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Award-winning cardiologist: An epidemic of misinformed doctors

Portrait Aseem Malhotra

Posts from the award-winning hjertespesialisten, professor Aseem Malhotra. The text was originally conveyed in the this video.

Hemali - By The Editors - 24. august 2021

Professor Aseem Malhotra has organized an "army" to clean up the medical error-information. It has damaged, and the damage to millions of people every day.

Feilinformerte doctors and lay people: the First step in solving a problem is to recognize that there are a. We now have a crisis so great that NHS (National Health Service) is no longer able to handle the needs. Needs driven by chronic physical and mental illness. A result of the various measures, and medical misinformation.

We have an epidemic of feilinformerte doctors and patients, rooted in the industry's greed.

We have an epidemic of feilinformerte doctors and patients, rooted in the industry's greed. The lies of the Big Food and Bad Pharma is destroying life on a large scale. The situation is so severe that the former editor of the BMJ, (The highly reputable journal British Medical Journal) Richard Smith recently asked:

We must now assume that all health research is a scam, until the opposite is proven?

Feilinformerte doctors and editors

Excerpt from Smith's post: "Research in the field of health is based in trust. Professionals and editors of medical journals that reads the results of a clinical study, assume that the study is real. And that the results be reported honestly. But for approximately 20 per cent of the cases, " said professor Ben Mol from Monash Health was performance wrong. Because I've been worried about forskningsjuks in 40 years, I was not surprised by the number. But it led me to the idea that we must now cease to assume that the research in fact has taken place. And that it is being reprinted honest. And that it is now time to assume that the research is false until proven otherwise."

It led me to the idea that we must now cease to assume that the research in fact has taken place. And that it is being reprinted honest. Richard Smith

Smith is not alone. Six years ago, wrote the editor of The Lancet, Richard Horton, that maybe half of the scientific literature can be fake. And that science had taken a direction towards the dark. He concluded that no one is willing to take the first step to clean up the system. It is no longer valid.

Do you remember when Trump took "malariamedisin" against Covid-19? Do you remember how the world laughed? "Study" to show that the medicine Hydroksoklorykin is without effect, and even dangerous, was false. Nevertheless, it was published in The Lancet, but had since withdrawn. That was when the damage has already happened. The notion that there is no treatment against Covid-19 is strong. But wrong. Norwegian doctor: – I can treat Covid-19. Shutdown was unnecessary.

Build an "army" to clean up misinformation

Today I can happily announce that I have become the leader of "the Public Health Collaboration". A veldedighetssamarbeid of public health, which over the years has grown to 300 members and 200 ambassadors. Half of health workers: doctors, nurses, kostterapeuter, nutritionists, pharmacists... The other half of the patients and lay persons. This "army" is ready to take action to clean up in the medical feilinformasjonen. The who have been hurt, and that still harms millions of people every day.

Unlike a number of other health organizations, we receive no sponsorship from companies. We are funded by the people, for the people. Join, together we can fix our broken helsesystem. And build a healthier, ærligere and more just society for the benefit of all. Enough is enough. It's time for a change.

Professor Aseem Malhotra warns in the video: – "the System is false, and no one has cleaned up. Until now."

Portrait of Simon Friis Larsen

By Simon Friis Larsen, Group leader, Rælingen KrF
First published in rb.en – Romerikes blad, reprinted by permission.

Unlock the Corona certificate now!

Hemali - Of The Editors - 24. August 2021

– I am fullvaksinert, but expect to get Covid. It is becoming increasingly more common to say this. What is the meaning of the Corona certificate?

Koronasertifikatet would make it possible to more quickly reopen the community. Because the presentation of valid status indicates whether or not one is "protected" against Covid-19, or has recently tested negative. But what does it help when it now is infection among the "protected"? And then "protected" from the Jab method?

Koronasertifikat as smitteverntiltak is misguided. When we read about the increased infection as a result of returning home from holiday, there can't be other than those of us who have an exemption from the testing that is causing most of the spread of infection. That is to say those of us with a valid corona certificate as "protected". For those who are "not protected" will need to be tested on arrival. With few exceptions are caught then all those who test positive up on the border. But not those of us who are "protected" and that may have with us the infection without being captured.

A Corona certificate creates a status community.

Koronasertifikatet is linked to syringes that are voluntary, but not all have a real need for. All the time most people are healthy. And the vast, vast majority of people who get sick from being completely healthy again by itself. Syringes are therefore voluntary, but not the corona certificate. When the certificate is valid, it must be presented in a variety of contexts. This prevents the normal self-expression, regardless of whether you have taken the shots or not. It creates a status community. That is wrong.

Those with natural immunity must still take a syringe

We hear very rare that people who have been sick and become healthy again, being sick and infectious again. But their "protected"status in natural immunity is politically decided to only be valid for six months. They may, with great probability, not be sick again, they have no need to be tested, but must still take a syringe if koronasertifikatet shall be valid, moreover, after six months. Here they are standing in the lurch, unless they take the sting in respect of the corona certificate.

Double refusal

That you can get the temporary validity of corona certificate as a result of the reviewed disease or test, the roads are not up for the inconvenience this causes by double refusal. First, by not taking one or more non-forced sprayer, then be with in corona certificate arrangement. With disproportionately more effort to obtain temporary valid status than those of us who are "protected". In addition, tests in some contexts be taken private with the personal expenses it entails. It is wrong that some must-buy status to get a temporary space in a status community created by a corona certificate.

Be shown not valid status, are suspected to be ill or dangerous. Without rational or medical grounds.,

Against over 10 000 responses received can be seen was corona certificate adopted by temporary laws of infection protection. With clear guidelines for what it should and should not be used to. Nevertheless occupies both illegal and informal use of corona certificate. As at a pub in Haugesund, or on hittegodsauksjonen to Namsfogden in Finnmark. Be shown not valid status, are suspected to be ill or dangerous. Without rational or medical grounds.

Koronasertifikat not the plot, but the control

Koronasertifikat is not a smitteverntiltak, there is a control measures. Will we really need a statusbevis in a variety of contexts in everyday life? In a western, open society in 2021?

There are only three months ago, the same who now run an election campaign on the streets and squares canceled the 17. may for the second year in a row. If the community is now open, remove the kcorona certificate. No promises about the easing of the measures and restrictions are trustworthy without corona certificate now be removed.

For freedom and democracy, we need vows now in the election that corona certificate shall immediately cease.

The handshake between the two hands

Leaks from the agreement: Most of the benefit of the citizens? Or for Pfizer?

Hemali - By Julia Schreiner Benito - 15. August 2021

Leaks from the agreements between Pfizer and governments can explain why our decision-makers still hold on to the vaccine as the only solution.

The number of adverse reactions after the vaccine is fairly high. And more and more of them hospitalized with Covid-19 is fully vaccinated. Yet it continues its strategy of vaccines as the only solution to the pandemic. Can the contract with the manufacturer Pfizer explain the one-sided strategy?

13. august it became clear that Norway has entered into an agreement to purchase a total of ten million doses corona vaccines via Sweden in 2022 and 2023. For up to 3.5 billion. There is also the option for the option of twice as many doses in the same period, writes the Swedish vaksinekoordinatoren Richard Bergström to the Newspaper. The agreement also involves Moderna, Valneva, and Sanofi-GSK. The government reports that "the doses to be used as extra vaccines if it becomes necessary, and the agreement ensures Norway access to vaccines against the new virus variants."

There is a treatment for Covid-19. Now has experienced clinicians developed a protocol.

Leaks about the contract between Pfizer and the world's governments.

If you've always wondered why it advised against existing, proven medications such as Ivermectin, Favipiravir and Hydroksoklorykin, so the answers may be found in the agreement with Pfizer: Pfizer does not allow that the contract be waived, even if it turns out that there is medicine that treats COVID-19.

If there is a law or regulation in your country, which indicate that Pfizer could be sued, then you agree that the law or the regulation be changed so that this no longer applies.
Fr contract with Pfizer.

It was the Albanian newspaper Gogo.al who first got access in and talked about the contract. Since analysed the british sikkerhetsrådgiveren and scientist Ehden Biber this further. Biber shares his information with America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), and commenting.
Some points from the agreement made between Pfizer and a number of countries, including the European Commission (the legal branch of the EUROPEAN union):

  • Pfizer uses a standard format in the contracts, with small adjustments to the individual countries.
  • The agreement may not be waived during the first ten years, for Israel, the figure is 30 years.
  • That's true even if a different medicine or vaccine proved to have good effect on Covid-19.
  • Pfizer does not bind to any delivery date, and can determine the amount distributed.
  • If delivery is delayed, the buyer nevertheless do not make any changes in the order.
  • The contract with Brazil prohibits the testing and examination of the various deliveries.
  • Pfizer is not responsible for any damage after vaccination because the long-term effects and the effect is currently a matter of speculation.

Agreement looks

The director of research at America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), Dr. Michael Yeadon is a former vice president of Pfizer.

He comments on the exposures to the Frontline News:
– the Agreement looks. I know the basic structure of such agreements, no evidence suggests that this is false.

– An incredible disclosure

Yeadon refer to the agreement as "an incredible disclosure", and quotes the following language from the contract: "If there is a law or regulation in your country, which indicate that Pfizer could be sued, then you agree that the law or the regulation be changed so that this no longer applies."

In a Twitter thread, in retrospect, was removed, except for the first message in the thread he said about the preparation of the kind of contracts:
Because the cost of development of such contracts is very high and time consuming, Pfizer, like other companies, to create standardized agreements and use these with minimal adjustments for the various countries.

The agreements are confidential, but fortunately did a country to protect the agreement is good enough, so I got hold of a copy. Biber.

Biber about the product from Pfizer, i.e. the vaccine:
– the Agreement covers not only the production of vaccines against Covid-19 and its mutations, but also: "any device, technology, or product that is used in the handling, management or improvement of the use or the efficacy of such a vaccine."

The EUROPEAN union and thus also the Uk have to pay more for corona vaccines from both Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna, shows contracts as the Financial Times has seen. Pfizer has increased the price by over 25 per cent, while Moderna has turned up the price by a tenth in the last leveringsavtalene with the EUROPEAN union, reported the newspaper recently.
Det norske its oil wealth has shares in Pfizer, December 2020 amounted to a value of almost 20 billion.

Norway and other countries that have entered into an agreement with Pfizer seems to lose much if these were to choose another strategy than massevaksinering.

– It is vaccinated who are now spreading the mutated virus.

Hemali - By Julia Schreiner Benito - 11. august 2021

Israel: 95 percent of the severely ill patients are vaccinated. 85-90 percent of the inmates are fullvaksinert, " says Dr. Kobi Haviv.

Israel has one of the world's highest proportions vaccinated. The country has now reintroduced shutdown and munbindtvang for anyone over seven years. Here with the link to the interview on israeli tv with Dr. Kobi Haviv.
12 of the 13 countries with the highest degree of vaccinated declared now that risikoland of the CDC. Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns: “do Not travel to these destinations. If you must travel, make sure to be fullvaksinert." However, these risikodestinasjonen high degree of vaccinated population, according to Johns Hopkins University.

According to the CDC, these countries "very high degree" of risk as a destination: Malta, United arab emirates, Seychelles, Chile, Uruguay, Bahrain, Mongolia and others. Of these countries Malta highest proportion of vaccinated, 77.07% of the population is fullvaksinert.

The last number of side effects after vaccination: – High numbers for the young.

Among the countries DCD defines as high risk, five among the most vaccinated: Island 70%, Qatar, 62.58%, Belgium, Canada, and Israel, with 60% fullvaksinerte.
A recent study from the CDC about the ill of COVID-19 in Massachusetts, shows that 74% of them were fullvaksinert. The study included 469 cases: Four out of five hospitalized at the hospital for Covvid-19 was fullvaksinert. On average, it was gone 86 days from the patients were vaccinated until they got sick.

The 15 countries with the highest proportion of vaccinated (Screenshot Johns Hopkins University)
– It is the vaccinated, NOT the unvaccinated who are now spreading the mutated variants of the virus. Dr. Janci Lindsay

– It is the vaccinated, NOT the unvaccinated who are now spreading the mutated variants of the virus, writes Dr. Janci Lindsay on Facebook. The post has been deleted. She has a phd in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Texas. And over 30 years of scientific experience.
– Do not spread propaganda that it is the unvaccinated we shall give the blame for the infection.

The Israeli People Committee: Never has a vaccine injured so many.

The Daily Expose: Covid-19 deaths increase, the data shows that 87% of them dying was vaccinated.

Dagbladet 24. July: Over 500 infected was fullvaksinerte.

Already in april warned Dr. Janci Lindsay CDC, the Centers for Disease Control against the side effects of the vaccines, it also did other scientists. (Excerpt further down.) In June acknowledge the CDC a likely connection between vaccines and heart disease.

– It is better to treat than to vaccinate

– The solution is to stop vaccination rates. And treat them in the risk group, and those who get symptoms of Covid-19 with the cheap, proven, safe and effective medicine that hydrosoklorykin and ivermectin until the virus has burned out. It will cost minimal, and there lies the problem, writes Lindsay in the post

She refers to, among other things, sterility, blood clotting (coagulopathy) and autoimmune reactions. Here's an extract of the warning, translated by hemali:
– In the middle of the 1990s helped me in the development of a vaccine that ended up accidentally autoimmune destruction of the ovaries and infertility in animals. Covid-vaccines can create antibodies that impair fertility, and damage to the fetus in pregnant.

In an article in the Washington Times, criticizes Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter Navarro, president Biden: – Massevaksineringen can worsen and prolong the pandemic.

The freckles in vaccinated

Virolog, emeritus Dr. William Gallaher, Ph. D. has explained why there may be an unfortunate freckles of vaccines. It is due to the similarities between piggproteiner and the body's own proteins syncytin-1 and syncytin-2.

Dr. Lindsay:
"I have not yet seen any immunological study that go on refuting this, and over a year has passed since the concern was first made known. Despite the fact that it would take the producers one day perform syncytinstudier to investigate this.
– Vaccines can cause blood disorders (coagulopathy). It is done by the natural infection can give coagulopathy due to piggproteinet. Covid-vaccines cause the body to produce piggproteinet.

Are not independent, peer-reviewed studies of vaccines

According to Transparency International, are not yet independent, peer-reviewed studies of the vaccines that are not funded by the pharmaceutical companies. All peer-reviewed studies on the short-term efficacy and possible side effects have been funded, organized, coordinated and supported by farmasiselskapene. Also: None of studiedataene is published, or made available for researchers who do not work for these companies.

Here is the report from Transparency International.

Doctors and academics with the concerns and warnings:

Dr. Carrie Madej: Warns against spike protein in the vaccine. And potential damage of at chromosome 8.

Dr. Robert Malone: – the Vaccine must have a longer testing period, it is improper to use the people who prøvekaniner with nødparagrafer. The risk of the vaccine is poorly communicated, due to the censorship of doctors.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny: Warn that the spikeproteinet in the vaccine can break the blood - and hjernebarrieren, which can damage the nervous system.

Dr. Richard Flemming: Warns against political and medical corruption. Also: RnA code for spikeproteinet is packaged in nanoparticles of fat. These can penetrate the cells, including the blood and hjernebarrieren.

Dr. Charles Hoffe: Spikeproteinet from the vaccine gives the risk of blood clots and strokes.
Mikde Yedon, the former head of Pfizer: Refers to the medical censorship, propaganda, needless shutdown, withholding of effective koronamedisin as ivermectin and others. Error cycles of PCR tests, the tests are unsuitable to provide the diagnosis. Errors that you may contaminate when you do not have symptoms. Inadequate testing of vaccines.

Dr. Jane Ruby: the Alarming findings on the blood of the vaccinated.

Dr. Peter McCullough: CDC registered 10 000 the Covid-19 sick among vaccinated in may. So they stopped to count.

Paul Craig Roberts, economist: Warns of deaths for vaccines: so high that they cannot be kept secret any longer.

Naomi Wolf, author and journalist: Warn against the lack of democracy.

Eight professionals in the open letter to the unvaccinated

Recently wrote eight canadian academics an open letter to the unvaccinated, excerpt:
"You have the right to question the preliminary results of the vaksinestudiene. The alleged efficacy of vaccines depends on a small number of selected "infections". The studies were not blinded. This is not acceptable to the scientific method for vaksinestudier.

You have the right to demand the diversity of scientific information and interpretations. We do not now. To choose to not take the vaccine shows transparency and accountability. You have the right to ask: What will the next time we are giving away bestemmelsesretten over one's own body?"

Authored by eight Kanadiske academics:

Angela Durante, PhD
Denis Rancourt, PhD
Claus First Morning, PhD
Laurent Leduc, PhD
Donald Welsh, PhD
John Zwaagstra, PhD
Jan Vrbik, PhD
Valentina Capurri, PhD

The organization Americas Frontline Doctors have sued the us, the ministry of health to the violation of the menneskeretten on informed consent for medical treatment.
Much of the criticism of the vaccines being censored, and a lot are denied by the "faktasjekkere". Pål Steigan are among those that display "faktasjekkernes" different political interests and economic ties.

Here are some professionals who have been critical of, among other things, censorship, secrecy, undemocratic processes, vaksinepass, and massevaksinering on the dwindling scientific basis and lack of volunteering:

Susanne Heart, politician (Norway)
Anja Zanjani, doctor (Norway)
Peter Dvergsdal, doctor (Norway)
Einar Øverberget, philosopher (Norway)
Terje Tvedt, professor (Norway)
Tone Rose Gjøvik Todalshaug, sociologist (Norway)
Mette Kalager, doctor, professor (Norway)
Charlotte Bunch, doctor (Norway),
Hans Petter Graver, a lawyer (Norway)
Erlend Efskin, lawyer (Norway)
Christine Stabell Benn, professor (Denmark)
, Malcolm Roberts, politician (Australia)
Bear Hämmarskjold, professor (Sweden)
Kobi Haviv, doctor (Israel)
Astrid Stuckelberger, PhD (Switzerland)
Reiner Fuellmich, PhD (Germany/USA)
Byron Bridle, PhD (Canada)
Peter McCullough, PhD (USA)
Thomas Renz (Lawyer, united STATES)
Michael Yeadon, farmakolog, the former ceo of Pfizer (England),
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, PhD (USA)
Jose Trasancos, PhD (USA)

The last number of side effects after vaccination: – High numbers for the young

Hemali - By Julia Schreiner Benito - 5. august 2021

With time we get better data about vaksinenes advantages and disadvantages. As numbers from over 166 pages from the Eudra Vigilance.

Side effects reported to the Eudra Vigilance: – Most surprising is to see so many serious cases in the nervous system and muscular system in those between the ages of 18 and 65 years, " says doctor Peter Dvergsdal.

Below are figures based on reports of suspected side effects after vaccination. Reported cases from the public health authorities in EU/EEA area per 2. august.

  • 778.725 the reported side effects, up 30.759 since last week
  • 12.364 deaths, up to 467 page last week
  • 218.550 serious side effects, up 11.972 since last week

Subgroup, children and young people up to 18 years:

  • 3.306 the reported side effects, up 314 page last week
  • 16 deaths, up 1 since last week
  • 1.044 serious side effects, up 123 page last week

It seems that BioNTech/Pfizer causing at least as much damage as AstraZeneca. Still, the official representation that BioNTech/Pfizer is much safer. The figures show that BioNTech/Pfizer is leading to neurologic damage. Behind the samlebegrepet we find lifelong disorders such as paralysis, twitching, loss of control over bodily functions, etc.

Delays, the numbers are delayed

Add to the large lag between the report's basis, based on the Eu's reported figures, and national figures. The national reported often delayed, therefore the real numbers are likely higher than the report's basis.

Norway's reported numbers in the database is pretty identical with national figures, while the germans have a backlog of at least 30 per cent. This pattern is continuous. Therefore, we can assume that the mørketallene is higher than the numbers provided.

The numbers of side effects increases with vaccination

Comparison of the reported side effects of medications for the last 10 years also show that the numbers are increasing in relation to vaccination: After two quarters in 2021 is the numbers far above the previous full-year numbers.

Therefore, we have now enough data from the EU to justify a reasoned skepticism to vaksinenes security. Given that the Norwegian authorities have access to this data, is it a wonder that this information is not discussed in the media.

Doctor Peter Dvergsdal: – High numbers for the young

– This is the high casualty rates for relatively young people, " says doctor Peter Dvergsdal. And the total number of reported side effects appears to be greater for the 2021 than in previous years. But it doesn't seem as if the figures are compared with the numbers of unvaccinated, it would have provided a better basis.

– It is a paradox that people get sick from the vaccine, at the same time as millions are treated for Covid-19 with favipiravir. Almost no reported serious side effects. Still we do not know how many deaths and senskader we prevent with early treatment with virusmiddel, but it probably comes, " says the doctor.

Antiviral medications: A revolution

Around 2010 underwent medicine a small revolution: the Discovery of drugs against the virus. A difficult work, given the tight coupling between the host and the parasite: Compounds that are toxic and possibly kills the virus, also can damage vertscellene.
– It is multiple medications with the same angrepspunkt as favipiravir: purines, which are "fake building blocks" for the viral RNA syntetase, explains Dvergsdal.
– The conclusion is that there are a harmless alternative to vaccines. The oldest product is favipiravir, the latest is molnupiravir, with the same angrepspunkt. They are broad-spectrum, and works on all variants koronavirus, and many more. You can take them at home, and avoid straining hospitals.

– I can treat Covid-19

Dvergsdal have treated yourself more Covid-19-ill patients with antiviral drugs, with great good fortune. Treatment must start early in the course, otherwise it has not effect. This warned Dvergsdal about when the norskledede study "Solidarity" should uncover about the older, proven medications are effective against Covid-19 or not. But Dvergsdal was not listened to, testing was done of hospital patients instead of early in the course. The conclusion was: the Existing drugs do not work. And only with such a conclusion has a law to hastegodkjenne new vaccines. The vaccines were rolling in, and presented as the only solution.

I think it is a matter of time before Nakstad and other stumble and fall because they are underestimating the adverse effects of the selvformerende vaccines.

Read more about Dvergsdals experience: – I can treat Covid-19. Shutdown was unnecessary.

– We go over in etterfasen of the pandemic, the so-called endemic phase, " says Dvergsdal.
– Therefore it is important to know that we have a method to treat those who are sick, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. It is a revolution in virusbehandling, not only for koronavirus, but also other luftveisvirus. The new medications is likely to be much less dangerous than paracetamol.

– It's an exciting time. I think it is a matter of time before Nakstad and other stumble and fall because they are underestimating the adverse effects of the selvformerende vaccines. And don't inform about prevention, the importance of enough vitamin D. And not about the importance of early treatment with harmless drugs. I hope that ensporet thinking get a break, but it is perhaps too much to hope, wonder Dvergsdal.

Doctor Peter Dvergsdal
Doctor Peter Dvergsdal have good experience in treating Covid-19. Without any side effects.

About antiviral medications

  • Antiviralia are medicines used to treat infections caused by viruses.
  • Antiviralia are substances and compounds that prevents the virus to multiply in the vertsceller.
  • There are a large diversity of viruses, both in terms of the structure and content. Common for them is that they are dependent on living cells to replicate itself, vertsceller.
  • In some cases, is a very special cells that are attacked, for example, cells in the lung tissue.
  • In other cases, one and the same virus that is attacking many types of cells of the host.
  • Once the virus penetrates into a vertscelle are usually vertscellen damaged.
    Source: the Great medical encyclopedia.

Doctor Peter McCullough on YouTube: – I'm a doctor, I save lives. How many people die because we don't treat with existing drugs?


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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people two regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generation by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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