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This Brazilian ox has already been beaten, stabbed and blinded/amp

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![alt](https://human-synthesis.ghost.io/content/images/2018/03/capture-20180302-120605.png) _Animals International 06 February 2018_
![alt](https://human-synthesis.ghost.io/content/images/2018/03/capture-20180302-120003.png) _This Brazilian ox has already been beaten, stabbed and blinded. But the worst is yet to come ..._

This ox grew in the rich pastures of Brazil, but his life was violently interrupted in a filthy slaughterhouse on the other side of the world.

On being led to the slaughter, he was stabbed in the ears and eyes, and the tendons of his legs were cut with a blade entering into the bone.

With all his weight on his mutilated legs, this huge, sensitive animal collapsed in the dirt. From there, a hook designed to hang corpses was inserted into his sensitive nose-and this terrified, one-ton animal was dragged across the floor of the slaughterhouse.

Even crippled he struggled to crawl over broken, bent knees, in that chain that dragged him into the Egyptian slaughterhouse, where his final torment began.

_Dreadfully, cruel treatement of a bull in Egypt_

This is the brutal reality of the export of live animals.
His last moments were spent in a room covered in blood, full of knives that shone. The screams of pain echoed on concrete walls, and dogs fed on the piles of viscera thrown into the dirt.

Thirty agonizing minutes later, death finally overtook him.

DO YOU participate in the global fight to free animals from the cruelty of the export of live animals?
Every year, the Brazilian export industry sends tens of thousands of animals to this terrible destination. Tight on ships, they stay on top of their own waste for weeks. If they get sick or injured as in many cases there is not even a veterinarian on board to help them.

And when they arrive in importing countries, there are no laws to protect them from extreme brutality. Because when it comes to exporting live animals, cruelty is part of the business.

Young mahogany bull from Brazil

Both human beings and animals involved in this trade are deprived of their dignity. Poorly trained slaughterers are forced to stifle any sensitivity and animals have to endure the terrible consequences. All are victims of the incessant search for profits of the export industry of live animals.

All over the world, caring people are demanding that their governments take immediate steps to protect animals from this indescribable torture. As an important actor in the cruel export trade in live animals, Brazil has an incredible opportunity to spare many animals from suffering.

On behalf of this ox, I encourage Minister Maggi (Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), Governors Jatene, Alckmin and Sartori, and Dona Buss (Coordinator of the Standing Technical Committee on Animal Welfare) to put an end to this suffering and horror, with the export of live animals from Brazil.

Updates - FEBRUARY 2, 2018

Globo Rural: The Federal Justice in São Paulo has prohibited throughout the national territory the transportation of live cattle by ship. The decision, taken as a preliminary injunction on Friday evening (2/2), is by federal judge Djalma Moreira Gomes, responding to a request made in a public civil action filed by the non-governmental organization National Forum for Protection and Animal Defense, having as the defendant the Federal Government.

This was two days later overthrown by President Temer and his fellow Fazenda investors running under the banner: "Profit at the point of a knife!!"

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.


**The responsibilities of the Fazenda owners do not stop at the signing of a cheque, even with a sales slogan of: "Profit at the point of a knife!!"!!**


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