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Brazil: Bolsonaro struck back - a new election is needed on 30 October.

Brazil: Bolsonaro struck back - a new election is needed on 30 October.
Jubilant supporters of Brazil's incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro celebrated the news that Bolsonaro was able to force a new round of presidential elections against socialist and ex-president Lula da Silva. Many polls predicted that da Silva would win by a landslide. Photo: Ton Molina / AP / NTB

Document.no - By: Geir Furuseth   3 October 2022, 07:06

The pollsters and pundits were wrong when they predicted that Brazil's incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro would be beaten out by his predecessor, the socialist Lula da Silva. Lula received 48 percent of the vote, and Bolsonaro 43 percent, which means a new round of elections on 30 October.

Results from the presidential election after 99.98 percent of the votes had been counted. Screenshot: Brazil's Electoral Commission

Big surprise

The latest polls from one of Brazil's largest polling institutes, Datafolha, showed that da Silva would get over 50 percent of the vote and that he was likely to get 14 percent more than Bolsonaro,

Recent opinion polls have given da Silva a commanding lead — the last Datafolha survey published Saturday found a 50% to 36% advantage for da Silva among those who intended to vote. It interviewed 12,800 people, with a margin of error of two percentage points. (NPR)

Bolsonaro outperformed in Brazil’s southeast region, which includes highly populous Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais states, according to Rafael Cortez, who oversees political risk at consultancy Tendencias Consultoria.

“The polls didn’t capture that growth,” he said. “It leaves a bitter taste for the left, if we consider what the polls were showing.”

Bolsonaro and allies have repeatedly cast doubt on the reliability of pollsters like Datafolha, and pointed instead to his street rallies with great turnouts.

Bolsonaro did strongly in Brazil's southeast region, which includes highly populous Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, according to Rafael Cortez, an analyst with Tendencias Consultoria.

- The opinion polls did not capture that growth, he said. - It leaves a bitter taste for the left, if we consider what the opinion polls showed.

Bolsonaro and allies have repeatedly cast doubt on the reliability of pollsters such as Datafolha, pointing instead to his street rallies, in which large crowds have participated. ( WNYT/AP )

Compared to Trump

Bolsonaro has been compared by many, and not in a positive sense, to former US President Donald Trump, who still gathers large crowds at his rallies. State broadcasters in Norway are among those who have most frequently drawn this comparison.

Photo montage of Bolsonaro holding Trump's hairstyle over his head. Screenshot: NRK

The experts were also wrong when it came to the fear of unrest in connection with the election. The elections went smoothly.

The socialists lost

The right-wing in Brazil, not just President Bolsonaro, made a surprisingly good choice.

The right’s positive night extended to races for governorships and congressional seats, especially candidates with Bolsonaro’s blessing. His former infrastructure minister surprised by finishing first in the race to govern Sao Paulo. The governor of Rio de Janeiro, an ally, vanquished his opponent to win reelection outright.

Sergio Moro, the former judge who temporarily jailed da Silva and was Bolsonaro former justice minister, defied polls to win a Senate seat.

Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party will surpass da Silva’s Workers’ Party to become the biggest in the Senate. In the Lower House, Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party and the coalition led by da Silva’s Workers’ Party will be the chamber’s two largest forces.

The right-wing's positive night also applied to the gubernatorial and congressional elections, especially for candidates with Bolsonaro's blessing. His former infrastructure minister surprised by being re-elected without the need for a re-election.

Sergio Moro, the former judge who temporarily jailed da Silva and was Bolsonaro's former justice minister, defied the polls and won a seat in the Senate.

Bolsonaro's Liberal Party will surpass Da Silva's Labor Party and become the largest in the Senate. In the lower house, Bolsonaro's Liberal Party and the coalition led by da Silva's Workers' Party will be the chamber's two largest. ( WNYT )

Brazil’s Bolsonaro and the right outperform, defying polls (WNYT / AP)

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