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Russian Defense Ministry warns NATO and reports evidence of bioweapons in Ukraine

Origin - State of the Nation - March 7, 2022, 3:30 am

A March 6 press release by the Russian Ministry of Defense packs a punch. A strong warning is issued to NATO and reports are being sent that illegal bioweapons are being destroyed in Ukraine.

Photos from the Russian news agency RIA showing Ukrainian documents have been circulating on social networks. This is the instruction of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to bio laboratories in Ukraine to destroy existing strains of dangerous pathogens. The order is from February 24th and already on February 25th protocols about the destruction of the tribes were written.

The authenticity of these documents, which I show at the end of the article, has not yet been disputed. However, I am not an expert on pathogens and cannot assess how dangerous they are and whether this is perhaps a routine action due to the declaration of martial law in Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense also reported that there were also instructions in Ukraine to destroy dangerous pathogens such as anthrax, although as far as I understand these are not listed in the documents published so far.

In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry has issued a clear warning to NATO countries.

Let's go through the messages one by one, starting with the warning to NATO.

A clear warning to NATO

The press release of the Russian Ministry of Defense states, among other things:

“At the same time, we know about Ukrainian attack planes that previously flew to Romania and other neighboring countries.
The use of the airfield network of these countries for the stationing of Ukrainian military aircraft with subsequent use against the Russian armed forces can be considered as participation of these states in the armed conflict.”

Apparently, Ukrainian planes have flown into NATO countries, and these countries have been clearly warned not to allow Ukrainian planes to take part in combat operations from their airfields. However, since NATO does not want to intervene in the conflict, one has to ask why NATO even allowed Ukrainian warplanes to land at NATO airports – we seem to be talking about airports and Poland and/or Romania.

The destruction of pathogens

I have already reported that the Pentagon financed the bio laboratories in Ukraine and I have also listed which laboratories are specifically involved. This was not previously classified information, it was published by the US government, but was later taken offline.

The already quoted press release from the Russian Ministry of Defense states on the subject of bio-laboratories and bio-weapons:

“We received documents from employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories about the emergency destruction of particularly dangerous pathogens of plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases on February 24.
Now the documents are being evaluated by Russian specialists from the NBC protection troops.
It is obvious that at the beginning of the special military operation, the Pentagon had serious concerns that secret biological experiments on the territory of Ukraine could be uncovered.
The documents obtained confirm that the development of biological weapons components took place in Ukrainian biological laboratories in the immediate vicinity of Russian territory.
In order to avoid revealing facts about the violation by the United States and Ukraine of Article 1 of the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Bacteriological (Biological) Weapons and Toxin Weapons, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has sent an order to all biological laboratories that destroy stored stocks of dangerous pathogens.
We will shortly present the results of the analysis of the received documents.”

Since the spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense himself says that the " results of the analysis of the received documents " are yet to be announced, the documents that RIA has received and published are likely to contain "harmless" information. But as I said at the beginning, I am not an expert, so I am publishing the Ukrainian documents here. Since the destroyed pathogens are listed in Latin, every expert among the readers of Anti-Spiegel is called upon to give me more detailed information about the pathogens listed via comment, email or contact form.

The only thing that stands out is the eradication of diphtheria pathogens because in recent years there have indeed been outbreaks of diphtheria near the bio-labs in Ukraine. But with further assessments, I'll wait until I've heard the opinion of experts.


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