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Norway's economy and security are more important than the WEF and the EU

Norway's economy and security are more important than the WEF and the EU
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Resett.no - By Steinar Bergstøl Andersen-29 July 2022

The WEF (World Economic Forum) and the EU's green shift do not contribute to peace, stability, security of supply of food, energy, and economic growth. Quite the contrary, and we as a nation must soon realize that before it is too late.

The World Economic Forum and leading politicians in the EU Parliament in Brussels will implement far-reaching environmental and climate measures that will dismantle Norwegian industry, weaken our welfare state, increase unemployment and make Europe and Norway dependent on totalitarian regimes for our energy needs. It is difficult to see that Germany, which is supposed to be the driving force for the green shift in Europe, is now reopening coal-fired power plants. They may have thought that land-based wind turbines would save them, but they have realized that they are not realistic. If they were smart, they would rather have re-established their modern, predictable, and efficient nuclear power plants.

The "private jet climate activists" in Davos and the EU will globalize the world, remove and reduce national borders in Europe, and destroy oil production in Norway.

Even if the motives for the WEF sound appealing to some, it is an organization with which Norway and the Norwegian government should have the least possible cooperation. In a more insecure world, Norway must put national interests before the interests of the WEF and the EU.

He wants to create a new elite globalism (+)

If we look at the Netherlands, there is a full conflict between farmers and the government due to costly climate measures from the authorities, which has led to violent clashes between the police and the striking farmers. In Italy we see that the transport industry, both trailer, and taxi drivers are also on strike, there have been clashes outside the Italian Parliament, and the Prime Minister has handed in his resignation as a result of the riots of the last few weeks.

In Great Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also had to resign as a result of scandals but also helped by high fuel and electricity prices. In the US, Joe Biden is in free fall in opinion polls, and will hopefully struggle with re-election. In Germany, crisis situations with a lack of power are expected. They have made themselves completely dependent on Russia, and if they are to survive, they must quickly build more nuclear power plants.

Participating with the West's environmental and political elite in cooperation meetings with the EU and WEF is certainly a luxury for many politicians, and can be a career-promoting activity. But it is not in our national interest for Norwegian government members to sit together with a marginalized elite to compete for unrealistic environmental measures which means that we uncritically export electricity to the EU, impose increased electricity and fuel costs on our own citizens and move jobs out of the country.

It is irresponsible and unwise for the US to commit itself more to NATO

What is happening in Europe and the USA is tragic, and we see that our democratic institutions are faltering and losing support. In the next few years, several western countries will probably replace their leaders, including Norway in 2025, let's hope. An AP/SP government without action and direction in Norway that is dependent on extreme socialists in SV and MDG will weaken the welfare state, and the Norwegian oil industry and be unable to improve our infrastructure.

Many say that supranational organizations will contribute to our safety and security of supply. NATO contributes. But the EU has proven to be anything but security. The energy crisis could have been avoided, the food shortage could have been avoided and the fuel crisis could have been avoided. The EU's green shift and the WEF will not give us the answers and solutions we need. We must trade with neighboring countries, and we do so with the current trade policy, even without membership of the EU, but we ourselves must ensure that we have plenty of energy for our own citizens and our own businesses first.

We must drill for more oil, for example in Agder we can open up areas in Skagerak, develop our potential in hydropower, research to look at the possibility of nuclear power plants in Norway, and only look at solutions in renewable energy that provide national jobs.

MS patient despairs of the health care system: - The right of way in Norway is sensational (+)

There is much on the way in renewable energy that will provide regional jobs. At the same time, we must have an agricultural policy that to a greater extent ensures the national food supply, we must have a change of pace in terms of resources for medical research, and we must to a far greater extent ensure that we develop our national pharmaceutical industry. The pandemic showed how dependent we were on other countries and the powerful and economically strong pharmaceutical industry.

We also have to spend more money on the Defense Force, to safeguard our own security. The fact that it is planned to remove all defense capabilities here in the south is nothing less than tragic and dangerous. We lack the necessary preparedness and are vulnerable. If we are to secure the welfare state, we must also have a restrictive asylum and immigration policy, so that we can better look after refugees from our own immediate area.

Much of this is not compatible with the WEF's goals, and the EU's so-called green shift, and I think we have to accept that. We must be a country that puts our own economy and needs ahead of the EU's needs and WEF's wishes.

Steinar Bergstøl Andersen

Steinar Bergstøl Andersen - Vest-Agder FrP Leader of the main committee for culture, public health, and volunteering Agder county municipality

Editors Commentary:

*Follow the WEF trail to Switzerland to discover the Khazarian Mafia hiding behind Klaus Schwab and his cohorts. The US and its people have nothing to do with the disasters caused to the ordinary people of the Earth.

The Khazarians have once again constructed an intricate web, whose aim is to destroy the world's economy by setting people up against each other, blocking each other's supply chains, leaving just death and ruins.

What everybody must be aware of is that this is not a war to prevent Putin from occupying Ukraine, but an attempt by the evil Khazarian Jews/WEF/NATO to control yet another country in their growing New World Order. They are simply using Ukraine as a battlefield. Their plan is to destroy totally the world's economy and turn the population into slaves.

Like the Freemasons, they have also life-threatening rules in their membership, one being REVENGE, 10 times harder than was ever perpetrated on them.

Russia in particular, in the past, has expelled the Khazars several times. I have all of 7 detailed articles in book format on the Khazarian Jews if anybody is interested in further information.

Putin, and earlier also Trump, are the ONLY Presidents who have enough guts to see what they are attempting to do to the world population and have sufficient courage to do something about it.



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WHO and WHAT is behind it all? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.

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