mind. You are the helpful protector of each one of yours, you enemy of the crucified.

"In your name, I curse God, The Trinity, Christ, and His Virgin Mother. Hear me, the one you possess, and who is one with you!

"In trust of your revelations, in the faith of your might above all created visible and invisible things. I have the right to request and receive from you what you know."
After this and some chants in The Yiddish language, the beast became alive. He howled and answered questions. Through this beast, Satan approved or disapproved proposals and decisions made by Masonic lodges throughout the world. And through the nymph of Beelzebub, he encouraged, urged, prodded, and guided the lodges to actions against the Catholic Church. The beast could take the form of a Dragon Hydra with 7 heads (only one of the heads wore a crown), then a man. He even appeared as a beautiful, richly adorned woman. He also showed himself as an Angel of Darkness.

He put on these transformations to impress his bride, Klotilde. One time, the beast rained down gold pieces at her feet.
To be high-initiated, she had to kill a man enclosed inside a hollowed human-size doll wearing a tiara (triple crown worn by Popes), to renounce all her Catholic Dogmas, the Sacraments and Jesus Christ, to be unbaptized, and to accept the Dragon (Lucifer) through the Beast (Beelzebub) as her Master.

Before Klotilde became the nymph, she had to sign a pact with Satan in blood. The text of pact is as follows:

"I renounce the Holy Trinity, the Crucifixion Sacrifice of the Roman Catholic Religion. I renounce the belief in one God. I give up all secrets which are not revealed by the Spirit (Satan), and also the works, which do not originate from him. I give voluntarily to him, all of myself, my body, and my soul! I beg him to take exclusive possession of his ruling domain, my mind, my will, and my thinking. I call upon him to live and act for me as I also live and act in him. In his name, I curse Christ! the only true Catholic Church, and all His Sacraments!"

In the rituals of initiation to the membership, countless acts of sacrilege were also given to a Consecrated Host stolen from the Catholic Church. One time, an apostate fallen Catholic Abbot (named Mazati) came to the lodge to say Mass and left 120 Consecrated Hosts for the sacrilege committed on Good Fridays.

The Abbot had a more powerful way to order the Dragon to appear in the body of the seven-headed beast. He did not follow the rituals of adoration and incantation, which might take hours, but simply ordered the Dragon to appear in the name of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Every time he used this, the Dragon Hydra revealed himself immediately and the marble beast became alive. Several of the Illuminati began using this new formula because it was more effective and convenient in spite of the displeasure evidenced by Satan when it was used. On one occasion, the beast revealed that the real reason for the lodge to worship him was money. The beast also revealed to Klotilde all of the errors of all Non-Catholic Sects.

The high Illuminati of Grand Lodge of Paris included President of France Jules Grévy, his Premier and many Ministers. But the highest among them was James Garfield, its Grand Orient. The Jewish Talmud was used as the Holy Book for prayer and incantation in the lodge.


As the Nymph of Satan, she became the voice box for Beelzebub (Garfield called him the "Masonry Spirit") issuing orders to the Lodges to kill or to take actions, which terrified many Grand Masters of the Lodges. She committed many murders under the order of the Lodges. Among the murdered victims was King of Italy Victor Emmanuel II, and General James Garfield. In the latter case, the charge was that he had violated the rules of the Lodges by loving Klotilde, the bride of demon Beelzebub, and taking her as his mistress, thereby putting personal interest before the Lodges' interest. The assassination of Garfield was assisted by Prince Otto Eduard Leopold Von Bismark, the Chancellor of Germany.

Bismark was also a Mason who provided the Paris Lodge with documents to show that Garfield committed treason against Masonry. This attack on Garfield was Bismark's revenge for the brutal knifing of Zemard, one of his Knights of Kadosch, who was sacrificed to the demon Beelzebub at the Paris Lodge on a Good Friday. Lucifer was totally discouraged when the Lodge decided to kill Garfield as the latter was brilliant in bringing ranking dignitaries into the pit of Masonry. Garfield had become one of Lucifer's favourites. Lucifer approved of this order since he must respect human free will. For even Lucifer, himself could not control the passions of the Lodge's members. The Beast lamented to Klotilde:

"I cannot tolerate the human race. Even my own Masons are demonstrating the vileness of human character in its avarice and vulgar passions. These people do not give him (Lucifer) enough homage and gratitude. But how could these corruptible, selfish and low instinct, addicted earthlings be faithful? They are selfish to me, their master, who is giving them everything. . . . Treason was their element, and unrestrained pleasure was their role. They even defied the 'Holy' Laws of the Masonic Lodge."
So Lucifer resigned to taking souls with him to Hell whenever the opportunity arose. Besides, by his nature, he loved to stir up jealousy and hatred for one another among different factions within the Grand Lodges. To the Beast, death to capture a soul is top priority over the success of the Lodge.

Jealousy among members for Clotilde's fast rise to the highest position in the Grand Orient Lodge and her sudden speeches outpouring the members' failures and omissions caused the majority of the Grand Council to turn against her. She had made them tremble by her knowledge of their deeds given by Lucifer. The high initiates held a trial and decided to banish her to a brothel in Grenoble. This decision was approved by Lucifer who became disenchanted with her for her beginning dislike of him. Only when Klotilde became pregnant at the brothel did she make the critical decision to escape and take refuge in a Catholic cloistered convent in Paris. There, she became Sister Marie Amelie. She recounted her frightful story inside the Grand Lodge of Illuminati in Paris to her Mother Superior, who commanded her to write it down in 1885 for the public to know. The duplicate authentic manuscript of her memoirs of 1885 is kept somewhere in the archives of a Roman Catholic Covent in France.

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