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Ron DeSantis says no thanks to the World Economic Forum

Ron DeSantis says no thanks to the World Economic Forum
Florida's popular governor Ron DeSantis (R) will not cede power to either the WEF or the WHO. Screenshot YouTube

By: document.no - Erling Marthinsen   22 November 2022, 11:26

For some reason, Klaus Schwab was invited to the G20 meeting in Indonesia. There he gave a speech about an upcoming "deep systemic restructuring of our world".

Bond villain and WEF chief Schwab also said that the world will look different after this transformation, writes the Rair Foundation.

The Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen wrote on Twitter:

- They don't even hide it anymore. This is The Great Reset.

Imanuelsen is known under the nickname Peter Sweden and is considered by the mainstream media to be an extreme right-wing profile, which Imanuelsen himself denies.

Ron DeSantis, who has already said that Florida is the place where the woke to go to die, is clear and distinct in relation to the WEF. This was clarified in a comment from DeSantis' press secretary Bryan Griffin:

- Won't happen in Florida, Griffin tweeted .

Griffin referred to a statement by DeSantis in August.

- In Florida, we don't want the values ​​of Davos, we want the values ​​of Destin, Dunedin and DeFuniak Springs.

- The resolution adopted today will require Florida's fund managers to make good investments based on returns, not woke ideology. ESG is dead on arrival in Florida.

ESG (environmental, social, governance) is one of these guidelines that are imposed on companies, often as demands from authorities that have submitted to the ideology of the WEF and WHO.

Dissociated from WHO

In May 2022, DeSantis said that under no circumstances would he sign the WHO pandemic agreement.

- That's not going to happen, DeSantis said at the time .

He further said that the elites are in favor of a very harmful policy. Florida rejects these harmful measures, such as locking kids out of school. This is precisely why so many people want to move to Florida, DeSantis believed.

This agreement was happily signed by our authorities when our health minister Ingvild Kjerkol left Norwegian health policy to the WHO's control without hesitation. Through the agreement, the WHO gains the power to override national governments and parliaments and issue global directives during pandemics or in preparation for a possible pandemic.

DeSantis is sailing up as a possible presidential candidate in 2024, and it could therefore end up with a battle between Donald Trump and DeSantis.

Florida's governor has been far more outspoken than Trump when it comes to both the WEF and the WHO, which could work to DeSantis' advantage.

Still, most people expect Trump to be the Republican candidate in 2024. DeSantis will probably be a highly topical candidate in 2028 anyway.