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Part 1 of 5 (additional parts will be posted soon and announced on the We Are Sovereign Telegram; click here for Part 2.)

Below are questions and responses shared on Telegram between Bill Sweet and Gideon over the past year.

Gideon answers questions about the Financial Reset and the social credit software that will be used known as CSRQ-SM (videos of Gideon have been posted here and more of his story is posted here).

*These questions and answers were compiled and edited from messages sent between January thru June of 2022. The USDR discussed below has nothing to do with any existing USDR tokens; SDR and XDR terms were also seen within documentation by the hackers. Please see this disclaimer we have posted about cryptocurrency.

Bill: Who are you and why do you call yourself ‘Gideon’?

Gideon: “My background is in counter-espionage and logistical operations. There’s no way I would disclose much beyond that. I go by Gideon so you have something to call me, and it’s a name from the Bible that carries with it a special meaning for me.”

Bill: Who are the hackers?

Gideon: “They’re IT professionals hired by European governments to conduct stress-tests of government servers and software. It’s known as white hat hacking. We call them white hat hackers. I call them my guys. They’re good hackers hired to stop bad hackers and make sure software is secure before it’s released.”

Bill: How did you get in contact with them? Or how or why did they contact you?

Gideon: “A friend introduced us. No need for me to say more. Protecting them is my absolute number one priority over everything else.”

Bill: Fair enough. So, right now, do you feel you and your sources are safe? There are no leaks? They haven’t figured you out yet?”

Gideon: “They haven’t put it together. They probably won’t for now. What they’ll do when all this comes out is ignore it, and if it gets to a certain amount of views or interactions, they’ll escalate it and have their agents attack it. Then if it gets too big, it will reach some higher levels and that’s when they’ll take notice.

verything else we think is air-tight. Not a single shred of critical communication has ever gone out of our closed, encrypted loop. There’s hundreds of white hat hackers working on this system all around the world. Without any proof, they won’t be able to pinpoint who the leakers are, unless they want to interrogate or fire them all. They don’t have time for that. They’re fast-tracking this.


Bill: What does the CSRQ software do? Why is it so important?

Gideon: “It’s a software suite that will transition all financial transactions from the current SWIFT banking system into a new blockchain-based system. This is expected to take place over a 3 to 5 day period in the future when it comes online. It will also bring with it a very robust social credit and tracking system.

Bill: I’ve seen some screenshots you showed me. Is that the real software? Can you explain more about it?

Gideon: “That’s the real thing. They call it an app. It runs on mobile and desktop. It’s designed as a back-end, web-based user interface that government officials and bankers can use. It’s still being developed so we’ve seen a few different generations so far, one week they add something, the next week they remove it. The colour scheme has changed twice so far, so they are busy refining the user interface. Overall its functionality is straight-forward.

It’s very much like a bank app you use when you login to your bank, plus the social credit aspect, except it’s a back-end app not for public use. The public will end up with something similar, they’re going to release an app for the public, too, and also every bank will update their own apps to reflect all these new changes. The public name won’t be CSRQ-SM.

The main interface has all the information and it’s accessible from it. We can load up profiles, see people’s class status, restrictions, fines, credits, everything.”

Bill: Interesting. Are the white hat hackers still accessing the software?

Gideon: “Yes. They are able to log into the software everyday because that’s part of their job and contract.

Bill: I’ve heard people will only get $1,000 per month, is this true?

Gideon: “It will be an amount like that. Your bank account cannot exceed this amount at any time. Wages, generally speaking, will no longer exist, and could not exceed $1,000 per month regardless. There will be no cash, so no underground or under the table economy, no bartering allowed.

Right now, they are doing testing and updates, and tinkering with all of it, so there might be some changes when it finally goes online. But it’s clear to all of us, they are going to set it at a low amount most people can barely live on, and take everything else or put a limit or cap on what you can have.

One thing you will also see are high profile people and celebrities start talking about UBI or universal basic income. I’ve already seen a little chatter about this, expect more as we get closer. These are talking points they were given to normalize this idea. Of course, some cities are openly testing this, like Los Angeles. It’s part of a pilot program all related to this.”

Bill: So everyone will get free money. Will they still have to work?

Gideon: “People will still be required to work and will be expected to attend to their jobs as normal. New jobs and roles will also be centrally issued by the government. If you’re a lawyer, you will work. If you’re a housekeeper, you will work.

Failure to work, failure to adhere to new social credit guidelines, and any kind of protest or criticism, will result in immediate demerits, fines or deductions from your account, ranging from $5 to $800, depending on the offence. It’s all in this software, we can see it.

There’s also a ton of documentation my guys have found. Documentation just going over testing and details of how the system works. Simulations showed in the first month, many people would drain their accounts to nearly zero due to ‘bad behaviour’ but by the second month, their behaviour radically adjusted to the point they received virtually no demerits or deductions. In other words, people shaped up and got with the program. They will learn quick that compliance means food in your belly.

Non-compliance means pain. No money, no friends, and you end up stuck in a queue of red tape for all of your violations and having to jump through hoops to undo them, or worse, you just end up in one of their special ‘camps’ for re-educating you. Yes, they really are planning on those.”

Bill: Is this amount going to be universal for every country?

Gideon: “We don’t know for sure. My guys are working on an app that is being deployed in the U.S., Canada, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Everything is in English. There are other teams that work on separate versions for dozens of other languages, so we have speculated the monthly stipend amounts may be different.

Based on documentation we have recovered, there is a long-term vision to bring the world under one system, one currency, and presumably, one monthly stipend amount, which looks like will be around $1,000, but it might take them a few years to balance everything worldwide. We think it’s possible this system will benefit the 3rd world countries to some extent, while causing financial devastation in 1st world countries. In any case, it won’t matter where you live, you will be enslaved.

Bill: What are some of the other restrictions for these lower classes? You’re telling me if you own property, they will take it?

Gideon: “There’s no question they will. It is a massive wealth-redistribution plan, except it doesn’t actually take any wealth from the super-rich, it just makes them richer. It’s a middle-class destroyer. It’s an upper-middle-class destroyer. It will put everyone on a low-level playing field, where you have to behave so you can get a few extra crumbs each month.

None of what I’m telling you is my opinion, Bill. This is directly from the white hat hackers. This is from documentation they’ve reviewed, that they were required to review. When they started this job, they had to attend in-person and, I guess, you’d call them Skype calls or something, where the whole program and system was given a thorough overview, so they were fully briefed.

They want to adjust people’s behavioural patterns, so you’re tightly controlled, monitored, and they get to pass out small rewards and freedoms for good behaviour. They also think this is workable since China has proven it can work with 1 Billion people, and since they are reducing the Earth’s population drastically with the vaccines, they are looking at a smaller population that they they can manage.”

Bill: Are all wealthy people going to be classified under the Sovereign designation?

Gideon: “Based on what we know, most of those with a net worth under $10 Million and income per year under $2.5 Million will have to adhere to the new rules. They will be re-classified under the Class C designation. Their funds and private property will be seized and redistributed.

You have to realize something, there’s only about 7 or 8 Million people in the whole world who are Class S or Sovereign. This will include government officials, media figures, the super-rich and celebrities. Spread that out, it’s a very small number, and a ton of people most of us would think of as ‘rich’ will be removed and placed in the Class C category. We think that’s because a lot of rich people are just normal, successful people, and not part of this cabal. They will suffer like the rest of us, if they aren’t Class S.

We also see evidence of large capital in-flows going into Class S accounts. Almost all of these inflows are in cryptocurrency, but we also see bank wires and other instruments being transferred, too, it was just surprising how much crypto was being used. It seems it’s just an efficient method for them or something.

The conversion is offered at an extremely favourable rate of 1:43 at this time, and seems to vary around that number, goes up and down day to day. We speculate this is the method being used by the world’s rich and elites to transfer their wealth to USDR, quietly and without detection. There’s tons of wealthy people sitting around with stocks, gold, silver, bonds, crypto who have no idea this is going on. They are going to be in for the shock of their lives when it’s all seized and erased. If you’re not Class S, you’re done.”

Bill: Is XRP being used by this new system? Won’t it be worth a lot more?

Gideon: “Based on what we know, all cryptocurrencies, including XRP, will be worthless after the transition. How can you trade crypto when there is only one tightly controlled currency, the USDR, and trading it isn’t allowed? You can’t. They’re going to just suffocate crypto out of existence, and if that doesn’t completely work, they will issue straight up bans, too.

I personally think Tether will be exposed as insolvent, at a planned, certain point in the future, and this will precipitate a major crypto collapse along with everything else.

If you have XRP, you would want to get it into USDR. That’s what we are seeing everyday in this software, all these in-flows. But the average person has no clue, they think XRP is an investment for the future. Little do they know! Now that doesn’t mean Ripple technology won’t be used, it looks to us it will be, but that’s separate from the idea of XRP as an investment vehicle. It’s not. It’s a wealth transfer vehicle for Class S accounts into USDR, that’s all it is.”

Bill: But you said they are using Bitcoin, too. Will it still exist?

Gideon: “No. No crypto won’t exist or be traded once this goes online, unless they create some kind of separate capital market. Which is possible! But unless you are a Class S account, you won’t be able to trade it to begin with. It’s irrelevant to even speculate about it. If you are not Sovereign class, no trading asset matters, because you won’t be able to even touch it.

If you’re not Sovereign you literally cannot have more than probably $1,500 in total net worth, which is your bank account and the money they give you and some basic things you own. You cannot own a house, property or a car. Everything will be lent, rented. There won’t be normal financing, but there will be a type of financing connected to your social score and good behaviour. People will accumulate debt this way, and some assets, but it will be limited. From what we can see, you won’t be able to acquire much more than a few thousand in assets.

Everything is going to be seized by the state and private companies that are going to be marketed as conservators, trustees and charities of the public fund and trust. This will be complete nonsense, but it will be sold as a wealth-distribution model to make everything more ‘fair’ for mankind. I expect many people of the centrist and liberal political leaning will fall for this trap and support it, even if some of their own property is taken from them! They will drape all of this in a ‘good for the Earth’ mantra as well.”

Bill: Ok, but I still don’t see how will people accept this. Won’t there be riots and revolt?

Gideon: “Bill, you have to remember this isn’t coming online right now. It’s not coming online during relatively good times or even recession times. It’s going to come online when they’ve put the whole world into a collapse, which is what they’re doing right now, little by little. All you have to do is open your eyes to see all of the idiotic things they are doing to destroy the economy!

Once the world is in a severe economic depression, the system will be brought online and is expected to be accepted by the majority. It will be seen as a ‘relief plan’ and widely praised by the media. CEOs and top so-called capitalists, who are all secretly in favour of this communist-style plan, they’ll praise it. Just like they praised the vaccine, they’ll praise this, and people will say, ‘Oh, the TV and government says this is good, so it must be good.’

I’ve said this over and over, the rich actually get much richer with this plan they have. It’s audacious. They’ll actually sell it as the opposite, a redistribution of wealth for the ‘little guy’ when it’s not that. A lot of people will buy into that propaganda, though, they’ll see it as relief from the economic pain and ‘free money’ and so on.

They’ll also relish seeing their rich friends all on the same level playing field as them! Remember, a ton of rich people will be set at Class C and have all of their wealth seized. It’s an incredible slight of hand they’re going to pull off, convincing everyone this is a better and more fair system when it’s the opposite.

The poor and lower classes, even middle classes, watching the upper middle class and lower level rich people all get reduced to their level is a big selling point, a big part of the propaganda! Don’t discount how powerful that will be! The masses will relish watching this unfold, and see it as this new, fair system of wealth redistribution, which it’s not at all.

They’re also going to have a couple of token super rich people take a bad fall and get re-classed as Class C, or Common. This will be on the news, these guys will be trotted out, some of the men crying, being removed from their mansions. All of them will be White men. While this goes on, the public won’t bother to question why it didn’t happen to other rich people or celebrities. It doesn’t matter! The Covid operation proved the public will believe anything they are presented with, anything.

We also think some celebrities will pretend they are class C or Common, we think they will do TV shows about it. It will be this big thing. But they will just straight up lie, they won’t really be Common.

The biggest opposition they expect is from the patriot groups and the upper middle class and higher income groups. They’ve done psych profiles, A.I. simulations, all that for years and years, they have it all nailed down to a science. They know who will react, how, when, where, and how to respond to it. Their biggest worry are the preppers with guns, of course, but I’ve seen how they plan to deal with them and those people will pose almost zero threat to this plan going through.

Bill: Let’s get back to this change over. How is it even possible to implement this? Logistically, it seems impossible. You’re talking about a literal reset of everything we know.

Gideon: “Many things have happened in recent history that would seem fantastical or surreal, if told to someone in the past. This plan seems completely insane, untenable, it is literally a total reset, but you have to remember they’ve spent decades tinkering and planning this, decades. The extent of time and planning is stunning to me. It’s the culmination of something, something that’s been in the works for one hundred years.

We are entering a new period of time, where economic freedom will become a rare luxury under the so-called ‘Great Reset’ being planned. Much of this is based on Marxist, Leninist and Communist policies, which are secretly held by the world’s elite. They have all agreed Capitalism ‘must go’ because it provides the common person with too much freedom, collapse is imminent anyway, and that a new system must be implemented. They intend to accomplish it.”

Bill: What is your goal?

Gideon: “I have multiple goals, Bill. I want to expose what they are doing to the world, for one thing. We don’t have much time to do that. I’m also looking at the feasibility of whether we can delete the data of a lot of good people in there and get them into the Sovereign class. I’m looking at what happens after this change over, which I feel is inevitable, what can we do to break it from the inside once it’s online.”

Bill: Have you been able to use the software to change your own social profile?

Gideon: “Yes. I’m Sovereign now. Before this, I was Common, despite my years of service to the country. That shocked me and pissed me off, by the way, but I’m thankful they were able to change me over.

The profiles can be changed. My guys have a type of administrative power for their jobs where they can completely delete or change a person’s social media data and voting data. That means if the system sees you as some kind of threat, a person of ‘interest’ or part of an undesirable political alignment, we can just erase that or change it. We can adjust some parameters, for example, to make it seem like you have a Democrat voting history, not a Republican one. From this point, it’s easy to re-class someone as Sovereign.

Bill: What else can be changed within the social credit system when you change your class?

Gideon: “A wide variety of conditions can be changed, for those who are ‘exempt’ or Class S. Check boxes and menus seem to include many options, such as free memberships to spas or golf clubs, allotted vacations, expensive cars and vouchers that give one access to high quality food. These privileges are only available for Sovereign accounts.

Bill: What do they plan to do with the food system?

Gideon: “It will be dramatically changed, and transitioned. Meats from cows and poultry will be banned, except for those who are exempt, those who are Sovereign. New farms are being built for crickets, maggots and other types of bugs that will be harvested for the masses. These protein sources will be re-formed into familiar types of foods, but will not look or taste the same.

Oh, by the way, there are huge bug farms being built now, some above-ground, many below-ground. Elon Musk’s tunnel boring company is doing some of this. None of that is on the news. It might come out later. They are doing a slow trickle. All this stuff is slowly coming out. Paying attention? I hope so. Some of the articles today would look like satire or science fiction ten years ago. So they are letting people know about the bug factories, but not how many bug factories they’ve really built and are building.

Those who refuse to eat, who resist or complain about the new types of foods will have their accounts quickly drained due to deductions and demerits.

In the documents my guys saw, it was shown they have plans for a certain percentage of people who will voluntarily starve themselves, and the clean-up operations needed to remove their bodies. The documents stated that around 1-2% of the population may choose starvation over compliance, and this was regarded as a positive outcome. So they think it’s a positive thing people will starve themselves. These people are demons in human form.”

Bill: Are you going to open this to the public so more people can have their social profiles changed?

Gideon: “It’s not up to me. It’s up to my guys who have access. I talked to them about it briefly and they seemed open to it, but the changes can’t be done on a mass scale. They have to be done individually and carefully. It’s risky for them to do it.”

Bill: Will there be any other way to change a social credit score, or change an account?

Gideon: “We don’t think there is any other way, other than using the back-end CSRQ software. I don’t see how you could do it otherwise.

Bill: What if these so-called elites find out about you, will they come after you?

Gideon: I’ve been doing this a long time. I know where we’re at. We’re low-priority right now. For one thing, we have security safeguards in place that make it impossible for them to track our encrypted messages and communications, let alone actually read them. It is literally bulletproof. The NSA could not crack into it.

And my guys have been able to successfully change accounts from Class C to Class S and transfer funds without any issue. The reason for this is because it is part of their job, so when they make these changes, the system does not see it as unusual. But they did tell me, they think an alert would go off if they did some kind of mass edit of thousands or tens of thousands of accounts, so they’re not going to attempt that. Doing a few accounts randomly here and there is no problem.

They also told me a lot of changes need to be made to a ton of accounts manually. We’re talking Billions of accounts, of course, it’s the human population of the planet. The system has errors and people not classified correctly. So when they are doing these changes, it looks ‘normal’ to the system itself.

We plan to continue to utilize this opportunity, and we will do anything to protect our operations at all costs. That means I’m not going to show my face or say who I am, and I’m going to help you guys be careful and not screw up, either. You’re going to get hit with some attacks from their paid agents, so I’ll get you ready for that. You might see some accounts get deleted, so we’ll need back ups. We’ll need other groups to help us. All of that. We can’t do it alone, it’s not enough firepower.

We need a lot of people all coordinating to get this out there, so they can’t instantly nuke it. We also have to put some red herrings out, too. For example, maybe I’ll come out and say I think JFK Jr. is alive and going to be president. See what I did there? I said something wild, now everything else I said looks suspect or doubtful. And who knows, maybe he is alive! I hope so!

These are cointelpro techniques. Goes way over the head of the average person. It’s necessary sometimes. We’ll see how that plays out, if we will need to do that or not. Some of the lower level agents who monitor this stuff are morons, so I can manipulate them, but if it gets escalated to higher departments, then we will have a war on our hands.”

Bill: When do you want to go public with this?

Gideon: “Once we get our ducks in order. I’m sending you a list of things you need to do to get ready. There isn’t a lot of time. We have maybe this year, maybe six months. You need to follow my instructions perfectly, by the way. No room for error. If I ask you to do something strange, just do it, I will have my reasons.”

Bill: It’s fine, I want to help however I can. Do your guys think they can damage the system now, since they are working on it? Maybe put in a virus or something?

Gideon: “That’s a good question. Yes, we talked about that extensively, and it’s not really possible. Well, I shouldn’t say that. It is possible, but high risk with a low probability of working.

The system has robust anti-virus and anti-malware redundancies in place. They could infect parts of it, but it would be closed off quickly, somewhat like an airlock on the space station. A fire happens, it closes itself off so the rest of the station is protected. My guys concluded, yes, they could do some damage, but not enough, and very likely get caught.

We concluded it’s better they just use what the system is already allowing them to do, and expects them to do, to our advantage.”

Here is Part 2.

Part 2 of 5 (additional parts will be posted soon and announced on the We Are Sovereign Telegram)

Below are questions and responses shared on Telegram between Bill Sweet and Gideon over the past year.

Gideon answers questions about the Financial Reset and the social credit software that will be used known as CSRQ-SM (Part 1 is posted here, videos of Gideon have been posted here and more of his story is posted here).

*These questions and answers were compiled and edited from messages sent between January thru July of 2022. USDR discussed below has nothing to do with any existing USDR tokens; SDR and XDR terms were also seen within documentation by the hackers. Please see this disclaimer we have posted about cryptocurrency.

Warning: The following may be distressing to some readers. Please prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for what is to follow.

Bill: Can you describe what’s going to happen when this Financial Reset happens?

Gideon: “The transition will happen over a few days during a period of collapse. You log in one day to your bank account, and you see you have $708 U.S. Dollars. Right? It doesn’t buy much, because milk is $50, gas is $40 a gallon and your rent just went up double digits.

Then the next day you log in and you have this thing called USDR in your account, a new section for your social score, you say, ‘What’s that?’ and you see you have $1,000. You go outside and down the street, and you see gas prices are now set to $1 per gallon. You go to the store and the milk is $2. The world has changed.

You go online and you go to your prepper group and you say, ‘This is Communism, we have to fight this!’ and within seconds, $25 is deducted from your bank account and you receive a notice about your online behavior, with helpful articles on how to correct it and avoid future fines.

Bill: Ok, but a lot of people will be anonymous, won’t they? Prepper groups are pretty smart about that, so how will the bank know you said that?

Gideon: “If you’re paying any attention at all, know a lot of VPN companies are merging. They’re going to make sure when this happens, only a couple are left and they are all keeping logs. So they will have direct access to your real IP. They’re also going to do a lot of things in terms of restructuring the Internet while this collapse happens, so on the other side of it, it’s a lot less free.

This also circles back to their AI systems that can link writing styles to personal profiles. Since they have years and years of your real data online, they can see you typing anonymously, too. Virtually no person has used the Internet 100% anonymously in their lifetimes, so there are writing samples always connected to you. The AI can then find you writing somewhere under an anonymous account, based on your unique style, almost like a fingerprint. It can be fooled, but you have to be aware this technology exists. Does anyone talk about this? No. They’re not aware.

This is why deleting your social and personal data within CSRQ-SM is so important.

Bill, since you and I, and your team are now Sovereigns, we can take a breath and relax a little. What my guys do is replace our old profiles with a ton of writing samples of a random Democrat or liberal, maybe their Reddit comments over the years, and make some random changes. Now that’s us. That’s our writing sample.

You and I writing or talking now won’t be linked to it, because we’re not writing anything like that spoofed sample. Now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use precautions, we do, of course. Having Michael edit all this is key, he comes in and cleans it up.

Bill: Ok, ok, stop. Hold on. I know a lot of this, but if we’re going to put this in article form at some point, let’s slow down. People reading are going to get confused. Let’s go step by step on this writing sample stuff.

Gideon: “So, for those reading the article, Bill, myself, and a few others involved, we have all had our data deleted and we’ve all been moved into Sovereign status, as of this moment.

The system thinks we’re a bunch of Democrats who got vaccinated. That’s the data my guys put in and spoofed so the system thinks that’s who we are. The system loves us.

If we write freely as ourselves now, bashing the Reset and speaking our minds, it doesn’t matter. The AI can’t link us to our Sovereign account, yet. It can’t link us to our old, real data, because that’s deleted.

After the Reset, if we keep talking the same way as we are right now, then it can! It will look back and see our old writings and it will say, ‘These Sovereigns over here sound just like these people complaining about the Reset on Oculum Labs.’ Then they got us.

We avoid that by adjusting our writing style after the Reset. In this case, we’ve made changes before the Reset, so that we can go back to our natural writing styles after it. We won’t say anything that will flag us after the Reset, of course, but we can at least be ourselves again.

Did I wrap it up better?

Bill: Yes, thanks. I just felt it’s got to be explained because it’s a bunch of concepts wrapped together.

Gideon: “Sure, it’s a lot.”

Bill: For people right now, who are Restricted or Quarantined, you’re saying they don’t need to do anything now in terms of their writing style?

Gideon: “Well, it won’t matter. They’re already in a bad class. I guess if you think you’re Restricted and don’t want to go into Quarantined, you could hold your tongue? It just doesn’t matter, though, it doesn’t. At the end of the day, you’re already in their system and they know your political views.

After the Reset, though, this is where it’s different, if you try to go online and be anonymous, this is where you run into problems. It will be much harder to be anonymous, and their AI writing tech will be able to catch you. It will be able to link you to your identity. You can throw out the idea you can coordinate anonymously after the Reset unless your technical skills are at an NSA level.

That’s why I’m saying, if this Reset goes through, they have all the bases covered, Bill. All these groups will get online after it happens, under fake or anonymous accounts, maybe using VPNs or maybe not, and to their surprise and shock, they will get caught instantaneously.”

Bill: You’re right, it won’t be as easy as it is now.

Gideon: “It’s not really easy now, either. They’re still tracking people because of their unique writing styles. A lot more people are going online with anonymous accounts now, but it doesn’t matter. How you wrote when you weren’t anonymous is the same as how you write when you are, and the AI can catch it.”

Bill: This is tough to hear but I know you’re right. Anyway, continue your thought. You were describing what happens right when the Reset happens.

Gideon: “Yes, anyway. Welcome to your new world. This is life now. You have USDR. Prices are lower. You’re broke but you have enough to survive. You’re not happy about it, because you know it’s slavery.

What can you do? You can complain, protest, drain your USDR account to zero, and in the process, lose friends and family, who, by their association with you are having their social score impacted, it’s going down for them. See how that works, Bill? Think about it.

Q: It’s total control. Families against families. Like vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated but ten times worse.

Gideon: “Yes. This is the ultimate control. It will turn your closest friend against you. If your beliefs do not align with the new system and you express them, you not only get fined and lose the little USDR they give you, you are going to impact the social scores of those around you. They will quickly disassociate with you.

Small groups will form, people who are against it. Their algorithms show within one month, most of these people will start complying. The hold-outs will be few and far between. The preppers will realize how difficult it is to completely divest themselves, so some will start complying. But they will all have to get vaccinated!

Others will not comply, they will stubbornly resist and try to survive without USDR. They will get their power turned off, water and sewer by the city, if they aren’t completely off-grid, because their social score is now about 0 and they are all now Quarantined class if they weren’t already.

They will get visits from the local police, then it will go up higher, and the national guard will pay a visit for a ‘check up’. These visits won’t typically be hostile, because these are locals, and they will be instructed not to be aggressive. There will be a lot of back and forth, ‘Please sign this, Mr. Brown, please agree to a search, Mr. Brown.’ This goes on, and with no progress, it gets escalated, the same way I use that term for this online stuff, they use the same system for this.

Now with escalation, a military group shows up, or the drones are brought in. There’s no mercy. They might issue one warning over a loudspeaker, and if there’s no quick compliance, there’s neutralization.

They will use gas or darts not to kill, but to render you unconscious, then the drone will inject the vaccine.

They’ll leave. Now you’re vaccinated with the hydra parasite and nanotech. They believe your behavior will change, then you will begin to comply because of the vaccine within you, but it doesn’t in everyone. The ones it doesn’t are the ones who finally get marked for either elimination or placement in a camp.

Keep in mind, if a single round from a single firearm is discharged at a police officer, national guard personnel, or a drone, the protocol is immediate elimination, by all means, necessary, whether deadly poison gas, darts, lasers, and finally, they will use DEWs, missiles, mortars or high impact munitions to blow an entire house to bits.

If a patriot is planning to use their firearms, they won’t get more than a few rounds off.

Bill: When I spend time in my prepper groups, the consensus is that we’re going to fight and not back down. Does this cabal realize we will never submit to this?

Gideon: “They have deployed the most advanced computer AI programs to analyze this issue, they have teams of trained analysts, and of course, entire armies of paid agents and dis-info shills working non-stop to infiltrate these groups. So it’s an issue they are very focused on, one they believe they have control over.

This is not considering the technology they have which can be deployed. The biggest advancements are in drone and robotics technology, which are not being shown to the public.

Bill: What kind of technology, exactly?

Gideon: The military has bee-sized drones and they have extremely robust and fast drones that you would say are the size of a raven or bird. These are equipped with a variety of weapons, whether it be sound weapons, gas or chemical, or laser. They also deliver vaccines.

Now, Bill, I want you to take in your mind the idea of one of these and then multiple it by 200 or 500. Now imagine a swarm of these that size descending upon your homestead. A gun will offer zero protection. The drones can perform dynamic maneuvers. They can block off homes, they can drill holes in a home, can disperse gasses into a home, can fire lasers or small projectiles. There’s no need for a group of military guys with AR-15s and a Humvee to perform these extractions.”

Q: That’s frightening as hell. So there is no defense? There has to be something that can stop them.

Gideon: “I don’t see what. The technology is too powerful. Maybe you could make a homemade EMP device that might disable the drones. If you do that, they’ll just launch some missiles at your house and vaporize an area the size of a city block, and the only thing left will be a fifty-foot wide crater.

I’m not exaggerating. My guys saw the documents that describe this. It’s not explicit. It’s in legalese. But it’s effectively authorization to eliminate hold-outs by any means necessary.

Q: Who is going to go along with this? The American military won’t do this.

Gideon: “They will. For many reasons. The top leadership of the U.S. military is completely corrupt, I would go so far as to say, mind-controlled and certainly blackmailed. The non-vaccinated service people are being purged and won’t be in the military much longer. They are the ones who will not fire on Americans, so they will be removed. They have teams of drone operators who fired on targets and civilians in Afghanistan for years. They are highly skilled and highly desensitized.

Beyond this, they have AI and computer programs that can operate the drones with high efficiency, but these do require a small team of technicians to oversee them. If they need Chinese military personnel, they will use them.

Bill: Won’t patriots be able to coordinate and gather, form communities, and resist this? I’m still trying to think positively here.

Gideon: “Again, it goes back to what is feasible. We know they have plans for this, we know they are prepared to use drone armies, so that leaves us with few options.

Coordination and gathering together result in an exposure. Going underground is difficult because simply coming up or out of your bunker can be detected by the thousands of satellites above us. There are almost no options, Bill. Even if you’re a Flat Earther, you know there’s a dome up there and they’ve got stuff stuck to it watching us!”

Bill: True! Flat Earth or Round Earth, there’s no escape. What about in Canada when the truckers did the protest? It didn’t seem like they did a lot to knock them down.

Gideon: “No, they’re not deploying this now. It will be done after the collapse. Doing it now would make no sense. It would expose the technology, it would be talked about widely. They have no need to do that. They will allow small insurrections.

They know what’s coming. The economic collapse renders all of this moot. It means nothing. Every protest, all of the online chatter, all of the people who are waking up, means nothing because when you pull the economic rug out from under the 1st World, it’s over.

The people in charge of this world aren’t the slightest bit worried about people rising up. Incredibly enough, they expect and want to see mass protests. Klaus Schwab has openly talked about the ‘anger’ that will come.

Then they will offer their ‘solution’ to fix all of it. They want people to experience some pain, economic pain, so they are ready to accept whatever is offered. Very similar to letting the world be afraid of Covid for six months or a year before a ‘vaccine’ solution was offered. This economic situation will actually be scarier for people than Covid was if you believed the Covid narrative at the time.”

Bill: Ok, but what if enough people rise up so we can burn their institutions to the ground? We can have a French-style Revolution.

Gideon: “People will be too weak from economic and food collapse to stage much of a fight. The Americans have almost no fight in them at all, between the vaccines, the poisons in their food, their chronic obesity, stolen elections, pollution from electromagnetic devices, and brainwashing from their televisions which they worship, the threat of insurrection is minimal.

America’s election was blatantly fraudulent, and their own leader pushed a deadly vaccine on them, and there was hardly a single protest. Americans are completely demoralized, fractured, and hypnotized by online distractions. Even the patriot groups lack robust coordination, most are muddled in political arguments.

The simple fact is that it’s too late. America is not America. It is not the Constitutional Republic. Its government does not reside in Washington D.C., and the powers that control it do not acknowledge or adhere to any human laws. I can barely believe I’m saying this, but Canada may show more of a fight.

Bill: People aren’t going to like what you just said, and I think Americans will fight like hell. Let’s move on to another topic. How does the Metaverse play into this?

Gideon: “It’s an extremely important part of their plans. Their long-term vision is that human beings live in large cities, in small apartments or cubicles, consume a bug-based diet, and spend most of their day in a virtual world.

They have complex social data, and they have determined they want the large majority of people with higher intelligence to be addicted to this virtual world. Those of lower intelligence will do the mundane work to keep the planet running, such as manufacturing and infrastructure jobs.

This is partly why the vaccine was not heavily pushed in the 3rd World. They do not want to kill all of these people, they seem to have other plans for them.

Bill: The more I look at this, the more I see how these class systems will work. If almost everyone is Class Common but hooked up to this Metaverse, they won’t need much, will they?

Gideon: “It goes back to the idea of, ‘You will own nothing and be happy,’ that is their vision. The class system works under this vision.

Right now, people look outside and think, ‘This won’t change, people have houses, cars, freedom, they won’t accept anything less than this.’ But they will.

When you pull back the veil and veneer of the modern civilized world, you find degenerate behavior, mental illness, depression, dislocation, the break up of the family, drastically low IQs over the years, incredible problems with substance abuse, and addiction to digital devices. To transition this world into their new vision is going to go smoother than you realize.”

Bill: Ok, what do you say to the people who say you’re just demoralizing them with this stuff? Because if my prepper groups read this, they’re going to say you’re just trying to bring us down.

Gideon: “I’m not, but if prepper groups are that fragile, then Bill, you can see we’re in a bad position, can’t you? They can’t even handle reality or a different perspective.

Bill: True, a lot of these people seem kind of fragile. Most are Q people, they get defensive if you criticize Trump or suggest we’re not going to win this.

Gideon: “Then they aren’t mentally ready for anything let alone a life or death situation.

I’m not saying prepping is bad, I’m just communicating the reality of what I know. I’m fully aware most people who fashion themselves as patriots are comfortable with making a proverbial ‘last stand’ with their guns, and some look forward to that! I’m talking about the reality of what will happen.

The country was lost long ago, and the patriot movement was co-opted long ago, so no progress was really made to take the country back in a meaningful way. And their leaders? Their alternative media and conservative leaders are all corrupt, Bill, and almost all are Sovereigns and not disclosing it. We know that, I showed you all their accounts.

Bill: True, so many are Sovereigns, filling up their accounts with tens of millions in USDR. Mainstream conservatives. But I guess they don’t talk about what we talking about do they?

Gideon: “No, they don’t. That’s why they are there and we’re going to get ignored. Did anyone write you back yet?

Bill: No, nothing, crickets! [This was before Guardians of the Looking Glass were contacted.]

Gideon: “You will have trouble finding anyone who will touch it. Definitely, no one with a big following will. Keep it up, don’t give up, they aren’t all bad, Bill. We just need to find the ones who aren’t Sovereign, they are the good ones.”

Bill: I won’t give up. So what do you say to those who say the military is in charge behind the scenes?

Gideon: “If the military was really in charge, Bill, all of Congress, the FBI, the IRS, the Fed would all be arrested. Biden would be arrested. The heads of the vaccine companies would be arrested. By the Marines.

The military would flood into D.C. and guard everything after making the arrests. That’s a military coup. They aren’t always a bad thing, did you know that?

Bill: I do know that. There have been good military coups in the past. America could use one.

Gideon: “Yes, it could, but that’s how you know the military is corrupt or useless. They’ve had twenty or thirty years to purge the foreign entities, but they did nothing.

Bill: What about Patel Patriot and Devolution? GESARA? Lots of talk about those two things because they’re very hopeful.

Gideon: “They’re both complete nonsense. These psy-ops are designed to give people some hope that there are good actors behind the scenes, pulling all the strings to bring about some justice. It’s not even within the remotest glimpse of actual reality. These psy-ops are for people who can’t handle reality, so they are very attractive to those people. Their predictions also fail time and time again, people are always waiting a few more weeks for something and nothing happens.

Bill, you can open your eyes right now and see the Great Reset is happening. We all can. We don’t need predictions of it. It’s happening now. That’s what’s real. CSRQ-SM is real. Their nonsense is fiction.”

Bill: Yes it is, but you’re going to upset people with this stuff, you know that? We want people to focus on this software and how bad it is. Do you think your opinions will get in the way of that?

Gideon: “I think we might want to avoid opening too much in the videos we release. I’ll avoid that. But in these discussions, I’m going, to be frank. It’s tough love. People need to hear the hard truth. We’re in a very bad position, we’re losing, we’re behind, we barely stand a chance.”

Bill: This goes back to what we discussed about Sovereigns. We really felt like, ok, let's take this and do something with it on the other side. Sabotage.

Gideon: “It’s our only chance. Become Sovereign. Fight from within, after this mess passes and they institute their new order. We can’t do anything if we are Common, Restricted, or Quarantined. We literally have zero power. Every patriot will have zero power to do anything.”

Bill: Ok, but some people will think being Sovereign is like accepting the Mark of the Beast. What about that?

Gideon: “For whatever reason, this cabal made the Sovereign status in alignment with libertarian principles. It doesn’t even convey anything to the person, it simply has no restrictions at all. There’s no implant you have to take, no vaccines, no oath, no pledge to Satan or Lucifer, none that we can find. There’s this biometric ID but nowhere have we seen that a Sovereign is required to submit a blood or DNA sample. We can just spoof the data, and it works.

Why it’s done this way, I don’t know, but the public is not supposed to ever, ever know about this. Ever. It is beyond top secret. They’re giving this to themselves, while they’re giving the Mark to the public. Because the other accounts require submission, allegiance, compliance, and the vaccines.

Bill: Well, I let you change me to Sovereign because of all that, it made me feel better knowing that. But what if we can stop it before this happens? Couldn’t mass awareness stop it?

Gideon: “It could. If 50 Million people see the video we are going to release, it could. It’s an uphill battle.

Bill: Before we move on to another topic, can you give me right now the absolute best-case way a person can survive this, the exact steps. What do they do?

Gideon: “You have to be as low-impact as possible. You need to be deep in the woods, near a small water source, with some kind of shelter that is totally obscured and looks like the surroundings. Something in a small cave is ideal, or something buried in the ground and covered with leaves. Absolutely nothing can be colorful or look modern or out of the natural surroundings.

If you can do that and survive, you will last a while. But they do have plans to have drones fly over these areas. They are doing a lot of testing in a lot of places. They did some in Colorado and people saw it, the drones. It’s mostly done in Nevada. They have fleets of drones in the size of literally millions of the bird-sized ones, and sixty to eighty million of the bee-sized ones, those are the numbers I know of. It’s hundreds of Billions of tax dollars given to DARPA over 40 years, it’s the result.”

Bill: Yes, the black project budget is huge. Let’s get into the vaccines since we haven’t covered that much. What is your perspective on what they’re doing?

Gideon: “None of the vaccines have a single health benefit at all, and they are all harmful except for saline solution and to some degree, the nano-hydra vaccines, which aren’t supposed to kill you but they still do.

Some received a low dose, others medium, and others a high dose. I would say any dose will reduce life expectancy no matter what, though, so even if someone got a low dose, they lost at least 10 to 20 years of their life expectancy. And others received experimental parasites and nanotechnology, part living tissue, part machine, that will be important in integrating these people into the future Metaverse.

Bill: How many will die from this, what are the projections? [The U.N. recently announced the Earth’s population is nearing 8 Billion. Gideon said this is false, and was released as disinformation, as the population is rapidly falling.]

Gideon: “I don’t have any hard numbers. I’m sure we can make a good guess. Billions are going to die between now and 2030. The birth rates will drop. I don’t see us getting to 500 Million on the planet, though. By 2030, we might be down to 2.5 Billion on the very low end, and 5 Billion on the high end.”

Bill: So the plan is, to kill a ton of people, but also inject the nano garbage into a lot, too. Now, for all the Common, Restricted, and Quarantined classes, you’re saying they want to give them the nano vaccines and not the deadly ones?

Gideon: “Correct. They don’t want to kill them, they won't put the nanotech into them so they can be hooked up to their Metaverse. This is part of their delusional power trip, to somehow convert these people who are set against them and turn them into their own puppets or something.

Can it work? Unfortunately, it might. The vaccines with nanotech seem to change people, but not everyone. If somehow you avoid vaccination, now you’re out in the woods running for your life, from drones that can zap you dead from three hundred yards away, and you’re being tracked by Elon’s thousands of Starlink satellites. They have us dead to rights, Bill, they do.”

Bill: Oh, God help us. That is evil, evil.

Gideon: “It is. And it’s ten times more evil than you even know. This is just the surface of it. This way we have two chances here, inform people now of this and get it to reach a lot of people. I don’t know how we do that, since all of these alternative media people are Sovereigns and won’t help us, and their followers are totally brainwashed by them and worship them. Or plan B, which is using our Sovereign status to destroy them on the other side of this.”

Please share this information so more can prepare and be aware of what is coming. Part 3 will be posted soon.

“Facts about each CSRQ-SM class”

C – Common Class

Amount of accounts: 7.1 Billion or 95.5% of humans (approximate)

Covid vaccination required: Yes

Booster shots required: Yes (2 or more)

Asset limitations: Yes (no greater than $5,000 USDR net worth at any given time)

Account limitations: Yes (bank account cannot exceed $1,000 USDR)

Carbon score: Yes (restricts travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

S – Sovereign Class

Amount of accounts: 7-8 Million or 0.1% of humans (approximate)

Covid vaccination required: No

Booster shots required: No

Asset limitations: No (no maximum or ceiling for total net worth)

Account limitations: No (bank account has no limit)

Carbon score: No (no score is calculated or enforced)

R – Restricted

Amount of accounts: 250 Million or 3.36% of humans (approximate)

Covid vaccination required: Yes

Booster shots required: Yes (3 or more)

Asset limitations: Yes (no greater than $1,000 net worth at any given time)

Account limitations: Yes (bank account cannot exceed $500 USDR)

Carbon score: Yes (restricts travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

Q – Quarantined

Amount of accounts: 75 Million or 1% of humans (approximate)

Covid vaccination required: Yes

Booster shots required: Yes (5 or more)

Asset limitations: Yes (no greater than $500 net worth at any given time)

Account limitations: Yes (bank account cannot exceed $250 USDR)

Carbon score: Yes (restricts travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

Each class also contains separate screens for fines, demerits, penalties, and so on, as well as sections for rewards for good behavior.

Sovereign accounts do not have these variables, though they appear to contain a separate module for certain benefits, such as vacations, golf club memberships, and so on.

More details will be added to this page soon.

Editors Commentary:

*Follow the WEF trail to Switzerland to discover the Khazarian Mafia hiding behind Klaus Schwab and his cohorts. The US and its people have nothing to do with the disasters caused to the ordinary people of the Earth.

The Khazarians have once again constructed an intricate web, whose aim is to destroy the world's economy by setting people up against each other, blocking each other's supply chains, leaving just death and ruins.

What everybody must be aware of is that this is not a war to prevent Putin from occupying Ukraine, but an attempt by the evil Khazarian Jews/WEF/NATO to control yet another country in their growing New World Order. They are simply using Ukraine as a battlefield. Their plan is to destroy totally the world's economy and turn the population into slaves.

Like the Freemasons, they have also life-threatening rules in their membership, one being REVENGE, 10 times harder than was ever perpetrated on them.

Russia in particular, in the past, has expelled the Khazars several times. I have all of 7 detailed articles in book format on the Khazarian Jews if anybody is interested in further information.

Putin, and earlier also Trump, are the ONLY Presidents who have enough guts to see what they are attempting to do to the world population and have sufficient courage to do something about it.



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The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.

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