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Did Alex Jones Inadvertently Provide the Political Ammunition Needed for the Mar-A-Lago Raid?

Did Alex Jones Inadvertently Provide the Political Ammunition Needed for the Mar-A-Lago Raid?

ZeroHedge   - BY BLUE APPLES - TUESDAY, AUG 09, 2022

As is so often the case concocted by the cable news cycle, the stories that get the most attention are used to veil an audience from examining underlying issues which would enable them to have a more thorough understanding of how events have come to unfold. The FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago on Monday certainly will represent the most attention-grabbing story as far as the general public in concerned. For those on the right, it represents another instance of selective action taken against those on the political fringe through the political weaponization of federal law enforcement agencies.

For the left, the raid represents the latest carrot being dangled before them following multiple failed attempts to remove Trump from office and prevent him from holding the presidency ever again. In either instance – the ramifications of the FBI raid will be even more incendiary as its innately binary outcome will ultimately serve to affirm one position over the other.

As things stand now, not much has been revealed as to the basis behind the FBI’s raid. No details on a warrant have come to light. However, the usual suspects are utterly apparent despite that relative obscurity. Current speculation is aimed at the show trial that is the January 6th Committee and the charges against Trump it has alleged, namely: Obstruction of an Official Proceeding (18 USC 1512(c)(2)) and Conspiracy to Defraud the United States (18 USC 371).

While the January 6th Committee never shies away from putting its political spectacle center stage, a recent development in what arguably was one of the biggest news stories to have broken in the days before the FBI raid has been treated much more surreptitiously be the Liz Cheney-led neo-con/neo-lib farce.

Last week, a jury rendered a verdict against alternative news host Alex Jones. The judgment was the culmination of one of many civil cases brought against the InfoWars founder alleging defamation against families whose children were killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The jury ordered Jones to pay $49.4 million to the family of the victim Jesse Heslin, $4.1 million being compensatory damages and the remaining $45.2 million being punitive in nature.

While the family has sought $150 million, the nearly $50 million they were awarded was used to continue the mainstream media’s crusade against skepticism and general critical thinking as proof-positive that conspiracy theorists are dangers to society at large. The cost of the verdict may also prove to bring Jones' media empire to an end, silencing an outspoken dissident whose "conspiracy theories" constantly prove to be true.

The gravity and attention given to that of that huge monetary against Jones by his detractors overlook an important facet of the trial: the conduct and possible malpractice of his attorneys. Jones’ council had “inadvertently” provided their opposition with two years worth of Jones’ text messages. This was done without seeking attorney-client privilege which would have kept them from being used against Jones.

While this had an immediate impact on the trial, the unfathomable development also bred another ramification that may have had some bearing on the Mar-A-Lago raid. Following their receipt of the text messages, the attorney for Jesse Heslin’s parents forwarded them in their entirety to the January 6th Committee before the raid was launched.

Mark Bankston, one of the lawyers for the parents, told CNN he was “cooperating with the [January 6th] committee” after telling the judge of the case against Jones of his intent to do so. This action parlays the propaganda value of the verdict against Jones as political fodder for the perpetuation of the insurrection narrative tied to fallout from the 2020 election. Jones had previously spoken to the committee, pleading the fifth amendment nearly 100 times. However, the sheer negligence if not utter malfeasance of Jones’ attorneys bypasses Jones’ refusal to cooperate.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) shed some light on the connection between Jones's texts and the FBI raid. While the representative asserted that the committee had no advance knowledge of the raid while acknowledging their possession of the texts, he stated its intent to delve into the information they encompass to further their mission. However, a New York Times report speculates that the extent of that text message record doesn’t include anything beyond mid-2020, which would preclude any discussions on the build-up to the events on January 6th.

Another committee member, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) asserted that the body hasn’t reconciled what information was included. “Well, we know that his behavior did incentivize some of the January 6 conduct and we want to know more about that,” Lofgren said. “We don’t know what we’ll find in the texts because we haven’t seen them. But we’ll look at it and learn more, I’m sure.”

Keeping in line with that cards close to the vest approach, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), fresh off of her trip to Taiwan, stated that he had no insight into the FBI raid. Pelosi stated she was only privy to information that was available to the general public despite the immense political standing she holds in the present establishment.

If Pelosi’s position conveys anything, it’s that whatever insider information is known is being carefully protected. Given Pelosi’s stance that she never uses insider information to do things like benefit her husband’s investments, her denial of any foreknowledge of the Mar-A-Lago raid should be taken with a grain of salt.

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