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Our Prime Ministe Erna Solberg has become the Devils Messenger

30 July 2020

Our Prime Ministe Erna Solberg has become the Devils Messenger altering our Genetic Engineering Act at the orders of the Europea Union although we are NOT a member.

A proposal to amend the Genetic Engineering Act to test drugs with genetically modified organisms to treat Covid-19 has been sent out for consultation, with a deadline of 18 August.

The new regulations establish Norwegian law in accordance with an regulation from the EU which was adopted on 15 July this year. It exempts clinical trials of medicinal products with genetically modified organisms from the requirements for approval or risk assessment according to the GMO regulations, whether the medicinal products are for the treatment or prevention of the corona virus.

The consultation note (doc) from the government states:

"The Ministry considers it important that the legal act is implemented quickly by Norway. This will harmonize best with Norway's active and significant participation in the global work with the development of drugs and vaccines against covid-19. Furthermore, there is a risk that Norway will not be selected for conducting clinical studies of covid-19 drugs and vaccines if the requirements of the GMO regulations are still applicable to us, but not in the rest of the EU. "

A small detail: "applicable to us, but not the rest of the EU". Slip of the pen; the government considers us, as we already know, as part of the EU. The special thing is that it writes it in clear text.

The Genetic Engineering Act has been passed because there is a significant risk in connection with the use of genetic technology. The legislators have therefore established a regime with a duty to report, risk assessment and impact assessment. The regulations that are linked to the law set strict requirements for the duty to notify, approval and liability, as a pre-assessment of risk:

The user must make a preliminary assessment of the enclosed use with regard to the risk of disease / damage to people, animals, plants or the environment that this use may entail.

We have these regulations because it has been clarified in the preparatory work for the law that the use of genetic technology entails a significant risk. Therefore, strict rules for approval have been adopted. (See SNL: Genetic Engineering Act.) The Act is already harmonized with the EU, of course.

But now the Solberg government wants to throw parts of this control regime overboard. This is done in the middle of the joint holiday and at the shortest possible notice. Political Norway is in holiday mode and popular organizations have not gotten back on their feet after lockdown and meeting bans.

This is to run a very high game with public health. The arguments are 1) Norway is active in the work with vaccines against Covid-19, (read our collaboration with Bill Gates & co), 2) Norway may risk not coming first to test these vaccines and 3) we must be on in line with the rest of the EU.

The first is a "table catcher" argument, and can not set security check aside. The second argument only applies if there are vaccines that are not risky. And the third argument is a gross political insinuation.

Norway has allocated money via CEPI, which has, among other things, gone to ModeRNA Therapeutics. They talk about "hacking life's software" and they are well on their way to getting a contract for the first vaccines against the coronavirus. They have a technology based on using vaccines to change the genetic material. When they declared that they had made concrete progress in developing a vaccine, the share value went up by 30 percent on the stock exchanges in the USA. The company has received financial support from Norway via CEPI and from the Pentagon. Many researchers are critical of the technology.

mRNA or messenger RNA is a type of RNA molecule that contains genetic information to the DNA code in the cells. ModeRNA itself writes on its website that their technology involves "using mRNA drugs to instruct the patient's own cells to produce proteins that can prevent, treat and cure diseases."

It is reasonable to assume that the Solberg regime is now sweeping Norwegian control rules and impact assessments aside to pave the way for ModeRNA's technology and the like.

Read: Børskometen Moderna will develop vaccines that change our genetic material.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >


The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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