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mewe.com - Rodney Tilk  12.30 26 July 2022


"Premeditated Mass Murder and forced serialization" by the Church of Covid and their doctrine/dogma of "Trust in their Science," fathered illegitimately by the financial elite, big tech, mass media, the deep state cabal, and delivered by Big Pharma, paid for and administered by the womb of totalitarianism governments.

Only the vaccinated are getting Bell's palsy, shingles, blood clots, monkeypox, myocarditis, or dying suddenly with SADS.

Evidence Suggests They Were Well Aware of What Would Happen by the Holy Trinity, the Pfizer, the Moderna, and the Aztec-Zeneca, supported and legalized by the FDA and the CDC.

Baptism by experimental vaccination. Its priesthood is controlled by the Viral gods mostly through belief systems of fear, disgust, and CNN.

The cult even your fit, healthy, and precious children are being sacrificed at its altars of political correctness and their gods of ever-higher corporate profits and dividends.

Doctors and nurses who push the jabs on our kids to keep their jobs and medical licenses have already lost their souls and will have an express ticket to hell.

Including those who willingly joined to keep their jobs and to be able to use their frequent flyer miles to travel are too scared, it is more effective and covid-safe to believe in garlic, silver bullets, and wooden stakes.

It has become 'Death from Medical Experiment' - Life Insurance Companies are Starting to Deny COVID Vaccine Claims

"Even judges are saying that the side effects from the vaccine are well known; they've been made public. There's absolutely no way NOT to have known the side effects. By willingly CHOOSING to get the vaccine, and dying as a result. And because it was a lifestyle choice, they're calling it death by suicide."

To hold dominion the cult practices peculiar sorcery, wearing masks for no purpose, and cherry-picking statistics as part of their fixed false belief system.

Hence, the public seems hypnotized to suspend belief in their own eyes, ears, and common sense replacing it with the cult’s doctrine that everyone is at risk of a horrible, premature death through censorship, cancellation, and ever bigger lies of the next new variant.

If you can steal an election, I guess it's ok to eradicate anyone who might object.  Because there is no legal, moral, or public health justification to mandate the "vaccines."

Heretics are exhorted to drink from the poisoned chalice lest ex-communication. It falsely stains outsiders as unclean, unbelievers, anti-vax infidels who need to be inturned by FEMA, or fired from their jobs...

The masses flock to the cult to help save the world for mother Gaea's personification of depopulation and eugenics.  Why on earth would they wish to return to the reality of this RNA vaccine's being the perfect "Zero Carbon Solution?"

If the government truly believed in the jabs and wanted us to "trust the science," they would release all the data and let every medical professional be heard and they would be pushing therapeutics equally as hard as these COVID drugs

Try not to comply with the doctors, government, or any government-funded health services. They’re treating humans as lab rats without pay.

You were born with an immune system for a reason. Boost your immunity with Natural fruits & vegetables, go for regular walks/swims, and exercise your body, consistency is key…and buy an over-the-counter option of quercetin together with Zinc, Vitamin C, adding NAC (if you have taken the jabs), and Vitamin D. Together they create a very powerful immune-boosting nutritional supplement.

Look at the Adverse Events Report that Pfizer was forced to release. This is the biggest war crime of all time.  How will they pay for this plandemic?

Step 1: Create a Food shortage
Step 2: Baby Formula Crisis
Step 3: Release Monkeypox
Step 4: Kill Innocent Kids
Step 5: Media Fear Campaign
Step 6: Lockdowns and Loss of Liberty
Step 7: New Vaccines
Step 8: Use Dead Kids For Mandates
Step 9: World Population Declines
Step 10: One World Government

Think while it’s legal, heal-thy-self….




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WHO and WHAT is behind it all? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.

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