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Human Synthesis - 21 Apr 1200 LST

I am very concerned about the state country finds itself in thanks to an errant Prime Minister who is in the process of transferring our land and people to a foreign power, the global elite, with an agenda for a dystopic New World Order.

We have a prime minister who believes that the Norwegians do not have legal rights to their native land. That after a 5 year battle for our country in 1945. Then we also had a  Quisling who was set on destroying our country and freedom.

We have a prime minister who has entered into a collaboration with Bill and Linda Gates, the main shareholders in Monsanto\Bayer business association which intends to acquire control over the world's agriculture by spreading toxic GMO's as well as the eradication of millions of human beings through the introduction of toxic vaccines, using the corona crisis as a cover-up. The headquarters of this new association intending to develop and distribute vaccines are situated in Oslo, of all places.

We have a prime minister who for many years has supported the Democratic party in the united STATES with millions of dollars to their election campaigns and to encourage our government-supported newspapers and TV to disadvantageous press releases about President Trump and his Republican government. President Trump is now investigating  Bill Gates and his Monsanto\Bayer associates, following which, Norway will also suffer.

We have a prime minister who is the most obedient student in the class who has introduced a state of emergency in the country which gives her free rein whilst the house representatives who should control her, is on the same side, 85% being members of the European Council which answer Brussels.

We have a prime minister who under the guise of the corona-crisis has accepted and implemented a `corona app` which she encourages EVERYONE to download on their mobile phones. Supposedly, to be able to control all the nearby corona-infected people. This follows to the letter the global elite's agenda for complete CONTROL of humanity through their 5G governed network that is present also under installation in Norway. Which will then later be an easy transition to the new 5G network which in the future will control EVERYTHING in our lives. For God's sake, do NOT INSTALL or use this app.

We have a prime minister who has allowed the sale of large tracts of land in Norway to foreign owners taking over waterfalls and installing wind turbines against the will of the local population.

We have a prime minister who has deprived us of our independence, by allowing the transfer of our defence forces and equipment, as well as all of our secret services, to control under The European Defence Union's military headquarters in Brussels where also the global elite-controlled NATO is located. President Trump has already managed to reduce their strength by separating the secret GLADIO force and are about to defuse the rest.

We have a prime minister who has permitted the European Police force to at any time send police-representatives to Norway for retrieval of individuals which The European Court is suspecting are guilty of in one way or another. They can be placed in a foreign prison awaiting the verdict, which can take many months owing to the large amounts of cases awaiting court decisions.

We have a prime minister who has transferred financial control to the EU, and any new, major decision made in Norway must firstly be sent to the EU for approval 3 months in advance. The same system was introduced locally, where every new decision in the local municipality, must first be submitted to the government for approval before any decision is made known locally.

And at last but not least, we have a prime minister who has signed approval of the UN`s Refugee document which says it is our duty to receive ALL refugees who come to Norway, and that we have the FULL responsibility for their housing,livelihood and right to work, mentioning the most important, there are many other requirements.

We have a prime minister who has betrayed their native land in exchange for a dystopic NWO none of us want to be servants of, but want to continue as citizens of a free, independent country.


Tore Christiansen


WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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