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By: Document.no - Freedom    of expression peace 3 January 2023

To everyone!

Never before in my long working life have I met so many people in shock, disbelief, and confusion over the sudden loss of a loved one, as in 2022. That is why I finally chose to retire for good. I miss the job, but not the tragedies. However, I think about them every single day.

Now I don't encounter so much death in my everyday life, but countless people who are not well. Who has a constant cold, bleeds and bleeds, struggles with heart palpitations and exhaustion - the list of impaired general health is miles long.

Very, very few connect. Even those who do have chosen to follow the authorities' recommendations.

The mass formation psychosis is real.

April 1945. The Allies, more precisely the British army, arrive in Bergen Belsen. The shock of what they find there dig deep trenches into their souls. But they set about saving the human wrecks that can be saved. They pick up regime-loyal Germans from nearby homes. Gives them a tour to show them the face of Nazism.

The Germans hold their noses, vomit in disgust, and go home, continuing to worship their leader. The English troops pick them up once more. Places them in the mass graves and forces them to stack the bodies which are shoveled down to them with heavy machinery. The Germans do the work. And goes home, washes, and swears allegiance to his leader.

There you have the POWER in mass formation psychosis.

Trygve Bratteli was found in a pile of corpses. An English soldier saw a finger moving and pulled him out. The odds that Trygve would survive were extremely small. Hundreds died AFTER the liberation of the camp, even with good care from the English troops and their sanitation.

Trygve Bratteli became one of the post-war politicians who worked for the good of the Norwegian people, together with several others who, by the standards of the concentration camps, had lived a "privileged" prison life in the Norwegian barracks in Sachsenhausen. Among them was Einar Gerhardsen. We no longer have politicians like that. They are a totally extinct race.

One really wonders how in heaven's name Norway could sink so deeply.

I'm sitting here with my little dog and pretending nothing happened while it's banging outside. Every now and then she looks at me to make sure there is nothing dangerous going on. And with my calmness and indifference, she puts up with it. It is not the rockets that are dangerous, neither for her nor for me.

Absurd is the word that resonates with me to describe 2022. (And a couple of years before that) We should be wearing masks as if it protects someone from an airborne virus that penetrates through five holes that all sit on the face. We were supposed to sit at home behind closed doors. Millennium's successful herd immunity strategy was suddenly a thing of the past.

Seriously, - I thought that the 14-day lockdown to slow down the spread should be used as a measure to protect the vulnerable. I was ecstatic. Finally! Now we must protect the old and sick and not repeat the disaster of 2017 when three thousand died!

It took some time before I realized that this was something completely different. And the disappointment landed like a lead ball in the stomach.

I have no idea what made me a "regime critic." The research has the benefit of finding a common denominator for us. I just know that we have always existed and that we have always been right.

It is this historical fact that we can find rest in when our royals and elected officials have fallen for the psychosis of mass formation and allowed themselves to be seduced by utopias.

Nothing is as destructive to the world as utopias. Utopias ignore the reality on the ground. It can only go WRONG.

And here we have come to the conclusion that in a New Year's speech, you should say something positive about the future. It is a difficult task in a world that is in mass formation psychosis.

Green shift, agenda 2030, sustainability, vaccination passport, social credit score, and all other nonsense is going to happen. You end up owning nothing. The happiness they envision for us is another question.

In the post-war period, we owned nothing and were at the mercy of others for sheer survival. As a child, I knew no other reality, and could therefore claim a certain happiness. But as an adult, I know that my parents lived in constant fear of how they would manage to put food on the table, and have enough warmth and a roof over their heads.

And you know what? It is a relatively small number of madmen who are at the forefront of utopias. Just like during the war and Stalinism and all other disasters that have befallen humanity. It shouldn't really shock us that Erna, Støre, Håkon Magnus, Biden, Macron, Trudeau, and many more have fallen for a madman's utopia.

World leaders made pilgrimages to Berlin for 30 years to admire Hitler's work. They did not withdraw until they realized that Hitler was going to be the leader and take away their chairs.

Now I feel like I'm boring you guys, so I'll end.

Rest in the truth. You are right about vaccines, election fraud, and everything else. Die if necessary. And know that their legacy will be of enormous importance to those who will carry out the settlement.

Then we can hope that we will live long enough to see justice prevail. Right?

- Grandma