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Was it God, the UN, the Government, or the EU that lowered the temperature in Greenland?

Was it God, the UN, the Government, or the EU that lowered the temperature in Greenland?
Researchers have found DNA from an entire ecosystem that is two million years old in Greenland. The elephant animal mastodon, reindeer, and hare lived there. Illustration: BETH ZAIKEN

By: Document.no - Rainer Prang -  10 December 2022

We keep getting the term "man-made climate change" thrown in our faces. But when politicians, government officials, and the press lie to your face, you have every reason to get angry and demand changes. What we are witnessing in terms of climate action in our own time is complete madness.

When we recently learned that the world's oldest DNA has been found in Greenland, where 81 percent of the areas are currently covered with ice all year round, it should have sparked strong speculation, debate, and changed thoughts about alleged climate change and why this is happening and has happened so many, many times back in history.

Birch, hare, reindeer, and mastodons are some of the species found in 2 million-year-old DNA from a much warmer Greenland than what we see today. This is the oldest DNA that has ever been found, reports the Arctic University of Norway in a press release.

In plain language, this means that it was much, much warmer in Greenland two million years ago than it is today, and you can then ask yourself:

So who was it that lowered the temperature in Greenland to today's ice areas?

And you can rhetorically add;

It couldn't have been the UN, the Storting, or the EU - because they weren't "invented" at the time, nor were humans, who haven't had a place on the planet for more than 200,000 years.

Some will hold a button on God, while still others will say that it is the relationship between the earth and the sun, the earth's tilt and rotation, and perhaps even plate tectonic shifts with the formation of mountains and volcanoes - which have controlled heat to cold and cold to heat over millions of years, just as we experience it today in our own time.

By and large, this means that all the talk about "man-made climate change" is pure nonsense.

When the new bridge from the Norwegian to the Swedish side of Svinesund was made, settlements were excavated 50 meters above today's sea level where Stone Age people had a good life. PHOTO: Rainer Prang

- And the water rose and the water rose...

...sings Einar Rose in an old song from a long time ago. The ocean both rises and falls, exactly as it gets cold and hot and hot and cold on the globe.

In the picture above you see the Ringdalsfjord, which lies between Norway and Sweden at Svinesund, and the new bridge - which is today the E6.

When excavating the road route on the Norwegian side before the new bridge opened in 2005, a great many settlements were found from far back in time. First high up in the terrain and then further down to Ringdalsfjorden and even further down and even further down towards the sea.

The reason for this was that the people who lived then were trappers and hunters, and they lived near the sea. The Stone Age family has in many ways lived a good life on Svinesund with fish and game. At that time the sea was 50 meters higher.

When, in our own time, you know that the sea was higher before, you know that the land rises where the pressure after the glaciers has decreased over thousands of years and that the sea rises temporarily while the above-mentioned hot-cold-cold-warm cycle ebbs and flows, then spread i.e. climate hysteria completely unvarnished.

It is built all the way down to the shore in many places on the globe, and although floods come and go even in modern times, often with heavy rainfall and onshore winds, etc., then all this that occurs naturally is attributed to "man-made climate change".

The politicians say so. The authorities say so and the press says so.

So who was it that lowered the sea and let the land rise in our immediate areas and who may be letting the sea rise again?

And you can rhetorically also add here;

It couldn't have been the UN, the Storting, or the EU - because they weren't "invented" at the time, when, for example, the Stone Age people lived at Svinesund.

Some will here also hold a button on God, while still others will say that it is the relationship between the earth and the sun, the earth's tilt and rotation - which has controlled heat to cold - cold to heat, and the level of the sea, as well as that natural land uplift, is the cause exactly like this we see it in our own time.

Chief of Defence, Eirik Kristoffersen, was recently able to talk about both the climate threat and the nuclear threat at a conference organized by the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI). The defense chief used strong words when he made clear his confidence in Greta Thunberg's climate theories. PHOTO: (Claudio Bresciani/TT News Agency via AP)

Meanwhile in Norway

While we then see these wonderful discoveries in Greenland and can look out of the window just these days to see good snow or on the thermometer note really cold, even here I am sitting far south in Østfold, we can hear that our defense chief, Eirik Kristoffersen, has spoken about the climate threat and the nuclear threat at a conference organized by the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI).

The nuclear threat is hardly real with today's balance of power, but the chief of defense happily refers to the self-appointed climate prophet Greta Thunberg in her fear of the climate:

- There are no threats that are likely to be used that are worse than what is happening with the climate and the environment. It's an existential threat to our planet, and we don't take it to heart. We must apologize for that because we certainly did not do enough. And this requires radical measures, he says according to several Norwegian media.

The Chief of Defense says that climate and environmental developments will affect the entire security situation and that climate change will place new demands on the future security policy of the Armed Forces. He refers to climate change as a creeping threat that we have to take to heart.

- With this dystopian background, which I believe is completely real, I believe that there are also opportunities if we make the right choices and actually do something, and not just talk about it.

- I think we should listen to Greta Thunberg because she does not only represent herself. She represents an impatient generation that expects us to do something, and if we don't do something, then there will be serious challenges ahead, says Chief of Defense Kristoffersen according to several Norwegian media.

Money is no object

While we have the above-mentioned discoveries in Greenland and the sea level at Svinesund fresh in our minds, we shall think about money.

We must think about what all this climate hysteria is costing us in taxes, fees, green change, electrification of the continental shelf, destruction of land and sea with wind farms, electric cars, increased electricity prices, and partly absurd inventions from politicians, who, just like Chief of Defense Kristoffersen, believes that Greta Thunberg is sitting with the fascist answers to the climate issues.

The public sector is too poor to make climate and environmental requirements in its procurements says the Støre government. The government will now tighten the regulations so that the environment is always weighted by at least 30 percent in all public procurement.

It is climate and environment minister Espen Barth Eide and industry minister Jan Christian Vestre (two men in yellow), who have taken on the honorable task of conveying to the Norwegian people and the world in a press release, that "money is no object" for current government - just like the previous Erna Solberg government - as far as climate hysteria is concerned.

- The public sector plays an important role in the green shift. Last year, it bought public goods and services for NOK 650 billion. Where the public sector takes the lead, they contribute both to setting the standard and to promoting new and more sustainable industries, says climate and environment minister Espen Barth Eide, who wants to tighten up the regulations for public procurement.

- In the past year, I have visited companies all over the country that supply goods and services to municipalities, county councils and other public purchasers. Every time I hear that business wants stricter climate and environmental requirements. Therefore, the government will make such requirements a natural part of all procurements carried out, for example by weighting environmental considerations by at least 30 per cent and higher where relevant. In this way, the public sector can increase the demand for green goods and services, says Minister for Business Jan Christian Vestre.

This sounds expensive, and compared to the above-mentioned climate changes in Greenland and the sea level at Svinesund - not at all influenced by humans - it seems completely absurd that you and I who live in this country should have to live with such climate-hysterical politicians, authorities and the terrible propaganda press.

The Norwegian press, rarely or never asks critical questions about alleged climate change and its background.

Nor does the Norwegian press question the mental state of politicians and government officials or go into their own newsrooms and search themselves to find out whether massive and tendentious scare propaganda is being carried out or whether it is serious, scrutinizing and objective journalism that we are witnessing here, as far as climate is concerned.

None of the above, with a defense chief who puts his trust in Greta Thunberg or the expenses the Støre government will now impose on us via climate and environment minister Espen Barth-Eide and industry minister Jan Christian Vestre, could have happened, if the press had done the job his and really driven search for the actual conditions linked to the claims surrounding "man-made climate change".

Climate and Environment Minister Espen Barth-Eide and Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre want to tighten up the regulations for public procurement to become even greener, which most people realize will be terribly expensive for us here in Norway. Photo: Ministry of Climate and the Environment

This is how today's climate hysterics are removed

So how do you overcome the climate hysteria in the Storting, in the schools, in the ministries and in the Norwegian press, where no means are used to brainwash people into believing that it is CO2 that is the big, ugly wolf and that the above-mentioned relationship between the earth and the sun is not means especially, even though for millions of years we have seen this happen many times in the past, but which is now defined as "man-made climate change"?

  1. Choose new politicians, who do not suffer from climate hysteria
  2. With a sufficient majority in the Storting consisting of new and innovative politicians without climate fear - clean up the administration from basement to attic
  3. Cut press support and shut down/sell off NRK.

Let's start with the local elections next year, and give today's parliamentary parties a slap in the face!