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THE FINAL WORLD WAR: Khazars vs. the Rus’ People and World Dominance.

Posted on June 1, 2022, by State of the Nation


The Khazarian Mafia, especially, is as vicious and malicious, repugnant and malevolent, vile and wicked, vengeful and vindictive as any horde to have raped, pillaged, and plundered the Earth and her peoples.

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Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace - State of the Nation

If the whole world knew the hidden history of “the Ukraine” (which translates to “borderland”), there would be no Ukraine War today.  The true perpetrators of this barbaric armed conflict would be found out and held fully responsible for all of their heinous crimes sprees committed against the human race over the centuries.  The many genocidal cataclysms perpetrated throughout the 20th century and right up to today would be properly laid at their feet. (See the abridged list that follows.)

The Armenian Genocide,
World War I,
Bolshevik Revolution,
Spanish Flu Pandemic,
The Great Depression,
Holodomor Genocide,
Chinese Civil War,
World War II,
Korean War,
The Holocaust,
Chinese Cultural Revolution,
Vietnam War,
Cambodian Genocide,
Rwandan Genocide,
Iraq War,
9/11 Terrorist Attacks,
The War on Terror,
Afghanistan War,
Syrian War,
Libyan War,
Ukraine War, & COVID-19 Pandemic all have one thing in common— the Khazarian Tribe.

As a matter of historical fact, each of these highly calculated genocides was carried out by the same Khazarian Tribe, which ALWAYS stays carefully hidden in the background during the fastidiously engineered evolution of every calamity of the modern era.

Who’s really behind THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC?

With this correct understanding, the following accurate exposition of the true history of the long and complicated relationship between Russia and Ukraine can be much better comprehended.  The final outcome of the stealthily fabricated feud (by the Khazarian Tribe) between them will surely dictate the fate of humanity and the future of the planet.

N.B. It’s of paramount importance as the reader peruses the excellent disquisition below to be aware of the common thread that runs through every century, every decade, every year, and every phase of conflict between the Orthodox Christian Rus’ people and the Khazarian Jewish Zionists.  That thread can be recognized by the relentless warmongering of the different elements within the Khazarian tribe variously known as the Ashkenazi banksters, Zionist warmongers, and Khazarian mafia.  

The horrendous state of Ukraine today is directly due to the incessant warmongering of the most recent generation of Khazarian tribals—the Neocon Zionists—who effectively dominate the Zio-Anglo-America Axis of power that dominates the world today.

Food, Fuel, & Inflation Crises All Stem From Globalist Policies

ZeroHedge - BY TYLER DURDEN - THURSDAY, JUN 02, 2022 - 08:32 AM

Authored by Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon via The Epoch Times,

The global elites left Davos last week after grappling with solutions to the profound crises facing the world. They left as they arrived, unaware that the crises are entirely of their own making.

Take energy, where shortages have led to the highest gasoline prices in the U.S. and UK history, and to fuel poverty affecting millions of people. If not for the specter of climate change—for decades one of the globalists’ central preoccupations—the world’s energy situation would be radically different.

Canada’s tar sands wouldn’t have been demonized and the country would have built the Keystone XL Pipeline and other pipelines to transport ever greater quantities of energy across the continent and beyond.

Liquefied natural gas facilities on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Asia, the Americas, and Europe would have been built to ship and receive plentiful natural gas.

“Net-Zero” policies wouldn’t be crippling the financing of new fossil fuel facilities. Carbon taxes wouldn’t be making energy ever more expensive.

In the same way that the United States quickly became the world’s largest oil and gas exporter once the Trump administration scaled back crippling climate-related regulation, Europe would have been awash in energy had bans on fracking and offshore fossil-fuel development been lifted to allow the development of its immense oil and gas reserves. Instead of fuel poverty, Europe would be experiencing fuel plenty.

The globalists pushing climate change policies tell us there is no choice if the planet is to be saved from catastrophe many decades if not centuries from now. What they don’t tell us is that their prophecies of doom are based on computer climate models, all of which have proven false to date.

Not a single claim—whether that the Arctic ice caps would melt or polar bear populations would decline or tornadoes would increase—has materialized. Reasonable people can dispute whether the prophecies of doom will materialize in the future. Reasonable people cannot dispute that the globalists’ past decisions to override the free market have created today’s energy crisis.

Despite the globalists’ climate change policies, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere—now at 400 parts per million—has reached record levels. This has been a boon for the planet because CO2—also known as nature’s fertilizer—has produced a bounty of bumper crops. Australia reports record wheat, barley, and canola crops and near-record sorghum crop. India, the world’s second-largest producer of wheat, expects record exports this year. Brazil expects record corn. Russia, with another record crop, will be the world’s largest wheat exporter.

A combine harvests wheat in a field near the village of Suvorovskaya in the Stavropol region, Russia, on July 17, 2021. (Eduard Korniyenko/Reuters)

Nevertheless, starvation is on the increase. The United Nations warns that we’re in the midst of a “global food crisis” in which “44 million people in 38 countries are at emergency levels of hunger.” Here, too, the responsibility rests with globalist policies that make food unaffordable.

A dominant contributor to the famine is the supply chain disruptions caused by the globalists’ decision to abandon traditional responses to pandemics in favor of an experimental lockdown of much of the world’s economy. The chaos and costs from this decision by governments to apply their COVID-19 lockdown theory upended the world’s food distribution systems and soared the cost of food. The inflation was created when governments printed money to support industries and individuals sidelined during the lockdowns then made food prices even more prohibitive.

Exacerbating the supply chain disruptions was the globalists’ decision to perpetuate the Russia-Ukraine war by providing Ukraine with billions in armaments, a departure from the past norm of pressuring combatants to resolve their differences through negotiations. As a result, agricultural production in Ukraine, once known as the breadbasket of Europe, collapsed, with wheat production falling by 44 percent and corn by 39 percent.

Reasonable people can dispute whether Western governments were wise to implement and fund the lockdowns, or to perpetuate the Russia-Ukraine war, but they cannot dispute that their actions spurred the increase in a famine that the world is experiencing today.

The globalists may believe that the world needs their new world order. But they also exemplify the adage that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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