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US election 2020 live: Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia and shrinks Pennsylvania lead.

SKY NEWS - 06 Nov 11:00

US election 2020 live: Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia and shrinks Pennsylvania lead as mail-in ballots help Democrat catch up in battleground states
Latest updates on the US election as Joe Biden and Donald Trump race to 270 Electoral College votes.

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Key points

  • Just six states left to declare and the election is still too close to call - live results here
  • In a dramatic turn of events, Biden now leads Trump in Georgia - a reliably Republican state - with mail-in ballots driving the swing
  • The Democrat's path to the White House is looking more achievable than Trump's - and he is in 'no doubt' he'll win as he nears victories that would take him to 270 Electoral College votes
  • Biden is on 253 and needs to win Pennsylvania (20) or two of Arizona (11), Georgia (16), Nevada (6) and North Carolina (15)
  • He is catching up rapidly in Pennsylvania as mail-in ballots continue to be counted - and maintains narrow leads in Arizona and Nevada
  • Trump is pursuing legal action in at least four states - though he has lost a bid to stop the count in Michigan - and he also wants a recount in Wisconsin
  • The incumbent president stunned onlookers with a White House statement full of unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in key states where his fortunes are turning
  • Several US networks stopped broadcasting the statement and Biden dismissed it as 'desperate'
  • What could happen today? Georgia and Pennsylvania are the states most likely to declare next, but many votes including sizeable absentee military ballots still need to be counted
  • Live reporting by Sunita Patel-Carstairs,

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Just joining us? Here is where we are at now

The election is deep, deep into extra time but we are still none the wiser on who has won.

In a dramatic turn of events. Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in Georgia - a reliably Republican state - with mail-in ballots driving the swing.

The Democrat's path to the White House is now looking more achievable than Trump's, and he is in 'no doubt' he'll win as he nears victories that would take him to 270 Electoral College votes to win the presidency.

Biden has 253, and just needs to win Georgia (16) or Pennsylvania (20), or two of Arizona (11), Georgia (16), Nevada (6) and North Carolina (15) to take the keys from Mr Trump.

If Biden wins Georgia, there is no way Trump can win the election - the best he can do is tie, and that is only by winning all five of the remaining states. And then, the election will be decided by Congress.

If Biden wins Pennsylvania, there is no way back for Trump.

While Trump alleges a corrupt election and pursues legal challenges in several states, election officials across the US say they fear for their staff's safety amid threats and harassment from protesters, spurred by the incumbent president's claims.

But there are many more votes to be counted in the key battleground states, including sizeable military ballots.

The election remains too close to call - yet.


Facebook bans 'Stop The Steal' group over calls for violence

Facebook has banned a group which, inspired by unsubstantiated claims from Donald Trump, was featuring calls for violence over concerns the election was being "stolen" by the president's rivals.

It comes as Joe Biden took the lead in the key state of Georgia, while Donald Trump doubled down on his claims political opponents were trying to rig and steal the US election, despite criticism from some Republicans.

The group issued a call for donations as well as "boots on the ground to protect the integrity of the vote", and had rapidly grown in popularity since Wednesday. Read more here.


How mail-in ballots are shaping the US election

Donald Trump has called the postal voting system a "joke" and claimed it will lead to a rigged result in the end - continually undermining the legitimacy of the democratic process for months.

But critics have said he has wanted to sabotage postal voting from the outset, and he has been accused of underfunding the national postal service in the run up to polling day to prevent it from coping with the unprecedented volume of mail-in votes.

Machines were decommissioned and restrictions put on staff overtime - feeding into the theory that he was trying to disrupt the election.

This is largely because more Democrats are likely to have voted by post, choosing to cast their ballots from the safe haven of their homes, than stand in long queues for hours during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the weeks running up to the 3 November election, more Democrat voters (51%) said they planned to vote by post than Republican voters (26%), and both parties filed lawsuits in dozens of states to define the rules over how the votes are tallied.

Since the polls closed, the president has called for counting to stop and has launched legal action in several states in an attempt to halt the counting of postal votes.

The ongoing counts in crucial swing states have shown vast swathes of mail-in votes have favoured Mr Trump's Democrat rival Joe Biden, who has edged ahead in Georgia and is rapidly making gains in Pennsylvania too, with 11 and 20 Electoral College votes up for grabs, respectively.

If he wins Georgia, it would still be mathematically possible for the president to continue the fight for a tie by taking all remaining states. The election will then be decided by Congress.

But if Mr Biden wins Pennsylvania, it would be enough to win the presidency.


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