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Several media now mention this new trend in this country. Yes, it has become a trend. Running around with knives, machetes, and sharp-edged weapons. I don't want to claim that this trend is exactly new, it's not cool in my eyes either. I hadn't even had my moving luggage sent down to the southeast from northern Norway before I stood with a knife to my throat in Oslo East after attending an intimate concert and book reading in one of the city's nightclubs. Five non-Norwegian boys. According to some, it is racist to tell.

Just before the summer holidays this year, in mid-June, two 18-year-olds ran around the schoolyard at Hellerud High School with a machete, two folding knives, and a loaded revolver. The plan was to hurt/kill someone. From there, there have been "hits" after "hits", more often than ever. In recent weeks, we are talking about 1-3 attacks with a knife every day.

Link: « What is a machete? »

This week two young men stabbed each other at Furuset in Oslo. The one 18-year-old man has not previously been punished for a serious crime, it is reported, so he has been punished for a crime, but not seriously. The definition of serious is debatable. But the 23-year-old has previously been convicted of stabbing a man in the stomach.

Yes, that must be considered a serious crime, right? Recently, this same 23-year-old poured boiling water over the back of a fellow inmate in prison, and in the summer of 2020, he threatened a bartender at Grønland in Oslo with a knife. Yes, and yet he toddled free in our streets to continue. Surely it would have been considered racist to ensure that this man was not given more opportunities to destroy more lives, or potentially, kill someone?

Over several years, the police have arrested a sea of ​​young men who carry knives. More and more often. In total, the Oslo police have tweeted about knife incidents 28 times since mid-June, i.e. after the incident in the schoolyard in Hellerud where two young people ran around with a knife and machete at the high school where they had plans to injure, potentially kill someone. It has also emerged that these tweets are only a small part of all the incidents. It is a statement from the police themselves.

As mentioned, there has been an increase in the number of young people who are reported for carrying knives and other weapons from 2015 to 2021. 2020 was the peak year in the period with 203 reports of young people between the ages of 10 and 22 carrying knives and other weapons, while in 2021 were 171 reviews in this age group. We can already see that 2022 will overtake these. And this is actually what our politicians and the population want and want. How can I claim that?

Yes, I can tell you that. When Norwegians themselves throw out ugly characteristics and claim that anyone who informs and sheds light on the problem spreads xenophobia and is racist, when Norwegians themselves say that "50 is not enough", then there will be more. When you ask for more, you get more, isn't that logical, don't you think? At least that's what I think. "Damn, we want to help, we want to be so good and kind" and all that. Who benefits from this kindness and goodness? Whose? Whose?? How the hell… can you claim that this is being kind and good? Damn it!!

Ignorance? Should one blame ignorance? It will be too stupid. Here the tyrants of goodness stand to gag anyone who puts facts on the table, Carl I Hagen, Sylvi Listhaug, Hege Storhaug, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, Ellen Due Brynjulfsen, Anna Bråthen, Lars Thorsen to name a few of many more, all of whom have been exposed for blood-red hate activism where they are threatened with their lives and are drowned in noise when they try to open people's eyes with their public information, stands, and statements.

I read an article yesterday in which Sandefjord's politicians from the Labor Party and otherwise red-blooded including the Conservative Party encourage people not to go and listen to Sian when they are going to carry out public information in the square there on 1 October. They are therefore at the expense of the municipality, and taxpayers, with various other events, including "activities and fun" in the Swimming Park.

This is the same as was done in Drammen earlier this year where free concerts were held. The politicians say frankly that they intend that public information will fall on deaf ears. One should not listen, not know, not broaden the perspective,  long live ignorance!

I notice that those who speak out against public information on this topic are people who do not move around in the cities, these post statuses on social media where they drive from a to b, go on fishing trips and go for walks in the forest. Recently I read a post from a local politician who writes, why should one travel around and see the world when we can go for a walk in the forest?

In other words, representatives who both make themselves blind and deaf. Great, you can see how much these people care about the rest of us who live in other parts of the country, us who live in the cities and towns where "50 is not enough".

According to a report from the Oslo district court, which applies to sentences against children under 18, four were convicted of attempted murder last year. So four minors were convicted of attempted murder. The report also states that knives and machetes were used in 29 out of 57 cases of violence and robbery decided by the district court against these children. Note that these are only cases that have come to court, a fraction of all actual incidents!!

Do you know what the main category is when it comes to violence among young people in Norway? There are robberies committed by several boys with a minority background against one or two ethnic Norwegian boys. In other words, immigrant gangs, or gangs with an immigrant background put the knife to your son's throat on the way to or from school, work or training.

He beats, he robs and what's worse... wasn't that YOUR son? No, but it's coming. If not your son, then it will be your grandson. If you don't start to become a little more enlightened, put your foot down and vote out incompetent politicians and unreasonable immigration and integration policies.

Arguments that are made when immigrants stab, set cars on fire, rob and beat up children and young people, inflict physical violence on teachers, shoot wildly around in the streets, assault and rape girls and women, that this is due to racism from the ethnically Norwegian population! That the reason for this is discrimination, cramped living conditions, and few leisure clubs!! Therefore, we have to make more arrangements, give them more money, offer more leisure activities and take in more immigrants so that they feel more at home. And we need to build more mosques so they can safeguard their culture!! This is completely brain-dead!!!

When people write "50 is not enough" on social media and post profile pictures on Facebook with the same text, why not also write "50 stabbings is not enough", why not just be honest? Go ahead with "500 is not enough" or "5000 is not enough" when you first start!! Damn it, why not get it decided that everyone can be given knives and machetes at NAV? We know that immigrants in Kvinesdal have been given free membership in the local pistol club there, NAV took the bill!!

On Monday this week, just before the stabbings at Furuset, two men each pulled out a knife during a confrontation between two groups at Tveita. And so it is now every day up to three times a day, knife, machete, machete, knife, knife, knife, machete, knife, machete, firearm, sharp object, knife, machete, machete, knife, knife, knife, machete, knife, machete, firearm, sharp object, knife, machete, machete, knife, knife, knife, machete, knife, machete, firearm, sharp object, knife, machete, knife. They must have leisure activities, poor people!!

A significant case that describes the consequences of the dangerous knife trend took place in front of the Monolith in Vigelandsparken last summer. Then a young man slashed two other men with a machete, in the chest and shoulder. It wasn't your husband, nephew, or son who was ruined for life? No.. then it doesn't matter? Then we let it wash and go a little longer then? The one who is on trial right now as I write this, the one who raped that 15-year-old girl? Not your daughter, not your granddaughter? So then it doesn't matter?

A particular challenge in Oslo is so-called "particularly active" young offenders. In 2021, there were 194 such, according to a report from Oslo municipality and the Oslo police district. In other words, in the capital alone there are hundreds of dangerous repeat criminals who do not hesitate to rob you, stab you, or rape your daughter. It is naive to think that these 194 documented cases are anything other than the one feather in the henhouse.

The same report states that over 75 percent of those mentioned are immigrants and people with an immigrant background. Same shit, same wrapping!!

Sarah Gaulin, general manager of LIM (Equality, Integration, Diversity), and leader of Søndre Nordstrand Arbeiderparti knows well the knife challenges in Oslo East. Quote: "It is a tremendous increase and a development we have feared for a long time," She says she is reacting to the fact that so little is being done about the serious situation. Why do you think things are so bad in Oslo East? What is the common thread? The common denominator?

So, considering how I myself experienced Oslo East when I thought of moving there 16-17 years ago and lived there for a few months, I don't dare think about what it's like there now. Don't go there alone. And will NEVER move there after the sun has gone down! People who don't move more in society than walk in Tjeldundet, Farnes, Surnadal, Dokka, municipal buildings, the Storting, or the forest in Hokksund don't understand that.

They just don't want to, as long as it's not their sons or daughters.. but as I said, it will come. As Sarah Gaulin says, "it's a tremendous increase." Feel free to emphasize violence and add some machetes, it will be your neighborhood if you don't react!

In our local areas here in Drammen, the gangs have now taken over the shopping centers with machetes, now it's not just the buses, schools and streets. I point out that all information in this post is given as documented facts. People have their own ability to disagree with me, but to disagree with me on facts is too stupid. Is the earth flat? Are you a conspiracy theorist?

Those who are supposed to look after our capital repeat and repeat that Oslo is to be considered a safe city. We see and know the opposite, they explain this away with "but at times there can be greater unrest in certain environments". It's all bullshit, Oslo is certainly not a safe city. Anyone cannot just go to Oslo and move freely there. If you are not known there, they will see it, and then they will come.

Am I spreading xenophobia you say? It's not me who jumps at people with a knife, I've experienced it, and I don't wish it on anyone, so I'm telling you about it, so you can become aware and act accordingly. Because even if Oslo is not safe, we can consider Norway reasonably safe, for the time being - but it can only remain that way if the Norwegian population, YOU, take action and say "Now that's Enough"!!

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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.

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