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Satanism and pedophilia go hand in hand

Satanism and pedophilia go hand in hand

Satanism and pedophilia go hand in hand


Satanism and pedophilia is a very dark topics, but still extremely important to shed light on. There is indisputable ritual abuse of children all over the world, on a large scale. Here you will get witness statements from survivors, relatives, and investigators.

Ritual abuse and sacrifice of children have been going on for at least 5,000 years, with various "civilizations" worshiping Satan (under various names). This tradition still continues to this day, but in secret, through secret networks. The vast majority are of the opinion that sexual and satanic abuse of children takes place down in a madman's basement, that it is rare and that the person responsible will eventually be exposed.

But that is not the case. They take place in all walks of life, right up to presidential and monarch levels. There are even established towns of their own, where most of the townspeople conduct satanic orgies with children - boys and girls - of all ages, who are tortured, sexually abused, sold, rented out, killed, bled, or eaten.

But Satan does not exist, which is perhaps a counter-argument for some. Well, then it is enough to say that some people believe the opposite, and these live by this conviction, and it creates ripple effects, not only for abusers and the victims but the WHOLE society and the WHOLE world indirectly. When you are in a society, it is everyone's duty to get involved in matters and stop this, because if it is not stopped, these atrocities will eventually affect everyone - directly.

It must be added that not all Satanists are pedophiles, and not all pedophiles are Satanists.

Although all of these films are foreign, it can be determined with considerable certainty that similar activities also take place in Norway, at least that Norwegian citizens have participated in such actions.

Before you start watching the documentaries and lectures, you MUST steel yourself mentally, as both images and descriptions of the events can be very uncomfortable and frightening. Be warned that what's to come will get worse and worse with each film. Based on experience, it is strongly recommended that this be seen together with at least one other adult, as "debriefing" afterward is necessary. This is probably the most unpleasant thing that has ever been published in the News Mirror, and those who reject these testimonies are probably part of the "system".

Traumatic experiences can hardly be expressed through words. Fiona Barnett shows what adults did to her and other children.

Let's start with Dr. Phil, who on this show has "Kendall" as a client. Her story begins when she was sold as a small child by her parents, whom she has not seen since. Kendall's story is full of violence, abuse, rape and threats by several men (the program was removed from youtube just before the publication of this article, but here the introduction can be seen https://youtu.be/XPugTAuQqB0 ): https://youtu. be/HJNrzYHE-2s

Ted Gunderson, former FBI chief in Los Angeles, opens this talk, where Brice Taylor then tells his story as an MK Ultra slave, about sex abuse, rituals and torture https://youtu.be/Cb3KTQyP3zE

For those who want more and more thorough background material, this lecture with Ted Gunderson, who worked for many years after retiring in the field of organized sexual abuse and satanic rituals, is recommended. What did he find out in his investigation, part 1 of 2? https://youtu.be/gLEFBIqKufg

British Helen has a total of 7 different personalities, 6 of them are children. How did she get this? What happened to her, asks the friend, who made this documentary film. https://youtu.be/G4YkqZ9Qi-Y

The TV program "Devil Worship - exposing Satan's underground", with the famous TV host Geraldo Rivera, begins with violent heavy rockers inspired by song lyrics but ends with gross abuse by someone completely different

"Conspiracy of Silence" is a documentary film made for the Discovery Channel, but was removed from the scheduled broadcast a few hours before the film was to be broadcast. The reason is that it reveals that powerful people handle and abuse children.

Cathy O'Brien was born into the so-called Illuminati system, defected, and here produces her horrific story of pedophilia, abuse, and Satanism.

Vicky Ash's first memories of abuse were at the age of 3-4, when she was hypnotized and drugged, performed oral sex, and was branded, by people wearing cloaks in dark rooms, all in honor of Satan. She was photographed naked and rewarded with an extra large bar of chocolate if she was good, or "star of the show", as the abusers called it (This documentary was removed just before publication, but her name and testimony are still searchable).

Jay Parker was also born into the Illuminati system, where both parents were high up. You can hear about his childhood, characterized by torture, sexual abuse, Satan worship, and sacrifices here:

Fiona Barnett from Australia has a history as a child filled with fear and pain, sexual abuse and Satanism. She also experienced the Bohemian Grove, where children were hunted and sacrificed during the "Bear hunt", as well as satisfying, among other things, the then President Nixon.

David Shurter was, after manipulation, born 6/12 '66 at 6:06, and raised as the anti-Christ, where small children were sacrificed before him. Besides that, his upbringing was characterized by gross violence and sexual abuse from his parents, who David believes was part of "The Finders".

The nun Charlotte's testimony tells of extensive sexual abuse and satanic rituals within the Catholic Church. She was subjected to medieval torture and witnessed nuns being killed and infants, born to nuns after being raped by Catholic priests, suffocated a few hours after birth.

Antony Kidman, with the not-unknown Hollywood daughter Nicole, are, according to Barnett's testimony, two of several abusers.

This is a historical review of certain "Jewish" sacrifices of children to Baal. The majority of child victims are random "goyim". The children are stabbed with spikes, their genitals cut off and drained of blood before the body is dumped in a random location. There are no reports of sexual abuse during the rites. https://youtu.be/Ura0PB_sfos

In this German documentary we meet three French children who have been exposed to the most grotesque things, from violence and rape, to witnessing the dismemberment of body parts and cannibalism, carried out by fathers, grandfathers and other men, in a network across national borders. The authorities drop the cases, despite massive evidence. https://youtu.be/fmC4pDlktB4

British Theresa can tell "60 minutes" about brutal abuse and traumatization from Lucifer cultivators, who made her pregnant for the first time at the age of 11, and later forced her to eat the fetus. https://youtu.be/72OznY9ByZo

French "Pierre" and "Marie", two children, draw and tell about their horrific experiences, about rituals, torture, threats, rape and cutting off arms and legs: https://youtu.be/98vFmvHCgMY

Nederlandsche Toos' nightmare begins at the age of four when she was subjected to torture and rape by both parents and grandparents. Later, insane sexual sadism followed, carried out by a number of people, including Bilderberg's founder and Nazi Prince Bernhard.

"Needles passed close to the eyes to make us think they were going to poke our eyes out"

Why? Why can something perform such grotesque acts is often the question asked. The reasons are several. Control over victims is the most obvious. People under such brain control are very easy to manipulate and control, in other words, they do as ordered, often without even knowing they are doing it. The second is that these actions are filmed, where the films are sold at a high price and generate good income. As a side effect, the films are also used as a means of pressuring the abusers. The third is that the victims, under extreme stress, release endorphins, and when the blood from the victims is then drunk, this triggers a "kick".

Those who want to delve more into this or need more proof just search the internet for "satanism pedophilia", "pizzagate" or "MK Ultra satanic victim".


In Norway, the police have carried out "Operation Dark Room", where at least 51 people have been arrested (so far) in what is described as a child pornography ring. This case was mentioned in some online newspapers in the USA but was later removed, even the digital archives were tried to be deleted:

In the United States, more than 2,000 people have been arrested for pedophilia so far this year, which is more than the total number during Obama's entire eight-year term as president. The strange thing is that the mass media neither in the USA nor in Norway have mentioned this. Why? Here is from the press conference in Los Angeles where several hundred were arrested and 30 children were released from captivity:

As this is a very serious and important topic, the article is allowed to be published on other websites.

How to combat this? Besides spreading this article, each and every one of us must say a prayer every day, that these abusers, their backers, protectors, and facilitators are arrested and punished. When enough people do it, miracles will happen.

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