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Jonas Gahr Støre The Globalists' leading agent in Norway

Nyhetsspeilet - by SYNNØVE FJELLBAKK TAFTØ  - 14. 05. 2010

Politicians have shown Janus' face to the people in the EU case.(or EPUB -Nor)

New World Order is not a new project. It is a world order in which legal persons have all the power and in which the natural persons are reduced to constitute a factor of production in the economic system which considers itself entitled to restrict the rest of the population. It is a world order in which diplomats and politicians form a privileged group of freedoms and rights.

It is a world order in which the hidden power, as Jehovah's Witnesses call the heavenly government, monitors and controls everything from what you buy in the store to what websites you visit or what messages you send on Facebook.

The UN system is the official site of the New World Order. The UN is a legal entity for which no natural person is responsible. Such a construction is in fact an impossibility under Norwegian law. The story of how Norway joined the UN is not known until I now tell it.

When the UN Charter was signed, Norway was formally under Allied occupation. Under international law, Norway was not allowed to enter into agreements in such a situation and not at all a membership agreement in an organization which, according to the statutes, could use military force against its members.

Nevertheless, Norway signed, subject to the Storting's consent to ratification. After the scholars of international law had reviewed the UN Charter, it became clear that Norway could not ratify without a constitutional amendment or at least a referendum. This did not suit Trygve Lie, who was appointed to be the UN's first secretary-general, he simply instructed the UN delegation to make a false statement that Norway had ratified. Legally, this is treason, but in the crazy world we have lived in for the last 65 years, it is probably a commendable act.

When the question of ratification of the agreement on the OECD came up in the Storting, the Peasants' Party's Nils Trædal strongly opposed it. He was found dead under an open window and the opposition to placing Norway's economic policy under foreign domination was wounded. Until 1956, missionary work for Jesuit ideas was forbidden in Norway. Yes, the Constitution even stated that Jesuits did not have access to the kingdom. Norway, therefore, had a special place in the Jesuits' plan for a reorganization of Europe.

It was expected that Norway would follow Great Britain into the EU, but in 1972 the majority refused to give up their independence. The undemocratic forces experienced a setback, but they did not give up in any way. Through EFTA, they found a way back to influence Norwegian politics while building new contacts and correcting mistakes.

In 1989, the young, dynamic Jonas Gahr Støre was placed as a consultant at Gro Harlem Brundtland. It was known that Finland, Sweden, and Austria wanted EU membership and the Jesuit Jacques Delors held "secret" meetings with Gro and her adviser and promoted the idea that the EFTA countries collectively negotiated the free movement of goods, services, persons, and capital throughout EU-EFTA area. The process was eventually renamed the EEA.

Externally, the impression was given that EFTA stood together. In reality, the three applicant countries and Norway reorganized their entire internal system to EU standards, while the Swiss and Icelandic negotiators drafted statutes for a new international organization, the EFTA Court, and negotiated a dynamic international law agreement with the EU.

In October 1991, the EEA agreement was finalized. However, the Norwegian negotiators relentlessly continued the membership negotiations. Only after Switzerland had said no to the EEA in a referendum was the Storting informed that membership negotiations had begun. A negotiating delegation with Jonas Gahr Støre as deputy chair and real negotiating chair were appointed.

On 24 June 1994, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Bjørn Tore Godal, and Eivinn Berg signed Norway's membership agreement with the EU. In this video, after approx. 1 min. 30 sec. you can see for yourself that Gro Harlem Brundtland signs… To the left of Gro, the Labor Party's Bjørn Tore Godal can be seen.

According to Norwegian state law, such an agreement must be submitted immediately to the Treaty Archives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But that did not happen with this agreement. Was Jonas Gahr Støre responsible?

Link to the power of attorney for signing the agreement

In November 1994, the Norwegian people said a resounding no to the EU without Gahr Støre's "negotiation result" being known. As the EEA agreement had died out with Switzerland's refusal, 5 years of EU adaptation had been nullified. Gahr Støre's panic solution was what in the Treaty Archive appears as a multilateral agreement of 29.12.94, but which under international law is a nullity and a shame for both Norway and Iceland.

Now Jonas Gahr Støre is once again trying to bluff the Norwegian people with a "dividing line agreement" which is actually an agreement that a dividing line agreement will be negotiated based on Russian principles from 1988. How long will this agent for the undemocratic New World Order forces be allowed to continue control Norwegian politics?

I followed the EU case fairly well in 1994, but still, I was not aware that Gro Harlem Brundtland, Bjørn Tore Godal, and Eivind Berg on 24 June 1994 joined Norway in the EU. After the deadline for filing a Supreme Court indictment expired, Thorvald Stoltenberg said that membership became effective from day 1 and he was appointed EU Commissioner for Fisheries. But the day after the referendum, the glory was over. In this way, the EU Commission wanted to give the impression that they respected Norwegian public opinion. But New World Order representative Jonas Gahr Støre got help from his Jesuit friends to create a concept that ensured that Norway fulfilled its membership obligations without the population in Norway being given any of the rights that EU citizens have.

The key can be found on the Foreign Ministry's website for treaties under the date 29 December 1994. There is something called a multilateral agreement, but it is actually a bilateral "agreement" between Norway and Iceland. From the text in the preamble, it can be seen that there is a follow-up of the membership agreement. The content of the agreement is that it changes the wording of two completely different agreements between completely different parties. Gahr Støre and his Jesuit advisers have probably been aware that this rape of international law could be discovered.

The text of the agreement was not submitted to the Storting as required by the Norwegian constitution. The EEA agreement never entered into force under international law. The membership agreement is not formally in force either, but Norwegian legal awareness is violated daily by unconstitutional provisions introduced at the request of the Jesuits. An example is the legislation on corruption.

Norwegian tradition in the economic field is a system of gifts and reciprocal gifts, services and reciprocal services, voluntary work, and joint initiatives. Accounting had negative overtones. The New World Order's economic control system is based on the duties of the slaves in the ancient Roman Empire.

The story of how employees in the Ministry of Justice managed to overthrow the political system and criminalize Norwegian culture is classified, but documents available on the internet show that the Storting was informed that the convention was in violation of Norwegian law without a proposed amendment to the law. forward simultaneously. In the old days, such a procedure would have formed the basis for the Supreme Court, but now everything that serves the New World Order is not only allowed, but mandated.

Støre agrees with the Norwegian people and The new world order. This creates identity crises.

Singoalla and I have collaborated a lot over the last year, here are some words from her:

Synnøve is a real dissident and Norway's most famous political prisoner.

There are almost no limits to what has been done to her, to gag her to silence. That she actually still lives and can express herself here today, in the midst of us is truly a miracle of God ..

Many people know that Synnøve was admitted time and time again because she knew too much. And many have wondered what it was she knew, which meant that so many resources were spent on preventing the people from knowing what she knew? Good forces have protected her life and allowed her to keep her sanity in spite of everything that has been done to prevent what is happening here today from becoming possible.

Many have been excited and we have risked a lot for this. Now we pass this on and ask all good people who read and understand the scope of the deception to pass on this important information to friends and acquaintances because the knowledge that was difficult to carry in secret has today become public property.

It is a fact that Norway has been a member of the EU since June 24, 1994, that someone signed behind the people's back on the beautiful island of Corfu .. and they have since done much and much to cover up their deception .. the referendum was a game for the gallery, for they had no respect for the people, and had already signed ..

Injustice has been done to Synnøve because she knew too much about this and other things. She was branded as mentally ill, dismissed from her position, and then hospitalized time and time again to destroy her physically, mentally, and spiritually, doping her apathetically with syringes, electroshock, and other abuse. It happened for the first time in 1994. And very concrete things have been done against her in connection with her speaking out or planning to speak out about the facts. This and other things will be told and elucidated in more detail in the comments field.

I myself have lived as a dissident since 1999, when I gained insight into a number of inflamed murders, and met others who knew too much about completely different things. We shared our knowledge and info. The more I learned, the more noticeable sabotage and harassment became in my life. Could have written thick books about all the methods that have been used against me and others. For a little more than a year, I have known about the conditions that Synnøve presents here herself. It was long intended that I should give this info to the people and this was tried, planned and agreed twice during the year 2009, as some of you know ..

The first time an attempt was made to tell the people the truth about the EU through me was in May / June 2009, the second time was in October of the same year. Both times, heaven and earth were set in motion with much drama, attempted character assassinations, smear campaigns, threats, and sabotage that left life and health loose, until we resigned and remained silent in order to survive and preserve life. Part of what was done to stop us was organized and repeated bullying over time and character assassination against the online person Singoalla, because the plan was that I was to convey this.

Thus, the channel of truth that I was online was to be shattered and destroyed for all credibility. This was also confirmed by witnesses who saw what happened and understood, and who told of what happened there and then. If I tried to express myself somewhere, actors and debunkers were immediately in place with all their tricks. Eventually, you could see that I commented on everything else and kept my mouth shut about this one case that had caused so much horror, the knife to the throat and the choice between life and death for me the 2 times we tried.

Repeated death threats, motorcycle gangs on the phone and outside my home in the middle of the night, people who wanted to help us ended up in hospital between life and death etc etc .. both times we tried there was great drama and Synnøve was hospitalized and tried to destroy with drugs again, for no reason at all, the first time we tried. Some of the players were the same both times. Much of what happened is proven, copied and witnessed, it was really extreme, the sabotage and threats came on many different fronts at the same time, and is a study in methods that can not stand the light of day ..

We defy all this when we still stand up here and say this today, it is important that you are aware that a lot has been done to prevent this from reaching the people. Be vigilant if something should happen to us in the future, because unfortunately examples are often given when someone speaks out despite threats ..

This time it has been strangely quiet, a little extra fuss with PC and phone lines, but no drama. It feels much easier and completely different. Both Synnøve and I have registered that there have been some preparations and leaks in the media since last, things have been said on the news in recent months that indicate that they are ready now, and allow us to come up with what could be prevented at all costs in coming out in May and October 2009 .. they are ready but we do not know what will happen to us and the case further, do not know their plans ..

The question now is: What are we doing now that we have been tricked into joining the EU?

Who are the people responsible and what do we people think about this?

Are these leaders worthy of the trust and respect of the people?

Do politicians serve their people or international forces?

And what do we people think about the methods used against people who know too much in this country? Many have experienced the ugly methods used to silence witnesses and people who know too much…

Is this acceptable?

Who finances, orders and performs such services against honest people?

Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø

Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø has only seven years of schooling, but has on her own read up to exams as a programmer / systemator, educator and lawyer. In 1977 she was admitted to the Foreign Service and served in Berlin (GDR), New York (UN Delegation), Bangkok and Geneva (EFTA). When she publicly opposed the so-called EEA agreement in 1992, she was declared seriously mentally ill and dismissed by the Gro Harlem Brundtland government. Synnøve has told about her experiences in diplomacy and psychiatry in Skjoldmøysagaen and Nornens Beretning, which are available online for free.


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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