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Believes national identity is necessary for the success of society

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The "real right" can win elections if it is able to formulate a positive vision for the future, according to the French public debater.

The right-wing must propose an alternative, a future-oriented project that appeals to both the people and the elites to win power claims Julien Rochedy (34).

He was the leader of the youth organization of the National Assembly (then the National Front) from 2012 to 2014 and now works as a public debater and author. His latest book, The Conservative Party's Philosophy, has recently been published. In an interview for the YouTube channel Livre Noir, he shares his perspectives on the future of France and Europe.

The Conservative Party's vision for the future must be based on identity, because without a common national identity, it is not possible, in Rochedy's opinion, to achieve the cohesion necessary to improve and drive society forward. But the vision must also be ecological, social, and aimed at Europe.

Homogeneity is a prerequisite

Without ethnic and cultural homogeneity, one can not have a big project, one can not move and transform society radically. When a society is eroded by internal contradictions, which multiculturalism and today's heterogeneity have created, and which we are now forced to live with, we can have no alternative project and throw ourselves into the future to change the world.

That is why he and the nationally-oriented right are against mass immigration, Rochedy explains:

- If we want harmony, cohesion, and homogeneity in our society, it is precisely to be able to think about tomorrow's society and be able to have projects that may appear utopian today, but which are beautiful. And one of these projects can be ecology: return to nature, return to a healthy lifestyle with respect for the environment. All this appeals to me, as long as it takes place in a right-wing reality. The essence of the philosophy of the right-wing is to preserve the beautiful, to preserve nature and the environment.

He points out that counter-revolutionary thinkers were concerned with this question, and mentions in this connection the Englishman John Ruskin, who wrote a lot about the beauty of the world and the necessity of slowing down modernity and industrialization, in order to avoid destroying beautiful surroundings and the environment.

The right must become more ecologically oriented, Rochedy believes, and stop promoting "pure liberalism and pure capitalism, a form of endless consumption that destroys everything, including our souls."

Pentti Linkola (1932 - 2020) was many things through life

Only ecology can slow down the insane capitalism that today is transforming society for the worse. It is only this concern for nature that makes it possible to change society for the better, he says.

Social policy from the right

The Conservative Party's vision must include a social commitment for the small people, Rochedy emphasizes, and recalls that counter-revolutionary thinkers were very concerned about this.

- It is a legacy we have completely forgotten… The first to think about the social conditions of the workers, the social conditions of children who worked in the factories, and the working hours in the factories, were the counter-revolutionaries at the beginning of the nineteenth century, he claims.

Rochedy maintains that de Gaulle's social reforms in the 1960s were inspired by René de La Tour du Pin, a right-wing politician who was strongly influenced by the reactionary French royalist Charles Maurras.

- It is said that [de Gaulle's social program] was due to the alliance with the Communists in 1945.… That is an absurdity! he exclaims.

Alternative to the EU

Rochedy believes that the right must also have a European project.

- We can not just be sovereigns and chauvinists, because this is over. We are in the era of civilizations, he says, referring to Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations, and elaborates:

- The political morphology, ie the political framework we live within, has constantly changed in the West, for centuries, even millennia. We went from the city-state to the empire. Then we moved on to a new conception of the empire, which was the German-Roman Empire, ie a merger between the imperial and local authorities. Then the framework became national. Then it was through the nation that citizenship and political affection were expressed. And now I think we are in a moment in history where we are transformed, where the political morphology is about to change again.

In our age, it is the civilizations and not the nations that are pitted against each other, and "therefore European civilization must find a political morphology that is able to respect local identities" while at the same time "equipping itself with a project for European power in meeting" with China, possibly Russia, the United States and the Arab world ", which includes space, information technology, and finance, Rochedy believes.

He outlines a federal Europe that gives nations and regions greater autonomy than today's EU and believes the right must be a driving force for such a "profound transformation" of the union. This vision can appeal to both the people and the elite, provided it is also ecological and social, he believes.

- It must be a project that is able to incarnate the new world. … As the United States loses much of its power, Europe must renew itself and rediscover in its great, classical traditions of antiquity and the Middle Ages what we can use to create the world of tomorrow.

The roots nurture the future

Rochedy says he delves into the traditional thinking of the right wing not to post on a topic that is irrelevant today, but to find ideas that can be used to "build tomorrow's ideology" and "change the world for the better".

He points out that the French counter-revolutionaries were opposed to the revolution in large part because it was centralizing and undermining local identities, and believes their ideas are useful today in combating today's woke left, which attacks our identity, and an EU that overthrows nation-states.

Maurras found his way to royalism because of his defense of local identities. What [motivated him] was his provincialism, the defense of the dialect of Occitaine, sung by the poet Mistral - a wonderful poet who is completely forgotten in our day, but who was extremely recognized at the time for his miraculous ability to sing it the southern French dialect. One has forgotten the extent to which all our provinces at that time enjoyed strong local identities, with costumes, traditions, and things that made people live with a light heart. We have been cut off from all this because of the Republican Jacobin state [produced by the revolution and the left of that time].

It is thus through the defense of local identities, and local rights, that Maurras found the way to royalism. It is quite incredible that these men, who are considered right-wing extremists, opposed the French Revolution precisely because it was tyrannical, too centralizing, and denied local identities and human rights. The monarchy was full of rights. It was full of republics under the king, as they said at the time.

- All these men who are considered right-wing extremists, were in fact defenders of rights. They defended their local identity, the right to be what they want to be, and what they have inherited from their fathers. The defense of these rights and thus continuity - which should be a human right, as Ortega y Gasset says, the right to continuity should be a human right - the defense of this right to be oneself, ultimately, is what is cataloged as be extreme right.

Do you see to what extent it is so that you almost do not believe your own eyes? For what I now tell you about the counter-revolutionaries, through Maurras all the way to today's identity, as we are, we demand no more than this: simply to be what we still are, to continue to be what we have inherited. The freedom to live in peace and quiet and not under the tyranny of a state that tomorrow will be an intermediary to the power of the technology giants. No, we want to be free. Is that why we are right-wing extremists? Because we defend freedom? It is a paradox and, not least, an injustice that is quite cruel.

How to take power

In Rochedy's view, the right-wing of the future must consist of both an uncompromising vanguard, of which he considers himself apart, and milder politicians who can appeal to voters in the center. As he sees it, information technology has enabled the formation of the vanguard.

A minority can change society

- The Internet has produced a right-wing party that claims much more, that does not strive for a reputation on the premises of the left-wing or the bourgeoisie, and that is beginning to gain influence. For we are an aggressive minority in the sense of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, ie people who defend their values ​​and ideas without compromise, and who thus carry an entire movement and the politics it embodies.

He emphasizes that those who hold political responsibility must be more willing to compromise and have a milder appearance in order to appeal to more people, and that this is absolutely necessary to win the political battle.

Postpones the problem

When asked why no more than 7 percent of eligible voters voted for Eric Zemmour in the presidential election, despite the fact that 67 percent of French people fear "The Great Replacement," of which Zemmour was the only candidate to speak, Rochedy answers:

Who is Eric Zemmour and what will he do as President of France?

We have this fear, which is to say that if we solve the problems in an abrupt way, there will be civil war. Then we can rather avoid civil war by not voting for someone who can solve the problem today. … They sweep the problem under the rug. This problem, which is called identity-based violence (violence communautaires ), even civil war, is what our children and grandchildren want to know. The majority of voters, boomers, and pensioners say to themselves: "I would rather continue to withdraw my pension than have civil war breaks out today." So they… postpone it until tomorrow.

Optimistic for the future

However, Rochedy believes that the nationally-oriented right can eventually win.

- Society is gradually changing, much is sprouting and rising to the surface. Our influence is gradually transforming society. I am not a pessimist in the medium and long term.

Rochedy believes that we live in an era where post-modernity is destroying itself and the utopias of the left are about to fail. He notes that anxiety has become the dominant emotion in the French people; fear that nature will be destroyed, that our children will live a worse life than us, fear of the consequences of mass immigration: crime, the dissolution of the cohesive force of society, and fear that the trend is towards civil war, which is now openly discussed in French public debate.

The majority of French people support appeals warning of civil war

- We are in the process of finding our way back to anxiety, which is the most prominent feeling in the classic ideas from the right; anxiety about the beautiful, fragile one is attached to, which one risks losing.

Therefore, right-wing ideas can win out if it organizes themselves better politically, he believes.

The right can win

He believes the alliance between Islam and the left will collapse because the left will continue to Islamize, while Islam will never be "left-wing".

- It is a marriage that is doomed to end in marital violence, and it is the left that will go on the nose. Then one day those people will separate teams. That is the big problem for this group of voters on the left, says Rochedy.

Macron's voters, who largely consist of pensioners, will eventually die out, he points out. Thus, voters remain on the right.

According to Rochedy, a weakness of Zemmour and the National Assembly is that they do not convey a positive vision for the future. They do not propose much other than the same society that we have today, only without the problems that come with mass immigration, he believes.

- There is no dream, no hope. One does not appeal to the elites and citizens in that way. It would certainly be good if we could get the France we have now without problems and insecurity, but that is not enough.

French journalist: An increasing proportion of the French people fear that France may disappear as a civilization

Moreover, it is because today's society is "sick and nihilistic" that we have had these problems in the first place, so "society must be cured in its essence in order not to have insecurity and mass immigration", Rochedy continues.

Another weakness of the National Assembly is that they do not have enough cadres to be able to take power in earnest, he believes. Zemmour's party Recapture, on the other hand, attracts competent people, and in Rochedy's view has the potential to build a capable elite that "can really take control" and "take the fate of our country and perhaps our civilization" into its own hands.

But to become more than a protest movement, they must have a visionary project that can give people faith in a different and better world, he maintains.


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