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If Florida Patriots do not vigorously prosecute the Hurricane IAN geo-terrorists for crimes against humanity, then the American Republic is lost forever!

If Florida Patriots do not vigorously prosecute the Hurricane IAN geo-terrorists for crimes against humanity, then the American Republic is lost forever!
Utter devastation in southwest Florida left in the wake of the manmade superstorm—Hurricane Ian

Posted on October 2, 2022, by State of the Nation

Exactly who are the co-conspirators who colluded with the NWO geoengineers?

This long established conspiracy network includes the National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the White House, the entire Mainstream Media, as well as the State, County & Municipal Governments and Local Law Enforcement Agencies where the ‘natural disaster’ is perpetrated.
(Source: Literally THOUSANDS have died from Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida. but no official channel will say so)

Now, here’s the extremely nefarious and stealthy MO that’s routinely employed by the top operational decision-makers behind this genocidal weather warfare:

Deliberately False Hurricane Ian Forecasts Set Up South Florida For Massive Death Toll Which Will Go Unreported As Always

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Formation of a Citizens Commission for the Criminal Investigation of the US Government-Directed Geoterrorist Operation Against Florida—Hurricane Ian


Countless Floridians are now aware of the indisputable fact that Hurricane Ian was technologically manipulated to both intensify and steer the superstorm directly into the preselected target of southwest Florida.

There is now a rapidly growing body of scientific proof and hard evidence with confirms that Hurricane Ian was meticulously geoengineered from its very inception until it was slammed into the Florida coastline.

An evidentiary database is now being created which will serve as a repository of all submitted evidence — scientific, physical, circumstantial, forensic, digital, testimonial, and anecdotal — which will be evaluated in terms of meeting the necessary legal standards to convene a citizen grand jury.

Former employees of the various colluding alphabet soup agencies and deep insiders within the U.S. Intelligence Community are encouraged to anonymously submit their secret reports.  Only one whistleblower is needed to forever expose the highly organized network of covert weather warfare programs and departments operating within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Until a substantive and authoritative “Bill of Particulars” can be formulated in order to issue a formal Citizen’s Indictment, the citizen's commission will expeditiously proceed with its critical work.  The ultimate purpose of finalizing such an indictment will be to submit the official legal document to the Florida Attorney General’s office for their review, consideration, and action.  After all, we are dealing with actionable criminal offenses of the highest order—genocide and crimes against humanity, among many others.

The single best way to quickly and efficiently accomplish the forgoing legal initiatives is to establish a citizens commission staffed with competent and knowledgeable volunteers.  Contact info and other pertinent information will be posted on this page as the vital details are decided and finalized.  Until then, the following email address can be used only to correspond regarding this advocacy project: IanEvidence@protonmail.com

This announcement serves as a call to action to any individual who feels qualified to serve on this “Citizens Commission for the Criminal Investigation of the US Government-Directed Geoterrorist Operation Against Florida—Hurricane Ian“.

HURRICANE IAN: A Capital Crime Spree of Geoterrorism


The deliberate destruction of billions of dollars of private property, commercial real estate, and government infrastructure throughout the state of Florida via the geoengineered weather weapon known as Hurricane Ian.  The malicious intent is to kill and/or injure as many residents of Florida as possible via said weapon.  

The premeditated scheme to inflict as much damage to resident-owned businesses statewide in order to collapse Florida’s vibrant economy using exceedingly powerful weather weaponry.  The stealthy disruption of Florida’s I-4 corridor in order to create sufficient chaos and confusion with the explicit objective of stealing the 2022 midterm elections by the Democrats, especially the governor’s race.  

The purposeful ruination of vast areas of the state slowed the migration of Republicans and Libertarians, Christians and Conservatives, Patriots and Populists, Tea Partiers, and Constitutionalists into Florida.  The purposeful devastation of Florida’s agricultural economy, the second largest contributor to the state’s GSP.  The calculated driving up of housing costs and living expenses, such as homeowners insurance, occurs with every superstorm guided over the state by the geo-terrorists.

HARD PROOF Confirms Florida Was Just Attacked By Geoterrorists Using A Weaponized Weather System (Video)

Conclusive Evidence of Weather Manipulation Used to Greatly Intensify Hurricane Ian by Geoengineers (Video)

Editors Comments:

*Follow the WEF trail to Switzerland to discover the Khazarian Mafia hiding behind Klaus Schwab and his cohorts. The US and its people have nothing to do with the disasters caused to the ordinary people of the Earth.

It is the Khazarian Mob that is presently using Ukraine as a battlefield to destroy both the US as well as the world's economy and human subsistence. The participants get temporary awards but they must remember: The Devil shows no gratitude. When your usefulness is over you will be cast into the abyss as a traitor!

The Khazarian Mob has once again constructed an intricate web, whose aim is to destroy the world's economy by setting people up against each other, blocking each other's supply chains, and leaving just death and ruins. As a consequence, the world is now facing life-threatening price rises of both electricity and gas.

What everybody must be aware of is that this is not a war to prevent Putin from occupying Ukraine, but an attempt by the evil Khazarian Jews/WEF/NATO to control yet another country in their growing New World Order. They are simply using Ukraine as a battlefield. Their plan is to destroy totally the world's economy and turn the population into slaves.

Like the Freemasons, they have also life-threatening rules in their membership, one being REVENGE, 10 times harder than was ever perpetrated on them.

Russia in particular, in the past, has expelled the Khazars several times. I have 20 detailed articles in book format on the Khazarian Jews if anybody is interested in further information.

Putin, and earlier also Trump, are the ONLY Presidents who have enough guts to see what they are attempting to do to the world population and have sufficient courage to do something about it.



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WHO and WHAT is behind it all? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.

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