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Expensive, regardless of the government in charge, the environmental options that Brazil has adopted is not bad and should not receive criticism from  France and Germany. It is true that the communication of our President does not help, and it is ludicrous to expect Europeans to spend their money for expropriation of land, but overall our energy Matrix is very clean. There are a number of myths about ecology which need to be clarified:

1.Amazon rainforest is not the lung of the world; all oxygen that is produced day by photosynthesis is consumed at night by breath, because it is an adult forest. There is no production of liquid oxygen.

2. for plants to absorb a net quantity of carbon dioxide, it needs to be in growth, because only in this way is carbon fixed in vegetable matter; the right way is to cut and replant (not burn the product, which puts the carbon dioxide back in the atmosphere). Not to say that we should cut down the Amazon rainforest, because she is a source of diversity, but it is highly ecological to plant cane and spoon to manufacture sugar and alcohol.

3.burning ethanol in cars produces less carbon dioxide than the burning of gasoline, but anyone says is that in the dornas fermentation for manufacturing ethanol, for each 46 kg of ethanol, 44 kg of carbon dioxide is produced. Considering the full cycle, burning ethanol produces more carbon dioxide than gasoline. But this has no negative consequences, because the carbon dioxide is reabsorbed in Reed.

4.carbon dioxide is not the only gas with greenhouse effect. Methane, produced at digestion of all vertebrates and invertebrates (bacteria anaerobic consuming garbage), is another gas with greenhouse effect. Our innocent water vapor also produces greenhouse effect . If you consult books on transmission of heat radiation in the summer, the  emissivity curves of carbon dioxide and water are very similar.

5.they say that a nuclear power plant does not produce carbon dioxide is not quite true for this technology, because the immense  cooling towers  are continuously producing water vapor, which promotes greenhouse effect.


6.the industrial processes and automotives burning fuel are not the only processes which generates carbon dioxide. Everything alive, animal or vegetable, produces carbon dioxide by breathing. Volcanoes also produce carbon dioxide. So if humanity desist from all technological developments, leave TV, mobile and cars, and returned to live in dark caves, eating raw meat not to light a fire, the concentration of carbon dioxide will continue to grow.

7.statistics say that the concentration of carbon dioxide grew from the time of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, about 250 ppm (parts per million) to the current 380 ppm. This is true indeed, but it is wrong to assign this increase only to the industrial development, as the human population multiplied seven times during this period, demanding proportional increase of livestock and other supplies.

8.also everyone says that the concentration of carbon dioxide has already been 7,000 ppm in the carboniferous period  of our planet. And this was a owing to vegetables, which populated the planet. This time, there was no humans on Earth, but this concentration would not be deadly for us, since in submarines this concentration reaches 8.000 ppm, without the crew suffocating. Our current atmosphere is still far from these concentrations.

9.also say that the hydroelectric plants and wind generators do not produce carbon dioxide is true, but is an incomplete assessment , because if there was a heating of the planet, there would be no evaporation of water to promote the rains for the dams driving the hydroelectrics, nor the winds spinning the propellers of the wind plants. The planet does not produce more global warming, but take advantage of heating of the past.

10.and now London will prohibit transit vehicle with internal combustion engines, requiring electric cars that do not pollute. But forgot that to generate this electricity, they need burning fossil fuel or nuclear power. We fly yellow flag or Red in winter, because the  hydroelectric plants and wind does not generate enough, requiring the burning of  oil or gas. If all the fleet was electrical, we all would be paying enormously. And so what to do?

Personally I think the main responsibility for the global warming is God Apollo. Every day it crosses the Sky East to West in his carriage of fire, and in the eleventh year of his 11 year cyclus, he is furious with us. We must offer human sacrifice to apease the wrath of God, and I hope the ecologists will offer themselves as volunteers!

Good, this seems a theory as good as any other which has appeared lately.

Diogenes - Brazil

(Translated from Portuguese)

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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