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It is possible that the name under which he is mentioned in Russian chronicles is but a derivation from the name of his native country. "Oleg" is a Russian transcription of "Helgi," which may mean a native of Halogaland (Helgaland) in Norway.'

In Oleg, we have thus a representative of the third stream of the Scandinavian flood in North Russia, the first two being the Swedish (Askold and Dir), and the Danish (Rurik). We assume that Oleg must have come to Novgorod not alone but as the leader of a strong retinue, consisting of course chiefly of Norwegians, which may explain the fact that he became ruler after Riurik's death, or even earlier, after Riurik's final departure to the west.

Sailing westward, Riurik must have taken with him at least part of his Danish retinue, and what Danes remained in Novgorod had probably to compromise with the Norwegians and pledge their allegiance to Oleg. We have already seen"' that the break of communication with the Azov area which occurred around 84o must have painfully affected the welfare of the north. While Askold and Dir succeeded in reaching Kyiv, they in turn lost their connection with Novgorod. On the other hand, Rurik, even after he became the ruler of Novgorod, being still intent on regaining his western possessions was little interested in any expansion to the south.

It is thus to Oleg that credit must be given for uniting the north and the south of Russia. The beginning of his campaign to the south is described in the chronicle in the following words: "Oleg set forth, taking with him many warriors from among the Varangians, the Chud, the Slays, the Merians, the Ves, and the Krivichians."2°3 It is plain that Oleg was by this time the recognized leader of all the northern tribes.

It is also characteristic that Russians (Rus') are not mentioned among his supporters, and for obvious reasons. The old Rus' (of Swedish extraction and Azovian background) must have left Novgorod for Kyiv much earlier with Askold and Dir, while the new Frisian Rus', or rather what was left of them after Rurik's departure for Friesland, were now merged with Oleg's Varangians.

Oleg's campaign is dated in the Primary Chronicle A.M. 6390 (A.D. 882).2"' As before, we must expect a chronological error, although not to the extent of six years as in the episode of the Russian attack on Constantinople. We must take into consideration that the chronicler's date for Oleg's treaty with the Greeks is correct (9! i). It is apparent that in the course of his narrative the chronicler was gradually adjusting his computation. Therefore we may suppose that the error in dating Oleg's first campaign was less than in the dating of Askold's raid on Constantinople—perhaps not six but, let us say, between four and two years.

In this case, Oleg's campaign to Kyiv may be referred to between A.D. 878 and 880 (tentatively, 878 ). Oleg advanced cautiously, trying to secure his control over the most important points along the Dnieper riverway, in each of which he left some of his soldiers as a garrison. "And he took the city (Smolensk), and set up a garrison there. Thence he went on and captured Liubech, and set up a garrison there. He then came to the hills of Kyiv.

According to the Primary Chronicle, Oleg captured Kyiv by a ruse. He concealed his troops near the bank of the river and then sent messengers to Askold and Dir to announce the arrival of a trade caravan.29s It is quite possible that Oleg's messengers were some Smolensk merchants who had come to Kyiv even earlier so that their appearance was not suspicious to the Kievan rulers. The device worked: both Askold and Dir went to the boats without sufficient protection and were slain on the spot by Oleg's warriors. As we have already mentioned, 299 of their bodies were then carried to Olom's palace.

With their assassination, the Magyar rule in Kyiv came to a close. "And Oleg set himself up as a prince in Kyiv.

Concluding Remarks.

The seizure of Kyiv by Oleg opens a new period in Russian history, that of the so-called Kievan state or Kievan Russia (Rus').

In contrast with the previous South Russian state-like formations of the Antic and the Khazar periods, based upon the Don and Azov area, it is the Dnieper riverway—"from the Varangians to the Greeks" (is Variag v Greki)-which now becomes the geographic pivot of the Russian state. For Oleg, however, Kyiv was only the first, be it the most important, a station on his drive south. The southern Dnieper area remained for a number of years in the hands of the Magyars, and it was not until about thirty years after his conquest of Kyiv that Oleg was able to start his first campaign to Constantinople.

Nevertheless, Kyiv was his base for any further expansion southward and that is why we consider the date of his coming to Kyiv an important landmark, with which we may conveniently conclude this volume.
In this last chapter of our outline of the history of ancient Russia, we have dealt with variegated events which took place during some twoscore years between the Russian embassy to Constantinople in 838-39 and the conquest of Kyiv by Oleg, around 878. At first glance, it may seem that there is little organic connection between the events discussed, save mere chronological sequence.

Such an impression—if the reader happens to have it—must be partly the result of the width of the geographical background we have taken into account. We have had to shift our attention constantly from north to south, from east to west, watching closely important political developments not only in the Baltic region but also on the southeastern shore of the North Sea; traveling now to the Caucasus and now to the middle Danube. In addition to outlining the political and military events, we have also reviewed ecclesiastical policies and trends of cultural progress, since this is a significant period—the age of the formation of the medieval Slavic civilization at large.

It is in this age that the cultural foundation for so-called Kievan Russia was laid.

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