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Russia claims: Has knocked out Norwegian-delivered artillery

ARTILLERY: This weekend, the Ukrainian General Staff released this image of M109A3 artillery. According to the Ukrainians, this has come from Norway. It is not stated where in Ukraine the photo was taken. Photo: STR / AFP

vg.no - OLE KRISTIAN STRØM Published: 07.06.22 at 15:29

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have knocked out self-propelled Ukrainian artillery delivered from Norway.

It appears at the Russian Defense Ministry's press conference on Tuesday and is reproduced on their website.

There, mother-in-law, Igor Konashenkov states that Russia has hit a 155 mm self-propelled artillery of the type M109A3.

Satellite images of how it was hit by Russian artillery are also shown.

The video images of this are top posts on the websites of the army's TV channel Zvezda.

MAJOR GENERAL: Igor Konashenkov claims on Tuesday that the Russians have destroyed artillery delivered from Norway. Photo: HANDOUT / AFP

It is only three days ago that the website censor.net claimed that artillery of this type, handed over from Norway, was already in use at the front in Ukraine.

The M109A3 will have a range of just over 20 kilometers and probably has greater precision than Russian artillery.

Last week it was announced that the USA will contribute with more advanced missile systems that can hit Russian targets at a distance of up to 80 kilometers.

The Russian Defense Ministry reports every day how much Ukrainian military equipment they have destroyed and how many Ukrainian soldiers have been killed. However, they do not disclose anything about their own losses.


In addition to the Norwegian artillery, the Russians also claim to have destroyed two American-made 155 mm howitzers of the MMM777 type.

The government has previously confirmed the donation of 4,000 M72 anti-tank weapons and Mistral missiles. On the other hand, there has been secrecy surrounding artillery. Artillery is heavy weapons that are now central to Ukraine's fight against the Russians in eastern Ukraine. A Ukrainian military website has written that Norway has delivered 20 M109 cannons.

At the end of May, Teknisk Ukeblad reported that the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thanked Norway for contributing artillery to Ukraine, but the Ministry of Defense would still not comment on either the number or type of weapons.

At Pentecost, a Ukrainian general thanked on their Facebook page for the Norwegian contribution with an artillery of the type M109A3.


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