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Wanting to put the Bible at the center of school education means returning Brazil to the caves

The idea of ​​the new ultraconservative Government of Bolsonaro is to put the Bible at the center of teaching, not only as a religious matter, but to serve as a basis even for matters such as mathematics, history and geography

JUAN ARIAS    23 MAR 2019 - 14:12 CET

Bolsonaro on his visit to Washington.
Bolsonaro on his visit to Washington. EFE

Brazil is, after the United States, the second largest country on the American continent. It is one of the great democracies of the world, with a Constitution that sanctions the laity of the State and suffers a serious delay in public education. An education that proves incapable of forming for a world in transformation, already dominated by the artificial intelligence that is transforming us without knowing it in something still difficult to imagine.

Jair Bolsonaro's new ultra-conservative Government proposes a solution to education that gives back to the cultural crossroads of Brazil, where the search for new and modern pedagogical methods to train the millions of young people who will be Brazil's global communication becomes more urgent. country to the caves of prehistory. The idea is to place the Bible at the center of teaching, not only as a religious matter, but to serve as a basis even for matters such as mathematics, history and geography.

Wanting to put the Bible at the center of school education means returning Brazil to the caves

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Wanting to put the Bible at the center of school education means returning Brazil to the caves

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Wanting to put the Bible at the center of school education means returning Brazil to the caves

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I confess that I had to read several times and verify the truthfulness of the statements of Iolene Lima, announced as executive secretary of the MEC and soon dismissed, when she proposed, as a solution to renew the quality of teaching, that "be based on the word of God." It means, according to her, that "geography, history and mathematics will be viewed from the perspective of God, in a Christian worldview." And that in this way "all disciplines of the school curriculum will be organized under the scriptural vision," referring to the Bible.

Even though Iolene is no longer at the MEC, the mere fact of being reminded of the post gives her thinking about the kind of ideas that surround the high command of the briefcase. People like Iolene apparently did not read the Bible, especially the Old Testament. Placing Bible texts in the hands of children to learn mathematics or whatever, is like putting an atomic bomb in their hands. Or do we forget that the Bible, of which there are more than a million studies to try to interpret it, is one of the most complex texts not only in world literature but also in the Judeo-Christian religion?

This madness that they want to do here in Brazil with Bible-based education reminded me when I was young and studying Semitic languages ​​at the Biblical Institute in Rome, one of the greatest centers of excellence in studies on the Holy Scriptures. In a matter in which we looked at the substrate in the Ugaritic Bible (the mother tongue of the Hebrew) to better decipher some of the more difficult passages to translate from Hebrew, our teacher, Fr. Dahood, American, told us: "How are you , the Bible is not for children. "

He referred to the scabrous facts of sexual content that it contains, the image it presents of a tyrannical, vengeful, capricious God, who commanded the extermination of entire peoples. And he asked to be done without compassion. For example, when God commands Saul to destroy the people of Amalek, he says to him, "Go and strike Amalek and destroy all that he has and have no mercy on him. Kill men, women and children, even the ones in the lap, cows, sheep, camels, and donkeys. (1 Samuel 15: 3).

In R. Dawkins's book, "God, A Delusion," it is stated that the God of the Old Testament, which today the Brazilian Ministry of Education proposes as a monitor of school education, "is a personage envious and proud to be one , petty, unjust, ruthless, vengeful, ethical, bloodthirsty cleaner. "

If it is already difficult to explain to a child the horrors and beauties that are inside the heart of the Bible, a text that should be read, as my father, a rural teacher, told us, "only when they are adults," is not difficult to understand retrogression cultural and pedagogical that can mean to Brazilian education, that even mathematics should be taught with the Bible.

As the son of two schoolteachers, I fed rage and tenderness for the sacrificed teachers of this country, poorly paid and never valued as they deserved the seriousness and greatness of their mission. The outrage to force them to use the Bible for a "God-based" education can align the country with the worst past and present theocracies, all of them engendering cultural and spiritual misery.

And I want to congratulate a teacher who with a sense of irony and to release her anger at the outrage that wants to drag the Ministry of Education, commented that will make the account with your students, in math class, of how many children "even on their lap" God of the Bible had them killed while asking them to do it "without mercy."

This is the school that society, even the healthily religious, the democratic and respectful of freedoms, desires for Brazil, or those who want to impose, with weapons if they can, those who wish to transform schools into the new centers of brainwashing ?

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.



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