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If we look at what is happening in Ukraine, without being misled by the gross falsifications of the mainstream media, we realize that respect for each other s rights has been completely ignored; indeed, we have the impression that the Biden Administration, NATO, and the European Union deliberately want to maintain a situation of obvious imbalance, precisely to make impossible any attempt at a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, provoking the Russian Federation to trigger a conflict. Herein lies the seriousness of the problem. This is the trap set for both Russia and Ukraine, using both of them to enable the globalist elite to carry out its criminal plan.


It should not surprise us that pluralism and freedom of speech, so praised in countries that claim to be democratic, are daily disavowed by censorship and intolerance towards opinions not aligned with the official narrative. Manipulations of this kind have become the norm during the so-called pandemic, to the detriment of doctors, scientists, and dissenting journalists, who have been discredited and ostracized for the mere fact of daring to question the effectiveness of experimental serums. Two years later, the truth about the adverse effects and the unfortunate management of the health emergency has proven them right, but the truth is stubbornly ignored because it does not correspond to what the system wanted and still wants today.

If the world media have so far been able to lie shamelessly on a matter of strict scientific relevance, spreading lies and hiding reality, we should ask ourselves why, in the present situation, they should suddenly rediscover that intellectual honesty and respect for the code of ethics widely denied with Covid. But if this colossal fraud has been supported and disseminated by the media, it must be recognized that national and international health institutions, governments, magistrates, law enforcement agencies, and the Catholic Hierarchy itself all share responsibility for the disaster– each in its own sphere by actively supporting or failing to oppose the narrative– a disaster that has affected billions of people in their health, their property, the exercise of their individual rights and even their very lives.

Even in this case, it is difficult to imagine that those who have been guilty of such crimes in support of a pandemic that was intended and maliciously amplified could suddenly have a jolt of dignity and show solicitude for their citizens and their homeland when war threatens their security and their economy. These, of course, can be the prudent reflections of those who want to remain neutral and look with detachment and almost disinterest at what is happening around them. But if we deepen our knowledge of the facts and document them, relying on authoritative and objective sources, we discover that doubts and perplexities soon become disturbing certainties.

Even if we only want to limit our investigation to the economic aspect, we understand that news agencies, politics, and public institutions themselves depend on a small number of financial groups belonging to an oligarchy that, significantly, is united not only by money and power but by the ideological affiliation that guides its action and interference in the politics of nations and the whole world. This oligarchy shows its tentacles in the UN, NATO, theWorld Economic Forum, the European Union, and in“philanthropic” institutions such as George Soros’ Open Society and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

All these entities are private and answer to no one but themselves, and at the same time, they have the power to influence national governments, including through their own representatives who are made to be elected or appointed to key posts. They admit it themselves when they are received with all the honors by Heads of State and world leaders, beginning with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi(here), respected and feared by these leaders as the true masters of the fate of the world. Thus, those who hold power in the name of the“   people ”  find themselves trampling on the people’s will and restricting their rights, in order to be obedient like courtiers to masters whom nobody has elected but who nevertheless dictate their political and economic agenda to the nations.

We come then to the Ukraine crisis, which is presented to us as a consequence of Vladimir Putin’s expansionist arrogance towards an independent and democratic nation over which he is trying to claim absurd rights. The“warmonger Putin” is said to be massacring the defenseless population, who have courageously arisen to defend the soil of their homeland, the sacred borders of their nation, and the violated freedoms of the citizens. The European Union and the United States, “defenders of democracy,” are therefore said to be unable not to intervene by means of NATO to restore Ukraine’s autonomy, drive out the“invader” and guarantee peace.

In the face of the“tyrant’s arrogance,” it is said that the peoples of the world ought to form a common front, imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation and sending soldiers, weapons, and economic aid to“poor” President Zelensky, “national hero” and“defender” of his people. As proof of Putin’s“violence,” the media spread images of bombings, military searches, and destruction, attributing responsibility to Russia. And there’s still more: precisely in order to guarantee a“lasting peace,” the EuropeanUnion and NATO are opening wide their arms to welcome Ukraine as members. And in order to prevent“Soviet propaganda”, Europe is now blacking outRussiaToday and Sputnik, in order to ensure that information is“free and independent.”

This is the official narrative, to which everyone conforms. Being at war, dissent immediately becomes desertion, and those who dissent are guilty of treason and deserving of more or less serious sanctions, starting with public execration and ostracism, well experienced with Covid against those who are“un-vaxxed”. But the truth, if you want to know it, allows us to see things differently and to judge the facts for what they are and not for how they are presented to us. This is a true and proper unveiling, as indicated by the etymology of the Greek word ἀλήθεια. Or perhaps, with an eschatological gaze, a revelation, anἀποκάλυψις.


First of all, it is necessary to remember the facts, which do not lie and are not susceptible to alteration. And the facts, however irritating they are to recall to those who try to censor them, tell us that since the fall of the Berlin Wall the United States has extended its sphere of political and military influence to almost all the satellite states of the former Soviet Union, even recently, annexing into NATO Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary (1999); Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania (2004); Albania and Croatia (2009); Montenegro(2017); and North Macedonia (2020). The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is preparing to expand to Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Practically speaking, the Russian Federation is under military threat– from weapons and missile bases– just a few kilometers from its borders, while it has no military base in similar proximity to the United States. To be considering the possible expansion of NATO into Ukraine, without thinking that it will arouse Russia’s legitimate protests, is nothing short of puzzling, especially given the fact that in 1991 NATO pledged to the Kremlin not to expand further. Not only that: at the end of 2021, Der Spiegel published drafts of a treaty with theUnited States and an agreement with NATO on security guarantees(here, here, and here).

Moscow demanded legal guarantees from its Western partners that would prevent NATO from further eastward expansion by adding Ukraine to the alliance also from establishing military bases in post-Soviet countries. The proposals also contained a clause on the non-deployment of offensive weapons by NATO near Russia's borders and on the withdrawal of NATO forces in Eastern Europe back to their 1997 positions. As we can see, NATO has failed to keep its commitments to Russia or has at least forced the situation at a very delicate moment for geopolitical balances. We should ask ourselves why the United States– or rather the American deep state which regained power after the electoral fraud that brought Joe Biden to the White House– wants to create tensions with Russia and involve its European partners in the conflict, with all the consequences we can imagine.

As General Marco Bertolini, former commander of the Joint Summit OperationalCommand has lucidly observed: “The United States did not just win the Cold War but also wanted to humiliate [Russia] by taking everything that in a certain sense fell within its area of influence. [Putin] bore with the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria [joining NATO]. Faced with Ukraine [joining NATO], which would have taken away any possibility of access to the Black Sea, he reacted” (here). And he adds: “There is a problem of the regime’s stability, a situation has arisen with a fairly unlikely prime minister [Zelensky], one who comes from the world of entertainment.” The general does not fail to recall, in the case of a US attack on Russia, that“the Global Hawks flying over Ukraine depart from Sigonella [Italy]; Italy is an American military base in large part. The risk is there, it is present and real” (here).


We should also ask ourselves whether, behind the destabilization of the delicate balance between the European Union and Russia, there are also economic interests, deriving from the need of EU countries to obtain American liquid gas (for which we also need the regasification plants which many nations are deprived of, and for which in any case we will have to pay much more) instead of Russian gas (which is more ecological). The decision of Italian oil and gas company ENI to suspend investments in Gazprom's Blue Stream pipeline (from Russia to Turkey) also entails the deprivation of an additional source of supply, since it feeds the Trans-AtlanticPipeline (from Turkey to Italy).

It, therefore, does not sound like a coincidence if, in August 2021, Zelensky declared that he considered the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany as a “dangerous weapon, not only for Ukraine but for all of Europe” (here): bypassing Ukraine, it deprives Kyiv of about one billion euros per year in revenue from transit tariffs.“We view this project exclusively through the prism of security and consider it a dangerous geopolitical weapon of the Kremlin”“ the Ukrainian president said, agreeing with the Biden administration. American Undersecretary of State VictoriaNuland said: “If Russia invades Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 will not go forward.” And so it has happened, not without serious economic damage to German investments.


Still, on the subject of American interests in Ukraine, it is worth mentioning the virological laboratories located in Ukraine which are under the control of the pentagon and where it seems that only US specialists with diplomatic immunity are employed directly under the American Ministry of Defense. We should also remember the complaint made by Putin regarding the collection of genomic data about the population, which can be used for bacteriological weapons with genetic selection(here, here, and here). Information about the activity of laboratories in Ukraine is obviously difficult to confirm, but it is understandable that the Russian Federation considered, not without reason, that these laboratories could constitute an additional bacteriological threat to the safety of the population.

The U.S. Embassy has removed all files related to the Biological Threat ReductionProgram from its website(here). Maurizio Blondet writes:“ Event 201, which simulated the pandemic explosion a year before it happened, was attended (along with the usuals, Bill and Melinda) by the apparently inoffensive John Hopkins University with its blessedCenter for Health Security. The humanitarian institution had for a long time a less innocent name: it was called Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies and did not deal with the health of Americans, but rather with its opposite: the response to military attacks of bioterrorism. It was practically a civil-military organization.

When it held its first conference in February 1999 in Crystal City in Arlington [Virginia], where the pentagon is located, it brought together 950 doctors, military personnel, federal officials, and health officials to participate in a simulation exercise. The aim of the simulation is to counter an imagined“militarized” smallpox attack. It is only the first of the exercises that will blossom in Event 201 and in the Pandemic Imposture” (here). Experiments also emerge on the Ukrainian military(here) and interventions by the American Embassy regarding the Ukrainian Prosecutor Lutsenko in 2016 so that he would not investigate“a billionaire round of funds between G. Soros and B.Obama” (here).


The current Ukrainian crisis entails secondary, but no less serious, consequences on the geopolitical balance between China and Taiwan. Russia and Ukraine are the only producers of palladium and neon, which are indispensable for the production of microchips.“Moscow’s possible retaliation has attracted more attention in recent days aftermarket research group TechNet published a report highlighting the dependence of many semiconductor manufacturers on materials of Russian and Ukrainian origin such as neon, palladium, and others.

According to Techcet’s estimates, more than90% of U.S. supplies of semiconductor neon come from Ukraine, while 35% of U.S.palladium comes from Russia. [...]  According to the US International TradeCommission, neon prices rose by 600% before Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014, because chip companies relied on some Ukrainian companies” (here).“If it is true that a Chinese invasion of Formosa would put the global technology supply chain at risk, it is also true that a sudden shortage of raw materials from Russia could stop production, so as to make the island lose the“microchip shield” and induce Beijing to attempt the annexation of Taipei.”


Another issue that we tend not to analyze in depth is that related to Burisma, an oiland gas company operating on the Ukrainian market since 2002. Recall that“duringthe American presidency of Barack Obama (from 2009 to 2017) his right hand manwith a“delegation” to handle international politics was Joe Biden, and it is since thenthat the“protection’ offered by the Democrat US leader was given to Ukrainiannationalists, a line that created the irreconcilable disagreement between Kiev andMoscow. [...] It was Joe Biden in those years who carried out the policy of bringingUkraine closer to NATO. He wanted to take away political and economic powerfrom Russia. [...]

In recent years, Joe Biden’s name has also been associated with ascandal over Ukraine that had also shaken his candidacy. [...] It was April 2014 whenBurisma Holdings, the largest energy company in Ukraine (active in both gas andoil), hired Hunter Biden as a consultant [...] with a salary of $50,000 a month. All transparent, except that during those months Joe Biden continued the American policy aimed at regaining possession by Ukraine of those areas of the Donbas that have now become Republics recognized by Russia. The Donetsk area is believed to be rich in unexplored gas fields that have been targeted by Burisma Holdings.

An international policy intertwined with the economic one that made the American media turn up their noses in those years” (here).Democrats claimed that Trump had created a media scandal to harm Biden’scampaign, but his accusations turned out to be true. Joe Biden himself, during ameeting at the Rockefeller Council for Foreign Relations , admitted to havingintervened on then-President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister ArsenijYatseniuk to prevent investigations into his son Hunter by Procurator GeneralViktor Shokin. Biden had threatened“to withhold a billion dollars loan guaranteein the United States during a December 2015 trip to Kiev,” reports the New YorkPost.(here).

“If the Procurator General Shokin is not fired, you will not have the money” (here here). And the Prosecutor was effectively fired, saving Hunter fromfurther scandal, after those involving him.Biden’s interference in Kiev politics, in exchange for favors to Burisma and corruptoligarchs, confirms the current US President’s interest in protecting his family andimage, fueling disorder in Ukraine and even a war. How can a person who uses hisrole to take care of his own interests and cover up the crimes of his family membersgovern honestly and without being subject to blackmail?


Finally, there is the issue of Ukrainian nuclear weapons. On February 19, 2022, at a conference in Munich, Zelensky announced his intention to end the Budapest Memorandum (1994), which prohibits Ukraine from developing, proliferating andusing atomic weapons. Among the other clauses of the Memorandum, there is alsothe one that obliges Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom to refrainfrom using economic pressure on Ukraine to influence its policy: the pressure of the IMF and the United States to grant economic aid in exchange for reforms consistentwith theGreat Reset represent a further violation of the agreement.

The Ukrainian Ambassador in Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, argued on Deutschlandfunk radio in 2021 that Ukraine needed to regain nuclear status if the country failed to join NATO. Ukraine’s nuclear power plants are operated, rebuilt and maintainedby the state-owned enterprise NAEK Energoatom, which completely ended itsrelationship with Russian companies between 2018 and 2021. Its main partners arecompanies that can be traced back to the US government. It is easy to understandhow the Russian Federation considers the possibility of Ukraine acquiring nuclearweapons as a threat and demands Kiev’s adherence to the non-proliferation pact.


Another fact. In 2013, after the government of President Viktor Yanukovych decided to suspend the association agreement between Ukraine and the EuropeanUnion and to forge closer economic relations with Russia, a series of protestdemonstrations known as Euromaidan began, which lasted several months andculminated in the revolution that overthrew Yanukovych and led to the installationof a new government. It was an operation sponsored by George Soros, as he candidlytold CNN:“I have had a foundation in Ukraine since before it became independentof Russia; this foundation has always been in business and has played a decisive rolein today’s events” (here, here and here).

This change of government provoked thereaction of Yanukovych’s supporters and of a part of the Ukrainian populationopposed to the pro-Western shift of Ukraine, which had not been wanted by thepopulation but was obtained by a color revolution, of which there had been generalrehearsals in previous years in Georgia, Moldova and Belarus.Following the clashes of May 2, 2014, in which nationalist paramilitary fringes(including those ofPravyi Sektor ) also intervened, there was also the massacre inOdessa. The Western press also spoke of these terrible events in a scandalized way; Amnesty International(here) and the UN denounced these crimes and documentedtheir brutality. But no international court initiated any proceedings against thoseresponsible, as is intended to be done today against the alleged crimes of the Russianarmy.

Among the many agreements, not respected is also the Minsk Protocol, signed onSeptember 5, 2014 by the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine, composed ofrepresentatives of Ukraine, Russia, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the LuganskPeople’s Republic. Among the points of the agreement was also the removal ofarmed illegal groups, military equipment, as well as fighters and mercenaries fromthe territory of Ukraine under the supervision of the OSCE and the disarmament ofall illegal groups. Contrary to what was agreed, neo-Nazi paramilitary groups are not only officially recognized by the government, but their members are even given official assignments. Also in 2014, Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk declared their independence fromUkraine– in the name of self-determination of peoples recognized by theinternational community– and declared themselves annexed to the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian government still refuses to recognize the independenceof these regions, sanctioned by popular referendum, and leaves the neo-Nazi militiasand the regular military forces themselves free to rage against the population, sinceit considers these entities as terrorist organizations. It is true that the two referendums of November 2, 2014 constitute a stretching of the Minsk Protocol, which provided only for a decentralization of power and a form of special status forthe Donetsk and Lugansk regions. As Professor Franco Cardini recently pointed out,“on February 15, 2022, Russia delivered to the United States a draft of a treaty to end this situation and defend the Russian-speaking populations. Wastepaper¬¬

This war began in 2014” (here andhere). And it was a war in the intentions of those who wanted to fight the Russianminority of Donbass:“We will have a job and pensions, and they will not. We willreceive bonuses for having children, and they will not. Our children will have schoolsand kindergartens; their children will stay in the basements. In this way we will win this war,” said President Petro Poroshenko in 2015 (here). It will not escape noticethat these measures are similar to the discrimination against the so-called “un-vaxxed,” who have been deprived of work, pay and education.

Eight years of bombing in Donetsk and Lugansk, with hundreds of thousands of victims, 150 deadchildren, and very serious cases of torture, rape, kidnapping and discrimination(here).On February 18, 2022 the Presidents of Donetsk and Lugansk, Denis Pushilin andLeonid Pasechnik, ordered the evacuation of the civilian population of theirprovinces into the Russian Federation due to the ongoing clashes between theDonbass People’s Militia and the Ukrainian Armed Forces. On February 21, theState Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament) unanimously ratified thetreaties of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance introduced by PresidentPutin with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. At the same time, the Russian President ordered the sending of troops from the Russian Federation to restore peace in the Donbass region.

Here one may wonder why, in a situation of blatant violation of human rights byneo-Nazi military forces and paramilitary apparatuses (who fly flags bearingswastikas and display the effigy of Aldolf Hitler) against the Russian-speakingpopulation of the independent republics, the international community feels obligedto consider the intervention of the Russian Federation worthy of condemnation, and indeed to blame Putin for the violence. Where is the much-vaunted right of thepeople to self-determination, which was held valid on August 24, 1991, for the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence and recognized by the international community?

And why are we scandalized today by a Russian intervention inUkraine, when NATO carried out the same sort of thing in Yugoslavia (1991),Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), and in Libya and Syria (2011),without anyone raising any objections? Not to mention that in the last ten yearsIsrael has repeatedly hit military targets in Syria, Iran and Lebanon to prevent thecreation of a hostile armed front on its northern border, and yet no nation has proposed imposing sanctions on Tel Aviv.

It is dismaying to see with what hypocrisy the European Union and the UnitedStates– Brussels, and Washington– are giving their unconditional support to President Zelensky, whose government for eight years now has continued to persecute Russian-speaking Ukrainians with impunity (here), for whom it is even forbidden to speak in their own language, in a nation that includes numerous ethnicgroups, of which those who speak Russian represent 17.2%.  And it is scandalous that they are silent about the use of civilians as human shields by the Ukrainian army, which places anti-aircraft positions inside population centers, hospitals, schools, and kindergartens precisely so that their destruction can cause deaths among the population.

The mainstream media is careful not to show images of Russian soldiers helping civilians reach safe positions (here and here) or organizing humanitarian corridors,which Ukrainian militias fire upon (here and here). Just as it is also silent about the settling of scores, massacres, violence and theft by fringes of the civilian population,to whom Zelensky has given weapons: the videos that can be seen on the internet give an idea of the climate of civil war that has been artfully fueled by the Ukrainian Government. To this we may also add the convicts released to be drafted into the Army and also the volunteers of the foreign legion: a mass of fanatics without rules and without training that will contribute to worsening the situation, making it un-manageable.


As has been pointed out by many parties, the candidacy and election of Ukrainian President Zelensky correspond to that recent cliché, inaugurated in recent years, of a comic actor or entertainment personality being lent to politics. Do not believe that being without a suitable cursus honorum is an obstacle to the rising to the top of institutions; on the contrary: the more a person is apparently a stranger to the world of political parties, the more it is to be assumed that his success is determined by those who hold power. Zelensky’s performances in drag are perfectly consistent with the LGBTQ ideology that is considered by its European sponsors as an indispensable requirement of the“reform” agenda that every country ought to embrace, along with gender equality, abortion, and the green economy.

No wonder Zelensky, a member of the WEF (here), was able to benefit from the support of Schwab and his allies to come to power and ensure that the Great Reset would also be carried out in Ukraine. The 57-part television series that Zelensky produced and starred in, demonstrates that the media planned his candidacy for President of Ukraine and his election campaign. In the fiction show The Servant of the People he played the part of a highschool teacher who unexpectedly became President of the Republic and fought against the corruption of politics.

It is no coincidence that the series, which was absolutely mediocre, still won the World Fest Remi Award (the USA, 2016), cameamong the top four finalists in the category of comedy films at the Seoul International Drama Awards (South Korea), and was awarded the Intermedia Globe Silver award in the entertainment TV series category at theWorld Media Film Festival in Hamburg.The media stir obtained by Zelensky with the television series brought him over 10million followers on Instagram and created the premise for the establishment of thehomonymous Servant of the People political party, of which Ivan Bakanov, GeneralManager and shareholder (along with Zelensky himself and the oligarch Kolomoisky) of Kvartal 95 Studio, and the owner of the TV 1+1 television network,is also a member.

Zelensky’s image is an artificial product, a media fiction, anoperation of manipulation of consensus that has managed to create the politicalcharacter in the Ukrainian collective imagination that in reality, and not in fiction,has conquered power.“ Just one month before the 2019 elections that saw him win, Zelensky sold thecompany [ Kvartal 95 Studio] to a friend, still finding a way to get the proceeds ofthe business he had officially renounced to his family. That friend was Serhiy Shefir,who was later appointed Councilor to the Presidency. [...] The sale of the shares took place for the benefit of Maltex Multicapital Corp., a company owned by Shefir andregistered in the British Virgin Islands” (here).The current Ukrainian President promoted his election campaign with acommercial that was disturbing, to say the least (here), in which, holding two machine guns, he fired on members of Parliament, pointed out as corrupt or subservient to Russia.

The fight against corruption trumpeted by the UkrainianPresident in the role of“servant of the people” does not correspond, however, to thepicture that emerges of him from the so-calledPandora papers , in which 40 milliondollars appear to have been paid to him on the eve of the elections by the Jewishbillionaire Kolomoisky1 through offshore accounts(here, here and here).2 In hishomeland, many accuse him of having taken power away from the pro-Russianoligarchs not to give it to the Ukrainian people, but rather to strengthen his owninterest group and at the same time remove his political adversaries:“He liquidatedthe ministers of the old guard, first of all the powerful Minister of the Interior,[Arsen] Avakov.

He rudely retired the president of the Constitutional Court who was acting as a check on his laws. He closed seven opposition TV channels. He was arrested and accused of treason by Viktor Medvedcuk, a pro-Russian sympathizer but above all the leader of the Platform of Opposition - For Life party, the second partyof the Ukrainian Parliament after his Servant of the People party. He is also placed on trial for treason by former President Poroshenko, who was suspicious of everyone except for those who got along with the Russians or their friends. The mayor of Kyiv, the popular former world boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, has already been subjected to several searches and seizures. In short, Zelensky seems to want to make a clean sweep of anyone who is not aligned with his politics” (here).

On April 21, 2019, Zelensky was elected President of Ukraine with 73.22% of thevotes, and on May 20 he was sworn in. On May 22, 2019 he appointed IvanBakanov, Director General of Kvartal 95 , as First Deputy Head of the SecurityServices of Ukraine and Head of the Main Directorate for the Fight againstCorruption and Organized Crime of the Central Directorate of the Security Serviceof Ukraine. Along with Bakanov, it is worth mentioning Mykhailo Fedorov, VicePresident and Minister of Digital Transformation, a member of theWorld1 In 2011, Kolomoisky was one of the co-founders of the Jewish European Parliament, along with billionaire Vadim Rabinovich. Cf.

Note that Rabinovich is a member of theOpposition Platform - For Life, the Ukrainian pro-Russian political party whose leader ViktorMedvedcuk was arrested by Zelensky.2 According to Russian politician Viktor Vladislavovich Zubarev, a member of the State Duma,Zelensky is also said to have $1.2 billion deposited at Dresdner Bank in Costa Rica and a villa in Miamipurchased for $34 million(here). For a more comprehensive picture, see the investigation by Slidstvo-info, an independent Ukrainian agency of investigative journalism(here). Economic Forum (here). Zelensky himself has admitted to having as his inspiration the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (here and here).

Il 21 aprile 2019 è eletto Presidente dell’Ucraina con il 73,22% dei voti e il 20 maggiopresta giuramento; il 22 maggio 2019 nomina Ivan Bakanov, Direttore Generaledella Kvartal 95 , primo vicecapo dei Servizi di Sicurezza dell’Ucraina e Capo dellaDirezione principale per la lotta contro la corruzione e il crimine organizzato dellaDirezione centrale del Servizio di Sicurezza dell’Ucraina. Assieme a Bakanov, è damenzionare Mykhailo Fedorov, Vicepresidente e Ministro della TrasformazioneDigitale, membro del World Economic Forum(qui). Lo stesso Zelenskyj haammesso di avere come proprio ispiratore il Primo Ministro del Canada JustinTrudeau (qui e qui).


As Greece’s tragic precedent has shown, national sovereignties and the popular will expressed by parliaments are de facto erased by the decisions of international high finance, which interferes with government policies by means of blackmail and outright extortion of an economic nature. The case of Ukraine, which is one of the poorest countries in Europe, is no exception. Shortly after Zelensky’s election, the International Monetary Fund threatened not to grant Ukraine a $5 billion loan if he did not comply with their demands.

During a telephone conversation with the CEO of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, the Ukrainian President was rebuked for replacing Yakiv Smolii with a man he trusted, Kyrylo Shevchenko, who was less inclined to comply with the diktats of the IMF. Anders Åslund writes at Atlantic Council: “The problems surrounding the Zelenskygovernment are mounting alarmingly. First of all, since March 2020, the President has led a reversal not only of the reforms pursued under him, but also those initiated by his predecessor Petro Poroshenko. Second, his government has not presented plausible proposals to resolve IMF concerns about Ukraine’s unfulfilled commitments.

Third, the President appears to no longer have a ruling parliamentary majority, and he seems disinterested in forming a reformist majority(here). It is evident that the IMF’s interventions are aimed at obtaining the Ukrainian government's commitment to align itself with the economic, fiscal, and social policies dictated by the globalist agenda, beginning with the“independence” of theCentral Bank of Ukraine from the government: a euphemism with which the IMF calls on the Kyiv government to renounce legitimate control over its Central Bank, which is one of the ways in which national sovereignty is exercised, along with the issuance of money and the management of public debt. On the other hand, just four months earlier Kristalina Georgieva had launched the Great Reset together with Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, and UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

What had not been possible with previous governments was brought to completionunder the presidency of Zelensky, who entered the good graces of the WEF (here) along with the new Governor of the BCU, Kyrylo Shevchenko. Less than a year later,in order to prove his subjection, Shevchenko wrote an article for the WEF entitledCentral banks are the key to countries climate goals and Ukraine is showing the way (here). Thus the Agenda 2030 is implemented, under blackmail.There are also other Ukrainian companies that have ties to the WEF: the State Savings Bank of Ukraine (one of the largest financial institutions in Ukraine), the DTEK Group (an important private investor in the Ukrainian energy sector) andUkr Land Farming (an agricultural leader in cultivation).

Banks, energy and foodare sectors perfectly in line with theGreat Reset and the Fourth IndustrialRevolution theorized by Klaus Schwab.On February 4, 2021, the Ukrainian president shut down seven television stations,including ZIK, Newsone and112 Ukraine , all guilty of not supporting hisgovernment. As Anna Del Freo writes:“ A harsh condemnation of this liberticidalact has arrived, among others, also from the European Federation of Journalists andthe International Federation of Journalists, who have asked for the immediate liftingof the veto. The three broadcasters will no longer be able to broadcast for five years:they employ about 1500 people, whose jobs are now at risk.

There is no real reasonwhy the three networks should be shut down, except for the arbitrariness of theUkrainian political apex, which accuses them of threatening information securityand being under“malign Russian influence.” A strong reaction also comes fromNUJU, the Ukrainian journalists’ union, which speaks of a very heavy attack onfreedom of speech, given that hundreds of journalists are being deprived of theopportunity to express themselves and hundreds of thousands of citizens are beingdeprived of the right to be informed. As we can see, what Putin is accused of wasactually carried out by Zelensky and, more recently, by the European Union, with the complicity of social media platforms.

“Shutting down television broadcasters isone of the most extreme forms of restriction of the freedom of the press,” said EFJSecretary General Ricardo Gutierrez.“Nations have an obligation to ensure effectivepluralism of information. It is clear that the presidential veto is not at all in line withinternational standards on freedom of expression” (here). It would be interesting to know what statements were made by the EuropeanFederation of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists after the blackout of Russia Today and Sputnik in Europe.


A country that calls for humanitarian aid from the international community todefend its population from Russian aggression should, in the collective imagination,stand out for respect for democratic principles and for legislation that prohibitsactivities and the spread of propaganda by extremist ideologies.Neo-Nazi movements engaged in military and paramilitary actions operate freely inUkraine, often with the official support of public institutions. These include thefollowing: Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), amovement with a Nazi, anti-Semitic and racist matrix already active in Chechnyaand which is part of theRight Sector , an association of far-right movements formed at the time of the Euromaidan coup in 2013/2014; the Ukrainian Insurgent Army(UPA); the UNA/UNSO, paramilitary wing of the far-right political party Ukraine National Assembly; the Korchinsky Brotherhood, which offered protection in Kievto ISIS members(here).

Misanthropic Vision (MD), is a neo-Nazi network spreadacross 19 countries that publicly incites terrorism, extremism, and hatred against Christians, Muslims, Jews, Communists, homosexuals, Americans, and people ofcolor(here).It should be remembered that the government has given explicit support to theseextremist organizations both by sending the presidential guard to the funerals oftheir representatives, as well as by supporting the Azov Battalion, a para-military organization that is officially part of the Ukrainian Army under the new name of Azov Special Operations Regiment and organized into the National Guard. The Azov Regiment is financed by the Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, theformer governor of Dnepropetrovsk, who is also thought to be the financier of the nationalist militias ofPravyi Sektor , which are considered responsible for the Odesa massacre.

We are talking about the same Kolomoisky mentioned in thePandoraPapers as a sponsor of President Zelensky. The battalion has relations with severalfar-right organizations in Europe and the United States.  Amnesty International, after a meeting on September 8, 2014 between SecretaryGeneral Salil Shetty and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, called on the UkrainianGovernment to end the abuses and war crimes committed by the volunteerbattalions that operate together with the Kiev Armed Forces. The Ukrainian government has opened an official investigation into the matter, declaring that no officers or soldiers of the Azov Battalion appear to be under investigation.In March 2015, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced that the Azov Battalion would be one of the first units to be trained by US Army troops, aspart of their Operation Fearless Guard training mission.

US training was discontinued on June 12, 2015, when the US House of Representatives passed an amendment banning all aid (including weapons and training) to the battalion because of its neo-Nazi past. The amendment was then revoked under pressure fromthe CIA(here and here) and the soldiers of the Azov Battalion were trained in theUnited States(here and here): "We have been training these guys for eight years now.They are really good fighters. That's where the Agency's program could have aserious impact."In 2016, an OSCE report [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe]found that the Azov Battalion was responsible for the mass killing of prisoners, the concealment of corpses in mass graves and the systematic use of physical and psychological torture techniques.

Just a few days ago the Deputy Commander of theBattalion, Vadim Troyan, was appointed Chief of Police of the Oblast Region byInterior Minister Arsen Avakov.These are the "heroes" fighting together with the Ukrainian Army against theRussian soldiers. And these heroes of the Azov Battalion, instead of protecting theirchildren, dare to make their own flesh into meat for slaughter, enlisting boys andgirls(here and here), in violation of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (here), concerning the involvement of minors in armedconflicts: an ad hoc legal instrument that establishes that no child under 18 is to beforcibly recruited or used directly in hostilities, either by the armed forces of a statenor by armed groups.Inevitably, the lethal weapons provided by the EU, including Draghi's Italy, with thesupport of "anti-fascist" political parties, are destined to be used against these children.


The censorship being imposed against Russian broadcasters is clearly aimed atpreventing the official narrative from being disproven by the facts. But while theWestern media shows images of the video gameWar Thunder (here), frames fromthe movie Star Wars (here), explosions in China(here), videos of military parades(here), footage from Afghanistan(here), the Rome metro(here) or images of mobilecrematoria(here) by passing them off as real and recent scenes of the war in Ukraine,reality is ignored because it has already been decided to provoke a conflict as aweapon of mass distraction that legitimizes new restrictions of freedoms in Western nations, according to the plans of theWorld Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the UnitedNations’ Agenda 2030 .

It is evident that the Ukrainian people, beyond the issues that diplomacy can resolve,are victims of the same global coup d'état being carried out by supranational powersthat intend, not peace between nations, but rather the establishment of the tyrannyof the New World Order. Just a few days ago, Ukrainian parliamentarian Kira Rudiktold Fox News, while holding a kalashnikov:“We know that we are not only fighting for Ukraine, but also for the New World Order.”

The human rights violations in Ukraine and the crimes of the neo-Nazi militiasrepeatedly denounced by Putin could not find a political solution because they wereplanned and fomented by the globalist elite, with the collaboration of the European Union, NATO, and the American deep state, with an anti-Russian tone intended to make inevitable a war whose goal is to impose, primarily in Europe, the forced adoption of energy rationing (here), travel restrictions, the replacement of papermoney with electronic money(here and here) and the adoption of digital ID(here and here). We are not talking about theoretical projects. These are decisions that areabout to be taken concretely at the European level as well as in individual countries.


The intervention in Ukraine by NATO, the United States, and the European Uniondoes not appear to have any legitimacy. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, and assuch it should not benefit from the assistance of an entity whose purpose is thedefense of its member nations. The same can be said of the European Union, which just a few days ago invited Zelensky to join it. In the meantime, Ukraine has received$2.5 billion from the United States since 2014 and another $400 million in 2021alone(here), plus other funds for a total of $4.6 billion dollars(here). For his part,Putin has given $15 billion in loans to Ukraine to save it from bankruptcy.

TheEuropean Union, for its part, has sent $17 million in funding, in addition to fundingsent from various individual nations. But this assistance has benefitted the Ukrainianpopulation only minimally.Furthermore, by intervening in the war in Ukraine in the name of the EuropeanUnion, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is violating articles9, 11, and 12 of the Treaty of Lisbon. The competence of the European Union inthis area belongs to the European Council and the High Representative. In no casedoes it belong to the Commission President. In what capacity does President vonder Leyen presume to act as if she were the head of the European Union, usurping a3.

It should be noted that the Italian Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, decided afew days ago to sell a share of oil stocks to Ukraine“as a concrete aid also on the energyfront,” exactlyas during the pandemic he gave away millions of masks to China, only to then buy them back from Beijing shortly thereafter (here).  Why does no one intervene, especially consideringthe danger to which European citizens are being exposed due to the possibility ofRussian retaliation? Furthermore, in many cases the constitutions of the nations that are today sendingsupport and weapons to Ukraine do not provide for the possibility of entering intoa conflict.

For example, article 11 of the Italian Constitution states:“Italy  repudiateswar as an instrument of offense for the liberty of other peoples and as a means ofresolving internationalcontroversies.” Sending weapons and soldiers to a nation thatis not a part of either NATO or the European Union constitutes ade facto declaration of war on the nation belligerent with it (in this case, Russia), and shouldtherefore require the prior deliberation of declaring war, as is foreseen by article 78of the Italian Constitution: “The Chambers [of Parliament] deliberate on the stateof war and confer the necessary powers on thegovernment.” It does not appear thatto date the Chambers have been called upon to express themselves in this sense, orthat the President of the Republic has intervened to demand compliance with theconstitutional provision.

Prime Minister Draghi, appointed by the globalist cabalfor the destruction of Italy and its definitive enslavement to supranational powers,is one of the many Heads of national governments who considers the will of thecitizens as an annoying obstacle to the execution of the agenda of the WorldEconomic Forum. After two years of systematic violations of fundamental rightsand of the Constitution, it is difficult to believe that he will want to place theinterests of the Italian nation ahead of the interests of those who have placed him inpower. On the contrary: the more disastrous are the effects of the sanctions adoptedby his government, the more he can consider himself appreciated by those who havegiven him power.

The coup perpetrated by means of the psycho-pandemic emergency proceeds today with new unfortunate decisions, ratified by a Parliament without a spine. It is also a violation of article 288 of the Italian Penal Code to permit Italian citizens– and even members of the majority in the Government and political leaders– torespond to the appeal of the Ukrainian Ambassador for enrollment in the foreignlegion:“Anyone in the territory of [Italy] who without government approval enlistsor arms citizens to serve [in the military] in favor of a foreign nation, is to bepunished with imprisonment for a period of 4 to 15years.”

No magistrate, at leastfor the time being, has intervened to punish those responsible for this crime. Another violation is found in the activity of transferring children from Ukraine toItaly (and presumably also to other nations) who have been obtained via surrogatemotherhood, ordered by Italian couples in violation of Law 40/2004, without anypenalty being imposed on those guilty of this crime, as well as their accomplices.

It should also be remembered that the utterances of members of the Government orof political leaders with regard to the Russian Federation and its President, alongwith the sanctions that have been adopted against Russia and the repeated instancesof arbitrary discrimination against Russian citizens, companies, artists, and sportsteams for the sole fact of being Russian, are not only provocations that ought to beavoided in order to allow for a serene and peaceful settlement of the Ukraine crisis,but also place the safety of Italian citizens in very serious danger (as well as the safetyof citizens of other nations who are adopting a similar stance toward Russia). The reason for such rash temerity is incomprehensible, unless there is an intentional desire to trigger reactions from the opposing party. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a very dangerous trap that has been set againstUkraine, Russia, and the nations of Europe.


The Russian-Ukrainian crisis did not suddenly erupt a month ago. It has beenprepared and fomented for a long time, certainly beginning with the 2014 whitecoup that was desired by the Americandeep state in an anti-Russian key. This isdemonstrated, among other incontestable facts, by the training of the AzovBattalion by the CIA“to killRussians” (here), with the CIA forcing the revocationof the amendment banning aid to the battalion made by Congress in 2015. The interventions made by Joe and Hunter Biden have gone in the same direction. Thus there is evidence of long-term premeditation, consistent with NATO’s relentless expansion towards the East.

The Color Revolution of Euromaidan, as well as theestablishment of a pro-NATO government composed ofhomines novi trained bytheWorld Economic Forum and George Soros, was intended to create the conditionsfor the subordination of Ukraine to the NATO bloc, removing it from the influenceof the Russian Federation. To this end, the subversive action of the Hungarianphilanthropist’s NGOs, supported by media propaganda, has kept silent about the crimes of neo-Nazi paramilitary organizations, financed by the same people who sponsor Zelensky. But if the brainwashing carried out by the mainstream media in Western nations hassucceeded in conveying a completely distorted narrative of reality, the same cannotbe said for Ukraine, where the population is well aware of the corruption of the political class in power as well as of its remoteness from the real problems of the Ukrainian nation.

We in the West believe that the“oligarchs” are only in Russia,while the reality is that they are present above all throughout the entire galaxy of nations that formerly composed the Soviet Union, where they can accumulate wealth and power simply by placing themselves at the disposition of foreign“philanthropists” and multinational corporations. It matters little if their offshore accounts are the primary cause of the poverty of the citizens of these nations, thebackwardness of the health care system, the excessive power of the bureaucracy, thealmost total absence of public services, foreign control of strategic companies, andthe progressive loss of sovereignty and national identity: the important thing is to“make money” and be immortalized along with political personalities, bankers, armsdealers, and those who starve the people.

And then to come to the fashionable resortsof Versilia or the Amalfi Coast to flaunt their yachts and platinum cards to the waiterfrom Odessa or the cleaning lady from Kiev who send their paltry wages to theirrelatives back home. These Ukrainian billionaires wearing kippahs are those who areselling out Ukraine to the corrupted and corrupting West, trading their own well-being for the enslavement of their compatriots to the usurers who are taking overthe world, using the same ruthless and immoral systems everywhere. In the past theycut the salaries of workers in Athens and Thessaloniki; today they have simplyenlarged their horizons to the whole of Europe, where the population still looks onincredulously while first a health dictatorship and then an environmentaldictatorship is being imposed.

On the other hand, without the pretext of a war, how would they have been able to justify the soaring price of gas and fuels, forcing the process of an“ecological” transition imposed from on high in order to control the impoverished masses? Howcould they have made the peoples of the Western world swallow the establishmentof the tyranny of the New World Order, when the pandemic farce was unravelingand bringing to light crimes against humanity committed by BigPharma? And while the EU and heads of government blame Russia for the impendingdisaster, the Western elites demonstrate that they even want to destroy agriculture,in order to apply the horrors of the Holodomor on a global scale(here).

On the otherhand, in many nations (including Italy) the privatization of waterways is beingtheorized– and water is an inalienable public good– for the advantage ofmultinationals and with the aim of controlling and limiting agriculture activities.The pro-NATO government of Kiev did not behave much differently: for eightyears the Crimea was deprived of water from the Dnieper River in order to preventthe irrigation of the fields and starve the people. Today, in light of the sanctionsbeing imposed on Russia and the huge reduction of grain supplies, we canunderstand BillGates’ enormous investments in agriculture(here), following thesame ruthless profit-making logic already experienced with the vaccine campaign.

The Ukrainian people, regardless of what ethnic group they may belong to, aremerely the latest unwitting hostages of the supranational totalitarian regime thatbrought the national economies of the entire world to their knees through the Coviddeception, after publicly theorizing about the need to decimate the world population and transform the survivors into chronically ill patients who have irreparably compromised their immune systems. The Ukrainian people should think hard about calling upon the intervention of NATO or the EU, provided that it is really the Ukrainian people who do it and notrather their corrupt rulers aided by racist mercenaries and neo-nazi groups in the payof hierarchs.

Because while they are promised freedom from the invader– withwhom they share the common religious and cultural heritage of having once beenpart of Great Russia– in reality what is cynically being prepared is their definitivecancellation, their enslavement to the Great Reset that foresees everything except theprotection of their identity, their sovereignty, and their borders.Let the Ukrainian people look at what has happened to the nations of the EuropeanUnion: the mirage of prosperity and security is demolished by the contemplation ofthe rubble left by the euro and the lobbies of Brussels.

Nations invaded by illegalimmigrants who feed crime and prostitution; destroyed in their social fabric bypolitically correct ideologies; knowingly brought to bankruptcy by recklesseconomic and fiscal policies; led towards poverty by the cancellation of labor andsocial security protections; deprived of a future by the destruction of the family andthe moral and intellectual corruption of the new generations. What were once prosperous and independent nations, diverse in their respectiveethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious specificities, have now been transformedinto a shapeless mass of people without ideals, without hopes, without faith,without even the strength to react against the abuses and crimes of those who governthem.

A mass of corporate customers, slaves of the system of detailed controlimposed by the pandemic farce, even in the face of evidence of the fraud. A mass of persons without an individual identity, marked with QR codes like animals on an intensive farm, like products of a huge shopping center. If this has been the result of the renunciation of national sovereignty for all the nations– every single one,without exception!– that have entrusted themselves to the colossal scam of the European Union, why would Ukraine be any different? Is this what your fathers wanted, what they hoped for, what they desired, when theyreceived Baptism along with Vladimir the Great on the banks of the Dnieper?

If there is a positive aspect that each of us can recognize in this crisis, it is that it has revealed the horror of the globalist tyranny, its ruthless cynicism, its capacity to destroy and annihilate everything it touches. It is not the Ukrainians who ought to enter the European Union or NATO, it is rather the other nations who ought to finally be jolted by pride and courage to leave them, shaking off this detestable yoke 22and rediscovering their own independence, sovereignty, identity, and faith. Their own souls. To be clear: the New Order is not an inescapable destiny, and it can be subvertedand denounced, if only the peoples of the world realize that they have been deceivedand swindled by an oligarchy of clearly identifiable criminals, who one day will haveto answer for those sanctions and those blocks of funds that today they apply with impunity to anyone who does not bend the knee before them.


For Russia too, this conflict is a trap. This is because it would fulfill the dream of the Americandeep state to definitively oust Russia from the European context in itscommercial and cultural relations, pushing it into the arms of China, perhaps withthe hope that the dictatorship in Beijing can persuade the Russians to accept thesystem of social credit and other aspects of the Great Reset that thus far Russia hasbeen able to avoid, at least in part. It is a trap, not because Russia is wrong in wanting to“denazify” Ukraine of itsextremist groups and guarantee protection to Russian-speaking Ukrainians, butbecause it is precisely these reasons– theoretically tenable– that were createdspecifically to provoke it and induce it to invade Ukraine, in such a way as to provokethe NATO reaction that has been prepared for some time by the deep state and the globalist elite.

The casus belli was deliberately planned by the real perpetrators of theconflict, knowing that it would obtain exactlythat response from Putin. And it isup to Putin, regardless of whether he is right, not to fall into the trap, and to insteadturn the tables, offering Ukraine the conditions of an honorable peace without continuing the conflict. Indeed, the more Putin believes he is right, the more he needs to demonstrate the greatness of his nation and his love for his people by not giving in to provocations.

Permit me to repeat the words of the Prophet Isaiah: Dissolve colligationes impietatis, solve fasciculos deprimentes, dimitte eos qui confracti sunt liberos, et omne onusdirumpe; frange esurienti panem tuum, et egenos vagosque induc in domum tuam; cum videris nudum, operi eum, et carnem tuam ne despexeris. Tunc erumpet quasimane lumen tuum; et sanitas tua citius orietur, et anteibit faciem tuam justitia tua,et gloria Domini colliget te.

Loose the bands of wickedness, undo the bundles that oppress, let those who arebroken go free, and break asunder every burden. Share your bread with the hungry,welcome into your house the afflicted and homeless; when you see a naked man,clothe him, and do not turn your back on your own flesh. Then your light will arise 23like the dawn, and your wound will quickly be healed. Your justice shall go beforeyou, the glory of the Lord will closely follow you. (Is 58:6-8). The world crisis with which the dissolution of traditional society is being preparedhas also involved the Catholic Church, whose Hierarchy is held hostage by apostates who are courtiers of power.

There was a time in which Popes and Prelatesconfronted Kings without concern for human respect, because they knew theyspoke with the voice of Jesus Christ, the King of kings. The Rome of the Caesars and Popes is now deserted and silent, just as for centuries, the Second Rome of Constantinople has also been silent. Perhaps Providence has ordained that Moscow, the Third Rome, will today in the sight of the world take on the role ofκατέχον (2Thess 2:6-7), of an eschatological obstacle to the Antichrist.

If the errors ofcommunism were spread by the Soviet Union, even to the point of imposingthemselves within the Church, Russia and Ukraine can today have an epochal rolein the restoration of Christian Civilization, contributing to bringing the world aperiod of peace from which the Church too will rise again purified and renewed in her Ministers. The United States of America and the European nations should not marginalizeRussia, but rather form an alliance with her, not only for the restoration of trade forthe prosperity of all, but in view of the reconstruction of a Christian Civilization,which alone can save the world from the globalist techno-health trans human monster.


There is great concern that the destinies of the peoples of the world is in the hands of an elite that is not accountable to anyone for its decisions, that does not recognize any authority above itself, and that in order to pursue its own interests does not hesitate to jeopardize security, the economy, and the very lives of billions of people, with the complicity of politicians in their service and the mainstream media. The falsification of facts, the grotesque adulterations of reality, and the partisanship with which the news are spread stand alongside the censorship of dissenting voices and leads to forms of ethnic persecution against Russian citizens, who are discriminated against precisely in the countries that say they are democratic and respectful of fundamental rights. In its March 6 issue, Famiglia Cristianahas a headline, commenting on an article by the founder of the Sant’Egidio Community, Andrea Riccardi: “Let’s stop the war and build a new world order” (here).


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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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