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By Stein Lohrman May 17, 2022

The Norwegian Independence Day is celebrated in memory of the Constitution which was adopted at Eidsvoll on 17 May 1814. At the same time as the Eidsvoll men adopted the Constitution, they elected Christian Frederik King of Norway. His kingdom lasted only a few months. As early as October 10, he had to hand over the throne to the Swedish king, Charles 13. Then followed a more than 90-year new union with Sweden - until 1905 when Norway became independent. In the first years after the Constitution was adopted, it was probably celebrated, but only by a few people and in private.

We must know this: § 1. The Kingdom of Norway is a free, independent, indivisible and inalienable kingdom. Its form of government is narrow and hereditary monarchical. That is, in this country we - the people - must decide for ourselves. But politicians override the people they are elected by, and in other words, politicians ignore our own constitution. Treaties that in their content contravene provisions of the Constitution, the King (today the government) can not enter into, even with the consent of the Storting.

Norway can veto / reserve against directives from the EU. Something they extremely rarely do. Norway probably said no to advertising for alcohol, otherwise, everything has probably passed in Norway. Norway has lost more than enough in the relationship between national / supranational governance regarding the EU and their bodies. Now the Storting must soon put its foot down and use the right of veto. Norway has said no to the EU and the EU's governing law twice and this is still true. Norway is able to manage its own estate without interference from the bureaucracy in Brussels. Nothing comes out of agreements with the EU that do not serve Germany / France more than the agreement partners. This also applies in this case.

When the Constitution today is almost not in use other than at ceremonies and on 17 May, then there is a good reason to question those who have ruled. May 17 is Norway's national day, and then we celebrate our constitution and our country. It seems to be difficult for some to understand that this is the case. Thanks to the politicians, our media elites and NRK's ​​propaganda for many decades, the content of this day has changed in many people's consciousness so that they no longer know what we are celebrating. To top it all off, something negative has been attached to this celebration of our country as it was originally intended. Now many people want us to celebrate something else and that it will be wrong to defend national values.

Not to mention very many 5 years ago, May 17 was a day of joy with jubilant kids, with "free access" to soft drinks, ice cream, and sausage, and radiant parents in suits, national costumes, and long dresses, who participated in all the world's toys (sack races, football matches , darts etc), proud grandparents and everything was just fantastic May 17, 2019 (for the pandemic): Happy kids still, yes (those who have not heard about the threats), a little anxious parents and grandparents. And insecurity, according to politicians, bishops, and the media, is naturally due to "things" and "events" in our society. We do not quite know what can happen now that we are going to celebrate National Day. But: There are still national costumes, corps music, Norwegian flags, pulses, ice cream, and happy children - but now there are also choirs/blocks, sharia barrels with flowers, and armed police with automatic weapons.

Terrorist threats now also affect the national day on 17 May in all major Norwegian cities. Are the flower boxes in the heavy concrete boxes only set up to honor the Prophet of War, Allah? Flowers soften the mind of the moon god and become an effective lightning trap for terror? Allah and his followers - the Mohammedans - can now smell the lovely flower from the hundreds of flowers around Norway. Allah is now appeased, right Jon-Ivar Nygård, Raymond, Trødal, and all other naive gullible fools?

But: Document has recently mentioned that the police practiced new and more technical threats, such as shooting down weapon drones that might threaten the children's train. In Fredrikstad, they focus on flowers against terrorism, and the municipality has purchased as many as 102 Koran blocks / sharia barrels / flower urns to secure the inhabitants. The purpose is to «reduce the speed, we are told. Welcome to the new Norway, which has become a country where incompetent politicians, greedy NGO parasites, naive bishops, and the naive mass media, have worked tirelessly for several years to make society insecure. Every day something happens to our society.

Incitement, rape, mass beatings with iron bars, stabbings, shootings and so on. It's escalating, and it's unbelievable that our democracy has become a dictatorship disguised as a democracy so incredibly open. Norway has become a country where liars and criminals are "rewarded" for their behavior. A country where honest and worried people are stigmatized and persecuted, if they express concern about the negative development. The result has been that even the national day on May 17 has been marked by armed police, weapons, roadblocks, and an imminent threat of unspeakable atrocities, simply because the "elite" will know a subjective Weise of our tolerant.

The terrorist threat that politicians and the mass media have facilitated is unfortunately real. At least according to the police's assessments and according to PST's annual public threat assessment. Incidents in Europe in recent years are a reminder that we must always take into account that unwanted incidents can occur, said Police Director Benedicte Bjørnland to police.no. As the police directed the traffic when German soldiers marched up Karl Johan on April 9, 1940, the Norwegian police are now also ready with their help. It has actually become a real reason to consider and keep a distance from public spaces on such days. Corps music, sausages, ice cream, bloated speeches, national feelings, and waving flags may not be worth it when you possibly participate in life and health as an effort.

In the wake of the mosque massacre in New Zealand, and the terrorist attack on Christians in Sri Lanka, there is reason to be uneasy. Western countries are undeniably in a war of culture and civilization due to a destructive and subversive policy. Both domestic and foreign. Norway and NATO have taken part in wars we have nothing to do with, and European leaders have filled Europe to the brim with vengeful Islamists. Both have been applauded by mass media full of ruthless "jokers" who are set to make a career by spreading "untruths" and propaganda. And the people sleep and believe what they are told like Islam/Muhammadanism is the religion of peace.

If something cruel happens in Norway, then these actors (the media and the politicians) actually have all the responsibility, but of course, no one will hold them accountable. Instead, we Norwegians are expected to pretend to be nothing, and we will go with family and children to public celebrations, and behave as if we are still living in a relatively safe country. From the 1950s until 2015, terrorism on Norwegian soil was almost never a topic. ABB was an exception. Although life was more cumbersome in many ways in the old days, we always had a sense of security. Freedom and security are two of the most important emotions that exist. Without these, one is left in a stage of uncertainty and coercion. In the old days, there was no flag debate either. That something other than the Norwegian flag should fly in the children's trains around the country was inconceivable.

The cross was a sacred symbol that was respected and had a special position. Students also mostly had respect for the teacher, and I never heard anything about shootings, stabbings and assault rapes. The police carried out frequent checks on people who looked suspicious, and no one was "violated" by the police. The 1970s and 1980s were the beginning of what was to change Norway in general, and Oslo in particular, for at least two reasons: immigration and industrialization. In the eighties we also became world champions. It was during this time that the idea of ​​Norway as the world's best country and Norwegians as the world's best people took root in the Norwegian soul.

Bjørge Lillelien's roar that "we are the best in the world", and Gro's New Year's speech 11 years later that "it is typically Norwegian to be good", has "indoctrinated" us with the strange illusion that we are better and better than others. Maybe that's why we also feel the need to help "poor" refugees who are knocking on our door. After all, we are the kindest in the world too. When we in 2017 had to have the protection of the children's trains on 17 May, more people should have understood that something is terribly wrong. Maybe it's a good idea to go back a bit to find the right path again? One problem, however, is that those who started the problems are still lurking behind the scenes. Gro Harlem Brundtland (GHB), Thorbjørn Jagland, Bondevik, Jonas Gahr Støre and several "globalists" are all active behind the scenes and make sure to ship "MS Norway" (Theseus)

Støre is still positive about immigration and does not seem to understand what the consequences of immigration of Muhammad/ancestors/county supporters are becoming for our dear Norway. Also indoctrinated and brainwashed "youth parties" are pushing for more mass imports of "refugees", but not Christian refugees - must know. Christian refugees are massively killed in their home countries by Islam supporters. The great and holy goal of Muhammadanism /Islam is to take over world domination - an Islam caliphate, and Norway's population is like a little naive lamb who can easily be brainwashed and taken by surprise and subjugated - unfortunately.

Politicians, media people and bishops are silent and doze off everything that is unpleasant. They are far too lenient and naive, and the Islamists are "smarter", and the followers of Islam are also allowed to lie to us infidels in 6 ways - taqiyya . We have the Ten Commandments, the commandment of love and the golden rule. Islam does NOT have it. No love and no freedom of thought - Islam was conceived by Muhammad 1400 years ago - according to the Imams. Islam does not contribute anything positive and adds nothing of value. Of course, it has value for believers personally, but socially, Islam is one big desert: no knowledge, no progress, no technology, no innovations, no equality, no freedom, no joy, no creativity, no music or art development, no love, no respect, and no generosity.

Only stagnant submission, fatalism, macho values, misogyny, sin, peer pressure, brutality, violence, slavery, the death penalty and darkness - as well as a cruel undercurrent of loveless sex on the man's premises to make more mouse / imm children. Norwegian politicians and media support Islam in every way, and at the same time the politicians try to protect us from Islamic terrorist attacks on May 17 ?? But, hush, hush, this should not be talked about loudly, and you will be punished by the media if you tell the truth about it ... What an ironic country we have become, with blind guides leading us straight down the cliff!

For the past 18 years, Muslims have been behind 30,000 terrorist attacks with 150,000 killed, so it should be obvious to everyone who threatens us on our national day. The politician/media gnome system has become a kind of mafia with its own agenda - globalism. Therefore, Ola and Kari Potitt must soon wake up and start thinking for themselves! The people / grassroots must read up on the history of Islam and the content of the Qur'an, and the people must fight this tendency to let themselves be ruled by their pity and the people must stop believing that it is our duty to help all 7.97 billion people on earth! We are only 5.3 million here in Norway. Norway is 0.067 percent of the world's population !!

Anyone with two eyes and more than ten brain cells now sees what the immigration of followers of Islam is leading to in England, France, Germany and Sweden: disaster. As long as the limousine-Jensen led Frp, Frp stood still and compromised in all directions. Listhaug and CTG and Jon Helgheim can create awakening .... And it must be cleaned up properly in the media and NRK. We must be able to expect honesty from politicians and honesty from the media in a country based on Christian values. In the Islam biographies, Muhammad is portrayed as a ruthless warrior, and in the eyes of good Muslims, this prophet is the perfect human being. I really expect ALL awake Muslims and Muslim organizations to stand up and condemn All Islamic terror directed against other people.

They do not yet.

We Norwegians fought for freedom of expression, we fought for the right to vote, we were the first country in the world to introduce full voting rights for women. Now is the time to use our voices again. Our existence is threatened by a culture we cannot live under. Our European politicians have shown a stupidity that is unparalleled in history. Our work, our values, our world may soon be gone, it will disappear, slowly but surely, and disappear into the new country, the new system, the new regime. In 50 years, they have destroyed almost all of Europe. History will judge those who have been involved in this as genocide, as described in the 1948 UN Convention.

The people have NEVER been asked about the introduction of multiculturalism, and our politicians have lied about the consequences, and still do! They even bully and harass those of the people who are against the total destruction of our society! How sick our new multicultural society has become! With a real community among the people in both Norway and Western Europe, Islam had not entered the West in the Trojan form that Islam has today. But as long as the politicians, the media, NTB, NRK and the Editors' Association set the agenda, there is no going back. The left across Europe now understands that something is about to go horribly wrong with their multicultural social experiment, but will not take the blame. They face a devastating choice:

Admit they have been incompetent, naive dreamers who are unfit to rule or continue mass immigration and ally with Islam and the colonists. The left has obviously chosen the latter: The election results show that the left has a vested interest in continued high immigration, and continues to run an open program: When the working class disappears through globalization, and in addition, social democratic parties turn their backs because they undermine working-class security and future the red party leaders new voting cattle. And to ensure that the "new Europeans" vote correctly, they must be smeared with thick layers of social security services.

It is not wrong to take care of our own people, nor is it wrong to preserve our society and our resources to help those in need in mismanaged countries, but who can we help when politicians "give away" our own country? There are no in-depth analyzes, no political solutions, no wise scientists, no sociologists, no idealists who stand up to prevent what is happening in Norway today. We have let the Trojan horse, the enemy of Islam, into our Norway. Political decisions can probably alleviate the symptoms, but never overcome the problem, as it has already been imported. The immigrants are here already, and the ones we do not integrate. The Norwegian people are now experiencing how our country is changing day by day.

We see that we are losing our God-given fatherland to strangers with the blessing of our own leaders. And the people support their leaders and go to the polls diligently ?? We have become an insecure people in all our material wealth. I wonder if the people will understand what happens before it is too late? As people, we must become better at safeguarding our own country, our model of society as we have developed it and our established community of values. Rabbit globalists and multicultural fanatics work hard and systematically to take from us what we won back after the war, and the globalists will subject the Norwegian people and our nation to supranational governance under the EU and the UN.

This totally irresponsible development must be stopped and reversed. People have to wake up. It's too late to cheat when your nose is gone. May 17 gives substance to the Norwegian identity. May 17 binds the people living in this country, regardless of identity or religion, under the same flag and the same law. Those who were born in this country, and those who have been given the opportunity to be here, must appreciate Norway by participating in celebrating Constitution Day in Norwegian. On this day, no military coups took place or a war ended. Muhammad or Moses was not born that day.

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Good May 17 to all FB friends. I defy my skepticism by going out and watching the May 17 procession and hope that everything goes well for the whole country.

Something to think about ...

The ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus' paradox, is a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all the components replaced remains fundamentally the same object. The paradox is especially recorded by Plutarch in The Life of Theseus from the end of the first century. Plutarch asked if a ship that had been restored by replacing each third remained the same ship. In other words, how long will Norway remain fundamentally the same object?


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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