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Chinese doctor has been injected with mysterious COVID vaccine

Chinese scientist has injected himself with a vaccine (Image: GETTY)

Daily Express - By BRIAN MC GLEENON : 20:30, Tue, Jul 28, 2020

A CHINESE scientist has courageously agreed to be injected with a mysterious experimental corona virus vaccine, now researchers are apprehensively awaiting how it will affect him.  Says "I hope it works!"

Beijing is desperately attempting to win the race to create a to the disease that is paralysing the world. Chinese president Xi Jinping would use a vaccine success as a political triumph amid accusations that he was responsible for covering up the initial outbreak in Wuhan. China is leading the world with the number of vaccines that it is attempting to bring to human trials.

The country is developing eight out of the ten coronavirus vaccines currently in the research and development phase.

Leading Chinese scientist Gao Fu spoke of his nervousness on trying the vaccines at a conference organised by Alibaba Health.

He said: "I'm going to reveal something undercover.

"I am injected with one of the vaccines.


Chinese scientist has injected himself with a vaccine (Image: GETTY)

"I hope it will work."

The scientist was keen to highlight he was not doing it for some kind of propaganda for the Chinese government.

He also warned against people being swayed by conspiracy theories that are spreading online which create fear and paranoia about vaccines.

Mr Gao added: "Everybody has suspicions about the new coronavirus vaccine.

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Scientists research vaccines in China
Scientists research vaccines in China (Image: GETTY)

"As a scientist, you've got to be brave.

"If even we didn't do it, how can we persuade the whole world, all the people, the public, to be vaccinated?"

Mr Gao is the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention which is based in Wuhan.

Last month, Mr Gao coauthored a research paper that described how a vaccines "inactivated" the coronavirus in a lab and then killed it.

Chinese immunologist Gao Fu
Chinese immunologist Gao Fu (Image: GETTY)

It is not known whether this particular vaccine is the one that Mr Gao was injected with.

The vaccines is being developed by an affiliate of the state-owned company SinoPharm.

Science publication Cell editor Andrew Rennekamp was one of the moderators at Mr Gao's webinar.

He said: "This is a brave thing to do.

Scientists research vaccines in China
Scientists research vaccines in China (Image: GETTY)

"It shows his faith in what he believes is the safety of the vaccine.

"It also shows his commitment to science and to public health.