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Why not to have taken from the beginning of this health crisis, all necessary measures to contain the outbreak to the root, so that there was, however, the distance necessary to do so, the virus had arrived in our hemisphere, well after the China ! Strangely, the government had then in this pivotal period, and decisive, nothing implemented to contain the spread of the virus, while he was yet, to believe the uplifting and tearful confessions of the former minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, fully aware of the gravity of the situation, the danger and the virulence of this disease, and this since the beginning of the propagation. She would even have the first, alerted the government and the director general of the health risk potential, she was if concerned by the situation that she had so opportunely resigned just before the storm of the COVID-19 !

Yet, this same minister was split by a press release later, stating on 20 January 2020 with aplomb, and I quote : "The risk of importation from Wuhan is almost zero. The risk of the spread of the coronavirus in the population is very low ! "Be, everything and its opposite, a peak for a lady who has the nerve to introduce himself as well :" I am transparent and sincere, as an open book. My own convictions lead me beyond my emotions." It is as beautiful as the ancient... such A degree of amateurism, of inconsequence and lightness that leaves you breathless. Finally, in any event, it would be in the present case, clearly more appropriate to speak of lies calculated and deliberate, worn by a pellet and a cynicism abysmal !

But in any case, in our wonderful world, such a degree of duplicity and lies can only end up being paid to the height of the felony. We will not fail to check out a few months later, since at the express request of the Elysée, the lady Buzyn now, we come to see, propelling the World Health Organization as ambassador to the foundation, Bill Gates, which gives the passage a diplomatic immunity, good practice and pays comfortable 15,000 euros monthly. For what to buy the silence of the lady on the compromises of government. Like what Macronie, this is not thewheel of justice turns, but only the revolving doors that activate... Also, why not have closed any emergency the borders. Why have you moved patients infected in other regions, where no one was yet, even as the private clinics were available to support them

? Why even have allowed, in spite of the good sense of sports events with a meeting of football France, Italy, bringing together over 60,000 spectators, while Italy was already diving in a health crisis, acute, that she was at that time the main european household assets and, therefore, a vector at high risk for the spread of the pandemic ?

Or, why have you maintained 11/20/21, 5:21 PM towards and against any and all elections that would have to be postponed ? The vote Republican happen before the health of the French ? Was there actually a shameful strategy to let them rot deliberately the situation and generate new sources of contamination ? At this time, at the beginning of the pandemic, there was almost no material available : or masks, or gels, or respirators, or even screening test. In the emergency, caregivers had to improvise combinations based protection sacspoubelles... A shame for a so-called developed !

On the other hand, why just after the first wave, not to have increased the number of beds available, then to listen to them, they were expecting the coming of a second wave. Yet according to many experts, such a scenario was unlikely, or even entirely unprecedented in the field of virology... Also, how can they, months in advance, anticipate the behavior of an unknown virus, speak with assurance of second and third wave, " to predict an end to the crisis on the horizon of 2025 for the bank's global economic, or even anticipate up to six waves for Neil Ferguson of "the Imperial College of London", with its mathematical modeling of risky ? What is this science miraculous, allowing us to project ourselves of the way in time, such an omniscient god, or an oracle, to establish such projections ?

It is to be noted that this Ferguson, who is in charge of our containment has been sprayed with 79.000.000 of dollars from Bill Gates to make his reports. You know, the billionaire who plans to vaccinate the 8 billion people that account for the population of the world... The containment has been imposed on the pretext of not overloading the units covid... wouldn't it have been much more sensible and economical to finance these few extra beds, rather than cripple the entire economy of the country, imposing a containment disastrous to all point of view, killing the education and killing small fire small businessmen and entrepreneurs ?

In this regard, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, in his book "COVID-19, the Great Reset," says with aplomb that : "No one industry or business will be spared. "but also that" Up to 75 percent of the independent operators could not survive the locks, and the measures of social distancing. ", a real carnage is alive and well deliberated. Why didn't you simply requisitioned all of these clinics, with is 115 000 beds available ! In fact, in time of war, if war there, as the puppet-master who serves as President has been to stop the chanting of a tone martial of six times : One Presses ! Also, why not having concentrated all efforts on the most exposed to the virus in the society, namely, the most weak and the aged, instead of sabotaging so suicidal, see systematic the whole country ?

Instead, what we have observed : the total abandonment of the support of the former, when it is not to euthanize any short, through brigades rapid response IRM, to great blow to the protocol of Rivotril and without even informing the families first ! These poor souls were left, left to their own, locked up, cloistered in their room. They were completely isolated from their relatives to leave this world. The families have just had the privilege to recover by way of farewell their latest effects in garbage bags. The high-class to the countries of humanism and human rights ! What a beautiful tribute to close a life of hard work...

Containment, there are serious doubts about its effectiveness, given that the countries that have not confined as Sweden have

had all the same excellent results, building on the herd immunity... With the arrival, a mortality rate lower than

France, Germany, Italy or Spain, and without the imposition of drastic measures of containment or a curfew.

Moreover, a recent study published in the great scientific Journal Nature shows that the confinement did not have any impact

true on the evolution of the virus... more how much of pathologies have not been diagnosed and treated during this time. Nothing

for cancer, it is estimated that the balance sheet to 6,000 people dead... But hey, after all, it is necessary to believe that it should not be as

important, as they are not dead from the COVID-19... Finally, yes, but collateral !

Moreover, that to think of PCR tests, if can be reliable, and false positives are very numerous. Thus, the President of Tanzania, for

example, who was suspicious, had been tested in laboratory animals and fruits, under the cloak of false identities, human. Balance sheet of the

races, a goat, a papaya, and other examples improbable were positive income !

11/20/21, 5:21 PM

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But, the most extravagant of these tests, PCR still remains the fact that their sensitivity was greatly amplified, which

makes them much easier to be positive. In France, they go up to 50 cycles. Outside, all scholars agree that at 60

cycles, absolutely everyone would have the Coronavirus ! These tests are so sensitive that they detect particles of the virus inactive

! According to many virologistes, it would be impossible to detect the virus living beyond 33 cycles. Up to 90 % of the tested positive

with 40 cycles of amplification would not have been designated as positive if the limit of amplification was for 30 cycles. As much

as to say that if we will break the thermometer, it can not measure the temperature with a precision...

Moreover, it was unclear why he should inflict such torture to be tested, with écouvillonsqui fit so

deeply near the brain to collect some samples to analyze, so that the slightest postilion would have the potential

to contaminate the half of the village. A simple saliva test, should it not be the case ?

The second wave as announced is mainly based on these false positives, and the health measures coups also.

And still, what about all those dead people wrongly attributed to COVID-19, as they were with any other pathology ?

Also keep in mind that the appalling mortality figures predicting the origin proved to be perfectly fake,

with 500.000 announced for the first wave, which have proved happened to be that 35,000... When to 400.000 deaths announced for

the second wave, they have resulted in the end by 25,000 !

The figures of this dangerous virus, don't they have summers shockingly and artificially inflated ? What happened to the other illnesses

such as seasonal flu that would miraculously disappeared this year, with only 72 cases registered, so that as a rule of

thumb, they are thousands of people ? In fact, every year, France regrets, on average, for example, about 15,000 cases of deaths attributed

to the seasonal flu. In 2020, more of bronchitis, pneumonia, cancer, heart attacks, see also death a natural

part of the aging process ! We said that if the figure of the flu is so ridiculously low, it is due to the sanitary measures of

containment. But then what about COVID-19 ? Why should these measures not would it then not to end ? Looks like Antoine

Laurent de Lavoisier : "Nothing is lost, nothing is created; everything is transformed. "

The "pandemic" that hit us is not primarily a pandemic by the media, a campaign of fear-intensive, orchestrated and carried

permanently by the chains of continuous information ? How is it also that the criteria for defining a pandemic

have been softened by the World Health Organization ? Moreover, a study by researchers from Oslo demonstrates that in reality, there is

even no excess mortality significant observable result of the COVID-19, which contrasts sharply vis-à-vis the discourse of fear surrounding it.

Can we therefore reasonable to speak of a pandemic ?

On the other hand, if the surgical mask is so effective, then why have imposed the closure of many shops,

institutions and restaurants for months ? On the other hand, if the mask is not effective, (as in fact every reason to

believe, recent scientific studies to support , with a study of the Danish population on 6024 people), and

why they have imposed on the entire world, down to the six-year-olds ?

Is it not in the latter case, of pure abuse, and a deep trauma, with the psychological effects of disastrous over

the long term for these younger generations ? What will be their relation to life and to others in the years to come ? According to a large study

German led by a collective of 363 physicians and more than 25,000 children regarding the wearing of masks at school, the

effects are simply disastrous ! The impairments caused by the wearing of the mask beyond 4.30 per day are

including : irritability, headaches, difficulty concentrating, less happiness, the reluctance to go to school, the discomfort, the

learning disabilities and drowsiness, and increased fatigue. Such an obligation, perfectly incomprehensible, is a

willingness criminal, even more than the children do not fall into the same not sick of this virus and wouldn't be contagious !

How the masks could be effective, as at the microscopic scale, their fibres are porous and that a single one of

his pores could let them cross the equivalent of 20,000 virus ! Seeking to stop a grain of sand with a sieve...

Even Olivier Véran has confessed indirectly referring to the subject of the flu, against which the mask would be useless: 'studies

show that it does not work too much on it."Outside, the virus is COVID-19 being even smaller than that of the flu, therefore,

how the mask could it be more efficient...

The only real value of this mask is, therefore, its psychological impact. It allows you to dive and to maintain individuals in a

form of fear and collective psychosis, as well as to maintain the lie of the health emergency absolute. Which leads to the passage, a

11/20/21, 5:21 PM

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devastating effect nocebo of the most unhealthy and perverse !

Yet at the beginning of the epidemic, all government stakeholders were unanimous on the issue, starting with

the inimitable Sibeth Ndiaye. They then chanted in the heart uselessness, to see the character perfectly harmful and counter-productive to the port

extended this mask in the general population.

The government has always said, to rely on the decisions of a council on science, how to explain such

shifts 180 degrees in the official discourse ?

On the way, for those who know how to read, it is even written in full by the manufacturers on their boxes of masks they will

protect anything against viral attacks !

In a first time, why did you set up the formal prohibition of distribution in the pharmacy of these masks before, in

a second time to make them obligatory, under penalty of heavy sanctions for financial !

If we are to believe the testimony of some contractors, the state would have even organized itself shortage !These were then

unable to import these masks directly from China via their supply chains ! Meanwhile, the mask is

paradoxically become the cornerstone to combat the spread of the disease ! Who is he mocking you ?

In fact, this will incomprehensible to impose this damn mask, is it not a desire shameful to weaken our systems,

immune, rather than protect them ?

When you look closely, everything happens as if the government had knowingly put in effort to cut us off from all

the resources needed to keep us in shape. Such as, for example, to close the gyms, or by

depriving it with the containment of sunlight and therefore a vitamin D, which is essential !

Moreover, we can notice that the course of this pandemic reminds us of the techniques of torture developed at the scale

of individual prisoners in detention camps such as Guantanamo, with the handbook of psychological torture

"Kubark", but that would be this time applied to large-scale corporations.

As well, there are a jumble :

"Sensory deprivation", with the mask-wearing mandatory

"The development of a sense of insecurity and constant stress", with a hammering in the media unceasing and daily

number of deaths by the croquemort-in-chief, Jerome Salomon. What could be better also to make people sick, that their

talk of disease throughout the day, especially for the most sensitive of individuals and hypochondriacs

"Isolation", with containment, gestures barriers and the distance of the closest

"The harassment of fellow", with measures absurd, under penalty be imposed exorbitant fines, the wearing of the

mask continued. Everything is done to make daily life difficult.

"The disorientation and the "loss of reference", with official speeches evolving, constantly changing and

contradictory measures with variable geometry, see perfectly inconsistent.

In the words of Hannah Arendt, the philosopher specialist of totalitarianism : "When the whole world's lying to you constantly, the result

is not that you believe the lies, but that nobody believes anything any more. A people that can do nothing more to believe may not be

to have an opinion. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge. And, with such

people, you can do whatever you want ! "

It looks like so much the implementation of what the political scientist Naomi Klein described it in his essay on the rise of capitalism to the

disaster, such as the "Strategy of shock". A strategy in itself machiavellian, which allows you to take advantage of the state-of -

sideration generalized to force and without reaction steps absolutely unacceptable from an ethical point of view, and

democratic and which would be rejected with force and vehemence in normal times.

11/20/21, 5:21 PM

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And what do you think of the statement by the minister of Health of Belgian Frank Vandenbroucke, who admits that :

" shopping was not really risk when all was well controlled. At one point we needed to take a

decision in shock, it was a shock, and this meant that we immediately shut the shops are non-essential. "

What we've been through collectively these last few months, therefore resembles a gigantic enterprise of social control and

submission of the population, like the famous "the Milgram Experiment". Thus, we must obey blindly to making the most

aberrant, in the name of respect for the superior authority, because it is she who would be the keeper of the scientific expertise, skills and

knowledge, despite the conflicts of interest that are jumping in the eyes. But, that can still be well worth the skill if it is corrupt and is not meant

more to the interest of the common good ?

A quote that culminated up to the absurd, with the need preposterous and deeply humiliating to sign oneself

a waiver of release, during the phases of confinement ! Certificates of displacement derogatory official, who

had in reality no binding, as it was subsequently affirmed by the council of State ! We are thus

transformed into guardians of our own prison, what ill-conceived idea and what a perversion !

The widespread acceptance of the rules of the more absurd they can only operate thanks to the conformism of most individuals.

A factor very powerful, which in most hindering any form of discernment and judgment, and that may explain

a lot of things about this situation. To measure the importance, it is sufficient to refer to the famous experience of

1956, conducted by psychologist Solomon Asch, focusing on the visual perception of lines of different lengths that it was necessary to

compare... After this amazing experience, almost 75 percent of individuals would be willing to follow no matter what, the moment

they are under the influence of an external influence, and a fortiori if it is a health authority legitimate in a white coat.

To believe that they are also in the process of assessing the degree of brutalisation and zombification of the general population, before moving on to the

top speed...

The real purpose covered by the whole of this business, would it not be the ubérisation terminal of the company, to asphyxiate and die slowly,

but definitely all the self-employed, to concentrate all the wealth in the hands of large multinational companies, which will

then in the near future, the control of everything ! Either, the largest transfer and steering the wealth of all the time, and a true

crime organised ! To be convinced of this, it is enough to see how this transaction has been a true blessing for

giants of the GAFAM who have seen their sales and their shares soar drastically in favor of this crisis, and

the small entrepreneurs, the victims of bankruptcy cascades, beginning literally to commit suicide in despair... so We can

see very clearly a concentration of more power and money in fewer hands, the disappearance

, pure and simple, of the middle classes and the consolidation of a new class of super-rich ultra-minority. Thus, in only eight months, the

one percent richest of the planet have sucked up twenty-seven percent of all the wealth !

Moreover, one can observe the same process of concentration with the development of smartcities, these mega-cities futuristic

ultra-connected and parallel to, the depopulation of the campaigns gradually lose their services and become deserts

administrative. It should be understood that, in general, anything that allows a certain degree of autonomy and independence from the

system must be fought and eliminated.

In fact, it is clear that it is all happening rather as if these "good leaders" we were fighting a total war, if they put any

effort to weaken us on all levels : physiological, emotional, psychological, and soon economical !

And then, all of these measures, which are imposed on us and that make us the daily life of hell, without any real reason health

justified, are they not also a war of nerves, and wear, a vast enterprise of demoralization intended to make us accept

the unacceptable, or even up to beg for a vaccination that are featured as the end of the ordeal, the end of the tunnel, the holy Grail

to regain our previous life confiscated and stolen. Moreover, the decidedly must-Klaus Schwab had announced

from the beginning of the pandemic as the virus was only a few weeks : "A complete return to the "normal" may not be considered

before a vaccine is available. "

11/20/21, 5:21 PM

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"Imagine a vaccine that is so safe that you have to be threatened to take against a disease so deadly that you need to be tested

to find out if you have it ! "Denis Rancourt

Why the vaccination would become the horizon indépassable of this epidemic, the Alpha and the Omega of the output of this crisis, so

that contrary to the claims of the government, many other treatments seem to have been proven around the world,

such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin (with no less than 100 international publications that demonstrate its

effectiveness), ivermectin combined with doxycycline, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D, fluvoxamine, bromhexine, or plants

natural as Artemisia. Obviously, these solutions are easy to implement are ignored, deliberately ruled out, because there is

probably not likely to reap substantial financial benefits... Also, why never talk about effective ways to

strengthen our immunity and consolidate in a preventive manner, our health, at the same time that it is precisely the most essential and decisive

? The immune system would become to him as a conspiracy theory ?

Also, to get back on the topic of chloroquine : why the minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, just before the start of the crisis,

had it classified as a poisonous substance, from now on only available by prescription, whereas before it

was directly accessible in free sale ? I must admit that there is a timing extremely curious !

Subsidiary Question, what is good become the "clinical trial "Discovery" of the Inseem under the tutelage of Yazdan Yazdanpanah to

assess the different antiviral treatments ? Despite the ads sensational initials of the government, we are without news.

By the way, why develop a vaccine for a virus from the Coronavirus family, which has the characteristics of beings

particularly unstable and highly mutagenic and to which the strain is often... moreover, once the disease is either

not immunisante, how the vaccine could it then be ?

Are we witnessing here the birth of a new and huge global market, with standard taxation a vaccine all the

quatresaisons and the permanent maintenance of a book of vaccination ?

Curiously, for this new vaccine, as if by magic, you unlock a lot of money to buy those millions

of doses, and the infrastructure of packaging that goes with it, so it's been years that we have nothing absolutely nothing invested

in the public hospital, because there would not be, according to Macron, "silver magic" ! Quite the contrary, the latter has for decades been

meticulously and thoroughly sabotaged, of governments, and governments. And now, with this health crisis and containment

unique, one pretends to care about the health of the people, by passing it for the first time before the economic benefit... To

others !

Why try to vaccinate at any price all of the world, without having the slightest contraction on the side effects at the level of health care for

months and years to come, all in defiance of the most elementary principle of precaution ?

Moreover, it would seem that nothing with the vaccine developed by the company Pfizer, according to the statistics of the us CDC, we

dénombrerait already among the first to be immunized, a proportion of serious side effects of the order of 2.8 per cent, which is just

simply enormous, especially for a disease that would hit that 0.5 percent of the population ! And not even talking about

the potential problems that will probably not be declare later ! Obviously, in regards to the vaccine Pfizer,

some of the vaccinated spark facial palsy, Bell's, with one side of the face completely stiff and unresponsive at all

muscularly. We can thus, for example, find it on the canvas, the moving testimony of Khaliah Mitchell, an american nurse

, certified Nashville, a victim of the disease three days after vaccination, and who warned against this vaccine, saying that she does

not wish it to be such an ordeal to his worst enemy... To note that already in clinical trials by Pfizer, four volunteers had

developed this same form of paralysis.

But this is not all, the height of the aberration, the laboratories do not guarantee that not even the vaccine immunizes totally of the disease,

or even that the recipient is no longer contagious, it is neither the carrier, nor the transmitter. In addition, in their communication

nebula, they do not speak out, not on the efficiency of this hypothetical protection...

In case of doubt, the fundamental principle of medicine, "Primum non nocere" above all do no harm should prevail, all the

more that this is a completely new type of vaccine, or rather, to speak without abuse of language, therapy products

11/20/21, 5:21 PM

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, gene completely innovative Messenger RNA...

So we will inject nucleic acids, that cause the manufacture of items of the virus by our own cells. No one knows

absolutely not the consequences of this injection, because it is a first-in-man. And if the cells of some of the "vaccinated"

made too many items viral, leading to overwhelming reactions in our body ? The first gene therapies will be to

RNA, but there are projects with the DNA. Normally, in our cells, the message of DNA to RNA, but the reverse is

in some circumstances, especially as our human cells contain since the dawn of time retroviruses so-called

"endogenous" embedded in the DNA of our chromosomes. These retroviruses "domesticated" that we inhabit are usually harmless

(unlike HIV, the retrovirus of aids, for example), but they can produce an enzyme, reverse transcriptase, that is capable of

transcribing upside-down, RNA to DNA. Thus, an RNA foreign to our body and is administered by injection could encode for

DNA, just as foreign, which then can integrate into the chromosomes. There is therefore a real risk of turning our genes

permanently. There is also the possibility, by the modification of the nucleic acids of our eggs or sperm, to pass on

these genetic modifications to our children...

More serious, it could also be that this gene therapy, which is present in your body for life, is a real bomb

ticking, the fatal effects of which cannot be triggered until much later ! After an exchange between the geneticist Alexandra

Henrion-Caude and the Pr. Dolores Cahill, geneticist and immunologist at the university of Dublin, in 2012, a scientific study

on the coronavirus had come to the conclusion that it was unwise to develop a vaccine to Messenger RNA for this type of virus,

none had been approved ! In fact, it would only be effective with an immune response adapted to a single type of viruses of this

family, but entirely ineffective, to see a very, very dangerous for all the other body would be likely to meet later.

This would then potentially be a storm cytokinique and could result in a violent death of the recipient,

with a degeneration of their bodies !

Is it not a crime against humanity characterized, which is about to be perpetrated ? And as the government is

fully aware of this fact and that, despite everything, he seeks at all costs to us to adopt it, there is every reason to be wary about her like

the plague, because I do not think that the greed of Big Pharmasoit the only variable in this whole damn equation...

In the case of vaccines, RNA, that one is not mistaken : it is neither more nor less than the most gigantic manipulation

genetic of all time. Such a business, also risky and uncontrollable, is she not more of the scientism that of the

real science, see quackery total ?

Do you believe that, after having been the victims of an experience of social control on a large scale, we would be now poised to

become the guinea pigs in a medical experiment senseless ?

In passing, we may note that if the protocol Didier Raoult, it was required of the extensively studied in double-blind for a

molecule can be expensive and already widely used around the world for more than 40 years, without being able to meet

contraindication majeure, when it comes to this vaccine, we are required to walk forced in a few months, while as yet all the

experts agree, the implementation of such a vaccine would take a good ten years of development and


Didier Raoult is adamant about this vaccine, " I have said that the vaccine was the science-fiction to me, I will not go

into explanations are too complicated, but take the example of the influenza vaccine, it took fifteen years to stabilize

and even to the present time, it is not 100% reliable and there for a disease that has been known for barely a year, some labs

and we come out of the results of more than 90 %. No, but frankly, who can believe such a thing ? "

The relentlessly amazing on the Dr. Raoult, that even "the order of doctors" still trying to hang around in the mud and justice as the

last of the charlatans, says much longer on the degree of corruption manifesto of the highest institutions of health of this country that on the

good doctor. The latter having been the weakness of wanting to respect his oath of Hypocrate, in the midst of all this hypocrisy ambient and

pervasive. Also, do you think seriously that the management of the prestigious Institute for research on infectious diseases of

Marseille, the most pointed in its area of France would have been given to the first impostor in time ? It does not take the road two

seconds, as the management of catastrophic of all this crisis, with France, deplorable results among the worst in the whole


11/20/21, 5:21 PM

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And besides, how do you explain that miraculously the different Labs that are engaged in the research and development

manage to provide almost all at the same time, their solution immunization, while it is a never-before-seen in terms of the timing ?

Better yet, in an interview with surreal on the news of TF1, the corporate executive Thierry Breton has granted an admission

cooking : "The good news is that we still made progress absolutely incredible and that for the first time in

the history of mankind, we managed to develop vaccines that work in 18 months ! "Small problem, at the time of this

assertion enthusiastic, eighteen months before, the virus had not even started to crack down on the whole planet. Suffice to say

that if this is true, they would have started the development of such vaccines even before you need it... What

precognition miraculous !

The state has announced that it did not have the intention of making the vaccine mandatory... Because, he himself acknowledges implicitly that there would


some potential risks to the medical act anything but trivial and that, therefore, he cannot bring himself to make it

mandatory. It is necessary for there to hear that as well, it is cut by the same of any responsibility, and that it is not more involved in the damage that it does

not fail to cause... While, at the same time, cut off from all social life, all those who refuse,

thus making it de facto the compulsory vaccination of the more hypocritical and cynical way !

It goes without saying that the labs of Big Pharma will not take their side pay for any compensation in case of complications, under

the false pretext that the health emergency was not possible to perform classical studies and standardized the procedures of

the usual control... basically, you have to understand that this fool's game, which is definitely not it, is by advance pipé

: this is "face" you lose, "and " stack", they win !

And besides, if these vaccines are beneficial and effective as they claim, then why laboratories strive to organise in

advance of their total legal immunity, while playing Russian roulette with our immune system ? If their side, they do not

take the slightest risk with their bank accounts, so why should we be of our own, take with our

health ? In their scale of values, our health should it is less important than their profits and dividends ?

With this pseudo "vaccine", are we going to become of GMOS on legs, to see even lose the control, the control and the ownership of our

body ? This last will he be capable of becoming the property of a few external actors, in the image of Monsanto, the real pirate of the

living, securing shamelessly, thanks to its patents and unfair, the property of its genetically modified plants, that are rising to

the ancestral heritage of humanity... Or as a result of this vaccination are we going to convert us, in our own defence, in the

manner of receiving antennas, in order to stand against our discretion and without, of course, have the slightest consciousness, external influences by

way of waves 5G ? Will we ever masters of our emotions, our thoughts and our actions ?

IMPOSSIBLE : Pure "Conspiracy Theory" and ramblings from illuminati evil chills, me rétorquerez you...

And yet, Bill Gates, who is very involved in all of this vaccination campaign world, is also very active in the food and

the GMO of the firm Monsanto. And this kind of methods perfectly unfair is already active in this sector, which does not seem to

greatly reduce his awareness of humanist... From there to think that this kind of process could be extended to the man, there is

therefore only one step... In the same way, we started well by pucer the cattle, before I come to consider pucer men...

This was not our former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said in a speech that " the man was not a commodity

like any other ". We can therefore understand that in their eyes, the man is definitely one merchandise ! Indeed, it is enough to

complete the proof, observe how the latter is increasingly treated as such in the modern world, with

example, the implementation of the GPA, or PMA, or even the opportunity to kill the new-born up to the 9th month, less

a few days of the pregnancy, to cause distress psycho-social mom. And height of horror, it is now even

possible with the new, so-called law of bioethics, which definitely does strictly nothing ethical, or bio, is to work on the "hardware"

human to experiment on the creation of chimeric human/animal...

With all of this vaccination program was very doubtful, we are in the presence of a kind of update of humanity and a

new delirium transhumanist who don't say his name ?

This seems to be the case, since it is found that the platform of the vaccine "ARN m" is just literally written by

the company "Moderna", as an "operating system" in the course of the installation in our body and on which a "software" in

the form of RNA m is deployed and updated to produce "applications", which are proteins. Mind boggling... it is not

of fantasies and speculations, but is described by the menu directly on the website of "Moderna