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Have hope, precious people of the world.

Have hope, precious people of the world.

StopWorldControl - 14 September 2022

Your efforts, prayers, and tears are not in vain. Your voice is heard, more than you are aware of. The situation may still get very ugly for a while, as the globalist criminals are desperately trying to force their plans, making one mistake after the other. A monster that is panicking, can do a lot of damage before it dies. We have to be strong in faith, hope, and love and help one another. Be a source of support for others, in any way you can.

We may see some hard times, but if we stand strong in faith that sees BEYOND the mountains of trouble, we will come through as better people. Because when we keep our faith, hope, and love during hard times, it builds our character and makes us people with more strength and vision, who can do phenomenal things.

So hang in there. No matter how huge and intimidating this worldwide ‘tower of Babel’ may look, as the globalists build their mastodon of the New World Order - that blocks the sun for humanity and wants all to live in its chilling shade - we see how it is wobbling to and fro already, cracking at the very foundation. The winds of truth are blowing harder and harder. The giant is falling, and all who are with him…

We must keep spreading the truth in any way we can. That’s why in the next emails I will outline the plans for world domination in a crystal clear way, as a tool that you can use to open the eyes of other people.
The real attack is deception

What we have to understand, above all, is that humanity is not being attacked by a virus or a vaccine. The real attack is deception. If the lies about the virus and the vaccines would be exposed, this whole attack would be over.

The threat is not a disease, and neither are the injections. The threat is the lies in the minds of humanity that make the other things possible.
Once we tear down the lies, no illness or injection poses a threat anymore, as people will no longer fall for it.

It’s the worldwide assault of massive deception through news media and government propaganda that is attacking the world. Our answer that liberates humanity is the truth. We have to tear down this stronghold of mind control, and then the world will be liberated.

That’s why I ask you with all my heart to please do something crazy and wild. For example printing many thousands of flyers, cards, posters, or reports, and distributing them. Place ads in newspapers. Make radio commercials that tell people about StopWorldControl.com
Do some effort. Do something wild.

I am looking for people who will take the Vaccine Death Report , and/or the Grand Jury Evidence

print thousands of copies through an online printing service, and simply distribute them throughout their town.

I am looking for people who will dedicate themselves to finding all the email addresses of the local and national law enforcement, mayors, commissioners, school directors, etc., and email them a polite, short letter with the Vaccine Death Report or the Grand Jury Evidence. Or even better: mail them a printed copy of these reports, so they can see it right away, and be shaken wide awake.

I am looking for people who will send these reports to all medical doctors, health centers, hospitals, etc. in their town, county, or even nation.
People who will go a second, third, fourth, and even fifth mile to wake up the world.

If you can support Stop Word Control, then please do so, as we desperately need it! We are not paid by wealthy criminals, like the corrupt news media who are deceiving humanity. We depend on folks like you, who will help us show the world the truth that will save all of us, from the death grip of deception. Use this link to donate. Thank you!

Let’s be this sound of truth and liberation.
Together we will witness the downfall of the New World Order and enter a new era for this world.

Stop World Control

THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT – Millions Have Died From The Injections

Scientific evidence that millions have died from the covid injections and billions may lose their lives. Full evidence-based report.

This is why the New World Order
is doomed to fail.

StopWorldControl - 14 September 2022

There is no doubt that the criminal New World Order that is being established all around us, will come crashing down on the heads of those who built it.

There are universal, eternal, and unshakable principles in our world, that cannot be changed - ever. One of these timeless principles is very simple:
The strength of any building is its foundation. A building with a bad foundation will always collapse under pressure.

The New World Order is like a massive building, that is being erected around the world. It’s the largest construction ever to be made. Seeing it, can be intimidating, as it is so huge, and involves all the governments of the world, collaborating in the erecting of this giant New World Order of unprecedented tyranny. Witnessing this massive system all over the world is very scary for many people. But there is wonderful news…

The foundation of this New World Order is as shaky and wobbly as can be, which means it will surely come crashing down. Because, what is its foundation? The most exposed hoax of all time: C0VID! Hundreds of millions of the world’s population - among whom are the most intelligent, the bravest, most creative, and caring of all of humanity - are fully aware that C0VID is a criminal operation.

Abundant evidence that this has been planned can be seen in this in-depth evidence report: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/proof ()
Countless lawyers, journalists, scientists, police officers, good politicians, physicians, nurses, and so many more brave, educated people all know that C0VID is a criminal master plan.

More and more evidence is being revealed every day, more and more whistleblowers are coming forward, and more and more people are seeing that C0VID is an organized crime against humanity.

Our WorldFreedomDirectory shows over 650 different organizations all over the world, that knows it is a scam, and they are fighting to expose it. And all of this is just the beginning of a worldwide awakening of incomprehensible proportions. This is good news for all of us because if we see that this massive hoax is being exposed like nothing has ever been exposed before in all of history, and we know that this exposed lie is the very foundation of the New World Order then we can rest assured that the NWO will come crashing down.

Its base is the shakiest, wobbliest, and most cracked foundation anyone can imagine. Its downfall is therefore inevitable, according to unchanging, universal principles.

The New World Order lacks any and all substance

A second reason why the New World Order will fail is that it has no substance to it. It is entirely based on illusions, propagated by the media. There is no power in it. Because it lacks substance, it must survive by trying to suppress that which is substantial: actual science, true medical data, reliable studies, hard-core reality, whistleblower testimonies, genuine experiences of humanity, etc. Illusions are blown up as a massive balloons, in order to hide very powerful realities. This cannot last.

Suppressing truth works for a time, until the force of reality breaks through and shatters the lies of deception. That’s why there is HOPE. Beautiful and unshakable hope. Everything else the globalist criminals are attempting will be exposed immediately by the hundreds of millions of people who woke up during the first pandemic. Whether it is weather warfare (labeled “climate change”), shortages of food and gas, energy crisis, economic collapse, cyber pandemics, alien invasions, asteroid impacts, etc.

They will pull all their tricks, but it’s all built upon the massively exposed lie of C0VID, which is the bedrock for everything else they will try.
The wicked are falling in their own traps, they are slain with their own weapons, they are digging their own grave, and they are ensnared in their own nets.

Stop World Control

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano warns humanity of the New World Order and calls for international resistance against this world tyranny.

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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.

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