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Trump taking Soros Down - CIA - FBI - Secret Meeting - Happening Now/amp


##Trump taking Soros Down - CIA - FBI - Secret Meeting - Happening Now
_David Vose Published on Apr 22, 2017_
#BREAKING NEWS - This is huge. The veil is about to come off!

It has begun – Illuminati ELITE being JAILED – Babylon Falling Right Now

Members of the Illuminati being JAILED as we speak. Millions are hailing this as the new revolution that will free mankind. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? Or, is this just the beginning of the End. Will mankind avert the great tribulation and waltz into the new paradise Earth set up by a free mankind? Or are we simply being controlled to do exactly as they have planned and allow room for the BEAST to be set up that “all men will worship it” You must be the judge. I am not advocating that we be discouraged, nor that we not try. I am saying this. Proceed with caution. Watch your back, and, PRAY!

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >


Kauilapele: David Vose has assembled what I feel is a marvelous collection of video clips and news items from the recent few years about what has really been occurring, and how the Illuminati are being taken out and “defeated”. Flor myself, this is a video of hope, and affirmation for all Light Workers and Light Activists, that we have done our jobs well, and continue to do them well.

You’ll see everyone here, including Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Max Keiser, various RT clips, and so on. Thanks to Alexandra who posted it here.

The video mentioned above has been removed. By WHOM??