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'Our own United Kingdom is now a laughing stock'

'Our own United Kingdom is now a laughing stock'
'Reform UK has a simple vision and we know how to do it. Let’s make Britain great.' (Image: Getty)

By Daily Express - RICHARD TICE - Sat, Oct 22, 2022

RICHARD TICE'S damning analysis

There is so much to love about Italy, its way of life and amazing people, the fantastic food, the wonderful wine, the history, the fashion, and the cars. However, few love or admire their political record, which is often viewed as a laughing stock of revolving door prime ministers.

Our own United Kingdom is now a similar laughing stock. We are now on as many prime ministers in the last six years as Italy, the difference being all of ours are from one Conservative party, which is in reality an ungovernable cabal of power-hungry factions. The Tories have gone from a reputation of being the financially grown-up competent party of power to being a shadow of itself, slowly rotting from within.

It’s quite something when the Labour party is the one many feels are more competent and the more serious of the two main parties.

Anything could happen over the next few days in the Tory party game of thrones. But this is not a game.

People are suffering financially due to their actions and incompetence. The country has been humiliated on multiple occasions on the international stage. Imagine being a shareholder in a very well-known company of 200 years standing, with 360 people, who has just fired its CEO for multiple faults including a very difficult relationship with the truth and who leaves in some disgrace.

It happens. A new CEO is appointed, from within, tasked with taking it forwards. The company has been struggling, with customers leaving to go to its main competitor. The new CEO tries but fails in short order, having had the right ideas but badly implemented them.

I have never heard of the company going back cap in hand, asking for the discredited CEO to be reappointed.

The idea that there is no one else, from within the 360-strong team, who can do as well or better is absurd and ridiculous. Unless they had a policy of only employing woefully useless people.

Who cares, you say, what happens in a private company? Does it matter? Yes, because this company is running and ruining our country, which affects all of us. Incredibly, the Tories are possibly going to do exactly this.

Their former boss, Boris Johnson, could be reappointed in the next few days, ahead of the former Chancellor Rishi Sunak who triggered this shambles when he submitted his resignation letter just minutes after the former Health Secretary. Even those of us who live and breathe politics are struggling to remember all the recent holders of the big offices of state.

This is a farcical situation.

Shareholders would remove a board of directors playing such ridiculous games with their money. We all have a stake in the success of our country and the damage done by this Tory chaos to our own finances, the wealth of the nation, and our reputation is massive. We deserve a say in how to take matters forward.

This means we deserve a general election now. We deserve a fair electoral system where every vote counts and no vote is a wasted vote. We deserve proportional representation. People want real leadership with a bold vision.

Reform UK has a simple vision and we know how to do it. Let’s make Britain great...

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The New York Times

Rishi Sunak is set to become Britain’s prime minister, the first nonwhite person in the role. He’ll face urgent economic issues.
Monday, October 24, 2022 9:19 AM ET

Mr. Sunak’s only remaining rival, Penny Mordaunt, dropped out of the race on Monday afternoon, saying, “We all owe it to the country, to each other, and to Rishi to unite.”

THIS CAN NOT BE POSSIBLE? (see video below)