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Putin is Taking out the Klaus Schwab Nazis

Tribulation Now - JOHN BAPTIST  FEBRUARY 24, 2022.                           Human Synthesis 24 March 2022

The Rise of the Fourth Reich

I know people are slammed busy and confused by everything that is going on.  I praise God that I have clarity and confirmation now as never before.  Russia has a long history of hating the Nazis.  The Global Elite (which is headquartered at the World Economic Forum (WEF) is the new Nazi “Master Race”.  Klaus Schwab is a German elite that heads this forum of global elite leaders with the goal of taking over the world and reducing the global population.  They take their orders ultimately from the Royalty (blue-bloods) worldwide.

(Note: While I realize the neo-Nazi “nationalist” presence in Ukraine is not pervasive purely by the influence/control of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, the NWO-Global Reset 2.0 influence is undeniable, particularly with the connection to the Biolabs and the takedown of the US and the West. See the video entitled “FALSE FLAGS FAKE NEWS” near the bottom of this article.)

Essentially all of the world leaders are compromised in some way.  If there are any that are not, it would be very few.

Here is a link to Klaus Schwab on Wikipedia.  He is “in bed” with a vast array of global leaders and in charge of them as part of the global Elite that is “destined” to rise up to govern the New World Order.  Canada’s Trudeau is one of his direct minions.  The list of his minions is too large to list.   The occult Nazi Operation Paper Clip control grid includes entities like Fauci, Gates … quite frankly its so large it’s impossible to identify them all.  Many of them are embedded into the US government.  Obama is part of that control grid (a leader in fact) and controlling Biden.

Take a Moment to See Klaus Schwab in Action


Ukraine is under their complete control (look into the Hunter Biden laptop controversy) and the mass slaughter of civilians and so-called “rebels” in Donbas, Donetsk, etc. was relentless.  Reportedly over 700,000 refugees flooded into Russia because of the Genocide taking place at the hands of the Obama/Biden-funded Ukraine army.  Many of these are Nazi (or neo-Nazis) and they are at the “beck and call” of the New World Order, the Global 2.0 Reset, and the minions of Schwab, Soros, Gates, Fauci, and the rest of the global elite – all the way up to Windsor Castle and the Vatican’s Black Jesuit Pope.

Here is another more detailed article on this subject published somewhat later:

Putin is Taking out the Klaus Schwab Nazis

MORE DETAILS OF THE NAZI (so-called neo-Nazi) issues in Ukraine:

Klaus Schwab Evidence

Link to the Wiki Article – see the Criticism section

And here is a snapshot of the article just in case they remove it.

Notice George Soros in this description of their Master Race takeover scheme.

Report of Attacks on Biolabs in Ukraine

There are reports that many of the Russian explosions are taking place at locations reportedly with US-funded Biolabs (where illegal offshore US-Elite-funded chemical and biological weapons would be made outside of treaty requirements and oversight regulators.  You be the judge.

Not sure how long this link will remain active with the censorship but I will include it anyway.  Forgive the colorful language. Clicking the image/Twitter link below should take you to the discussion.  Don’t get a “bee in your bonnet” over the veracity of the source.

OH – well waddaya know – they took it down already.  GREAT CONFIRMATION of its veracity.  Glad we got the snapshot in time.

But fortunately for us, someone captured the information thread in this mini video.

Live Webcam of European Square, Kyiv During Russian "WAR"

Oh and of Course – Israel / Iran Have to Get Involved

Oh and of Course – Israel / Iran Have to Get Involved

Oh No.  Not Chernobyl!   Wow Putin is just raking in the Riches!

Live Ukrain-Russia crisis. Biden-Putin meeting off the table


I just received a report that the AP news just stated that Russia caused Ukraine to lose control of Chernobyl.  If there is a claim soon that Russia bombs Chernobyl, that is absolutely RIDICULOUS.   There would be no reason Putin would do that.  

If this does happen it is a FALSE FLAG operation by Black Ops used for scare tactics as it would have ZERO military value whatsoever.  Just one more thing to push Putin into WWIII.

Sadly the vast majority of the global population would not have the reasoning power to understand how silly this claim would be.

Black Ops – False Flag - Scare Tactics - No military value at all.

It would just be one more indication that Putin got sucked into a planned AMBUSH by the Nazi reptilian filth.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 3.2.22 – This just in from a show listener in Ukraine.  Reportedly Russia had to take “control” of Chernobyl because the neo-Nazi “nationalist” in the Ukraine army would have “blown it up” in order to blame it on the Russians.

One Final Thought

SPECIAL NOTE:  Evidently there will never be one final thought.  Every day this becomes more and more INSANE and I can’t add enough to this article.

It is still quite possible that Putin will take full control of Ukraine.  Why?  Because he knows that the Nazi-West is relentless and it's like a malignant mole that must be removed.  So it would not at all be surprising to see him put his own man into power and create another version of Belarus to keep the Nazis out.  What is possible, but unlikely, is that Putin takes full control of Ukraine as there is no advantage for him to do so.  A puppet regime (like Belarus) will work just fine both for Russia and the people of Ukraine.


Keep in mind that the global Elite do NOT want to lose power and they are rushing to create a “Black Swan” event prior to the US Mid-Term elections.  This could lead to a massive power grid outage (false flag attack) against the US blamed on Russia. This is something Klaus said was a good idea as it would allow them to institute Martial Law and complete the Global Reset 2.0 master plan.  Or a nuke? Or maybe nothing?  Or do they give this opportunity away and lose all their progress after the mid-terms?


Intentionally blamed on Russia and intended to create chaos and fear


Make no mistake.  If the Global Satanic Crime Syndicate (GSCS) of Nazi beings keeps on pushing him, he may just actually retaliate.  Which would absolutely “make their day”.  We shall see.

And be advised, while I do not think the ground-based nuke false flag will happen right now, there are untold numbers of credible prophecies that include 6-7 major cities in the US being struck by ground-based nukes just like in the movie “Sum of All Fears” and the TV Series (now on Netflix) entitled “Jericho”.  Both are highly prophetic.

US Ready.Gov Website Posts Warnings of Nuclear Attack

To take full advantage of the “Order out of Chaos” threat dynamic, the US “Ready.gov” website has put up a nuclear threat preparedness page.  While Putin and Lavrov had made it clear that western intervention could lead to the use of such deterrence measures, it is intended to keep NATO (and company) OUT of their way.

Of course, the “narrative” to create the greatest level of fear and distort the reality (i.e., take advantage of the invoked situation and further create hatred and war), this information would be posted publicly to foster such fear.

A Nuclear Explosion possibility?

FEB 25 UPDATE – Putin Is trying to Take Kyiv Peacefully

Putin Maintains – Correctly So – They are Dealing with Nazis

This article implies that Putin is an anti-semite because supposedly Zelensky is Jewish.  That is utterly irrelevant.

Why Am I So Sure?

You may ask me why I believe Putin with all the disinformation in the US media? While I know Putin is not any sort of a saint; here’s why. Because of the radio show, I have personal friends from Ukraine who are talking to their families using Skype.  The people of Ukraine hate Zelensky and they know he is fantastically corrupt.  They are thrilled and cannot wait for Putin to “clean house”.  (Note: This was a direct quote from the mother of a show listener talking to her on Skype).  I am in continuous contact with these people even as I write this. Another person I work with is from Ukraine and he corroborates this information as well. We are both monitoring the live webcams and discussing the situation in real-time.

During World War II many of the Ukrainian militaries joined with Hitler and brutally slaughtered many.  This is well-known history.  And many of them still live there and exist among the population.  One of the show listeners has had personal interaction with them. Nazis.

Also, I am in communication with a radio show listener named Cemil in Belgium.  The Belgium news is matching the lies of the US media and saying that the Ukrainian people are begging for guns.   THAT IS A LIE and a vivid generalization.  While there are surely some people in western Ukraine that may want nothing to do with Russia, there is a very large part of the population that knows the magnitude of the corruption and wants Putin to “clean house”.

Also, to be clear, there is no question that Russian military forces are taking out resistance Ukrainian army strongholds, etc. and they are moving in as a show of force, but there is little evidence to indicate what the world is being told is true. For example, in the webcam images shown below, the Maidan Square camera is located on Hotel Kyiv pointing north/northwest. I am told that the Russian military would have to move down these streets to reach the government headquarters by a native Ukrainian.  I am monitoring the audio in real-time on loud hi-fi speakers and there has not been so much as a single gunshot and only some people chatting nearby.  This is while Fox News is reporting gunshots etc. in Kyiv. There has been one series of air raid sirens but not so much as a single sign of any Russian presence.  I would have to estimate it was a test.

And remember that when Fox News is flashing headlines that 137 military and civilian casualties have occurred, the Ukrainian army is approximately 361,000 troops.

Also, as the US media shows endless propaganda and YouTube blocks Ukraine webcams, here is a live 9 camera feed from Ukraine. This is while Bill Hemmer on Fox News is showing a map with explosion symbols over Kyiv.

The time now – 10:47 am – FEB 25.

NATO Article 5 – Are you KIDDING ME?

These updates are never-ending.  This is the most mind-blowing “Wag the Dog” deception I have ever seen in my life.  Utterly ASTONISHING with no end in sight.

Cyberattack can trigger a NATO charter article.

Important End-Game Biblical Consideration

Also, if the grand total of all these activities ends up in collapsing the US economy, cutting off rare earth minerals needed for military and tech equipment/closing down the Tech Sector through allowing China to take over Taiwan, cutting off all viable energy resources, or making them too expensive, thus leading into a global financial collapse and nuclear war, then this, (over time) could lead to Chapter 6 of Revelation.  The Third and Fourth Seal. Oh and keep your eyes on North Korea. They will sink a US Aircraft Carrier with one of those Chinese hypersonic missiles. This can accelerate quickly. (or not)

The Final Solution

For those of you who have a historical understanding of Nazi Germany, the “Final Solution” is written on the Georgia Guidestones.  The Covid 19 bioweapon attack on mankind was a form of Eugenics which is used to kill off the weak, reduce the population, and ultimately establish “mind control” (long complicated but true story).  The FEMA Camps are the Nazi Death Camps.  I have written many articles over the years confirming these things.



Also Here are some Fake News Facts

Please Listen Carefully:

This man identifies that one of the largest primary Biolabs destroyed by Russia is essentially linked directly to the World Economic Forum (this is Klaus Schwab).

A Timeless and Outstanding Interview with an X Marine Corp. Intelligence Specialist





Copy & Paste the link above for Yandex translation to Norwegian.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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