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Understanding the Petrobras scandal/amp




Understanding the Petrobras scandal

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >


"Ask no questions,do as we do",is the instruction passed down the line to any newcomers.
This explains the shere expance of the number of people involved in this,the largest financial scandal hitherto discovered by any sivilized country.

Brazilian business and politics are run via close circles,whos members HAVE to be accepted and personally liked by the group they wish to join. This is why foreigners are told "Brazil is NOT for beginners" and usually means they have to do business via at least ONE Brazilian partner who may not always be so trustworthy.

Brazil also have an extraordinary large number of Freemasons,with local units in EVERY town,sometimes several. Top government positions as well as in business,are usually Freemason members.
Brazil just another country in the Illuminati - Masonry grip

"There is no honour amongst thieves", which is why,after all of three years investigation,more and more cards are coming on the table,as ´plea-bargains´ are made and accepted by guilty parties,betraying their fellow culprits,saving their own skins.
To a Brazilian,his own welfare always come first...