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U.S.A. is on the brink of a civil war

By Sonja van den Ende - International November 21, 2020 - 10:59

The U.S. election is far from over, even though, the Western MSM (regular media) was quick to announce that Joe Biden won the election. President Trump promised his voters, that he will fight until it becomes clear, that according to him a massive ‘fraud’ has been conducted by the Democrats and therefore, as he, Trump, calls it the deep-state, will not recognize the outcome.

The vast majority of the Americans are well-armed, private arms sales rose by 33% in late August 2020, people are scared, due to the deep-state (George Soros) sponsored BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement, who rose-up after the George Floyd killing by policemen. The situation is deteriorating; the U.S. is actually bankrupt, for that matter, a large part of Europe as well.  So, now when the re-counting and legal cases are underway in the U.S., things are quiet, until President Trump, I guess, will give the ‘green’ sign, and then we will see revolts erupt.

Some experts argue that the U.S. is on the brink of a civil war, I guess they are right. There are many reasons for this statement. Not only the outcome of the elections are the trigger, but also poverty, homelessness, and a corrupt system, on top of that the bad economy due to COVID-19.  Also, a lot of people are now seeing we’re large parts of the Western world are heading to; the World Economic Forum (WEF) in cooperation with the United Nations (UN) are implementing Agenda 2021, we’re another 50% percent of the population will become unemployed due to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence. This is the real threat to the Western world, even bigger for the U.S. Trump’s voters think he can save the U.S. from this revolution, his slogan is ‘make America great again’. Large parts of poor rural people have put their hope on him, they are mainly ‘white’ forgotten people, to save the country from as they call it the ‘globalization’, which took place under the Obama Administration and eliminated many jobs.

The U.S. has a lot of experience conducting color-revolutions and coups abroad. I would say in 90% of the civil unrest and coups conducted for instance in West Asia (Syria, Libya) they we’re behind it. How to deal with it in the U.S. itself, we actually see a similar coup is going on, conducted by the deep-state upon their own population? They will use their armed forced most likely, mobilizing and declare for a lot of cities’ the state of emergency or ‘martial law’, as we saw happening already this summer in Portland. The Democrats politicians tried already a coup inside the White House, the Democrats and the deep-state, started already with the so-called ‚ Russia-gate, expanding it  to perhaps election fraud, by two programs developed by the CIA; the Hammer and Scorehead program, to rig the election, developed at the beginning of the so-called ‘War on Terror’.

President Trump for now refuses the outcome of the election. A smart move from him was the appointment of Amy Coney Barret as the new Supreme Court judge. He saw the fraud coming and this judge will most likely be against the so-called ‘deep-state’ coup. As we all know Trump has a reputation to be unpredictable, so the outcome is unclear. Although the latest signs are the clean-up in the Pentagon, a massive clean-up is taking place, to eliminate parts of the ‘deep-state’, as he promised he will do when he is President, unfortunately he started too late, but I guess his hands we’re tied with the Russia-gate going on and the threat of impeachment. As it’s well known, the President of the U.S. (also in Europe) is just a puppet of the deep-state, meaning the Pentagon, CIA, NSA and specifically in the US the Zionist lobby called AIPAC.

Russia and China didn’t congratulate Joe Biden and Kamel Harris and stated they wanted to wait until the final results are there. According to the Western MSM Joe Biden won, since last week even more so called him the definite winner claiming he would receive 306 Electoral College Votes, more than expected. He won the State of Georgia, as the first democrat since a long time, according to CNN, which the FOX viewers don’t trust. So here is part of the polarized U.S. society shown.

Europe prefers the Biden camp, so they can easily implement Agenda 2021 and make reforms to the Climate accord, which was eliminated by Trump. Stating it would destroy the economy of the U.S. If Biden really takes up his Presidency in 2021, which I don’t see it happen as yet, Europe will be delighted. They can push for their LGBT agenda, the implementation of AI and most of all to go ahead with lockdowns and their vaccination plan for COVID-19. It’s really sad that COVID-19 is now used for a political agenda in the U.S. and EU. Imagine a virus being part of elections, also in Europe it will be the same. Instead of improving or renewing the broken health care system.

It will be a very turbulent time, in the U.S. The sad part of it all, that actually nothing will change in the geopolitical strategy. Biden already announced, if he will be the 46th President of the U.S., his new team; Hillary Clinton as the new UN representative (she has a long record of waging war against Libya and Syria), Susan Rice who has bad record in Afghanistan and wanted to overthrow President Assad, Michele Flournoy will become the first female, in the U.S. as Defense Secretary, which is in line with the EU (deep-state) we’re all the EU Ministers of Defense are female and  in line with Agenda’s  2021 LGBT agenda point. This unknown Michele Flournoy stated in the New York Post: “warfare may come in a lot of different flavors in the future.” In her previous postings in the Pentagon, she took a hardline stance against both Russia and China, encouraged military intervention in Libya and Syria, and sustained military operations in Afghanistan.

Also, rumors have it that the widow of Senator John McCain, the one who sponsored DAESH (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq, is on the advisory board, if Biden will become the new President of the U.S. The preference of warmonger Henry Kissinger is Joe Biden and I don’t see any change in the policy of the geopolitical strategy, it might become even worse. It’s the same ‘old’ warmonger bunch as under Obama, who destroyed Libya, Syria and conducted a coup in Ukraine.

Concluding thoughts: President Trump had to go, but why? He might have had the intention of not participating in the ongoing wars in West Asia which killed millions of people. This is in sharp contrast to the Pentagon (part of the deep state) wanted, but as it proved, this is a very difficult task, maybe a mission impossible in the U.S. The deep-state is until now too powerful and will do everything and anything to stay in power and most of all implement Agenda 2021 or as it’s called it The Great Reset.

Sonja van den Ende is an independent journalist from the Netherlands. Her expertise includes international affairs by special focus on Syria, West Asia and Russia. She is the former International Secretary at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA - Vienna).


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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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