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Ukraine Takes Back Control of Key City, Forcing Humiliating Russian Retreat

Ukraine Takes Back Control of Key City, Forcing Humiliating Russian Retreat

The Daily Beast - Updated Sep. 10, 2022, 12:15 PM

Russian troops were dealt a crushing blow as they were forced to leave their stronghold in the city of Ilium.

Ukrainian forces have taken down Russian troops’ stronghold in Izium, the city’s mayor has announced. TASS, a Russian News Agency, also reported the news, saying that “a decision was made to regroup Russian troops” from the Izium area to “build up efforts in the Donetsk region” instead.

The city’s mayor, Valeriy Marchenko, has been in contact with police and emergency services to clear any hazards so that residents may return. “Izium was liberated today,” Marchenko told the New York Times.

Russia’s forces sieged Izium nearly six months ago, and now the country has confirmed that all forces have now been pulled from the northeastern Ukrainian city. The new Ukrainian stronghold marks a more rapid expansion into the northeast, a foray into the beginning of a new phase in the ongoing war.

But Russia’s Ministry of Defense is staging this loss as a preplanned move, claiming that they pulled out to strengthen their forces in the eastern area of Ukraine. Ilium, a key railway spot that was seized by Russia back in March, is an incredibly important turning point in the war. It’s currently unclear whether or not Russia will return to the northeastern hub to regain control at a later date.

The Russian Federation published a video of the transfer of troops now heading in the direction of Kharkiv. "In order to prevent damage to Russian troops, a powerful fire defeat was inflicted on the enemy using aviation, missile troops, and artillery," Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov added.

The Russian army began showing signs of withdrawal on Friday night. “Yesterday evening, Russians put a white flag nearby the railway station,” Yevhen, a Ukrainian officer, told the New York Times. “There was street fighting all over the night.”

Russia’s loss in Izium, paired with their massive failure to take control of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, makes for a chief, much-needed win for the Ukrainian army. Still, Ukrainians fear the bitter cold winter months of the war that lie ahead.

Fletcher Peters

Reporter - The Daily Beast

MOSCOW, 10 September. /TASS/.

The Russian Armed Forces destroyed up to 300 Ukrainian soldiers in the area of ​​Balakliya, Chuguev, and Rai-Aleksandrovka

© Russian Ministry of Defense

According to the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov, the command post of the 54th mechanized brigade was also destroyed near the village of Ray-Aleksandrovka in the DPR

The Aerospace Forces of Russia (VKS) hit the headquarters of the fifth brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, the points of deployment of the brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU), and the national formation "Kraken" in the Balakliya and Chuguev regions with precision-guided strikes. This was announced to journalists on Saturday by the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov.

"The high-precision weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit the headquarters of the 5th brigade of the national guard of Ukraine, the temporary deployment points of the units of the 92nd mechanized brigade, and the Kraken nationalist formation in the Balakliya and Chuguev districts of the Kharkiv region," Konashenkov said.

According to the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the command post of the 54th mechanized brigade was also destroyed near the village of Ray-Aleksandrovka in the DPR. "Up to 300 Ukrainian servicemen and up to 15 units of military equipment were destroyed," he added.

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Editors Comments:

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