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US Speaker Kevin McCarthy Makes HUGE Negotiating Error on the First Day

US Speaker Kevin McCarthy Makes HUGE Negotiating Error on the First Day

By VT - Johnny Punish, GM -January 7, 2023

McCarthy's Deal with Extremist Wing Sticks Immediate Fork in the Back of the Nation

Where DAFUQ is the Vision for the USA?

Last night, after 14 ballots, Kevin McCarthy finally was voted in as the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  This vote was contentious in modern U.S. history.  In fact, over the last 100 years, the vote was always an Il Fait Acompli ending on the first ballot.  But now, it’s a dirty game of dealing with the devils.

Anyways, his rise to this power position is a huge disaster for the U.S. in need of functionality.  To get his speakership, he had to make deals with the far-right extremist wing of his party giving rise to their demands; a huge mistake. His fear of them and their constituents is truly pathetic and will now cause gridlock; 2 years of nothing except hyperbolic political entertainment for the propaganda channels that will get high ratings and profits for talking heads. But the actual American people on the ground? Nothing!

A real leader should have told those knuckleheads to take a hike! Instead, McCarthy should have made a deal with 20 moderate Democrats to get his number. That action would have marginalized the extremists and empowered the GOP back into the boring middle.  And boom, the US would get massive legislation and deals coming that the Senate and Biden could pass ie….real comprehensive serious immigration reform that works for the USA and with the dignity of man as its cornerstone. Instead, we will get more hyperbolic Panem and Circus continuing to fill the heads of our Netflixian Village Idiots.

Instead, we have a VILLAGE IDIOT deal that will compel McCarthy to investigate Biden’s goldfish, his pet lizard, and his pet rock, and try to pass the most ridiculous bills that will have NO CHANCE of ever passing the Senate. Heck, they will never even make it to Biden for his veto.

Look, I get it, nonsense feels good. It’s fun to watch Fox News and throw shoes at the TV. I get it. But good governance is super boring. It’s slow, patient, mature, responsible, and wonky.  It has NO entertainment value whatsoever.

In short, Good Governance is NOT ENTERTAINMENT. In fact, it will put the Average Joe to sleep.  It is supposed to be boring!  Do you want excitement?  Go watch an ice hockey game or the Real Housewives of Mar-A-Lago.

INCREDIBLE “A to Z” SPEECH by the new minority leader of the U.S. House Hakeem Jeffries. Best speech in 10 years! He laid it out… “Maturity NOT Mar-A-Lago” wins the best line of the evening!

As an independent voter, while I don’t agree with every policy of the Democratic Party, I do recognize that they are the PARTY of ALL AMERICA and not just some; meaning they are inclusive, all colors, and creeds and they back it up by their real inclusions. Hakeem Jeffries made that very very clear with this A to Z speech.

Sadly and to detriment of the country, the GOP continues to only speak to a smaller shrinking segment of the U.S. population who is running scared of the future, fueled by their own politicians who bitch and scare them into blindness for the future. It’s not healthy and makes me so disappointed because the USA deserves a better more robust serious responsible debate on the issues facing the future. Instead, we will continue to get their hyperbolic nonsense that does NOTHING for the future…..

Trump’s Photo Op for Entertainment Tonight. Rumors say he was paid by Instagram $ 25,000 to post this lovely picture

Don’t believe me?

When they were in charge, did they repeal ObamaCare? Build that Wall? Make a Deal with North Korea? Stop China? No, they did NOTHING except play the blame game and that does NOT work for the future.

They need a freaking real serious vision for the country to compete; something that is realistic and doable!  No more hyperbole and entertainment for the fools.  Something that speaks to average Americans, not just the few who live on an imaginary Main Street circa 1955 who think Richie Cunningham is a real person. Geez us!  Let’s Get Very Serious for Once!

Ritchie Cunningham, Happy Days!

Ok, so here we are again, The Village Idiots will get their Panem and Circus sold by the hyperbolic clown show that continues to do a major disservice to the nation.

In this situation, NO ONE WINS.

In 2 years, the far-right extremists will go back to their constituents again and bitch about how they tried and nothing got done again, again, and again……and they will blame everyone except themselves, again.

Compromise is NOT a game. It’s what actual adults do to move the ball forward. Complaining about compromise is what kids do. It’s not for serious responsible leaders.

Speaker McCarthy could have been a truly great effective speaker, one who got the job done in the face of a small group of rebels.

Instead, he will now preside over a DO NOTHING legislative body that has him by the balls and will not let go until he’s squeezed into tenor singing an operatic falsetto to a nation that will continue to wonder; when DAFUQ are we going to get a real leader who will make deals and stop terrorizing us with simpleton Panem and Circus.

I mean, how much village idiot stupidity must we endure in the wake of this Entertainment Tonight Trumpian Era?

To me, it’s a worthless exercise for the nation and only profitable for worthless non-principled politicians who just want to line their pockets with Village Idiot donations and vacations in Cancun. But for the rest of the nation? Turn off the TV! Urgh!

Johnny Punish, GM

Johnny Punish is the founder and owner of VT.  He is also a writer, global citizen eco-activist, visionary, musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist.  Punish was educated at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (1980-81) and California State University Fullerton (1981-1984) with studies in accounting and business. Before the “internets” had been invented, he owned and ran (5) national newspapers in the United States of America from 1987-1998