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Arizona AG Sues Biden Administration Over COVID­19 Vaccine Mandate

President Joe Biden speaks at Brookland Middle School in Washington on Sept. 10, 2021. (Manuel Balce‌‌Ceneta/AP Photo)

The Epoch Time - By Jack Phillips - Sept. 14, 2021  (or EPUB)


Arizona filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s sweeping COVID­19 vaccine mandates that affect federal employees, most healthcare workers, and employees at numerous private businesses—likely the first lawsuit that was filed against the policies.

“The federal government cannot force people to get the COVID­19 vaccine. The
Biden Administration is once again flouting our laws and precedents to push
their radical agenda,” Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, said in a
statement on Tuesday.

In a lawsuit that was filed in the U.S. District Court of Arizona, Brnovich’s team
contrasted the new mandates against the lack of COVID­19 vaccine rules for
illegal immigrants who enter via the U.S.­Mexico border, where there has been a
surge in encounters since Biden took office. Biden last week made the announcement regarding vaccine mandates for private businesses with 100 or more employees, all federal employees and contractors, and healthcare workers at facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding.

The private employees can either get the COVID­19 vaccine or submit to weekly testing, according to the White House plan. “Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated, even though the vaccine is safe, effective, and free,” Biden said in a speech last week, explaining why the mandates are necessary. But the Arizona lawsuit argued that Biden’s plan violates the Equal Protection Clause by allegedly favoring illegal aliens who have entered the United States over U.S. citizens.

“Although the precise contours of the federal vaccination mandates are not yet
clear, the violation of the Equal Protection Clause is already evident and
egregious,” the brief stated. “In a nutshell: unauthorized aliens will not be
subject to any vaccination requirements even when released directly into the
United States (where most will remain), while roughly a hundred million U.S.
citizens will be subject to unprecedented vaccination requirements.”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich speaks at a news conference in Phoenix, Ariz., on Jan. 7, 2020. (Bob‌‌Christie/AP Photo)

As a result, Brnovich’s team argued, the administration’s policies display an
“unmistakable” and “unconstitutional” bias “in favor of unauthorized aliens.”
Meanwhile, the suit also cites a Twitter post from an MSNBC contributor,
Stephanie Ruhle, that was shared by White House chief of staff Ron Klain on
Sept. 9 that Biden’s order targeting private businesses was the “ultimate work­
around” for the federal government to mandate vaccines. “The inadvertent admission in the preceding paragraph makes all of the administration’s actions constitutionally suspect,” Brnovich’s suit said. “These other violations will be the subject of future challenges.”

The lawsuit asks the court to declare unconstitutional the administration’s
allegedly discriminatory vaccine policies regarding illegal aliens and U.S.
citizens as well as permanent residents. It also seeks an injunction against the
White House implementing the mandate, arguing that any vaccine requirement
for citizens and permanent residents should be applied to illegal aliens. Other Republican attorney generals and governors have said they would file lawsuits against the Biden administration after the mandate was announced. The Epoch Times has contacted the White House and the Department of Homeland Security for comment. COVID­19 is the illness caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

Jack Phillips is a reporter at The Epoch Times based in New York

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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.


Does it not ring a bell when we see what desperate efforts the democrats are making to coerce ALL the people to have that jab? They have never shown any particular interest of this kind in the people's welfare otherwise. All kinds of punishments and attempted segregation of the non-vaccinated are being perpetrated.

  1. First of all, there is a large number of farmaceutical as well as other companies who are benefiting grossly from the sale of these Covid-19 related vaccines, who probably want this to go on indefinitely.  To maintain assistance in this fraud, they are paying thousands of pharmaceutical companies, doctors, medical schools, manufacturers of medical equipment, and, not at least, the POLITICIANS!
  2. The second, but the most important reason is their fear of not reaching their planned number of fully vaccinated people before their evil intent starts to show up within the next 2-3 years, which will FINALLY make ALL people understand the real truth of the global elites plan to reduce the world's population by 95%.   If at this time there will still be a substantial number of unvaccinated people, they will no doubt see the ELIMINATION of the perpetrators of this horrific crime against humanity.
  3. And thirdly, the ongoing wave of Covid versions with prolonged close-downs will eventually destroy smaller and middle-class businesses, and in so doing, destroying the entire middle-class.  



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