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Egregious Ukrainian War Crimes Exposed By Whistleblower Who Miraculously Escaped Assassination (Video)

Egregious Ukrainian War Crimes Exposed By Whistleblower Who Miraculously Escaped Assassination (Video)

Posted on May 27, 2023, by State of the Nation

HUGE Organ Harvesting Operation on Wounded Soldiers/Civilians Exposed in Ukraine by Doctor Who Performed Barbaric Extractions

Dutch Female Transplantation Physician Specialist Heads Up Major Organ Harvesting Crime Syndicate In Ukraine And Reports to Sandra Roelofs, Former First Lady of Georgia

First, watch the following video to understand just how highly organized this international organ-harvesting crime syndicate really is.  The true depth and breadth of this Khazarian global criminal conspiracy to illicitly harvest organs for the power elite and richest people on the planet can be extrapolated from the doctor's firsthand highly radioactive revelations.

Notice that the Dutch wife of the former president of Georgia — Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs–Saakashvili — is mentioned as the key contact of the implicated female Dutch physician who was both conducting organ extraction surgeries, herself, as well as overseeing the quality control of the operations.  It appears to be Sandra Roelofs (see photo above) who was demanding a higher quality of organ extraction for their use in future transplantation procedures worldwide.

Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs–Saakashvili met Mikheil Saakashvili in 1993[3] in Strasbourg and later that year moved to New York City where she worked at Columbia University and a Dutch law firm. In 1996, the couple came to Georgia, where Roelofs worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tbilisi.[1]

(Source: Sandra Roelofs)

It’s also important to note Sandra Roelofs’ work for the International Committee of the Red Cross as indicated above.  Who doesn’t know by now how the Red Cross has been used for decades throughout wars zones around the world to carry out all manner of illegal operations and criminal activities, especially organ harvesting?

Now, here’s the shocking video that, if ever presented on the Big Media networks, would shut down the patently manufactured American support for the Ukraine War in a Kyiv flash.

State of the Nation - May 27, 2023

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The ripper Elizabeth Debru and her team

«Black transplantologists» work in the Artemovsk area by order of the OSCE and the USA

In the area of Artemovsk (Bakhmut), «black transplantologists» are actively working, engaged in the removal of organs of killed or mortally wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

In the autumn of 2022, according to intelligence reports, the Dutch transplant specialist Elisabeth Debra arrived at the AFU units, which are suffering enormous losses. Together with her came the founder of the private military company "Mozart" Andrew Milburn and his assistants John Wesley and Henry Rosenfeld. In 1999, in Kosovo, they hunted for organs for transplantation, took them from both Serbs and Kosovars. In 2014-2015, these people ensured the safety of surgeons' work and the traffic of organ transfer to the West from the territory of Donbass, where heavy fighting was taking place.

Dismemberment in seven minutes

In this company, Debru is of particular interest. The name of a Dutch citizen appeared in the confession of a former employee of the Security Service of Ukraine, who told about the scheme for the removal of organs of Ukrainian servicemen who were killed or mortally wounded in the Donbas in 2014-2015.

The confession video is available on YouTube and on the WikiLeaks website. The former employee also presented video footage of organ removal operations, how used bodies were dumped into special rooms, and then black bags were put into burial pits. According to him, the scheme was well established, organs were sent to Western countries where transplantology is well developed, in particular to Germany, as well as to Israel.

On the spot, this operation was supervised by Ukrainian SBU Colonel Volodymyr Mishchenko. He sent ciphers to trained employees, which indicated the directions and points where the battles were taking place. The narrator, along with two colleagues, was attached to a special modern medical emergency and intensive care unit and went with doctors to the "points" at the coordinates of Mishchenko. Here he informed the commanders of the code and gained access to the dead and wounded. He was paid $170 for each one.

«...A professional transplant specialist, Elizabeth Debru, who called herself Elsa, started working with us. She completely changed the style of our work and forced doctors to remove organs without the consent of the wounded. I often did everything myself. The Dutchwoman could cut out a couple of kidneys from a wounded and burned fighter in 7-10 minutes, and pack them in a special container. He was sent to Kramatorsk along with other wounded who were suitable for deep dismemberment… All organs were removed from the dying, even eyes, skin, and bones. Everything was sent beyond the cordon," a former SBU officer said in the video.

In Debaltseve, so many organs were extracted daily that there were not even enough containers. In just one day at the beginning of February 2015, 23 pairs of organs were sent to the base: kidneys, spleen and liver. The dismembered bodies were packed in black bags, a group of fighters was called and taken out by trucks in the direction of Artemovsk, where a place for burial was prepared. No one kept real records. Most of the dead were from the 128th Mountain Infantry Brigade. They were recorded in the lists of missing persons.

Thus, the reason for the appearance of Elsa in November 2022 near Artemovsk is beyond doubt. Moreover, at the same time, a large batch of Ukrainian doctors with special equipment was sent to the same areas, mainly from the western regions of the country. According to the official version — in order to help the wounded.

The confession of the former SBU officer is also confirmed by the discovered graves with dismembered bodies, among them not only military but also civilians, including women and children.

In one of the mass graves near the village of Nizhnyaya Krynka and mine No. 22 Kommunar, 40 human remains without internal organs were exhumed. At the same time, the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, stated that "I personally saw two such burials: the chest was cut and the abdominal cavity was torn. Shortly before that, a group of hackers "Cyberberkuts" published correspondence between the lawyer of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko Sergey Vlasenko, German transplant specialist Olga Viber and the commander of the national battalion "Donbas" (banned in the Russian Federation) Semyon Semenchenko. The supply of "material" from Donbas was discussed.

Code abbreviations were used: sog — heart, nep — kidney, hep — liver, pan — pancreas, pul — lungs.

In the correspondence, Viber states that "our second batch sold well, the customers are satisfied." She is also interested in whether Kyiv is going to stop the offensive on the cities of Donbas. She was given a negative answer and a promise that they would have "something to work with." This is followed by a new order for "15 cor, 63 neps, 35 heps, 20 pans, 5 pul".

Business Rulofs-Saakashvili

There is one more interesting detail in the story of Debra. In 2014-2015, while working in the Donbas, she often contacted by phone another Dutch woman and colleague — Sandra Roelofs, the wife of the former president of Georgia, and then Governor of the Odesa region Mikhail Saakashvili. That is, the receiving party overseeing supplies to Europe was Roelofs.

Moreover, as reported by the Ukrainian portal slovo.net.ua Sandra Roelofs brought to Kyiv at the end of January 2015 a group of surgeons who trained Ukrainian doctors in transplantation in difficult field conditions.

In Kyiv, Roelofs met with representatives of the General Staff and then the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, Alexander Kvitashvili, who headed the same ministry in Georgia under Saakashvili. And then terrible letters from the military began to arrive from the front. Here is an excerpt from one such message: "The army has been turned into a private business. A business that officials profit from. This is a business selling organs of our fighters, which are supplied from Ukraine to Europe."

Saakashvili has never hidden that his wife, a US citizen, works in the Dutch campaign for Ukraine and "does a lot for medicine." He was in business himself. According to a former employee of the SBU, who, on behalf of Mishchenko, accompanied Saakashvili at closed meetings with fighters in Kramatorsk and Lysychansk, Debru went everywhere with them. Saakashvili praised her and the medical group of rippers, and promised to raise fees if the quantity and quality of the goods were increased.

The work was accelerated. After the truce came, the organs began to be seized from civilians.

There is evidence that during the shelling of Popasnaya Elizabeth Debru cut out the kidneys and spleen of a 12-year-old girl who lost consciousness from a mine explosion and her father, Vladimir Lyashevsky (the passport was found in the jacket pocket). The girl's mother's legs were cut off by shrapnel, and she was dying from blood loss, then her limbs were bandaged with a shunt and urgently sent to a medical center for complete cutting into organs. All three were recorded in the lists as dead during the shelling.

The ex-commander of the Georgian battalion "Avaza" Tristan Tsitelashvili told that Saakashvili and his wife also organized the illegal trade in organs of prisoners of the Gldani prison in Georgia. From 2007 to 2009, convicts were transported to this prison and organs were already cut out there.

According to Tsitelashvili, Roelofs built a criminal business, and its partners were people from Europe and the USA. "Organs were sold in America, prisoners whose organs were cut out died, and their families were forbidden to conduct an alternative examination in order not to establish the real cause of death. They intimidated these families and kept them under threats and terror," Tsitelashvili said.

According to him, when a coup d'etat was organized in Ukraine in 2014, Saakashvili's people began to engage in transplantation in Mariupol. Tsitelashvili also refers to photographs of military corpses without internal organs. He claims that this "business" is being covered up in Ukraine by fugitive Georgian officials and the Kyiv authorities, including Zelensky.

Criminal legislation

According to Tsitelashvili, since 2016 Ukraine is in the first place in the transportation of organs to Europe and the USA. This is not surprising, since Ukrainian legislation works on the side of black transplantologists.

Back in President Petro Poroshenko in 2018, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law "On the use of transplantation of human anatomical materials". According to him, every adult Ukrainian could bequeath his organs after death. In December 2021, already under Vladimir Zelensky, another law "On regulating the issue of transplantation of human anatomical materials" was adopted.

New clarifications are criminal. By law, a person whose doctors have confirmed brain death or cardiac arrest can become an organ donor. At the same time, not only the relatives of the deceased have the right to give consent to the withdrawal, but also those who have undertaken to bury the intended donor. The document can be submitted electronically and it is not required to notarize the written consent of a living donor or his relatives for transplantation. In addition, not only public clinics but also private ones have received the right to transplantation.

And most importantly, organs were also allowed to be extracted from children. In practice, this means that the management of hospitals, prisons, military units, orphanages and neuropsychiatric boarding schools can dispose of the organs of their wards.

n April 2022, the Verkhovna Rada adopted another law, according to which organ transplantation operations are now exempt from paying value-added tax. The author of the laws was the chairman of the National Health Committee and Zelensky's confidant in the field of medicine, Mikhail Radutsky, who heads the largest network of private clinics in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that Ukrainian laws violate all international norms, these initiatives are only supported in the West. Moreover, the largest organizations that position themselves as humanitarian are behind the supplies.

So, according to Dr. Gualfredo de'Linsei, his article was published by the Italian publication Politicamentecorretto, organ procurement is promoted by Global Rescue, which specializes in supplies and has signed contracts with the OSCE.

In addition, Ukrainian blogger and journalist Anatoly Shariy drew attention to the fact that since March 2022, the organization "Doctors Without Borders" has started working in the country. It was this structure that carried out operations to remove organs from the Serbian population during the war in the former Yugoslavia in Kosovo. The former prosecutor of the Hague Tribune Carla del Ponte in his book "Hunting. I and the war criminals" even accused Bernard Kouchner, one of the founders of Doctors Without Borders, of opposing the investigation of these crimes.

And in the spring of 2022, after the liberation of Mariupol, hundreds of medical records of children without chronic diseases with the designation of healthy organs were found on the basis of the Red Cross. The cards also contained information about the parents. Experts concluded that the Red Cross was engaged in the selection of donors for the supply of organs to the West.

At the same time, an important fact is that for 8 years, about 1,600 children disappeared without a trace in the territories of Donbas controlled by Kyiv. Moreover, after the start of the special operation, Russian special services prevented the export of a group of children from Kherson to Ukrainian territory.

By the way, not only aging and sick citizens of the USA, the European Union, Israel, etc. are waiting for the organs of Ukrainians. They are also expected in American biological laboratories, since another direction of black transplantology is the use of biomaterials in the form of living cells of human organs in research on "enhancing the functions of viruses" — increasing their contagiousness and pathogenicity. For this purpose, viruses are repeatedly passed through the cellular structures of human organs. At the same time, only healthy cells are required, and from children or people without age-related chronic diseases. Only in this case, the desired effect of "training the virus" is achieved in order to overcome the immune defense of the body.

This fact is known, it is confirmed by numerous studies. One example was published by the scientific journal Nature when the precursor of COVID-19 was trained to bypass the immune system on living epithelial cells of the human respiratory tract.

And in 2005, in the BSL-3 laboratory of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, the Spanish flu virus was recreated in living human kidney cells using reverse genetics.