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The ‘Universal Vaccine’ Agenda for Annual Vaccinations

The ‘Universal Vaccine’ Agenda for Annual Vaccinations
Vaccines explained by Dr. Jen Ashton

EPOC TV - Crossroads - Jul 13, 2022

COVID-19 vaccine - Learn about vaccine progress from the WHO. The ‘Universal Vaccine’ Agenda for Annual Vaccinations and an Endless Pandemic

Scientists are working on combo flu and COVID-19 shot, but don't expect one this fall

ABC News - By Dr. Aiya AboubakrFebruary 26, 2022, 12:13

Vaccines explained by Dr. Jen AshtonABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton explains how vaccines work. There are some technical challenges to producing a combo shot.

With more scientists predicting COVID-19 boosters will be needed each year, some are now working on combining those with the annual flu vaccine. The idea, experts say, is a single injection given each fall that protects against seasonal flu and COVID-19.

Pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Novavax have already announced plans to work on a combo shot, but don't expect them to be available this upcoming flu season. Instead, Moderna's CEO said a combo shot could be ready by 2023.

Although studies indicate​ COVID-19 vaccine efficacy fades over time, experts say it's not a foregone conclusion that every American will need an annual COVID-19 booster. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, said this week that as of right now, most Americans don't need a fourth dose (beyond the existing booster shot), but scientists are constantly evaluating the situation.

“I think we first have to assess the long-term need for annual COVID vaccines,” says Dr. Anna Durbin, director of the Center for Immunization Research at Johns Hopkins University.

However, "if there is a continued need for COVID vaccines, then combining that with influenza would make sense," Durbin said.

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