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Helge Leikanger - Election in the united STATES - BIDEN v TRUMP

Helge Leikanger - 11 nov 2020 14h

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Elections in the united STATES is the most important democratic election in the world. And it is in many ways also the most important foreign choice for Norway.

The election results are still controversial, and also seems to be able to be there for quite a while furthermore.

It should the absolute be all who want to support and cherish democracy its greatest interest, to clarify the extent to which there has been electoral fraud in some way, and possibly also the extent of this. So that you can be sure that whoever will be declared as the USA's president for the next 4 years, on Capitol Hill in the beginning of January, also is the person that the american people rightfully and lawfully and democratically elected, by all lawful votes are counted, and that all illegal/fraudulent or improper votes, of course, be discarded.

This must take its time, completely independent of how and to what extent this might also affect the election result, or not. Everything else would be a direct subversion of democracy, and an enormous loss for both the united STATES and throughout the western and democratic world.

It is of course not correct so that some within the so-called faktasjekkere and the mass media still claim, that there is no evidence/suspicions, thats the basis for possible electoral fraud, to consider. Then would the different cases that deals with irregularities and apparent cases of electoral fraud, never been taken up for evaluation and possibly also the substantive discussion, of the legal system. So as we now see happens with a long series of cases where the basic suspicions and apparently also real evidence about the obvious electoral fraud.

Then we'll eventually see if the judicial system agrees that the alleged evidence is also real and strong enough to be taken to follow, and to what extent it might also get impact on the election results, and whether it will also affect who will be declared the president.

The way some of the so-called faktasjekkerne operating on, and that has made that they ended up with the conclusion that there has not been any electoral fraud, and which thus also is the reason that both the other faktasjekkere, mass media, and Facebook, m.fl., end up with to lean on these to be able to bravely face such claims, in both this and a number of other contexts scary revealing for the so-called faktasjekkerne its credibility.

That you contact the same people that have been responsible for the conduct of an election, and thus is responsible for that it not take place electoral fraud, and then just ask them whether there has been electoral fraud, is obviously not a particularly trustworthy method to check out the facts in such a context.

It is of course "goat and havresekken" up and in thought, and also shows how biasbaserte and uncritical of the so-called faktasjekkerne ever operates, when it comes to faktasjekke politically charged cases. Something that most likely hangs together with the fact that the vast majority of faktasjekkere is both owned and operated by the same people within the mass media that daily also spread politically motivated propaganda, and biasbasert journalism.

The owners of Fact.no, is the NRK, TV2, VG, and so on., and the staff then come from these environments, with the thinking that these historically have proven to stand for.

That you think it is necessary with the so-called faktasjekkere as an addition to our western mass media, is obviously a falitterklĂŚring for the mass media itself, when it is to operate objectively, truthful and factual, and do not participate in the biaspreget and politically motivated kampanjejournalistikk, should be any serious journalist's highest responsibility.

Those of us who follow the case, has on several occasions among the second set of alleged lists of registered voters/voters, who are born as far back as the 1850.

And it is of course not particularly credible that the people who are around 170 years old, still votes in american elections. Testimony of the systematic tilbakedatering of the late postlagte poststemmer, is another example of alleged serious violations of the valglovene.

It is very understandable that a lot of people, both within the mass media, politics, and Biden supporters, m.fl., doesn't seem to be interested in to prepare and get to the bottom of all of the many allegations about the observations of electoral fraud.

Then it of course should be in absolutely everyone's interest that we ensure that the democratic electoral process has been conducted in a correct and legal manner. And that all and bipartisan, in the way that supports, sustains, and protects the democracy of its most basic principles. This should be completely of course, unless one is among those who feel that they have something to hide...!

Alan Jones from Sky News, commenting all around the mass media, Biden and Trump, in this videolinken:

See also also what secretary of state Mike Pompeo black, at yesterday's press conference. If he already now see for themselves most of the way forward, will, of course, the time view. But see it often also in the context of Nordfjeld their comments, below.

See this videolinken, here:

And as usual, so I take also with some excellent comments/citation on the occasion of the theme, from one of my preferred "USA-experts",

Øystein Nordfjeld

"When one of these times considering information from the US about politics or the election, one must also be aware that we are in the middle of an advanced informasjonskrig where the parties are trying to own the narrative. There are those who are a bit transcendental and share knowledge about the methods with other people, so the Democratic medierĂĽdgiver, David Eichenbaum, did to the Washington Post in early may. Where he talks about how the Democrats have adopted the artificial intelligence (AI) to detect messages/political message from the president, generate the "motbudskap" which is distributed to 3.5 million volunteers and paid users on social media. These parts it again at the selected locations and their own walls.

"It is frequently said that an election campaign is a battle of ideas, while in reality it is a battle of the story", told Eichenbaum to the Washington Post. For the Democratic part to be brought these messages out via the media houses to their friends. They control today something like 80% of the media in the united STATES, including the NYT, MSNBC and CNN m.fl. All options in the united STATES have a certain scope of the cheating - without it necessarily have as great impact. Much suggests, however, that the cheated has assumed completely different dimensions in this election. I believe, therefore, that the selection ends up in the Supreme court.

If the Supreme court does not see opportunities to come forward to understand valgresultat through omtellinger e.l, it can end with that they trigger the 12. grunnlovstillegget, and let Congress decide the election. When is Trump the president in four years. The actions of both parties indicate in my opinion that they are preparing for such a development. The article in the Washington Post is behind the betalingsmur.

I have therefore added at a referatsak, at the New York Post." See the link here:

Nordfjeld continues:

"They sell now, into the narrative that the Democrats have won the election, and that Trump, as the stubborn dictator he is, refuses to leave The white house. The latter is, incidentally, a story they have been sold into since early on in our. It began gently, with articles and features, ala "what happens if Trump refuses to leave The white house", to end up with that he "had stated that he would not respect the election results, but that they would make sure to get him worn out". It didn't help that Trump in several interviews stated that of course he would respect the election results. They also sell into that the president does not respect the electoral process, and refuses to drop to the Bidens transition team.

It has been made even though the counts and the state valgsertifiseringer not clear. It is completely ukontroversielt that you wait with this, until the election is settled.

I have not moralisert that the Democrats use such funds. I just points out that much of what we read about the day, must be seen in the light of this.

I have seen several interviews with Trump, relating to the election results. What he has said in these is that he will assess the implementation and the results, before he accepts the outcome.

This is not controversial. All presidents and presidential candidates do it, and sometimes, the results - as we f.ex, it experienced between Gore and Bush in 2000."

Quotes eventually.

Helge LurĂĽs

commenting around the topic and the situation after the election, so: "About "nauseating" media and the road into the hypocrisy and double standards. Bigotry and dobbeltmoralen in the media has been troublesome for a long time. But it is unfortunately only getting worse. A wide range of media in the united STATES and in Norway have stated that Joe Biden is the winner of the election. It despite the fact that margins are subtle in a number of states, so it was also in 2016, the time in favor of Donald Trump. Total leader Joe Biden with only 276.000 votes in these vippestatene.

There has also been a record number of poststemmer, which involves its own challenges. Donald Trump and the republicans are, therefore, in its full constitutional right to use the judicial system to challenge the count and the conduct of elections . And by that time no one can announce Joe Biden as the winner and claim the obedience of the claim. And neither did the media can, by their own claims to create a political reality and a victory for "their" candidate." End of quote.

Read the full comment/article on this link here:

Rebecca Mistereggen

also comments on around the topic and the situation after the election, so:

"It flows in with the congratulations from european leaders to the presidential candidate Joe Biden. Already on Tuesday put the european leaders in the once formal agreements with the "United states when the president". There's just one problem: the Choice is not settled." End of quote.

Read the full comment/article to Mistereggen, at this link here:

Tore Kristiansen

commenting on the situation, so:

"United STATES-option: the management agency will not approve Biden as the winner. Forvaltningsorganet GSA, which approves the transition process after a presidential election, has not made contact with the Joe Bidens team. Thus, it is not given the green light for that Biden won the election."

End of quote.

Read the full comment/article, here:

In conclusion, it may also be mentioned that large sections of the media predicted and alerted the major riots, and violent reactions from the armed Trump-followers, yes, even the almost civil war, if not Trump won the presidential elections. Also it can now be determined as completely skivebom, and indiscriminate disclosure of political propaganda and campaign journalism, as Trump fans, on the whole, have behaved exemplary in this context, in rak opposed to the left hand side with the students,

BLM and Antifa in the tip, as the latest mĂĽnedere has gone completely amok against the civilian population in sentrumsgatene, a number of the largest cities, and practiced an extensive degree of vandalism, and in a number of cases, racially motivated violence, and even also murder, on everything from women and men, old, young, adults, and even children.

Halvor Fosli

commenting around this as follows: "Freddy Gray: Absolutely no violent protests from Trump supporters after valgskuffelsen. It has not lacked on predictions that a Biden victory with a tiny margin would trigger just about borgerkrigslignende conditions. But the editor Freddy Gray in the Spectator the united STATES, writes that so far has all of the commemorative demonstration for the Trump been entirely peaceful, and that despite the fact that Trump himself has lived up to have that he will not recognize valgutfallet without further ado. This is quite remarkable, but the fact so far is that the "deplorables" not ramponerer streets and loot shops, it is the radical students, BLM activists and Antifa, which has stood for." End of quote.

Read the entire article, at this link here:

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WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >


The bottom line is for the people two regain their original moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generation by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehaviour acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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